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  1. Wow. Just caught up. I didn't expect Salah or any big name at all. 31 year old salah is a massive player, he'll help the team take a huge leap forward I am sure.
  2. Really nice going, the prem job looks very unlikely, why not look for a bigger Championship job?
  3. That's actually a great idea, dumb me hadn't thought about it hahaha. Good luck then!
  4. I love the welsh league It allows you to develop young talents, dominate your league easily, but still sets a massive european challenge. I won the champions league 3 times in a row with Newtown and still I found myself as the 10-12th league in the world. An advice I can give you is: try to improve the other teams in the division, don't buy players from them and if you do, pay good and add 30-40% sell on clauses, and maybe a loan back option if they're still young. I might try this challenge some time soon.
  5. S4NCH0

    What would you like to see in FMM20?

    Personally I would like Mexican (obviously) league and Brazilian/Argentinian league. They would: pave the way for an amazing Around the World Challenge. add to the NACL experience and bring back the Copa Libertadores bring some historic teams (Santos, River, Boca, Pumas, Chivas, etc.) to the game change the monotony of the current game with a little latino leagues Feeder clubs so I can develop my youngsters, help bring up a team I love or simply to receive loanees from bigger stature teams Enhance the tactics Better free kick experiences (specially in defense): where are players placed, who takes which free kick, how many players on the wall, etc. Roles according to game status. i.e: when attacking allow certain defender to go up to midfield but let the other stay behind, or when defending have a lone striker upfront, etc. creative freedom allowing me to set my players where I want (as in fifa) so I can maybe create a visible triangle among my players or maybe a square (like 1986 France) Bring back the former regen system. Now you get 25 year old Morocans appearing at Monaco, or 19 year old Portuguese playing for Bordeaux. Before one would find hidden gems playing in the second division of Croatia or playing for a random small team in Argentina and it really made the experience much more enjoyable. But most importantly INCREASE THE DIFFICULTY winning every big trophy year in and year out with a team that found itself ranked in the 6th division 10 years ago gets very boring and unrealistic. It would be really nice to have to fight for relegation with smaller teams for 2-3 years instead of having them playing the Champions League final 4 years after one takes them.
  6. You won it, no doubt. Hahaha hope not cause some big teams are going to come and try to take away your best players. A midtable result wouldn't catch the eye of the bigger sides.
  7. Nice going, I have always liked Troy Deeney. Am I European??
  8. Unlucky final two matches. That's football, one day you are on top and in just a week you've failed. My guess is Troy Deeney.
  9. Is it Moses Garvey? Only player I could find
  10. That was a horrible match against Newcastle it would have made you way more relaxed going into the last game.
  11. Jajajajajajaja too soon You’ll win it I bet on it. Only if Benjamin Jeannot delivers the expected goals. good luck
  12. Was just going to post that hahaha I think you got it right... again 🙄
  13. Why wasn’t 33 available? I assume you chose numbers 70-99 for your players to free some space? Or how are you managing this? My guess is Alexandre Lacazette