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  1. Nice challenge! This would be even more interesting if we still had Brazil. Amazing work rate btw. You’ve posted like 5 challenges!! Got to go over all. KIU!
  2. I don't think there'll be any new, big feature. Probably explanations on player traits (in the ss Deulofeu is a "confident winger" for example) and maybe some smaller changes. But I really doubt anything at the same level as the above features.
  3. Ok... I have no words. OMG!! Everything I ever asked for in this game!! Youth revamp, reserves and u-21 national teams and freaking emphasis on rivalries!!! YES YES YES. No word to describe my hype.
  4. First, the problem discussed in this post is in no way SI's fault. So I don't really know what you are talking about. Maybe you are mad because the game doesn't include the logos in it's original form? Well, in that case you could argue it does have something to do with SI not getting licenses. But licenses are neither cheap nor easy to get. EA Sports (and you should know more than I do since you are Canadian), have lost the right on teams like Boca Juniors, River Plate, Juventus and the Brazilian League as a whole, and boooy do they have a lot more money than Sega. Then, yes, maybe Sega doesn't have the Premier League, Portuguese League and La Liga, and I guess that's kind of a bummer for all of us, but that doesn't affect the run of game nor does it diminish the other amazing features the game (a 10 dollar game!!) has to offer. As for the post you are whining about, I raise you the next thought experiment. Imagine you are the owner of FMMVibe where you host, apart from many other cool things, downloadable databases, logos, facepacks, etc. but you learn that by doing so you could be facing huge fines or even lawsuits for copyright. Do you erase the content and look for other alternatives or do you expose yourself to the potential consequences for unthankful pricks like you? I think I'd go for the first option. Go on, go join the other sites, I bet the revenues you leave to the site (which I's assume are millions from what you say and how entitled you think you are) aren't big enough to make your absence noticeable. Good luck
  5. S4NCH0

    Favourite FMM of the decade?

    My favorite without a doubt have to be FMH14 and FMH15. There's something special about the simplicity of those two versions which I really enjoyed. Also they were among my favorite years in recent football chronology. Oh, and being able to play Copa Libertadores was a huge extra for me. The more recent versions of the game have also been very enjoyable and I do love the small increase in complexity and realism (with them not falling in full-FM mode), but the nostalgia that the 14 and 15 versions cause me is what made me pick them.
  6. They are but you can’t play with them if I’m not mistaken. Every year it’s the same, don’t worry. We are going to get new features. Hopefully it’s today when we get new information, but it will most probably be further into the week.
  7. Thank god I’m not the only one 😆. Every two or three hours although I am completely sure there’s nothing new, my brain tells me to refresh the site, and every time I prove myself right, no features yet. I was almost a 100% sure they were going to release them last Friday though like hey did last year. My hope is they release them today since there are only 7 days to go. The only other alternative I can imagine is then real easing them next Friday, but I feel 4 days before release is a bit tight. Only time will tell.
  8. Yes!!!! I love this. It’s a great chance to get new, creative, alternative logos. Thanks
  9. Imo things are not that bad for us users. Yes, for the site it’s a bad moment since many people came for the dlc and the suspension of gold memberships is also a blow to the face (i was already thinking of buying mine, if anyone knows a way to maybe donate to the site to help them keep afloat tell me), but for users not everything is lost. Just check Putzy’s “Footbe Logos Megapack” it is a very neat set of badges which give me hope for the future. So head up guys, everything will be alright!
  10. The beta part would be a bit of a stretch. But maybe have the option to manage a national team from the start, have one of the challenges unlocked or have a one-time exchangeable item for 1 career. Like with fifa where you get a pack for FUT or an outfit for your manager. To be fair, a simple, small extra would make a huge difference. And I don’t think it’s a huge setback for Sega
  11. when I first read pre-order last year, I was really hyped thinking it would get me special benefits if I payed in advance. Since it doesn't get you anything special, I think there's no point in them doing it. I couldn't say it better. By late november half the season has gone by, and we don't get updated stats based on preformance until then, we only get the original, summer database. It is indeed a bummer. But nothing as the winter transfer update you mention, that kills me every time. They somehow manage to keep me as client year in and year out hahaha.
  12. IMO Sega do a perfect job with feature release. They manage to build a lot of expectation after announcing the leagues but no extra features. Those two weeks afterwards then have me refreshing the same page over and over. Once they announce the full feature list I then spend the next week planning over and over again new saves. I can't get why people criticize this method of releasing features, it is just pure adrenaline and excitement for me.
  13. Can't really get hold of that that means. That's amazing. 2,000,000 dollars get you nothing now a days, and they've only spent that much in 25 years!! I'm an LAFC fan but must admit that from now on, I have mad respect for SKC. What have they signed in these 25 years? Loanees and freebies? Thanks for contributing btw, always good to learn about our neighbors!!
  14. Thanks man, sorry for the late response, really appreciate your comment. Panionios seems like a very exciting challenge. I will definitely take on it since they have a great Mexican talent who never managed to succeed other than in Greece. Thanks man, sorry for not tagging you correctly I forgot to do so as I was publishing this. I really appreciate your comment