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  1. Tactics Tactics help for real Madrid ( OME )

    how about team instruction ?
  2. Tactics Tactics help for real Madrid ( OME )

    For the tactics I use are uncertain for every match. I first used Prize's 4-3-3 tactics. Every game always wins, can treble in 2 seasons. Then my android should be reset because my android system has interference. After I reset it, I install it again fmm. Then I use prize tactics again, and the result is not as good as the one I played yesterday. Then I use an erratic tactic.
  3. Hallo, i play fmm17 using club real madrid. But until now I have not found any suitable tactics .. is there anybody here who can help me for a very good tactic for real madrid?
  4. Career Real Madrid C.F:Glory marching on

    I use your tactics but it does not work. Often lost and drawn. Winning against small clubs only.
  5. Career Real Madrid C.F:Glory marching on

    I will try this? This is the default or not?
  6. Career Real Madrid C.F:Glory marching on

    Give ur training regime please .
  7. Help Training Regime please

    Hi, in this fmm17 i still use real madrid. For tactics and the final result is currently no problem, which is my problem now that is training regime .. i twisted to see belonging to others, then suddenly for 2 seasons passed almost all my players not happy with regime training that i give. Even they are always injured until I am confused for the rotation of the players as there is no suitable substitute. And in the end they one by one ask for sale. Well, can you guys here provide a suitable regime training for my team? Harmony in my team has been very critical. thank you
  8. dont forget Football Manager Handled 2015 please .

    Well if like it , give me the money to buy this game in PlayStore then I will enjoy the game . How ?
  9. dont forget Football Manager Handled 2015 please .

    It's just a suggestion for the designers here . At least , provide notifications for Football Manager Handheld 2015 . As the transfer window in January yesterday . Or other . Sorry if this advice is not useful here . But I as a connoisseur of this game will regret very much this kind of thing . When there is new , it is long forgotten . Though not everyone who plays can be directly moved to FMM 2016 .
  10. Hey mate . I know it's a lot of people turn to FMM 2016 . but please do not forget FMH 2015 . also updates all for FMH , 2015. transfer , and other donwnload .. Many people here must be the same as I am still playing FMH 2015 because it has not been able to buy FMM 2016 . so , please do not forgotten.
  11. hi my friend back. have long felt I did not post here after FMM 2016 in playstore. hmm ... I still play FMH 2015, overnight, there are events ballon D'or and the winner is Messi. although I hope Ronaldo wins. I came back to play this game, and I have a team FIFPro World XI. after I have the best players were chosen by fifa, is there here that can give you good tactics to win in every game and become a champion? And this and neuer still under negotiation. is there that can help me? Thank you .
  12. Football Manager Mobile OUT NOW

    I want to quickly be able FMM 2016. but in Indonesia, I have to wait for the salary I had to buy in playstore. now still on 22 november. I wanted to get that 30th out of my salary and I will immediately buy it. :(
  13. Need Tottenham Tactics

    Yeaah mate. I know :D
  14. Need Tottenham Tactics

    Instruction ?
  15. FMM2016 Screenshots Revealed

    Oh my god !! I want it . Very smooth .