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  1. It was £8.99 last week and £3.99 this. Suckered me with the discount and now my social life is over for at least 3 months
  2. Thanks! That makes more sense 😁 I had vision of Mr Beeden not turning up for training as he couldn't get his shifts at work covered
  3. I can't find an explanation of the below tick box anywhere...any help would be appreciated :). Hemel are semi pro so perhaps this just means he's off doing his day job?
  4. Thanks for the response - specific training by role looks like it could be useful!
  5. After a good few years rest, I installed FMM21 last night and was happy to see a number of changes since the last version I played! One area i'm struggling to work out is training. Could anyone help with the following: Why are my players are part-time? Is it just down to the level of the club (Conference South)? Is it as simple as me training my players in their preferred positions? Anything younger players should specifically focus on? Cheers!
  6. Definitely keep us updated! I tried a while back but couldn't get it running. Installing CM01/02 on my phone could be the best day of my life 😄
  7. haha, you know it! That hairy dog thing is my assistant
  8. Simply instruct them to eat chocolate and listen to Taylor Swift
  9. I tend to pick the English Conference South/North, then pick a town I have been to recently. For example, my FMM2018 was Bognor Regis - I imagined all press conferences etc being held in Butlins
  10. I blame David Cameron for this #twat.
  11. Haha - they are UK gambling odds. Evens - bet £10, you would win £10 plus your £10 stake 9-4 - bet £4, you would win £9 plus your £4 stake 1-2 - you would need to bet £2 to win £1 (plus you'd get your stake back. so, for example, 10/1 would be a massive outsider, and 1/10 would be massive favourite
  12. Unsure if this is a bug or I am just doing it wrong... I am trying to change a players preferred role, but it reverts to the 'recommended' role and doesn't save. Using the latest update. Is there a step I'm missing?
  13. I'm using a variation on the black pearl at the minute, to suit the strengths of my team. Working amazingly well so far (unbeaten), although I can't quite work out why my left winger is my top scorer...
  14. I have convinced myself that swiping from the 'overview' tab to the 'ratings' tab whilst my opponents are attacking always leads to them scoring. It's all in our heads, my friend :).
  15. Ahhh...this would explain things. My tactics fell off a cliff during the last month and I couldn't understand why. EDIT: Was using my own tactics, 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-1-3-2. Was still scoring goals but all of a sudden I couldn't defend for shit.