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  1. well, i know. never said that your article was bad. it was just a opinion though, (rude, i admit)
  2. I know. As i said, the article is well made. And i thank him for using his time for doing it. I'm sorry if i looked rude, not my intention. I should have used different words.
  3. I guess so. You wouldn't say the same thing if i start calling Premier Ligue/ Joe Art or something like that. It may be nitpicking, but as native speaker, these mistakes are preventable.
  4. what? I mean, it's a good one. But those mistakes are terrifying
  5. it's meret. Not merat. Please. At least search how to write in italian. Donnarumma (not donnaruma) Serie B, not Seria b
  6. there is also zaza, who's on fire currently!
  7. what happens with players like Mbappè? Loan to buy clause but PSG will surely buy him in real life. (Or players like him)
  8. yeah, but MLS is stll there, no? I would have never thought of it. Great work! Looking forward to play it! So excited
  9. Thank you so much happy to hear it.
  10. Will FMM 2018 be available for ipod 5g ios 8+?
  11. i mean... When you start the game, you don't see all the trophies won by the player. Like messi who won 4 champions, 7/8 liga (and so on..)
  12. i'd like too see all the trophies won by players. Like Trophies won by ronaldo untill the start of the game and then on..