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  1. Maco99

    Tactics which survived the update?

    Yea but the tram instructions are from older game..can you screen shot what yours are now on fmm18. Thanks
  2. Maco99

    Tactics which survived the update?

    Could you post link to black pearl and have you updated it for new update
  3. Maco99

    Tactics which survived the update?

    This has been working so well for me I used it with spurs but to easy won everything then with Leeds and got to prem 1st time of asking and won prem in 1st season didn' do as well in cups but wasn' really worried about them to be honest, but with spurs and bigger squad I won everyhing..I've uploaded a training program which is unreal it looks like it' to hard for players but it' not even if one or two cry about it the soon get use to it. I put forward , inside forward and AP on attack training. And everyone one else on gerenl training and GK on GK training. You need good staff to make it work make sure you have. Attack .gold ,, defence-gold. GK-gold.. fitness-gold. And I am gerenal gold. Plus phisio must be 2 gold- prevent a d 1 gold rehab
  4. Mate its your tactic i only changed it a bit to suit with injurys i had.. Heres the training i use..its hard but even if the players cry they still train well and if its a big star not happy give him a contract and that suits him up..i find to avoid injurys have 3 physios 2 prevention and 1 rehabilitation I put CB on defenders FB and CM DM on general And IF and AF on attack Quick note rotation is key..always make sure your starting team is fully fit..have faith in you 2nd string and play the in early cup games youll be surprised how well they do in rhis tactic because yhey will be fresh and this will give your 1st team a rest
  5. Mate its your tactic i only changed it a bit to suit with injurys i had
  6. Its slambo tactic instructions the same i just tried a few changes and it working great for me
  7. All round better mate Af leads to more goals and CM beside the BOX2BOX leads to more protection at the back
  8. This working even better
  9. Hi slambo have been using this tactic for a while and doing well with it but had a few injurys and had to change things around for a few games until i got my players back' but i stumbled on to something unreal i have not lost since a changed and teams have hardle had a shot at me all i did from yours was drop the AP to a DM position (DLP) and play 2 box2box in CM while having your forward as DLF everything else is as you had it..cheers mate
  10. Cheers mate ill try it now
  11. Would you share it as i cant find any that works mate
  12. When playing offfside you need a SK as you will be playing a high line
  13. Maco99

    Macs 3-5-2

    cheers mate can only take credit for the training as the tactic is just my favourite bits from others ...im using prize 4-2-3-1 and its top class but if i need something different i go to this as the same players can easy change to this