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  1. Hole 4 - Flowering Crab Apple (Par 3)... smooth operator. Historically a tricky par 3. Yet Moe was up for the challenge. This hole was pretty straight forward and here i was standing at the tee with intent to go for the kill. Tee shot... on the green and good enough for me. The season wasn't without it's bumpy start though, PSG tried signing the right players (CB) to add some strength and reliability at the back. But it wasn't to be, clubs knew they were dealing with PSG and all fees were just too high. So we decided to go with the team we had. Midfielders were ready, attackers were itching to get going. So here we go. I ran into issues with keeping clean sheets at the start of the season as you can see. It was frustrating at first, but slowly we start started gaining confidence. The last 7 games were boss though. Scored 20 goals for and 3 goals against. Was very happy. Hitting the 35 goal difference with 1 game left. All we needed was a win in our last match to get that birdie. Current Challenge Score After Hole #4: -2 Time to move on and attack the next hole. Which will prove to be trickier than i thought. With half a season left, it is time for our search to begin for 2 american WB.
  2. Gotta find a way to hit my tee shots onto the fairways more consistently. Need to get it on the green in the next hole. Hole 4 is historically tougher than it looks. Average score of 3.29 is nothing to sneeze at. Thank you sir. This is tougher than I thought.
  3. Hole 3 Challenge - Flowering Peach (Par 4) // Hole Update: Slow Start... Banging Finish With a sloppy hole 2 now behind us, it was time to look ahead to a successful hole. The wind was calm and the crowd was small, I had the chance to sit back and relax, and just unleash the team. Let them be who they want to be. And boy what a ride. Similar to previous hole, the tee shot was slightly off. Just staying on the fairway. The first hat-trick only coming on the 9th of December. Alfredo Ortuno put Roma to the sword just before the winter break to get us up and running. Lest we forget, Neymar alone had scored a brace in 4 of his first 6 matches of the season, He just couldnt find the 3rd. We then had to wait another 2 months before a second hat-trick made it into the books. This time, the youngster Goncalo Guedes popped up into a hat-trick of his own. Things were starting to pick up. The new 4-3-3 tactic was starting to take shape and players were starting to bang in braces, but that elusive 3rd goal wouldn't arrive. March came and left. April came along. 2 months left in the season, matches were starting to come thick and fast. It was now or never. 2nd shot from the freeway landed on the fringe of the green. Instead of playing safe and putting it as close to the hole as possible, I decided to pick the wedge instead. A slight adjustment to the tactic and what a change that was. Hat Tricks started flying in. First came Neymar on the 14th of April. Followed closely by Diego Perez's 4 goal route against LOSC on the 24th of April. 2 weeks later, Florin Andone came along and bagged a hat-trick himself. To end season, Dele Alli joined in on the party with a hat-trick for himself on the 26th of May. What a flurry finish. I was itching for a birdie and it finally came. I didn't expect it, I didn't think it would happen with the way things were going. With so many players getting 2 goal games, I thought a par was in the books. Current Challenge Score after Hole 3: -1 Coming up next, the tricky Hole 4 par 3. Hole 4 - Flowering Crab Apple (Par 3)
  4. Thanks for the encouragement all. Really appreciate it. Things are looking good this far. Update coming when ready.
  5. Hole 2 - Pink Dogwood (Par 5) // Update #2 - Save after Save! This was longer and a little tougher than I excepted it to be. As you will know by now, I had a limited number of players to sign with Pierre-Michel Lasogga being, what seemed, my best choice. The decision was made and on we went with the tee shot of par 5 second hole. We last left you after our tee shot landed on the rough. We did well to recover our 2nd shot to land on the fairway though. After Lasogga getting injured for a month, we only expected for a tough end to the hole. It was the last thing I wanted. Recover we did though. After a grueling season, after a season long complaint from the player, he finally made good and got himself past the 40 goal mark. Changes were made to the training regime (wouldn't stop complaining about it) and to the tactics to suit Lasogga as much as possible. Once this was taken care of, he lit up for 19 goals in his last 20 matches to hit the Par mark. With season 1 out of the way. It was time to do it all over again. This time, bettering my previous result. With a a tactic already in place from previous season and a training regime that fit Lasogga's liking, it was time to hit that 20 ft put to save par. As previous season, things looked great at the start of the season. At one point, Lasogga's goal per game ratio was at a towering 2.0. Things were smooth sailing. Lasogga being Lasogga, easy was not an option. The mid season slump and sweaty palms have begun. Reading the green wasn't easy, that hole placement was tough. Thank goodness for his Big Match Player trait... he decided to wake up again at the end of the season. Going 14 Goals in a 10 matches stretch at the end of the season to break his career high with a few matches to spare. What a way to end the season. My god this was though. I have no clue how ended up with a par. Through out the season i kept thinking to myself what if. What if I signed my second option? Would he have been better? Would it have been worse? In the end, the joy after I hit the target for par was the best feeling I had in a LONG time. God knows what the next holes will bring. Here is my trophy cabinet after 3 seasons with PSG. We lost the Champions League final this past season. Current Challenge Score After Hole #2: 0 Next hole will hopefully see me get my first birdie. The challenge would be to get 4 different players to get a hat trick. Fingers crossed I get it. Hole 3 Challenge - Flowering Peach (Par 4) Let's get this show on the road.
  6. Hole 2 is about to come to an end. Update should be up tomorrow. Wow.
  7. Wow what a run your on. 5 straight birdies. Handicap? What handicap?
  8. Hole 2 - Pink Dogwood (Par 5) // Update #1 - Tee Shot into the Bunker! So here we go. We are up at the Hole #2 tee. The wind has suddenly picked up and things are looking like getting tougher. This will challenge me for the next 2 seasons. To get this right, I will need to make sure my decision is the correct one. Not realizing, Italy was not loaded at the start of the game so I had to change my game plan. After some research, the number of clubs was smaller than I first anticipated. And the list of strikers possible for this challenge was minute and came down to 3 players. Please welcome to PSG... Pierre-Michel Lasogga. A 26 year old German who was on loan at Leeds from Hamburg. Playing on 18 games, scoring 9 goals all season. Career wise, he has a 1/3 goal scoring ratio. 60 goals in 184 career games. Nothing much to boost about, but being the best option, I made sure to try and bring him in. My concern at first was to change my tactical side of things. For a whole season, i was concentrating on conceding the least amount of goals as possible. This had to change drastically and go for goals now. More precisely, get Pierre-Michel to score more than anyone else in the team. After the loss of Mbappe (didn't want to resign), and Neymar getting injured in the first friendly, things needed to change ASAP. The season started poorly. Very poor. Pierre-Michel had only produced 1 goal in 7 games. Did i chose the right player in the pool of 3 shortlisted? Will his form turn around? Well with a slight tweak to the tactic, i was able to get my attaching midfielders to start feeding him the through balls needed. This proved to rejuvenate Lasogga. Scoring 9 goals in 4 games. Things were looking great. I just need him to continue this form. This was perfect because his form just shot up coinciding with the return of Neymar. Sitting at 10 goals after 11 games, with 9 coming in the past 4, im thinking to myself, this is what i want, this is what i have been waiting for... FM being FM, injury hit Lasogga in his 12th match of the season. He was forced out of the game with a Groin Strain that will see him miss 1 month of action. What turn of bad luck. Tee shot into the bunker! Pray for me. I need that 50 goal mark... will it ever happen now? Next update at end of season 1.
  9. Hole 1 - Tea Olive (Par 4) // Update #2 First off, Happy New Year to everyone. Hope your 2017 was great and 2018 to be even greater. Now onto the ending of my first season... wow was that a roller coaster ride! Every game needed attention and a slip up is all it takes to go from Birdie, to Par to Bogey. As you saw from Update #1, things seemed to be smooth sailing... until the last final third of the season when shit hit the fan. Sitting 26 games played, we had only conceded 12 goals! Which is a great ratio. That was on target of 17/18 goals, which would have given us a birdie and a great start. But nope, injuries to our attacking force took its toll and the slip up started when we played Marseille away from home. We won the game 3-4, but that was not the result we were looking for. Things should be ok, i thought to myself. But it wasnt too be. Goals kept leaking in and ended the season with 21 goals conceded. That game really hurt us. If we had played to our potential, that Birdie was ours. So close yet so far. So here is the league table at the end of the year. Below is Kim Dong-Jun's end of season update. He even picked up an Assist and a Yellow card. At 23 years of age... thinking of keeping him until i need to buy myself a GK from a Yellow Team. As you can see, my manager profile isn't much. I'm scared it will come back to bite me down the line. Now it is time to go shopping for a striker that wears pink... need to find the list of teams and see which one is willing to join the party. With 'defense' out the window, time for some goals galore. And i can't wait to release the horses. Current Challenge Score After Hole #1: 0
  10. Hole 1 - Tea Olive (Par 4) // Update #1 With this monumental challenge ahead, I decided to pick a club that has both the financial power and a league that is as painless as possible. PSG was my obvious choice as I read the challenge. Will the owners be patient enough with my shenanigan in the coming years? They won't know what hit them as we tee off on the 10th Hole. First game plan... find myself a suitable Asian GK that could handle the heat. Someone who would be able to party all night with the Brazilian Brothers. Please welcome to the club Kim Don-Jum. PSG dished out a massive $500k for his services and Kim was quick to accept the contract offer. Here is hoping that he could keep as many clean sheets as possible. Current Date: November 26th 2017 As per Hole 1 rules, only league games count towards the result. 13 Games into the season, Kim as started the 13 games, going 10-1-2 in that span. PSG got off to a wobbly start to the season going 3-0-2 after 5 matches. To make things worse, PSG were leaking goals for fun and Kim was simply not good enough. I was starting to think that i made the wrong signing. Kim was conceding 1 goal a game. Not good enough. He has turned it around though and has only conceded 1 goal in the past 5 games. Great turn around and the team seems to have started to understand and believe in the tactics. At the 13 Game mark, Kim has only conceded 9 goals. At this rate, I'm forecasting that we concede 26 Goals by the end of the season. I would take that result any time of the day. His latest form shows that this could be bettered though. Hopefully he could keep his form as of late and my defenders in shape, I could see us ending the season close to the 20 goals conceded mark. Fingers crossed. Next update near the end of the season... or if something drastic happens.
  11. I’ll have to read your challenge report. Haven’t checked it yet.
  12. This is my attempt at The Augusta National Golf Club challenge that samhardy had concocted. 18 Challenges in 1. Link to this monstrosity of a challenge: ANGC by samhardy Let the challenge begin!!!