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  1. Awesome!!! Could a combo of the two be interesting :)?
  2. IT truely is ! Im.glad he uploaded IT! It Works in many leagues
  3. You could try bbm bbm and then ss i front of Them? I did not test it much :)! i dont remember if it was the bwm left og right center yes the original is truely a great tactic :)!
  4. I have a thought that says i could be one of many roles that striker could have - maybe a DF that Works for the team could Work :)?
  5. Maybe you should try a stronger player. I had succes with Marega, Weghorst and even Longo does it Work in la liga ? I had trouble with Deportivo when i was promoted
  6. I dont No - but its pretty simple. Try to take one of the bbms and make him Ss or something similar. In Kaiserslautern i needed more chances and i got that
  7. Where did you test the tactic in the first season or so? Did you test it with a team that are not the favourites ?
  8. Stefan Moreo 🔥 TM for minor leagues Davie Selke from Hertha Berlin Lewis Coyle right Wing back for minor leagues.
  9. Well thanks for sharing but did you test the tactic in the first season or two without beeing 10 years in to the game and having great players :)? best regards Anders
  10. Did only first catch up About now! What a great run - this truely looks very challenging - keep up the good work :)!
  11. Did you consider using midfielders for the roles as liberos? I read somewhere that somebody recommended it - that sounded interesting imo.
  12. That sounds extreemly fun to test how to replicate! Is there anything on your drawingboard we can start to test with ?
  13. First off, good questions you raise :)! i would recommend for you to work with the combo in front of the TM and the Adf. I see none of sheffields games, but find that combo to work pretty good
  14. Thank you for sharing - did you consider going more offensive ? Respect for choosing to defend though