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  1. You broke the word HELPING! Legend!
  2. Cool - is it a club you created yourself :)?
  3. Haha awesome!. Its good tactic for the League and they have some beautifull shirts years back
  4. His tactics rarely work when testet so.fine to see that you can proove me wrong here :)!
  5. I have surely seen this before yes but thank you for sharing :)!
  6. Never in my life have i seen one choose such a poor Danish side! For winning more than one game you should be crowned eternal champ of manager games....EVER :)!
  7. Could you upload some pictures that show the league table with Braintree, Stoke and other teams used :)?
  8. I think so too. I mingle around alot to see what works, but mainly its just a replica of my last 33 tactics shared 😂
  9. Im looking forward to see how it hors against the very big clubs :)! In Europa Also its very leaky sometimes
  10. Hello fellow vibers. i want to share the same old content i always share to you again. its giving me some great games . If you have the patience and test the tactic, my first advice is loan players so you will have enough to rotate in the leagues where games come close. second advice - accept goals against and some huge losses at first, if you are building a team. third and last advice. Give contract to 3-4 young Grey players from the reserves every year. Mentor them and give them playing time. The reward is endless the thoughts for the tactic is : ATTACK and never look back. those of you who know me, i havnt mingled around with roles or much else - feel free to try it. best regards Anders
  11. Thank you very much for sharing some stats
  12. Could you upload your stats of why you name it to Work with all teams :)?
  13. Thank you for sharing ( i wont comment that you used the best team by a mile in Italy 😂😂😅 1. Did you test the tactic with average teams? 2. Did you test the tactic in other leagues?
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