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  1. AndersJ

    Liverpool back to glory

    Looking great! How the hell is Daniel Wass de la Cruz πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚? The Wass part i know πŸ˜‚ Testing it with Atalanta....🀠
  2. AndersJ

    Liverpool back to glory

    That looks really good although its with an AWFUL team πŸ˜…πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ! Thank you for sharing . Did you test it in other levels or with slightly other roles ?
  3. AndersJ

    Universal tactics

    So thats yes to the role is set af fb :D? Did you try retraining the players over and over again? im trying it out ( its a glitch ) but seems to help them grow
  4. AndersJ

    Universal tactics

    So what you mean is wbs or fbs ;)? And what season are you in? Did you switch the CF to the TM ;)?
  5. You must have hoped for Germany in the final :)! After the license for Die Mannschaft was lost, they are way to easy to bash :)! Congrats with the silverware :)!
  6. AndersJ

    Complete domination

    I would try the other setups besides overload. Then i would take one of the dlfs and make him DC in the back. I would maybe have one if and one winger. tm in the side were the winger is maybe. But im not here to dish your formation. and maybe you will get more and better help in here soon enough
  7. AndersJ

    Complete domination

    That makes good sense, but my advice would surely be - IF you want a targetman - have more than one man that can/will pass to him. And If you go totally gung-ho as it looks like - try to help your defence a bit so they wont get hammered
  8. AndersJ

    Ruthless attack 4-2-2-2 EME

    Did you make changes at any point in the setup ;)?
  9. AndersJ

    Complete domination

    And wont the dlfs and the IFs AND the apms run in to eachtother in the same area of the pitch ;)?
  10. AndersJ

    Complete domination

    Thank you for sharing May i ask a couple of questions. Why did you choose the 3 upfront. Why the exact roles? In the back you have 2 players and a midfielder trailing back. 3 defending and with overload, what is the tought here? is it bound to go wrong :D? best regards Anders
  11. That Sounds like alot of fun it seems like you had a long career . Do you often promote youngsters/Grey players in the first seasons and them bring the beasts to your new club?
  12. Absolute awesome! do you sometimes change things a bit in-game? What is the lowest quality team, that you succeeded with ;)?
  13. Did you test it in the first season ? And with what team?
  14. AndersJ

    Most number of clear cut chances

    We all know THAT feeling ;)! but it sure looks good!
  15. AndersJ

    Ferran Torres

    Is it that he can be retrained or what is it, you want us to know ;)? he is better than when i used him in Valencia last. did you train him intensive and play every second match ?