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  1. Best of luck mate - i hope Ward Prowse takes all corners and free kicks, he is SOOOOOOO good :)!
  2. I enjoyed the read too, but also would say that the " out with Rooney and in with Lukaku" is the United move for a long time attacking wise ⚽️
  3. Thank you very much mate :)!
  4. Haha okay, i have never tried that one before, first time i have been so long one place - im in one with the not so hot seat 😂
  5. What is this :)? I does not Seem to have any function besides the title 🤓? So im now in the board, but i cant force the rest of the members to build the stadium for more than 105,000 spectators
  6. Thats smart, how does he take it, no complaints ? And how does other squad members take it ?
  7. He looks really good, is it Decs it training you are using ?
  8. Looking really good, best of luck :)!
  9. Proberly people from Venezuela will try 😎⚽️⚽️⚽️
  10. Also a great idea! Thank you! As long as some of the attributes are there, its worth the effort compared to a really poor striker from the Championship
  11. Excellent idea! Stamnia is importaint because of 60 matches. Strenght, arial and teamwork also, anything else :)?
  12. Thanks mate! And yes i have some of the Ps and K's ready already, but i may have to play a midfielder with the K's as i cant sign Kane ( 32 ) and no other TM are available . The third letter i am looking too is I - Kenyan from City and obviously Isak.
  13. The Unemployment Challenge

    I know, just messing with you 😜😎
  14. Update trophy wise the best season yet, with the team winning everything - loosing 3 games in total all season long only, its trophy wise the best season. when we have to look at the choice of players i made one huge mistake. Mounie did not accept IT training and scored an all time low 18.... together with Morata ( age 32 ) they spend 4 months injured. Lucky for them Munir ( age 30 ) was a beast!!! nb the final in the UCL was at home - what a joy it was!
  15. The Unemployment Challenge

    😂😂😂😂 besides the english "best" clubs i like the challenge :)!