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  1. Happy
    AndersJ got a reaction from dayday95 in 4-2-2-2 tactic. Great Attack and Great Defence (EME)   
    Its looking good, where else did you test the tactic in the first season :)?
  2. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Woody in Balance Between Defence And Attack   
    Just a tip for you. Im sure you have your self a decent tactic there but maybe test it over a few different leagues and then post your findings once you know its capable of doing what you wanted.
    It will give yourself and everyone who may want to try it out a good idea of how it works as you will find out a tactic gets better over a few years once you have a world class squad. But sometimes it might crash and burn after a season.
    You might find the same tactic doesnt work in every league. The EPL for instance is a more aggressive league that requires a more robust tactic that requires pace and maybe alot of pressing but that may not work in Spain or Italy say but then again it might its all about testing.
    Best of luck.
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    AndersJ reacted to MikeF in 4-3-1-2 - Flattened Diamond   
    I’m currently a couple of seasons into a Double Trouble challenge. I don’t usually play two up top so my usual tactics wouldn’t work for this. After a bit of tweaking I ended up with this and it looks really solid so thought I’d share in case anyone wanted to test it under normal circumstances (ie without 15 yr old strikers!). 
    I didn’t want to use wingers as I’ve seen 4-2-2-2 done a lot so thought I’d base it around a diamond. As you know the DM position struggles in FMM (another 6. Wow.) so I pushed them up to CM giving a 4-3-1-2. 
    There’s elements to the diamond midfield here especially when in position but it’s more flattened when we don’t have position giving a little extra width in the middle of the park. More of a triangle I guess!

    Attacking, balanced width (wide means you stretch the midfield too far and narrow just means everyone runs into each other and the WBs don’t have as much room) and fast tempo.
    GK - standard GK role here. You could maybe use SK but as I’ve not got my defensive line too high I prefer GK
    WB - very important roles. This is where the width comes from. Need to be fast and good positionally to keep the opposition wingers out of the game. They also provide a lot of assists. I have ‘Look for overlap’ selected as that makes all the central midfielders use the WBs as opposed if just driving through the middle every time. 
    CD - both BPD. I like to play out from the back so these guys need to be able to pick a pass and be comfortable on the ball. 
    CM - B2B / CM / B2B. B2B is OP in this FMM and I like the movement they create in the middle. I have my middle guy as CM. Started out with DLP here to give more of a diamond but I prefer CM as he sits next to the AM creating an overload in the middle. If you’re struggling for space you can change to DLP during a match and he’ll drop deeper but CM works better overall I find. 
    AM - AM drifts around in space created by the CM that sits just behind him. When we have the ball he pushes forward unmarked. Prefer AM to AP as more disciplined I find.
    CF - both Poachers. I’ve not experimented with different roles but P seems to really rack up the goals here. There are lots of CM and with the WB also pushing up you just want these guys sitting up high waiting for a through ball or cross. Standard poacher stats. Good in air, fast, movement and of course, finishing.

    Balanced defensive line  I usually play high defensive line but that was too prone to being caught out of position by speedy opposition wingers or a ball over the top and I only have WB and no wingers to help defensively.

    Look for overlaps brings the WB into play and gives width. Through balls for the poachers to latch onto. 
    Mixed passing as short passing keeps possession but sometimes the best ball is a big vertical pass. When we have the ball a lot of verticals open up due to player positions so this means you can be direct sometimes or even straight up to the strikers from the BPD. 
    I like to play out from the back still so have short for GK. If you have a GK with high kicking (Ederson) you could go long or mixed but short is preference. 
    Positional play without the ball:
    As you can see, when the opposition have the ball it’s a standard 4-3-1-2 with the AM just in front of the CM and a flat back 4 pretty much. WBs need to cover opposition wingers but fine with pace, tackling and good positional awareness.

    Positional play with the ball:
    You can see here the wingbacks push up giving width and the BPD or CM (83) have options. Mixed passing works well here as they can play it short for someone to move into space, or they can launch a nice vertical pass as the B2B and AM find space and run forward. They can also play it into space for your WB to run onto to them whip in a cross.
    If the BPDs play it to the CM, the AM or B2B finds themselves in space as their man presses the CM and with fast tempo some quick passing moves the ball forwards for a through ball to the waiting poachers.

    I’m in my second season and in Portuguese league but still, the results were solid:

    Bayern got the better of me but with proper strikers (instead of 16yr olds) I’m sure a few of the draws here would have been wins but still, solid results. My squad could have been stronger too when the fixtures start to pile up. 
    Ive only tried this in Portugal and for my challenge but thought I’d post it in case anyone wants to give it a go. A nice alternative to wingers and inside forwards dominating current popular formations. 
    Let me know now how you get on. 
  4. Favourite
    AndersJ got a reaction from Slimzee22 in Solid tactic with beautiful football 2-3-3-2   
    Testing tactics with a superb team in 2022 maybe wont be the most realistic outcome
  5. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Van The Man in Solid tactic with beautiful football 2-3-3-2   
    Indeed. I'm going to manage Bilbao. Going to be a challenge.
  6. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Spiderwan in Need help on creating tactics for my team   
    I used the tactics as mentioned previously and what the screenshot show above the role I changed was my strikers role I'd always pick the recommended role for them. But tactically I stayed the same. 
  7. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Spiderwan in Need help on creating tactics for my team   
    Yes mate
  8. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Schwantz34 in A very solid 3-2-2-2-1 setup   
    They beat me 3 times, and I beat them twice including the one that really counted in the Champions League Quarter Final. Didn't stop me winning the league title either. Not overly concerned by them 😎
  9. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Mr Tree in Tree's very simple but effective 4-2-2-2   
    oh i remembered, i used exclusively this in my Roma / Marcondes career too, fyi...
  10. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Mr Tree in Tree's very simple but effective 4-2-2-2   
    Yep, I've used this the whole time in my current career posted on here - finished 2nd first season in Belgium, then won every year since, plus 3x CL in 6 seasons
  11. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Ishkov Mtvey in DanishDynamite(EME) 3-4-1-2   
    Billericay is a cheat team in FM2019 in my opinion. I won everything managering this team, every season i finished first, exepts my first season in Premier, but i use 4-2-2-2 tactic, and it was very good. Lets see your results with this tactic.
  12. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Ian in Unrealistic game   
    Yes the game can be funny with this sort of thing as if you’d achieved all of that as quickly in real life then you’d expect the club to put a statue of yourself outside the stadium. 
    I’d just ignore them as it’s clear you are doing a fantastic job.😀
  13. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Scratch in Retraining A Player's Position To Natural (Mystery Solved)   
    Retraining players in other positions is a great way to make your squad more flexible. Your left back has yellow for the left wing position? Why not retrain him so he can play there as well? 
    Before the 8.1 update in FMM 2017, the best you could ever retrain a player to in a secondary position was dark green/Accomplished. Still worth doing, but personally I'd only play them there in an emergency. 
    The 8.1 update changed that, so that for the first time you could retrain a player and get that sweet sweet bright green and a Natural rating. I was super surprised when after the update, I saw Marc Vaughan say this on Twitter:
    Hang on, they just changed the game so you could retrain a player to Natural and Marc is saying it's not possible? Did his team change it without his knowledge? Surely he had to know about the change... But if so, what did he mean exactly? 
    That always puzzled me and now I think I've found the answer when retraining Ben Chilwell to play as a left winger. After a lot of hard work on Ben's part, my staff finally told me he was comfortable with the position:
    And sure enough, when I double check (can't trust your staff too much these days), I see that sweet bright green for the left wing position and 'Natural' under Current Ability:

    Great! But when checking out the team report in the app I'm working on, I noticed that Ben only has 19 in the left wing position (in spoilers as CA/PA, etc is shown):
    None of the other players I've retrained as left wingers have 20 for that position either, even though they all show up as bright green/Natural: Havertz, Osborn, Ritchie (Pavon was already bright green there). Barlaser only has dark green, so we can assume that bright green/Natural represents 19 or 20 in that position.
    And I guess that solves the mystery... The game was changed in 8.1, either:
    a) so that players could be retrained to 19 in a position instead of 18; OR b) so that 19 displayed as bright green instead of dark green. Either way, even though you can now retrain a player to be 'Natural', they can never actually get to a 20 rating in that position. Presumably that was what Marc Vaughan was saying...
    Does it matter? Surely a player will perform a little better in a position where they have a 20 rating rather than a 19, but there is no way to know exactly how much of an effect it will have. The developers of the game have decided that the difference isn't big enough that it should matter to us, so maybe it's not a big deal?
    I guess at the end of the day, if the player is performing well in the role and you are happy with them, it doesn't really matter.
  14. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Schwantz34 in Help for Summer Madness :)!   
    Looking at the defence it's very open to pacey players, as your defensive line is pushed up high and you're combining that with the offside trap as well. With only one defender back there pacey players could have a field day and teams who play over the top too. With the wingbacks going inside too it's leaving a ton of space down both your flanks at the back as well. Just my early thoughts on first glance.
  15. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Scratch in Coaching Staff Boosts   
    Gonna keep an eye on this, thanks. Although not for my main striker, as I don't want to pollute my player development test... But that would be almost as good as the old £150M transfer bug...
  16. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Scratch in Inside The Game - The Making Of A Champion   
    Update 1
    We have our youngster all signed up and ready to go. As a reminder, he's not much to look at now:

    But, his potential growth is amazing:
    With a PA of 164 and a CA of only 68, he has a potential growth of 96 points. That's a LOT.
    How Many Training Increments Will He Get?
    Each training increment uses up 5 points of potential growth (you'll see this as we go), meaning he has 19 full increments to come, along with a final partial increment.
    Note: I think I've seen a player get a bigger update that takes up 10 points of potential growth, but have never proven this. We'll keep an eye out for this as we proceed.
    I used to start 1KCs very gently, with my striker coming off the bench for most of the first year. I was worried about him getting injured and worried about team results with a novice up front. Turns out that was totally the wrong approach!
    If the new training system has taught me anything, it's that playing youngsters speeds up their development:
    The more they play, the higher the chance they will get a good match rating
    The higher the match rating, the more training improvement points they earn
    The more training improvement points they earn, the faster the training increments come around, increasing their attribute levels
    The better their attributes, the better their performance...
    And around we go in the cycle.
    For strikers, the key to good match ratings is scoring goals. While strikers can score occasionally off the bench, I find it's more likely earlier in the game. Translation: It's better to play them for the first 60 mins than to bring them off the bench for the last 30 mins.
    I do still try to balance that with team results (momentum is important). I might put them on the bench for tougher games, but I try to start them most of the time.
    1st Increment - 17 July 2018
    Tulloch's first training increment took my by surprise, coming via training on 17 July 2018 rather than after a match. He'd been an unused substitute in an Assistant Manager controlled friendly, but hadn't actually played for the club.
    He starts with a Stamina of 4, which is obviously too low. The first thing I did when he joined the club was to set his Training Focus to Stamina. Thankfully, this increment saw a big improvement:

    Increases: Stamina 4, Shooting 1, Tackling 1, Positioning 1. Total Point Increase: 7
    I have to be happy with this. 7 points is a large increase and while his Stamina is still really low, it's so much better than it was and means he can spend more time on the pitch. I'm not so keen on wasting points on Defensive attributes though! Also, I see that Decisions is down a point, even though it doesn't have the red down indicator shown - maybe that changed when he joined the club? Not sure.
    The cost of this increment was 5 development points, with his CA increasing from the starting 68 to 73.
    We'll see over time that this is the standard amount of development points used.
    2nd Increment - 15 September 2018
    After the first increment, I switched Tulloch to the Target Man focus role and Aerial focus attribute. Eventually I want his Stamina to be much higher, but for now 8 will do. I'd rather have him play for a short time and score, than play for a long time without scoring, so I'm focusing on improving his attacking attributes. In FMM19, an Aerial of 20 is the best way for a striker to dominate, so Tulloch is starting down that path.
    Tulloch's second increment came after scoring a goal coming off the bench in a 4-2 defeat to Man Utd:

    Yes, I know I said that strikers are more likely to score when they start... In this case I started Rondon, in the hope that we could beat Man Utd. That wasn't to be, but Tulloch pinched a goal off them at the close and that was enough to get him an increment:

    Increases: Movement 1, Creativity 1. Total Point Increase: 2
    Well, that's dismal... Still you take the good with the bad and he still has another 18 increments to come.
    What is confusing here is that he now has a green up indicator shown for Aerial, but it's still showing as 9, the same as when he joined the club. I'm not sure why that is. I do know that Aerial is made up of Jumping and Heading, with Jumping seemingly more important. Maybe the Heading sub component improved, but not enough to shift the Aerial overall because Jumping didn't improve. My AM19 app does have both values for each player, but doesn't yet output it, so I can't easily check. So it will remain a mystery for now.
    Once again the cost of the increment was 5 development points, with his CA increasing from 73 to 78.
    3rd Increment - 20 October 2018
    Tulloch is fairly steaming through these increments now. Even though he doesn't score every match, when he does score, he gets a lot of training points. For example, a 10 star rating (a scrappy goal and a penalty), take him 19% closer to the increment.

    As he gets close to the next increment, I switch his Training intensity from Normal to Intensive. I'm not sure if it just looks at the value at the point of increment, or if it takes into account the whole training period, but after only two attribute points last time, I want to maximise this update. Sure enough, this one is better:

    Increases: Heading 3, Shooting 1, Crossing 1, Dribbling 1, Passing 1, Stamina 1, Strength 1. Total Point Increase: 9
    Wow! That's massive. Whether intensive has anything to do with it though is uncertain. I have noticed players who want to train harder seem to end up better, but I don't like training people using intense if they aren't up to it..
    I was wondering if this would have a 10 development point cost since it was so big, but it still only cost 5 development points, with his CA increasing from 78 to 83.
    And we'll leave it there for now... He still has a LONG way to go, but if he keeps this up, he'll soon be a half decent striker...
  17. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Scratch in Inside The Game - The Making Of A Champion   
    This is a 'cheat' career, designed to help learn more about how the game works.
    By 'cheat', I mean I will be looking at hidden things, like the players Current Ability (CA) and Potential Ability (PA). I will not be editing the save in any way or reloading, just looking at things like CA/PA and how it relates to things in the game, particularly the training system. 
    If you do not want to see CA/PA of current players or learn how that relates to the game, then press the back button right now!
    The Task
    I will taking Rayhaan Tulloch and turning him into a champion record breaking goal scorer. Here he is at the start of the game:

    He's fast and has some promise, but it's hard to tell just how far he'll go... By the end of this however, he is going to be green all over and capable of scoring 100 goals per season. 
    I can pretty much guarantee this because I know his CA and PA. In fact, that's why I chose him. I started up a new game and then searched for young players with a high PA and at least a 40 point gap between CA and PA (ie with lots left to develop). This is what I found:
    That image is of the proof of concept web version of the AM19 app (Assistant Manager 19 for FMM) that I'm developing. You'll see screenshots of both the app and the web version as we go through this, as some things haven't been added to the app yet. It's a work in progress (no release estimate at this point). 
    Note: The PA (but not CA) for players this young changes every time you start a game, so there is no guarantee that those players will have the same values for you.
    Anyway, there are more promising young strikers in the game than Tulloch, but he stands out as someone who will develop a lot. We're going to follow his progress and see what we can learn.
    I'm playing the game as a 1KC, but I'm not sure if I will see it all the way through to completion, or if I'll stop when our Champion is fully developed. If I do continue, this career will obviously not be eligible for the leader board because I'm cheating! 🙂
    The Club
    I'm heading back to Newcastle. Rafa has left and the media has been reporting that Steve B will get the job. They got it slightly wrong - it's Steve C (me) that's taking the job! Alright, I know it's a year earlier, but I'm their new manager either way. For those who care, Rafa will land on his feet at Tottenham a month or so after I take the job. 
    The Newcastle team is pretty weak to be honest. I have the original DB as I'm using the pre winter-update version of the game still. Here's what I found when I took over:
    The board expect Euro Cup qualification which is a bit rich, but I think we can probably do that - with a few changes... So I start the career by selling off all the weak links and bringing in some quality players. 
    Now because I can see the CA/PA of players during this career, I've set myself some limits: I'm only going to sign 8 players in the first season and 4 players in subsequent seasons (not including youth players). I can sell as many as I like, but I can't flood the team with loads of 180+ PA players. Note: I normally end up with a team flooded with regens, so I'll probably have a weaker team this time around even though I can actually cheat in this save. 😂
    At the start of the game, it's hard to attract truly top class players to Newcastle, so most of the players I picked up are ones that will develop into class acts. I don't have a screenshot of them to hand (I normally get that at the end of the season), but some will be familiar to you: Pavon, Havertz, Tonali, Passlack, Ajer all of whom I've used before. Others maybe less so: Ben Osborn from Nottingham Forest, Eberechi Eze from QPR and Tulloch himself.
    Osborn and Eze a) are around the 160 PA level (in this save); b) can play multiple positions, which is useful in the first season with a small squad; and c) are English, which is important as I may end up managing England and want some Englishmen in my squad. I could have got better players, but these fit the bill perfectly for now. 
    Training Staff / Facilities
    We need to make sure that Tulloch has the best environment for him to improve.
    Newcastle starts off with sub par facilities:

    So the first thing I do is convince the board to upgrade them:

    That was unheard of in previous versions of FMM, but is worth trying in FMM19, especially if the team report shows that the facilities is below par. I've played Newcastle a few times in FMM19 and I know that there are 4 upgrades that they'll give me at the start. The facilities can improve more, but that probably has to wait until next year.
    The next thing I did was to start hiring/upgrading staff. I ended up with almost a full set of gold staff, except for one coach. I didn't get a screenshot of all staff, but here is the coaching staff I'm rolling with:

    I've gone strong on Fitness and Motivation this time around. Having a little extra fitness is always good, and I'm increasingly using Motivational staff as they are pretty much the only way to improve Teamwork. That's not critical at the start, but as the game goes on, many of the better young players are lacking in this regard. Sigh, youth today...
    David Weir is the weak link, but he's a decent chance to be gold around New Year, or at the end of the season if he fails his first attempt. I would have picked up a Youth coach if I could have while Tulloch is young, but I couldn't get one.
    Final Thoughts
    I'll leave it here for now, but will be back in the next few days looking at Tulloch's initial steps at the club.
    Some of the things I cover might be basic knowledge to some of you - I'm just going to write up things as they occur to me as I go through this career. I hope it's useful to some of you.
    Bear in mind that these are only my thoughts based on what I'm seeing and may not be always correct. If you have differing ideas, or think I've got things wrong, let me know! 🙂
  18. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Cholskii in The mighty Sunderland - from L1 to UCL Champion 120 goals+   
    I used this tactic after starting a new save with Sunderland, i was ok up until Christmas then everyone got injured and went downhill from there.. might give it ago go in the future 
  19. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to zabinho in Old but gold! 2-1-4-1-3 150 goals per season   
    I didn't make any changes  I only change wingers to wing backs when I'm not favourite.
    I also use A - B system which is described in "fmm-19-from-a-to-z-beginners-guide".
  20. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to zabinho in Old but gold! 2-1-4-1-3 150 goals per season   
    I agree that this tactic is truly awesome!
    I started to use it in season 2026/27 when I stucked in Championship with my old tactic:

    Then I started to be very succesfull
    After a few good seasons in Premier League I decided to start again from VNL with Crawley and in 4 seasons I made a promotion to Premier League

  21. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Schwantz34 in The Rebirth of Carlos Tevez UPDATE (EME)   
    The more the merrier! Legit ones of course.
  22. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Aaron Thornton in The Rebirth of Carlos Tevez UPDATE (EME)   
    100% agree, the Germans know how to support the team, and the games are always high tempo. Like gegenpressing everywhere lol
  23. Favourite
    AndersJ got a reaction from Schwantz34 in The Rebirth of Carlos Tevez UPDATE (EME)   
    Off topic then the german league is much more fun to experience live than the Premier league - their fans are way louder and there is a great atmosphere in and around the stadiums! watched Hertha with full stadium two seasons ago, amazing :)!
  24. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Schwantz34 in The Rebirth of Carlos Tevez UPDATE (EME)   
    I play the German league a lot because I watch a lot of the games on TV and enjoy it. I know a lot of the teams and players so it helps when I do tactic tests. I like using Inter too but you already tried that so I chose Germany instead.
  25. Favourite
    AndersJ reacted to Schwantz34 in The Rebirth of Carlos Tevez UPDATE (EME)   
    Going to test it with Leverkusen in Germany. I think their squad will fit the system well.