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  1. Kyle

    Hey, it's Stam

    I am glad Vibe is kept alive after been a member for so long, Dec did offer me the site first when he decided to step down as i worked close with him over the Downloads area, he wanted me to take over but sadly i declined on taking over the site as it would have been too much for me to take on. he didnt want Vibe to die but with no other wanted to step up he had no choice until @Stam came along so you all should thank both @Stam @Dec that Vibe is still here which is great. Welcome @Stam and sadly things didnt work out for me here.
  2. yup will be buying it as per usual so i can continue creating content however there will be a lot more content in FMM18.
  3. Thanks guys, its been a hard choice to make after been here so long.
  4. Hi guys just to let you all know that i am stepping down as Graphics Admin due to personal reasons off vibe. i wish you all the very best for the future. i will of course still be popping on from time to time and also keep tabs on the fmmvibe careers. anyway thanks again.
  5. go to android/data/com.sigames.fmm2017/files/installed/ if theres a fmhi_1080p_skin then yes.
  6. This will not work on Retina/HDTV, WVGA, SD/HVGA. these sizes will be coming soon.
  7. as far as i know you can only use Logos/Faces and saves also the use of save editor when its available, things you cant use is databases from the pre editor , skins/theme, start/background screens or any other graphical changes
  8. haha Bristol City gave me an Ultimatum that i have til 7pm tonight or they will withdraw their interest
  9. yes are they are 2 different games they are different sizes in certain parts hence why the white text. the whole skin/theme would need to be modified to work with fmm17. i will be working on skysports once champions league is out. the skysports theme needs updating anyway so will work on that. if you like to be a tester let me know.
  10. its so buggy and has been removed. i pm the person who uploaded and all is good. a better one is in the works. it was me who created last years and year before and year before reason themes are late this year is because i have taken over from Dec on the Logo and Faces part along with tactical kits. now i have the baseline i should have themes out more quicker. a champions league skin should be out soon. for 1080p only at the moment. May i ask what device size you use? .. HD 1080p, HD Retina/HDTV, WVGA or SD/HVGA? you can find out in your files folder as the credits only show HD for both 1080p and Retina/HDTV it doesnt say which one.
  11. i put them in spoilers so its easier to scroll down