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  1. I have yet to attract a good bbm hence play with a cm this also helps at lower leagues when you can play any midfielder in your squad as a cm and they generally do ok
  2. Sorry would of replied sooner but been busy . only in Second season and still effective although playing with counter a lot more as most teams are better than mine. In game found if leading dropping to one level below opponent is quite effective (ie if they go attacking I change to control) if losing or if it can be seen the tactic isn’t working I do the same unless I am the better team then I go two positions above ( I.e if they go balanced I go attacking) hope that helps
  3. Slight tweaked tactic from what I was using in FMM2019 , very good first season in Vanarama National North ( Started game unemployed and went on holiday for a year to see which teams where generated in second season) South Shields came along . The midfielder playing as a CM would be preferable as a Box to Box midfielder but I couldn’t sign one . Played most of the season on balanced setting , towards the end moved up to control as Teams played more defensively against me and for tough games or higher league opponents in the cup went counter.
  4. Thanks for all your hard work on putting this together, game looks a lot better with Logos rather all plain coloured badges. Although the team I’m managing doesn’t have one (South Shields) KUTGW 😊
  5. Will this be available on release day for FMM 20 ?
  6. What next , not being allowed to use real players names !!!!
  7. Yes it’s sad about the demise of Bury , I’m currently finishing my career on what will be my last game on 2019 as Bury Town . As I normally play in lower leagues Andorra and Weymouth look good places to start for me .
  8. I have found that the best way to play is in game tweaking and setting up your formation/player roles and team Mentality depending on your opponents formation and mentality. As soon as the match kicks off I will click on Opposition and check their mentality and formation. For Example Playing against a 442 I would change my wingbacks to Fullbacks. Against a 433 I would change to defensive fullbacks. Against a 4231 I would play with Defensive fullbacks and the Ball Winning midfielder would drop in front of the back four so my formation would change into a 4-1-2-2-1 .
  9. Hi All just about to complete my first season with Kings Lynn (went on holiday for a year and this was the first job I was offered so playing in the 2019/2020 season) I started with a tactic I had made for FM2017 so had to tweak a little bit to get it to work in 2019 , The match engine and tactical choices have changed since then. This is the basic tactic (as posted as a good option for lower leagues)
  10. EME , good target man and wingers are Key. i also tweak mentality and my defensive player roles depending on opposition , but this basic tactic has served me well so far just won the league with 4 games left
  11. You could try this works well with my Kings Lynn team added 0 minutes later
  12. Still using same tactic for second Season and it seemed to perform better , especially if sides come to attack .
  13. Yes Sorry my progress slowed over Christmas and the new year her'es latest update , another successful season and back to back promotions.