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  1. Hey guys Everyone's experience of FMM is different. There are some of us who would never use the same players in multiple saves, but there are lots of us who, given the right circumstances, would sign a few players over and over again in every save - this is list of five players who fit into this category. These players are young, have high potential and most important of all - consistency. You know 100% they will perform for your team whether it's in England, Spain, Italy or Germany. Let's get stuck in. Number 5 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Thanks for reading - What do you guys think of my list? Are there any players I've missed? What are your go to players for FMM16? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
  2. Interesting split there. Personally I think it's a casual game as there's another very similar game that would fall into the serious category (FM on PC). Combined with the fact it's on mobiles (on the go / bathroom category of gaming). But at what amount of hours spent does it become serious (if at all)?
  3. Hey guys FMM16 has been out for almost a week now and I'm sure many of you have been sinking a few hours into it. But how does it stack up? Interface FMM16 has had a massive facelift compared to FMH15. The interface is now darker, sharper and there have been a few bigger UI changes, especially in relation to the tactics and news screens. To be honest I really like the FMM16 interface. Although the news interface does take some getting used to, in the end it's much better than FMH15 since SI has managed to fit in a lot more information into one screen than FMH15. Overall it has definitely improved the flow of the game. Verdict: Much needed UI change to not only mix up the look of FMM, but also the new news messages are an improvement over FMH15. Role Traits Part of the new tactic improvements in FMM16, players can now have specific role traits that vary across all players depending on their roles. This is probably my favourite addition to FMM16 - it really builds the individual brand and style of a particular player, and it something else that distinguishes individual players in a game where players can at times seem very interchangeable. Verdict: Fantastic change to add individuality to existing players Coaches There has been plenty of discussion on the new coaches feature, especially here so I won't go into too much detail. IMO there's definitely room for improvement for the coaches feature, from adding a search function to coaches to adding some (not a whole set) of stats to further distinguish coaches. It's not perfect at the moment but with some tweaking there is a lot of potential. Tactical options The new team instructions screen has added a number of new instructions - passing focus, GK distribution, primary outlet and primary attacker. Verdict: IMO these changes are great. More tactical options are always welcome and it adds to the customisability and flexibility of a particular tactic. Fantastic addition and can't wait to see all the new tactics that will be developed for FMM16! Bonus: The speed of the enhanced engine has been greatly improved as well, and surprisingly the new tactics are also available for the original match engine - well played SI! Overall verdict: 8/10 FMM16 is definitely an upgrade over FMH15. Although there is some room for improvement, nevertheless the new interface, role traits and new tactical options does make the game feel fresh once again! What are everyone's thoughts on FMM16? I'm sure I've missed a few things so please leave a comment below with your thoughts!
  4. @DutchTony In that case, why not choose the one with the highest CA?
  5. 8/10 Pros: Much improved interface (news screens takes getting used to but once you do it makes a lot more sense and can get a lot more info quicker) More in depth tactical option Role traits are quite useful Cons Would've loved more record keeping for stats / individuals players Some bugs but there are always going to be bugs Can't search coaches? More info on how coaches work would've been great
  6. Fair points but if coaches did have stats then it means they'd all have a CA. If they had that then we'd all just be hiring the top 5 coaches CA wise and be done with it, same as you'd do now with the gold coaches. The problem with coaches isn't that they have no stats IMO, since even if they had the practical result for us would be pretty much the same.
  7. Nice list, Oztunali in particular was great for me in FMH15, can definitely recommend.
  8. Good list of imminent future regens after a few years, although not too clear if that's what you mean?
  9. Definitely worth it IMO. The interface is much better than FMH15 as well as the new coaches/player traits/tactical features. There are some bugs but as you say quite minor and not game breaking.
  10. Shame about the restart mate, but I'm sure you will smash this nonetheless
  11. Very detailed and well written guide Really liking this feature as it further distinguishes between players of similar stats and adds a bit more personality
  12. @Dec Ooooh matchday coverage...? I'm very intrigued...