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  1. @Putzy Great instructions (for iOS)... worked like a charm. Thanks as always!
  2. Great news! So when the graphics pack are updated, we can just copy the updates across via iTunes (using same folder naming etc) and then use the new refresh option?
  3. Putzy, this has worked a treat! I think the main thing that I was doing wrong was loading the game before copying the graphics across to my phone... by following your guide and removing my existing install, installing the game again and then immeadiately copying across the Pictures folder it has now worked successfully... really appreciate you doing this as I'm sure this will solve iOS problems for all.
  4. Amazing... I will try this soon!
  5. Fab... I have new iPhone 8 and like others I have been trying the instructions on the main thread plus random other combinations, but nothing is working and so a vid would be a massive help!!!!
  6. Nice touch. Cool feature... doesn't detract from gameplay and adds a bit of depth and immersion.
  7. I have an Amiga Emulator on my Android phone (you can buy Amiga Forever ROMS on Google play) and have CM 94/95 running on my phone!! Ah the memories...
  8. Great post! Really enjoyed reading it. I will be buying FMM18 too, but will probably get FM18 as I have been playing the game since CM93 on the Commodore Amiga! I actually only ditched the Amiga when CM3 came out as a PC only title!
  9. tc109

    I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    Thanks for all your hard work @Decand welcome @Stam Glad to know this great site is continuing.
  10. tc109

    The Best Phone For Fmm

    Hi all. I use a Sony Xperia XZ and the game runs extremely well. Superb phone and the fact that FMM runs so well makes it perfect for me!
  11. Great job... thanks Kyle!
  12. Excellent news... will download and have a look around. The early feedback from others here is that its a good update.
  13. PriZe... I'm going to give this a go with Harry Kane as the striker and will report back