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  1. Helio

    Tactics Faith tactic

    Does it works better if we pray? If yes, which god?
  2. I'll try that again, but I probably tried in the past but not long enough to see significative change.
  3. This tactic has been the most consistent for me in FMM19.
  4. Will try this one, are you a Cardiff fan?
  5. Its working quite great for me, 5 straight wins in a newly promoted Cadiz in Spain... 👍Didn't even adapt my positional training yet.
  6. Quite a success indeed!
  7. Wealdstone with a 95,000+ stadium in 2027? 🤔
  8. Helio

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Any feedback from anybody?
  9. Helio

    Tactics Wow try and see

    Be careful, you're soon gonna be asked to CHILL OUT! 😛
  10. Helio

    Tactics Arsenal 4-2-1-3

    24 hours since you posted, what about you give us a half season update whenever you have time.
  11. Clearly, the when you get a red card so early, his post doesn't say anything about how he adjusted his tactic.
  12. Helio

    Tactics 4-4-2 (Defensive Wingers)

    Damn.. In 2039, I can't even imagine how your team might look like so far into a career No bad intentions in my comment, I was just expecting to find a good low league, small budget team tactic.
  13. I was getting hammered too at the beginning with Leyton Orient, it started to pick up nicely after 4 or 5 games. I am now winning with the difference of three or four goals in average.
  14. 2-0 against Tottenham with Man City, what a performance! 🙄
  15. Helio

    Jack Goes Giant Killing

    Probably because the FC (actually not at the center in this tactic) is a DF, how is he doing with assists?