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  1. I noticed this, went crazy with mentoring in my first saves and ended up with half of my team hating the other half...
  2. Such a better reference... Is this a generation thing?
  3. Same here, my budget and expectation were give way too late to prepare the season.
  4. When you have a "relaxed" 20 years old goalkeeper and that you decide to bring a "professional" goalkeeper as a tutor. 😎
  5. Gasperini's work at Atalanta is the best thing happening in Italian football. Interesting take, I'm excited to test it.
  6. 🍺 Skål, I know Parken very well, I even failed to see one of the best goal in the history of football there , a terrible story ! I lived in Kbh for 2 years.
  7. That's a rather big stadium for a city like Herning! 😀😀
  8. I'll try to provide it once I understand what it is.
  9. Another bug where the opponents (Nîmes) scores a second goal as the scoreboard shows but no one is credited with the goal on either screen.
  10. I was able make it work, the game I was loading (and then would crash) was an automatic save. So I finally loaded it and then manually saved it right away. Then it didn't crash and I was able to go on with my game... Then I got sacked but that's another story For @Dan Dawson, I am running the game on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Snapdragon) running Android 9.0
  11. OK so I deleted cache and data, reloaded the automatic save and it crashed again, at the same exact moment than the first time. When tapping on the enveloppe to read the second to last message left (from 5 total).
  12. I just got this in December playing in Denmark after going on holiday.
  13. It is out here in the US. 684MB size... I guess phones having more memory space they just put all the data with it in one download.
  14. I'm actually hoping this to be the main announcement. The game seller. I would like to discover new stuff once the game is out,things I would really hope just to ease the experience (more saved filters slots, more saved tactics slots etc...)