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  1. Yeah I got it after posting and didn't know how to erase the post. My bad...
  2. How can a draw show in green in the fixtures?
  3. This tactic is a blast so far, my roster is not even perfectly fitting the instructions. I play the lower tier of French leagues with it and I am first at midseason with a rather weak side.
  4. I think he meant that the 2 central midfielder positions were BBM
  5. Hmmm can't believe it, I started a new save trying this and I'm killing it.
  6. At the same time, in the first tier of Belgian amateur leagues, not sure he has a strong team even in 2025
  7. I usually find time wasting quite effective. I turn it on at the 80th minute. From that point, most opponent losing team go on overload and I also witnessed a some crazy comebacks.
  8. Thanks, the best way to introduce tactic is to take example on other posters on this forum. By sorting your tactic's screenshot as well as you fixtures and results. Some people like to post some matches to show what the tactic can achieve in terms of possession, chances, etc.
  9. @deepheat83, Setién is having a little tribute to your tactic in today's game against Ibiza... Even if they're losing at the time I write, I this looks very interesting as a tactic and Setién proves he's a fan of Cruyff.
  10. OK so this is the first tactic in FM2020 that kept me going and being irrationally successful. In my so far chaotic and unsuccessful carrer using my own tactics (fired from 2 clubs in Danish lower leagues), I took it to Toulon in France's 4th tier. Toulon had a weak roster for this league and I was expected to battle against relegation. I went to Ligue 1 in 3 seasons with finishing first in National and Ligue 2 (respectively 3rd and 2nd tier) with most goal scored and least goals conceded (not by a huge margin with other top teams though) I found the TM to be the key piece of the offense, posting equal figures in goals and assists. I am now sitting between the 8/12 places in Ligue 1 in December with a draw against PSG at Parc des Princes. Total killer...
  11. I noticed this, went crazy with mentoring in my first saves and ended up with half of my team hating the other half...
  12. Such a better reference... Is this a generation thing?
  13. Same here, my budget and expectation were give way too late to prepare the season.
  14. When you have a "relaxed" 20 years old goalkeeper and that you decide to bring a "professional" goalkeeper as a tutor. 😎