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  1. Putzy

    Footbe Logos Megapack

    Footbe logos will be updated for FMM20, yes.
  2. Probably about time I give a small bit of insight into the plans 🤣 We're going to have a few options available for the major leagues (logos) for release next Tuesday to help add some colour and feeling to the game. In some cases, they're going to look better than a genuine logo would due to scaling issues! Once the community has "decided" on which styles they like the best, all focus will be on ensuring that every club without a logo in the game gets something in that style. I might post some previews later in the week!
  3. FMT can definitely use graphics on PC, iOS and Android. They've just historically been incredibly finicky and temperamental on the mobile operating systems to the point it's simply not recommended. 🤦‍♂️
  4. We have spoken to legal experts regarding this and taken the best approach for everyone at this time. I'm sorry that I can't comment any further on this. It wasn't an easy decision to make, and we're certainly going to continue exploring our options!
  5. Today, we are announcing that due to recent developments in the community regarding image licensing, we are in the process of removing all graphic packs and addons from Vibe that contain official club logos (including kits) and player faces. These graphics are trademarked and/or copyrighted material owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. Since these graphic packs are built and hosted by the Vibe team, we have made this difficult decision to avoid any risk of us, or our community members, getting into trouble for sharing these packs. We are sorry for this unfortunate development and the sudden change to our policies, but our love for the FMM game series is not above the laws of Intellectual Property. The Vibe team will continue exploring ways to help you complete your game graphically in other, lawful, ways in the near future. As part of the above development, from today and for the foreseeable future we are no longer going to be offering new Gold Premium memberships. We appreciate all our current premium members and the contribution you have made towards the site in the last 9 years, and will soon be announcing some new perks and initiatives to keep your faith in us! Right now we are planning to have a full complement of alternative-style packs available on and shortly after release of FM 2020 Mobile on 19th November to help complete and improve your FMM experience, as well as a variety of other content such as complete Wonderkids lists, best Free Agents and much, much more! Stay tuned!
  6. Putzy

    How to use the custom colour?

    Yup, all correct here. Level colours change automatically up until around Level 22. Once you are Level 18, you can choose a custom colour in settings. Thanks for the heads up that the custom colour field is appearing though. It should only appear for the users who should be able to use it.
  7. Putzy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yeah. Once purchasing, go to the page to manage your membership, and cancel the renewal. https://fmmvibe.com/index.php?app=nexus&module=clients&controller=purchases Any problems, give me a PM after you’ve purchased. Thanks.
  8. I don't understand.... What do you mean? Just download the file and put it into place.
  9. Putzy

    Fast Links Not Working

    This should now be fixed.
  10. Putzy

    Fast Links Not Working

    Thanks for alerting me. I’ll get this looked into ASAP.
  11. Both of them are over the age of 21 at game start, so they don't count.
  12. That's certainly an option we can explore.
  13. We'll look into doing just that. Great idea!
  14. All the players in the above list are definitely in the game's database - you just have to get the combination right. Think about nationality, language, and which clubs they play for etc (including continental competitions). We've checked, checked and triple checked. They are all there!
  15. Yeah, I think it might be players that are 15 at time of game release. So, if their birthday is between July and now, they're safely in the game. Just a guess of course. Not sure either way!