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  1. The folder where the XML files already are is where the files that come with the game are. You shouldn't change those files. Try to create the directory and it should work. It has worked for thousands of people, it will work for you.
  2. No problem. You want to make a "players" folder inside Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager Mobile 2018/normal/graphics and put them in there.
  3. The last post literally said this is an English only community.... Anyway, you have the logos directory called /logos, the faces should be within the next level up in / players. Ensure that the folder contains the images and the config.xml file.
  4. English only please. You agreed to the rules when you joined the community. Thanks to Google translate, I will now answer with "what number?".
  5. Chat graphics FMT18

    I'm unaware of any packs which support FMT18. It has a different system to both other games I believe.... You could try to download our FMM packs and install them the same way, and see what happens, but I'm not optimistic.
  6. All downloads are working, yes.
  7. Exactly. Please read the description. It says that nation logos may not work. We are aware of it.
  8. Please see the orange text in the description....
  9. Please read my above comment again: There are plenty of tutorials around the Internet explaining how to edit FM config.xml files if you feel like you want to do that. But that's out of scope for this file, and not something that Vibe will be offering in the short term - our primary market is on mobile who do not have the capabilities to edit these packs themselves.
  10. Sometimes the best experience you'll find is your own - don't always take other people's word for it.
  11. Help Why game is crashing?

    I suggest posting in the bug thread here: Be prepared to send your save file over to the people at SI who will likely need it for investigation.
  12. There will definitely be some changes, but nothing that should be game breaking that you'd have to start a new save for, such as the winter transfer update. It's possible a bug may have effected you "in the past", but won't affect you as you continue on more seasons following the update. Really, I think this is a case-by-case basis and whether you want to dedicate your time to a long-term save early in the cycle or not. I don't think the game updates have anything to do with this mentality.
  13. Honestly, I don't know. Just try again and check it's not copied incorrectly. Apart from that, I have no answer for you, seems like it's a scaling problem with the game skin rather than the images. For changes, contact the creator of that file. It's not related to this.
  14. Player IDs have not changed, but you cannot just drop the image into place, you have to edit the config file. As I have previously explained, I will not be explaining how to do that. If you are missing faces, please let us know who is missing and we will ensure they are added in the updated pack.
  15. You'll have to be more descriptive. What is happening when you try to download? I assumed you already had the pack installed given your first comment.