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  1. Editor help

    Paste that entire error message details here. It will tell you the actual error, even if it's "in code".
  2. Why A Comment Isn't Just Text

    Good post, and yet again some great discussion points brought up. We've come up with a few ideas that have been discussed with a couple of "core" members of the community which, although they don't directly deal with the issue at hand, will hopefully help nurture the community into one which treats discussion as a very valuable tool for everyone involved. There will be some small changes brought in over the next couple of days and weeks which will hopefully start to improve that. I'm not promising immediate results, but we're well aware of the situation and totally agree that it can't keep going on as it is.
  3. Unable to upload screenshots

    Yup, exactly that. Thanks. Will look into it.
  4. Unable to upload screenshots

    To confirm as well, what device as OS version are you trying to upload with.
  5. Unable to upload screenshots

    How long are you leaving it? It might be a pain, but if you leave it long enough, you'll definitely see an error message one way or another which will help me out no end trying to figure it out. And as Sam said above, how exactly are you trying to upload these?
  6. No comments No careers

    I've said this to you before privately - I don't believe that other types of content do require constant interaction between writers and readers, and thus shouldn't be judged based on the number of posts/comments/replies. Careers are built on the interaction aspect, otherwise you may as well just write a book in the first place. If you write an article with 5k views in a week, but no replies, then you're obviously doing something right - people will complain otherwise - the "loud minority" if you like. If you submit a download, tactic or poll then the same thing stands - there are other ways to monitor the interactions that doesn't require a post saying "thanks" or similar. I do agree though that as you say, it's more an emerging thing over the last 3-4 years where commenting on something is no longer the normal thing to do. There needs to be a push to get around that attitude to make it the main interaction step again between members. What that step is, I don't know just yet.
  7. No comments No careers

    That's exactly what we're going to be simplifying - both are a little buggy in their own way, and generally confusing. Right now, the exact count is somewhere between the two, probably closer to the index one. The one on the index will count every page view of a multi-page thread, the one in analytics/graphs sometimes misses counts depending on how you entered the thread (did you access through VNC, forum index, topic list, external link - you get the idea).
  8. No comments No careers

    We do have the "heart" in the corner of the posts saying you "like" this. Do you mean, that, or something else? For views, you can see it using the analytics icon next to the thread title (this will be going away soon for a simpler system), or on the topic list it says it next to the title.
  9. No comments No careers

    Very good point to bring up! I'm perhaps guilty of this - I'm constantly reading things to see what to feature and if there is anything worth highlighting in our email newsletters, but I never, ever comment on things outside of my main "knowledge" area. Sometimes, posts and comments aren't everything, and perhaps they shouldn't always be expected, but they definitely have an encouraging effect on the writer, and to an extent other users - you're more likely to get involved in something active than something slow and "dying". Is there anything specific that you guys feel that we could be doing better to try to highlight career updates and encourage comments on those? I'm possibly preaching to the converted here since everyone in this thread already comments lots - but is there anything which you feel would make you comment more? Feel free to PM me with anything if you'd like a longer discussion about this, it is slightly out of place in this thread, but I feel it can generate some ideas for all of us.
  10. Facebook login

    Nice one. I'll close this thread and merge these two accounts for you later on.
  11. Facebook login

    Facebook login should work again.
  12. Facebook login

    Will look into this. In the meantime, if you do a "forgot my password" on your other account, a reset link will be sent to the email address assigned to your Facebook account.
  13. Sorry, was only temporary. Was quickly building in the functionality so I can reassign files to the correct author - it'll be changed to you shortly! (Sorry) If you want to write your own description there, give me a message and we can get it sorted.
  14. You can find information and a link to download the PGE here: Hope that helps!
  15. Extracting error !!

    Have you tried the official Winzip app?