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  1. Putzy

    How to create a changes.txt

    Original names. The file is basically read line-by-line by the game and the change done in place at that time. So, until you have renamed the clubs (at the end), always use the original. I believe you have to go one level below the leagues that are playable in your save, otherwise you'll get a crash at the end of a season. You might need to play around with this honestly to see what works. Good point... I'd be tempted in this case to ignore the grouping that I suggested and just do it "as now", just making sure that your numbers match up at the end.
  2. Putzy

    2018 Scope Faces Megapack

    The instructions are in the description of the file, along with the "Download with Torrent" button with the links you'll need.
  3. Putzy

    2018 Scope Faces Megapack

    You can download all of our files for free using the Torrent links.
  4. Did you reset skin cache in the User Interface settings? I'll try again tonight on my iOS device, but this has worked for me in the past.
  5. Putzy

    How to create a changes.txt

    Whoa, this is a bit vintage! Great to see the older games still being played. I'm not going to be able to personally help you at all, but a couple of bits of advice I've noticed from our recent tests for FMM18 which have also caught me out. They might give you a bit of a hand. Do all promotions/relegations in the changes.txt first before you do any league or club renaming Try to make sure that promotions/relegations are "grouped" if possible. This will stop the game getting confused where there is momentarily 22 teams in one league and 18 in another (for example) Make sure you are using the "full" name of the club. This isn't always what is visible on the club page, and can take a bit of luck to get it right. (Think F.C. or FC at the end of some club names). Keep us informed - it'll be great to hear if you get this working!
  6. That's why it's a lot of effort to do properly. We'd basically be moving the entire FMM18 database to FMM17. It's just not possible without a lot of work unfortunately.
  7. We can consider it, but it's likely a lot of work to do that...
  8. This is mentioned in the description. Please read it.
  9. Update 3 is now available. Fixes issues where a player on loan in the default database, when transferred in the update, still appeared as on loan Fixes issue where players released from clubs or retired were not being removed from the database Fixes issue where not all loan recalls in the file were taking effect due to ordering
  10. There is no v3 or v4 of this megapack. If you mean the facepack, there is over 10,000 different faces in the pack.
  11. You want the Sports Interactive folder inside Documents. The Football Manager Mobile 2018 folder is inside that.
  12. Are you on the most recent update? I see Slimani and Ayew at Fenerbahce. (Slimani is still on loan at Newcastle - we'll have that fixed next release) Neto and Janssen will also be resolved in the next update. For the other players, I don't see either of them in FMM in the first place, and this update doesn't add new players into the game.
  13. Are you using today's repack? Just verified these on my device:
  14. File is now updated with transfers up to today, and including some fixes including the ones mentioned by @stevo142 We are now, going forward, also going to include loans in this file as player transfers to ensure accuracy for the 2018/2019 season.