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  1. That would be my name (site admin) - Paypal has recently changed their business payment systems to only show the name of the primary contact. I'm working on rectifying this. Thanks.
  2. All fixed. Thanks for the reports guys, sorry I took so long to sort it out!
  3. Added to the Nation selector list, and the flag added. Any issues, let me know.
  4. Stam and I load up enough different combination of Save Games where we ensure we’ve got every player, extract the player data (hex editing - other threads on this forum about that) and get a list of unique players that fit the criteria from them. That’s normally why it takes a couple of days after release, we like to make sure it’s right! Essentially they are the same lists. There are around ~100 less players in the FMM list this year, but no one added compared to the PC game. ------- Ratings have been added once again. Everything is right this time - thanks for waiting!
  5. This may work for FM21 Mobile, but it won't be complete due to changes in the database over the last year. We are working on a conclusive file and it will be released sometime over the next few days. As last year, we will not be providing logo packs or face packs: We will however have a few packs of the great custom designed Footbe logos also in the coming days.
  6. Putzy


    Sorry, no discussions about facepacks on this site, thanks. We cannot support any distribution or information about them.
  7. I've added this to my list to do over the coming days. 👍
  8. Fixed - thanks for noticing! Yeah... that's my preferred way, but I can understand why the "conventional" forum flow is good for people as well!
  9. Putzy

    Vibe Downtime

    Hi all - the issue should now be resolved. Sorry I didn't notice this earlier; the monitoring tools I run against the site didn't have any checks against the type of issue that caused this downtime, so I wasn't alerted to any issues until @samhardy got in touch. We will have a further few short bursts of downtime over the weekend whilst I add some more resources to the server to help avoid this from happening in future, and more monitoring so that if it ever does happen again, I'll know a lot sooner. Sorry for any disruption this caused!
  10. Fake player names normally means your using a pirated version of the game. Buy it like everyone else and then player names work.
  11. You are already asking this exact thing in the following thread: Post your new information there and wait for a response. You are asking for specialist help that only a few of our members are kind enough to be able to help you with. Stop spamming. You will not get help any faster. Topic closed.
  12. Because Android is an easier OS to develop for, doesn't cost to be able to distribute your app, and you have full access to all the data without requiring a jailbreak. Data extraction and things like that isn't my bag. But if anyone wants some general programming advice about this kind of topic, or even maybe with a view to building something that could work on the web, get in contact.
  13. Probably still wouldn't work.... Not a bad idea though!