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  1. Putzy

    Standard Logos Megapack

    Instructions are in the description. Make sure you have a torrent client installed, and that it and your browser support magnet links. Thanks.
  2. Issue should now be fixed. Please try and let me know.
  3. Still looking into it. Appears to be location and time related. We'll hopefully have a fix later this evening. Thanks.
  4. Make sure you have enough space on your device. The file extracts fine on Android.
  5. I've not personally tested, no. But I've been told that it works fine.
  6. It will work, yes, but we won't give you any support or assistance about using it here. Also, don't expect all players to have a photo (since FM Touch has more players than FM Mobile).
  7. Where are you getting that link from? We haven't used the fmhvibe.co.uk domain for 3 years.
  8. Putzy

    Standard Logos Megapack

    When it's ready. Thanks.
  9. We'll look into this, thanks.
  10. Putzy

    Standard Logos Megapack

    There is no "page" to download, and the Torrent is working. Please try another browser and/or your firewall.
  11. Putzy

    Action Faces Megapack

    You need to be more descriptive with your problem. Is the torrent not working? Check your firewall.
  12. Yes it is. Check your firewall.
  13. I'm sorry, but we're not planning on doing a lite pack this year, no. Less than 250 people downloaded it last year, and it is a lot of effort to prepare.
  14. Putzy

    Standard Logos Megapack

    That's the only advice I can give, so yeah. It's worth trying.