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  1. Chat PLEASE HELP!!!

    Yeah. I appreciate you're in a bit of a sticky situation here, and as much as I trust your honesty, this isn't really a topic we should be discussing in public giving the potential for phishing and other methods of frauds. I hope that you can find a solution soon though. Will close this thread now.
  2. Chat FMM 18 - Wish List

    That would be fantastic! I imagine there are memory limitations on mobile devices for something like this though, which is a massive shame.
  3. Help Retina theme(android)

    We can't distribute content that comes with the game for piracy reasons. You'll have to uninstall and reinstall the game to get original content back.
  4. Vibe Site Upgrade

    A few smaller changes over the last few days to clean things up and make things a bit more colourful and better to look at. Any feedback or bugs appreciated as usual, keep it all coming.
  5. Vibe Site Upgrade

    I do agree. It's a lot easier for newer members to just "get in and post", but in general a bit messier to find things and browse. I'm working on a few things in the background which means we *might* be trialling a slightly amended system for the FMM18 game year which will be a hybrid of the old forum and current tag systems. I don't have much more information yet, but it's something I'm hoping to be able to test soon, and will give more information about it when I can.
  6. Vibe Site Upgrade

    2016 forum is still getting activity, so we didn't feel it was right to merge it into the Previous Games forum quite yet. Of course, one of the limitations of the previous games forum is that we lose the tags, and there is some valuable content still in there.... We're thinking about it. Saying that, it doesn't need to be on the shortcut bar - you can access it from Community Home if you need to, so it's not totally hidden.
  7. Vibe Site Upgrade

    @mcandrew003 @fmhaberdeenfan I've made a few small changes which might help. Can you both try again please?
  8. Vibe Site Upgrade

    What device please?
  9. Ah, sorry! Thanks for the correction
  10. Hmm... I do disagree with most freemium models, but I fail to see how something like what I suggest above would be a pain? It would be a single purchase, as of now, but gives you a free trial/demo of the game agreed of time. Still, I respect your opinion. I know it would be a polarising change.
  11. Good to see this mentioned. I've been using Google Rewards for 3 years now and have earned a total of £49.15 in credit. Amazing how quickly it builds up if you're in the right demographic for many of their surveys. There is no way to do this on iOS unfortunately. Apple doesn't offer a rewards program, and Google credit will not work in the App Store.
  12. On the other hand, I feel the "RRP" price should be what the game is currently priced at when it is on sale. It's far too expensive what what is offered in the game, especially with the yearly releases (close tie to the point that the last couple of years have been somewhat lacklustre changes on those releases.) You're likely to get more casual purchasers to make up the shortfall, and as a side effect, people will "expect" less from the game, and possibly even enjoy it a bit more as they haven't paid as much for it. Less piracy as well. A freemium model would also be something worth looking into possibly - play one season for free (with ads in the match interface - shouldn't be difficult to make these look natural), then an in app purchase of £5.99 or something similar to unlock all future seasons for your current career and any others you play - effectively unlocking the full game. Plenty of options that should be explored rather than "Oh, let's put it on the store at £9.99 and discount it to £6.99 on sale". It's a changing world out there in all of the app stores, and app developers (especially game developers) need to keep their eyes open for opportunities.
  13. Vibe Site Upgrade

    Yeah, it's a small but fantastic addition! Got any suggestions for any other reactions you'd like to see?
  14. Vibe Site Upgrade

    I have the power.
  15. Vibe Site Upgrade

    Works fine for me if I login as you. What browser and device, please?