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  1. Putzy

    How to stop my monthly Term?

    Hi @nzaya. If you go back to Manage Premium, then click on "Manage" next to your Premium subscription, under the image on the left there is a "Cancel Renewals" button. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll cancel it manually for you.
  2. Yeah. The price tag is a bit of a joke honestly.... it'll be for "poor sales performance" that they likely won't repeat this next year unfortunately...
  3. To the best of my knowledge, for iOS that is correct, yes.
  4. It seems that way. I'll need to confirm when I do the next update, but it's looking optimistic.
  5. Good News! Following the most recent iOS FMM update (9.2.1), you can now do this without having to have the game freshly installed. Follow the same instructions as before, but when you open the game, go to Settings -> View: User Interface -> Reload Skin.
  6. Great news! Sorry it’s taken this long to get you sorted out. Thanks for your patience!
  7. This tutorial is for our FMM 2018 graphics packs on iOS. The same process will work for our Standard Logos, our Cut-Out Faces, or our Scope Faces. As always, this tutorial is simply a guide for what you should be doing, and your own setup will likely vary. Video Tutorial: No audio on this video - please also read the instructions below if you're still struggling. Written Instructions: Download FMM 2018 from the App Store on your iOS device. IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the way that the game caches the graphics files, you must not open the game once it has first installed until you have copied all the graphics you wish to use. If you already have the game installed, you will have to remove it from your device first - there is no way to clear app caches on iOS without uninstalling the application. Copy your saves from your device to your PC or Mac first to avoid losing them. On your PC or Mac, download the graphics pack you wish to install and extract them. Rename the resulting folders to "Players" for facepacks or "Logos" for logopacks. Make a folder called "Pictures" and move the "Players" and/or "Logos" folders into this folder. Open iTunes, and go to the "File Sharing" section for your iOS device - you will need to connect via USB or WiFi depending on your sync setup. Click on the FMM 2018 icon in the application list panel to open up the file browser - this should be empty, if it is not, then you do not have a clean installation of the game. Click and drag your previously created "Pictures" folder in the file list, and wait a while. This will probably take a while - for me, it took 20 minutes to copy the logo pack _and_ the UK-only facepack from a MacBook Pro to a iPhone 6s over Wifi. Go back to your iOS device and open the game. It will take a short while to open whilst it builds the cache for all the graphics you have added. Once you have created your career save, you should notice all logos and faces are in place and correct.
  8. Putzy

    Name change...Hello again!

    Name change in the settings is restricted to staff. Anything else, and you'll have to PM me - sorry! @Acidsparxx
  9. Putzy

    Vibe app (suggest)

    You can set us to appear on your home screen like any app. Please check your browser settings menu for instructions as this varies by device, but it's already possible - I've got a Vibe logo on my home screen which opens a browser, but even without a URL bar. Exactly like an app! We won't be making an app, but we are working on mobile push notifications via the browser. More information when I have it.
  10. Putzy

    FM questions

    It's possible that the pack we use doesn't include these images. Maybe the next update will work better for you and include them. I can't make any guarantees of course. The faces do work for other players though? We don't yet have a shortlist file to put into the game, but we have a full complete wonderkids list to be found here if that suits you:
  11. Putzy

    changes.txt generator

    You can't. Those changes cannot be made using the changes.txt files. +1
  12. Putzy

    Adding Custom Club Logos

    You need the club ID for the club in the game. You'll probably have to find this in the full game editor. Then you save the logo as a png file, call it by the ID, and then build a config.xml file to tell the game that the logo belongs to the club. If you download our logo pack you'll be able to see how it all works together.
  13. Putzy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ok, let's take this to a PM. Edited: All fixed now. Excellent!
  14. Putzy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ok, brilliant. Can you try again now please? It looks like you have found a bug in our software; I've put something in to hopefully work around it.
  15. Putzy

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Firstly, thanks for the purchase. No, this isn't a scam - it just looks like something happened during your account upgrade. I've checked your permissions, and everything should be fine. Where exactly are you seeing the error?