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  1. Our torrents are free and available for anyone to download. No. This is only for FMM2018 as mentioned in the description.
  2. Please try again and make sure you're in the correct location. It's also possible that the config.xml file that is in the folders didn't copy, which means that the game doesn't know where to look.
  3. Help FM questions

    It's possible that the pack we use doesn't include these images. Maybe the next update will work better for you and include them. I can't make any guarantees of course. The faces do work for other players though? We don't yet have a shortlist file to put into the game, but we have a full complete wonderkids list to be found here if that suits you:
  4. I don't have a Kindle to hand to check this. Hopefully another member can give you a few ideas soon.
  5. Chat changes.txt generator

    You can't. Those changes cannot be made using the changes.txt files. +1
  6. Help Adding Custom Club Logos

    You need the club ID for the club in the game. You'll probably have to find this in the full game editor. Then you save the logo as a png file, call it by the ID, and then build a config.xml file to tell the game that the logo belongs to the club. If you download our logo pack you'll be able to see how it all works together.
  7. Frequently Asked Questions

    Ok, let's take this to a PM. Edited: All fixed now. Excellent!
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

    Ok, brilliant. Can you try again now please? It looks like you have found a bug in our software; I've put something in to hopefully work around it.
  9. You'll need to discuss this within the FMM17 category for help, maybe from someone who has used them before. I had no involvement in those packs unfortunately.
  10. Frequently Asked Questions

    Firstly, thanks for the purchase. No, this isn't a scam - it just looks like something happened during your account upgrade. I've checked your permissions, and everything should be fine. Where exactly are you seeing the error?
  11. Ok. I've not got any monitoring in Portugal, so it's possible it's in a kind of blackspot. I'll try to get the seedbox active this evening.
  12. Seedbox will be back working tonight or tomorrow. But, there are still seeds for the pack according to our monitoring.... What country are you in, and how long have you been trying for?
  13. No, it's because you haven't copied all the files into the correct location. This file works on all versions of the game released to date. You need to make sure that all the .png files and the config.xml file is in place in the correct folder as per the instructions. It does work on Android. Please see above and double check the instructions and locations. I guarantee it's something you're not doing right.
  14. Unfortunately not. Apple lock down the versions there, so if you've got an iPad newer than the version your version of iTunes can run, then you're out of luck. It's their way to force you to upgrade. Do you have a Windows PC you could use instead? The iTunes versions are a bit more open there.
  15. Help The European Super League?

    I have removed the database uploaded by @Urmik Makani - we can't allow those files to be uploaded here unedited. @dhorih Please use your own database copy from your own version of the game in order to make this change. If you don't have the game, then well... I don't see how you can be making files for it.