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  1. should be stopped development already. So don't hope too much guy, just buy in-game editor will do.
  2. adrianyujs

    Save Game Editor

    bring it back!
  3. adrianyujs

    Save Game Editor 17

    Nope, everybody waiting too.
  4. adrianyujs


    What is your issue?
  5. adrianyujs

    Save Game Editor 17

    Eagerly waiting for it! Thanks for ur hardwork man!
  6. adrianyujs

    FMM 17 Scout Features - Out Now

    How about save editor? I would like to edit player's left and right foot ^_^
  7. adrianyujs

    Football Manager 2016 (PC) Giveaway

    Yes please, I would like the game
  8. adrianyujs

    6.3 ruined everything!

    6.3.1 still doesn't fix VERY FAST engine! Still very very sloooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!
  9. is there any hex guide to remove player ban?
  10. adrianyujs

    FMH15 Save Editor?

    Not all feature can be edited, FMH can edit almost all the feature.... so be patient..
  11. adrianyujs

    [Release] FMH 2014 Save Editor

    yo bro, do take care ^_^
  12. adrianyujs

    [Release] FMH 2014 Save Editor

    Maybe U need to check the file permission.
  13. adrianyujs

    [Release] FMH 2014 Save Editor

    LOL for those who having problem can try go to CONTROL PANEL, CLOCK, LANGUAGE and REGION, change you REGION to ENGLISH (UK)
  14. adrianyujs

    [Release] FMH 2014 Save Editor

    good, finally... thanks for ur hard work ^_^
  15. adrianyujs

    FMH 2014 SE - Save Request

    Cool!!! Sent, check it... Assume android n ios same saved file.. I uploaded from my device iphone 3gs version 5.1.1