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  1. Franco


    I'm currently doing the living Pokedex on my AS, if, from my brief google of it, its just having one of each in your possession. I also want to try and get them all to level 100 as well, if I can still be bothered when I get around to that part. My main problem is the GTS, was looking for a Spearow other week and all of the ones that came up were asking for a legendary in return. Not doing too bad at moment, got quite a few and a few I need to evolve as well, just the legendaries I'm wary of.
  2. Franco


    I'll add you when I'm next on my DS. But yeah I think it was 9, Sentinels of the Starry Sky or something like that? Used to play it with 3 of my mates as you could join each others game and work together, back in college we did a 12 hour session from 6pm-6am once on it. Would like to play others since I enjoyed that one so much. Think I saw something about a new one but didn't know there was two announced for it!
  3. Franco


    Well my code is 5387-1300-1380 Like I said only got Pokemon, but played a Dragon Quest for DS which was great, so could look forward to any on here too!
  4. Franco


    I think it looks good, but its Pokemon so I'm kind of bound to like it, since getting my 3DS I seem to have found a new love for it after not playing previous ones too much. I can't wait for it, hope there's new things incorporated into it!
  5. I think I need like 2 players, but whenever I make a swap request then come off it, next time I go on its gone so can't seem to swap for the last 2 I need :/
  6. Franco


    I got a 3DS just before Christmas in the hope of getting back into Pokemon, been loving playing X and AS. Not got any friends on it though so no idea how to add people, also would be nice if anyone plays Pokemon as well as I could do with trading some!
  7. Nice one, been playing this for a few days now and didn't realise about the codes, cheers!
  8. Franco


    Thought I'd drop by and have a look see what's going off on here after a while
  9. Took me forever to get through all that, but it is quite intriguing, hope this keeps going, keep it up
  10. I'm surprised nobody brought up 'Barry Kane', I thought it was rather amusing when I just saw you bought him back at Celtic! But doing great as always, with your record I've got to think you'll somehow pull this out of the bag! In your own time mate
  11. How many players will have the number 8 in their name though?
  12. Was 22 last month aha
  13. Doing naff all since being a dirty drop out from uni, no idea what I want to do or anything, bit of a train wreck in this department at the moment, but then again can't do much for next few months through injury aha
  14. Going to give this a try with my own added twist to it, always loved starting from the bottom to get them to the top, hopefully it can get me back into FMH. So does all major trophies just mean the top, so Europa doesn't really count?
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