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  1. Hi - I'm having the same problem with Cambridge United. Started a new game last night with the latest update in place and installed the '2016 BG logos megapack' but my team logo has gone back to the default shield. I'm using iOS
  2. I know I'm playing in 2035 but surely inflation hasn't risen that much
  3. When people post a new tactic all they have to do is put the match engine in brackets after the title for example Return of the Taff (Tafftastics 3-2-3-2 enhanced) PriZe presents the LM10 - a 3-2-3-1-1 tactic [OME] Murtons Original 2014 tactic 3-2-3-1-1 (OME) Surely not too difficult? It means that when one looks through the forum for a specific match engine tactic, they can easily be found and also save the poor OP replying to people constantly asking 'Which match engine?' It's raining again btw
  4. Just a suggestion to save a little time whilst browsing the Tactics and Downloads forums. Would it be possible for the OP's to state in their titles which format the tactics are for? This would save the incessant question 'Which engine? etc The same with Downloads - It would make life easier if we knew which platform the skins, logos, faces etc were for? Rather than me getting all excited at seeing a sexy new skin or pack only to find that it's for the other platform. I'm a grumpy old man, I know, but anything to make life easier. And don't get me started about the weather! Apologies if this has been suggested before.
  5. I've downloaded the update which includes, amongst other things, a fix for player bans on 64 bit devices. In my current save I have two players serving 69 and 65 domestic game bans for 9 yellow cards! Yes, really. (See my pic in the Funnies thread) Will the update address this issue in my current save or will I have to start a new game?
  6. A bit late but just to prove that Taff's original tactic worked for me...
  7. Hi Tom, Tested your tactic out on a new career. Started unemployed and was headhunted by Yeovil Town who were looking for someone with charm, personality, good looks and a great sense of humour. Unfortunately they got me instead. Still not too shabby a first season.... Will keep you updated with season 2 in the Championship. Up the Arse
  8. Thanks for the responses chaps. Will have a look through these challenges you young whippersnappers have pointed me to and keep you updated. It may have been 1928, my memory these days is just like....what was I saying?
  9. Hi Long time lurker on here without actually registering so thought I'd take the plunge and join in. Not saying I'm old but I remember buying the very first Championship Manager PC game back in 1929 I think. I know it was on a 3.5 Floppy (ask your parents) How times have changed! Anyway, I'm off to start a new game on enhanced and would welcome suggestions for a team/tactics to begin a new long term career . Up The Arse