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  1. Season 16 Gomes is going to be 35 this year. His career coming closer to it's end. Let's see how his year went. Transfers I concentrated on the future again this year signing many young talents from around the globe. Competitions Supertaca Euro Super cup League cup Taça de Portugal Club world cup Champions league Group Stage First round leg 1 Leg 2 Quarter final leg 1 Leg 2 Semi final leg 1 Leg 2 Final League Another competition clean sweep. We won everything! The Player So Gomes celebrated his 35th birthday this year. Let's see how those attributes are holding up. A massive decrease in his physical stats but holding up quite well elsewhere. Another ballon d'or for our man. And Portuguese player of the year. So how many goals did he score? Another amazing year at club level with 74 goals in 63 games. He managed to stay fit for longer which really helped. Also the season ended in the group stage of a world cup, which I will cover fully in the next update, so he had a fair few international goals this year too. He began the year with 83 international goals and ended it with 96 meaning he netted 13 times for Portugal. Club Games - 136 Club Goals - 1431 International goals - 24 Total - 1455 To 1500 - 45
  2. Looks like I have some real competition here. I look forward to Rash hitting 90+ goals. At this rate it could easily happen
  3. 36 is a very good start and he will only get better. Loving the slew of 1k attempts showing up now!
  4. A special training regime.....
  5. Thanks guys. I'm not sure who put Duracell into Ze Gomes but he just keeps going
  6. Season 15 Ze Gomes is aging considerably, can he push on towards 1500? Or even 1400? Will he announce his retirement? Find out in this exciting episode of "football Z" Transfers This year I went wild buying up some 19-22 year olds who could be the key to keeping Ze in assists for the coming years. Competitions Supertaca Another trophy for the cabinet. Euro Super cup A nice 3-0 win over tough opposition. League cup A dominant display gives us a 2-0 win and the league cup. Taça de Portugal One goal is enough to put away Porto in the cup final Club world cup 3-0 gives us the cup over Sao Paulo Champions league Group Stage Every game won First round leg 1 Liverpool are destroyed 5-0 Leg 2 And 0-0 takes us to the next round Quarter final leg 1 4-2 away makes an exciting first leg Leg 2 And 3-1 secures the semi final gig Semi final leg 1 First leg goes well with a 4-1 win Leg 2 We lose for the first time in 188 games but still hit the final. Final Gomes shows up on the biggest game of the year to give us the champions league League Every game win and only 10 goals conceded. The Player Mr Gomes is 34 this year lets see how his attributes look. Still looking pretty decent. Let's see how his year went. Both player of the year awards. And now for his goal tally 76 in 58, better than last year and takes him above 1350. But I am also Portugal manager now and he had 72 goals for Portugal when I took over. He has 83 now having scored 11 under my management. This leaves a doable target within 2 seasons. Let's hope he doesnt retire yet. Club Games - 973 Club Goals - 1357 International goals - 11 Total - 1368 To 1500 - 132
  7. Thanks mate. Flattered haha
  8. The 1000 Goal Challenge

    Gomes is 34 and holding up very well mate.
  9. This is amazing stuff mate. Stellar. Loving it now I've caught up.
  10. The 1000 Goal Challenge

    Who says i won't destroy my save somehow?
  11. It is insane how long costinha kept his job I know. Terrible
  12. Thanks man. This should help.
  13. Season 14 We begin to chase down that 1.5k target in earnest this year even with Ze Gomes beginning to age. Transfers I couldn't see much need for signings this year I did however pick up a new midfielder and a new backup striker. Competitions Supertaca Another supertaça victory. Euro Super cup A fantastic dominant victory over Real Madrid. League cup A nice easy 3-0 cup final win. Taça de Portugal 2-0 gives us yet another cup win Club world cup Beyond dominant 7-0! Champions league Group Stage Top of the group, 6 wins and only 1 goal conceded. First round leg 1 6-1 is a brilliant away score Leg 2 And 2-1 at home secures it totally. Quarter final leg 1 3-0 nice away score again Leg 2 A 2-0 gives us the 5-0 aggregate win Semi final leg 1 A 3-0 win over difficult opposition Leg 2 And a 0-0 sends us to the final Final A dominant display but only 1 goal sees us win the cup. League table Another decimation of the league, zero losses and 100 points. The Player Gomes is beginning to get on a bit lets see how his attributes are holding up. Still green in all the right places. His physical stats are impressive for a 33 year old. He did still get the usual awards and we cleared up the others too. Now lets see how Ze Gomes did on the goal front this year. 72 goals in 56 games. He still has it but suffered a few missed games due to injury. Great year nonetheless. Games - 915 Goals - 1281 To 1500 - 219
  14. Great start mate. Let's hope you can get the league standard up and keep him in Holland
  15. Thank you mate. I'll consider it true if I can stay top of the leaderboard and get there next year too.