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  1. Itn actually hadn't crossed my mind when I picked him. What's strange is that Colombia were ranked either 1st or second when I got the job Hope so mate!
  2. What a career. Top top achievements with his age etc. Well done mate.
  3. Update 3 After 2 years in a row of 50+ goals this year of like my man to hit 60+ First lets see how the team did. An easy league win with a good amount of goals. But this was not the biggest achievement..... Not the biggest trophy in the world but it's how we won it that is amazing. We took Chelsea down with a fantastic counter-attacking display. What a result. And again the champions league is a misrepresentation as we won it this year but it begins again before the season ends. This means we did the Quadruple this year. All trophies won. How did our man Echavarria do? Player of the year again. Clearly he did rather well. Yes he did. 62 goals this year! Fantastic stuff, especially as he was a) impossible to find a good training regime for, forever unhappy b) upset that I wouldn't sell him to Aston Villa So 62 goals is fantastic. But then you may have noticed something on that last screenshot.
  4. Udate 2 After the first season went well this season was set to prove it was not a fluke. So how did season 2 go? That champions league result is a little misleading as it is actually the early stages of next year's competition. So realistically we didn't have a champions league this year. Regardless, how did out man perform? Player of the year is a good start. How many goals did he get? Same amount of games but 4 less goals....51 is good but not what we need.
  5. Could you imagine. A 1k in every available country?!?! Haha added 0 minutes later Thanks man. Hoping the "real numbers" arrive
  6. Update 1 Having played ahead a little I didn't really take many screenshots but this current screenshot shows you how season 1 went. Also our main man got player of the year. How many goals did he get on the way there? 55 in the first year. A great sign of what he can do but 55 won't be enough in the coming years. 65+ is what is needed.
  7. The biggest difficulty will be holding onto a decent player. I'm hoping to unlock sugar daddy to offer my guy bigger wages to stay in future.
  8. The Land of Oz You guys may have wondered where my Vikings update is, and it's late because I've been playing with this. Now I have not really taken much notice of the Australian league in fmm but I do know that it is very even, virtually anyone can win. It's also very short at under 30 games. So I questioned, could a 1k be done here? Is it possible? The Problems There are a number of issues facing a 1k here. Getting a decent striker Getting a decent team around him The opposition are pretty even to you quality wise Holding onto your striker (wage demands etc) The short league length But im going to try anyway. The Team I had to go for a successful team so after a little research I went for.... They have some half decent players and some good looking youngsters. The Player As much as I would love to bring a Ze Gomes to Melbourne it just wouldn't happen so I searched far and wide before purchasing a striker for £90,000. Yes £90k. And I reckon he's a bargain. Fingers crossed he scores like he looks he can.
  9. Thank you mate. Your 1k looks to be going well too. I've a little career up my sleeve at the moment and the Vikings too. Busy times ahead.
  10. So I'm playing in australia. I won the league, I won the finals series. Brisbane roar won the cup but somehow wanderers fc Are the champions league representatives?!?
  11. Just been looking. He stood out haha added 0 minutes later Some still do but it's mostly been the goof regens
  12. The best bet oddly might be a grey player. I found in my Annan save that offers rarely come in for them no matter how well they do
  13. I'll probably give it a try but that's almost 2 goals a game for 20 years haha
  14. Dare I attempt a 1k in Australia?!?!
  15. Challenges Going Dutch

    You tease