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  1. Career You choose my final 1k

    One vote for turkey and one for Portugal....
  2. Career You choose my final 1k

    Woodburn selected guys. Time to vote on a league. And one where I can realistically sign him please
  3. Career You choose my final 1k

    I've noticed players miss tons of penalties in this game
  4. Career You choose my final 1k

    Plenty of votes for Woodburn here.
  5. Career You choose my final 1k

    This reasoning..... mean. Haha
  6. Career You choose my final 1k

    Yep. Just one vote.
  7. Career You choose my final 1k

    Ready for player votes guys
  8. Has he not hit above 80 yet? Pfft he's 19! Get him going already. Little note, tackling is completely secondary to my wingback choices as long as it's a 12 or more I'm happy.
  9. Career You choose my final 1k

    The things I could do with that Woody...... I mean those stats, those stats!
  10. Career You choose my final 1k

    Last chance for any more suggestions. I'll put them up for vote tomorrow guys.
  11. That tactic is no shock to me. Only 1 role different from my tactic of choice and the addition of offside trap. Great going mate.
  12. Career Old Man Hinds

    Could have hit over 30 but I stopped playing him in cup/continental games from November when I realised they weren't part of the challenge
  13. Career Old Man Hinds

    Thanks guys. It was a fun season.
  14. Career Old Man Hinds

    I did. Focussed everything on getting him the ball up top added 0 minutes later Thanks man
  15. The Peter Hinds Challenge So this challenge was posted by @samhardy and immediately drew my attention. Basically sign the oldest player in the game and bang in as many English Premier League goals as possible. I chose Manchester city for their resources, decent ball playing defenders and De Bruyne. How did Mr Hinds Look after a year of training with the rich boys? Not exactly City quality haha. He did however, bang in a few goals. 29 in all, 22 in the league. Top league scorer too. And he outscored my whole team (I'd hope so too) De Bruyne did his part with plenty of assists there. So Peter Hinds sees out the year amd his career in great style. Top notch. Great little challenge too.