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  1. Haha. Inner Keegan, "I will love it if i beat URz, I will love it!"
  2. Thanks man. I think this year momentum is very important, wins lead to wins. A few successive losses and morale drops across the whole team making it harder to get out of the slump. My mantra this year is "just don't lose". So if I am being outplayed, drop back and play for the draw, hence many low scores. A draw is better than a loss for more reasons than just the 1 point.
  3. Season 2 Spain With Fulham performing so well in England, we head north of Madrid to manage somewhat of a yo-yo club. Valladolid are next up. Early Games We open with games against 2 "L"s Levante and Leganes winning both games before a long drawn out bore draw against Lugo. We then win another 3 games in a row, ensuring we got maximum points for our first 5 games We then pick up two very creditable draws against Atletico Madrid and Valencia only to be knocked out of the cup by Oviedo. October to January Late october we took our first loss in a trip away to Villareal, this may have something to do with our best striker being unavailable for the game as he is a Villareal player. We bounce back with an amazing win over Barcelona followed by another loss to Girona. Some real contrast in results there. The next 6 games bring us 12 points with equal victories and draws. We then had an amazing result against Real, smashing them 4-1. January to April January 26th to April 6th was an amazing run for us, picking up 7 wins on our way to 25 points, the only loss coming in the Visit to the Camp Nou. The pick of the results is a 2-0 away win over Atletico Madrid. Closing Games The final run of games towards the end of the season was an amazing one, we won every game after the Barcelona defeat bar our final game of the season at home to Sevilla. The pick of the bunch being our 2-0 away win over Real meaning we did the double over them. League Table It is plain to see that this was an amazing season with Valladolid, but how many points did we actually pick up? 83 points and a second place finish makes this one hell of a season. I want to thank Enes Unal for his contribution to the cause. England - 69 points Spain - 83 points
  4. Intro Having seen @URz match my score from last year I thought I should give this challenge created by @veerus last year another go. Season 1 England First up we take a trip to London to manage Fulham. The newly promoted side spent heavily in the summer so the side should be good enough to pick up a decent points total. Early Results The season begins in earnest. Starting slowly with a loss to Everton and a 0-0 draw at home to Bournemouth and our first win being in the third game, away at Brighton. We were then knocked out of the Carabao cup on pens after a bore draw with Leicester. Things then picked up with 4 wins and 1 draw in the next 5 games. Including a. 7-0 smashing of my beloved Newcastle United a 1-1 draw away at Anfield and a wonderful 3-1 home win over Manchester City October to the New Year Having made a great start we wanted to continue in the same vein. A 1-0 loss to West Ham was not our proudest moment but we rebounded with a win over Chelsea then picking up 7 out of the next 12 points before losing away to Arsenal. We finish the rest of december very well, dropping only 2 points in the home game with Everton and magnificently destroying Man United 6-1 The New Year We begin the year by beating Bournmouth in the league before then losing to them in the FA cup 3 wins in the next 4 games follow. Then a loss to Liverpool was followed by 4 draws and 1 win in the next 5 games. A tough run to be sure but I will not complain about draws with Chelsea and Man City. Season Close The final section of the season was our worst run with only 2 wins in the last 7 games amd only picking up 8 points from a possible 21 on offer. League Table All in all we had a decent year in north London with some massive results against tough teams. 69 points and a champions league place is brilliant though. P.S. Mitrovic is a beast and whilst a little older is ripe for a 1kc attempt! England - 69 points
  5. kts365

    Bottoms Up 2019 Challenge!

    Might have to give this another go
  6. I personally have a system where if it looks like the opponent is getting the upper hand i move from attacking to balanced and turn my CBs to a more defensive role
  7. Van Velzen Today I present you with a winger who will suit a manager who prefers his players cheap. He is by no means a top talent but.... well, you'll see. Here he is when we begin the season, good winger attributes but thats about it. Let see him at the season's close. His wing attributes have increased well but he still isnt amazing..... or is he? As you can see, he bangs in the assists like nobody's business. Crosses and set pieces all day long and 11 goals is pretty good for his 9 in shooting. Hope you like him guys. For £2-3million you cannot lose here.
  8. I totally agree. Just think its funny when I am like "I've cracked it!" Then come on here and aside from a couple of roles and instructions its virtually identical to the this one with the AP in midfield next to the BBM. I do however have different instructions for tough/easier games.
  9. When you rework your favourite 1kc tactic and its almost identical to someone else's..... damn.
  10. Season 15 Final chance, Southgate out! Here are the new signings for the year.  None. Was it still a good season though?  A cup win again! How was the league though?  3rd, our best finish yet! How does Mr. Andrews look? Not too far. 37 goals. Not too bad a season for the 34 year old. Games played - 662 Goals - 660 So, finally, did southgate free up his job? Did he hell! He must have some serious dirt on the FA Hat-Tricks League 2 - YES League1 - YES Chanpionship - YES Premier league - YES FA Cup - YES International - No There we are guys. I give up. Southgate has broken me! Sorry guys.
  11. Mate you don't know the half of it.
  12. Just started season 15. If southgate isn't gone this year then I am moving on to FMM19. Hus tenure has been ridiculous
  13. Season 14 We hit the prem again for another season of thrills and spills. Here are the new signings for the year.  Muldoon is a wingback in his prime, Heaton is a decent young winger, Corasaniti is a decent backup winger, Jarvis is a promising CB and Goodman is a young CM. How did this help in the new season? First off, a trophy! How was the league though?  6th this year only 57 goals though.... How does Mr. Andrews look? Not that bad all in all. 43 goals is a very good year for our veteran striker, seems Europa paid off. Games played - 609 Goals - 623 No new hat-tricks Hat-Tricks League 2 - YES League1 - YES Chanpionship - YES Premier league - YES FA Cup - YES International - No A farewell to another long serving Blyth hero.
  14. Season 13 Premier league season 3. Will it all pick up? Here are the new signings for the year.  Meret is a very good, new first team keeper, Coutts is a new first team winger. How did this help in the new season?  We manage to qualify for the europa league. How does Mr. Andrews look? Getting on a bit but he still has his boots laced up so lets see how he did. Another injury riddled season sees him drop to 24 goals. We also have a few mentions for some long serving team members who retired this year. Games played - 558 Goals - 578 No new hat tricks Hat-Tricks League 2 - YES League1 - YES Chanpionship - YES Premier league - YES FA Cup - YES International - No
  15. Season 12 Premier league season 2. Here are the new signings for the year.  Lines is a very young promising fullback, Jordan Lindfield is a promising young keeper and Lucas Davis is a promising young winger. How did this help in the new season?  A tougher second season but I will take 8th How does Mr. Andrews look? He is slowing down a touch, but he has never been that good anyway, attribute-wise. Could he score though? 33 is an improvement on last year and he did play many more games this year. Games played - 519 Goals - 554 Hat-Tricks League 2 - YES League1 - YES Chanpionship - YES Premier league - YES FA Cup - YES International - No