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  1. Triple Threat Assists I spotted this challenge a while back and really fancied trying it. Its something a little different from other challenges so thanks @danovic78. So l, without further ado, let me introduce to you my club and players. The Club For this challenge I want a great club with a team who can put many goals past the opposition. I picked the best team..... The mighty toon! I have been looking for an excuse to use them. The Players Fullback This man will not be a stranger to wonderkid hunters. Midfielder A youngster currently signed with Schalke 04 Striker A young Dortmund forward and perhaps a stranger to most of you. So there we have it. My team, my players. Bring on the assists!
  2. Career Bottoms up Vibe!

    Need to be onto a winning tactic like. I found a bad run was always just around the corner
  3. Career Bottoms up Vibe!

    Thanks man. It was fun. Already working on another challenge.
  4. November October was not the best month for me and my gems would November be better? Leta see some of tge better games. The month kicks off with a 4-2 loss to Roma. Its better than shipping 7 goals I suppose. We move onto what should be an easier game with ross county. And it proves to be. Finally Benfica are looking to avenge their earlier loss to us. No such luck lads we win 3-2 with 3 gem goals.
  5. Career done mate.
  6. Career Bottoms up Vibe!

    Season 1, the Final Chapter (Benevento) After 3 decent seasons in England, Spain and France we finish up this challenge in the home of catenaccio (curiously defensive football) we will attempt to bring the entertainers out of Benevento. Once again, zero signings. So , did we get any big giant killing results this year? Once again, the team impressed. Armenteros in particular with decent goal and assist tallies and an 8.05 rating. Did this translate to a good league finish though? Not bad at all! I had expected this to be the toughest league and so it proved. Season 1 (England) - 67 points Season 1 (Spain) - 68 points Season 1 (France) - 60 points Season 1 (Italy) - 59 points Total - 254 Points
  7. Career Bottoms up Vibe!

    The squad is not good. I was stifled by injuries and my refusal to buy any players
  8. October So lots of goals in September could October follow suit? Lets see some of the interesting games. A 3-1 victory over freshly promoted Hibs. 3 gem goals as well. Next we are off to the champions league again and Roma. We were thoroughly beaten in Rome but no shame against that side. Finally, a game against recent number 2 Scottish club Aberdeen. Another defeat in what was not a great month for us. Hopefully things pick up in November.
  9. Career Bottoms up Vibe!

    Season 1 A Third Time (Troyes) So here we go again. The playoff winners this time are Troyes in France. Again I made no transfers at all as I now have decided to go with that theme. So lets see some of the better results of the year. Lets see individual stats. The most impressive thing here is that Benjamin Nivet is 41 years old. So how many points did France get us? A few less with 60 points this time Season 1 (England) - 67 points Season 1 (Spain) - 68 points Season 1 (France) - 60 points
  10. iScout Arthur

    I remember seeing this guy on tv.
  11. Career Bottoms up Vibe!

    Thanks guys. I seem to have found a tactic that puts the underdog ahead. Like i said, keegans entertainers style. Just. Score. More.
  12. September The team opened the season ok but there is a long way to go. Here are the results from September. A good month with only 1 loss. Here are some of the more eventful matches. First there is a brilliant match for the fans with 9 goals in all, 6 for us and 3 for Aneke himself. What a thriller. Next up is the first old firm derby of the season and it is another thriller with us coming out as victors with 4 goals to 3. Finally we see see the only loss of the month And once again it was an entertaining affair, there is no shame in losing to Sevilla away with this squad. Also, 2 gem goals from Yoda.
  13. Career Bottoms up Vibe!

    With that in mind........ Season 1 Again (Getafe) So here we go again. The playoff winners this time are Getafe in spain. Again I made no transfers at all. Did they prove to be giant killers in the same way Huddersfield did? The team were once again impressive. So how many points could we muster in Spain? 68 points and 4th this time! Pushing Madrid and Barca close for 2nd or 3rd spot too. Season 1 (England) - 67 points Season 1 (Spain) - 68 points
  14. Looking for lots of assists from midfield?
  15. I learned about unusual choices from your futsal 3 team