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  1. Intro I often do a 1k career so this year I have started another. This time I begin in bonny scotland, with the obvious team. And their current young French striker. This presents us with a few challenges. The games should be easy enough but attracting a top team and challenging in europe is another thing entirely. It may also be a challenge to hold onto Edouard. Wish me luck.
  2. A 41212 with a diamond of Dlp Bbm bbm Ap And a deep defensive line to counter the lack of pace at the back
  3. Funny i got 3rd with them first season too. Used a far different tactic too. Congrats mate
  4. I've had no problems getting DM positioned players above a 7.00 rating this year to be honest.
  5. His condition tends to drop a little quicker than most of the team. Maybe due to a high workrate and being up top alone, so the winter update crippled him. Hopefully this fix works.
  6. I think i am leaving this career until a fix is out mate. Not worth my time.
  7. Season 13 First season since the update. Lets sew how that went.... League  Yet another undefeated season. It all looks good so far. Cups Super cup Winning again. Dutch cup A tough game but we win in the end. Continental Euro super cup An easy win over tough competition. Club world cup Tougher than it ever should have been. Champions league We struggle to a 1-0 loss. Håland's Haul in Holland Lets see how our boy looks. Still good clearly. The update decimated this season. Fair enough Håland got injured for 1 month (it happens). However, I had to take him off the pitch before 70 minutes in 90% of games because his fitness recovered so slowly, I even had to rest him sometimes when he could only get up to 83-88% condition in the 6-7 days between games. Look at the difference between last season and this one. In fact, the last 5 seasons. Starting with 90-94% condition definitely makes for a worse performance than 95%+ Games - 645 Goals - 1294
  8. The fitness issue has killed the latest season of my Håland career. Beyond the joke.
  9. Season 4 3 seasons down and pretty good. More of the same please. Cups Carabao cup Arsenal eliminating the defending Champions in the third round. Cack. FA Cup Decent game but Tammy Abraham ruined us. Double cack. Champions league A cack-trick is avoided as we did bloody well in the champions league. Until Barca smashed us in the final. League Another second place. We are doomed not to win this league. Ma Boys Watts No change. Another 28 goals. I will take that Juanito A +1 to his stamina 33, his best total yet. Good stuff. Sorensen +1 to strength. Hope it helped. And 25 goals. Nothing stellar but our boy is plugging away. All three lads hit the century this year. Good stuff. Watts - 101/500 Juanito - 120/500 Sorensen - 106/500 Total - 327/1500
  10. He's a great player. Might not want to play for a mackem though.... haha