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  1. Intro So I began a triple threat in France with Marseille, but it was a little boring if I am honest so I pushed for more difficulty. Due to the tranfer window currently beig open I looked to an awful place for inspiration. Mike Ashley Newcastle Uniteds own Mr Scrooge. He just rarely spends big on players and not at all if he can help it. So that is my inspiration for this toon career. Challenge My career will follow all of the usual triple threat rules but has some additional rules. The three players must already be at the club. No big signings. No signings. All players are to be at the club already or promoted from the academy. Any offers over £10million for a player who is not one of the three strikers has to be accepted. The Players We know already that I am off back home to the north east for this challenge, but which 3 NUFC youngsters will I choose as my strike force? Elias Sørensen Newcastle's promising youngster has been smashing it this year and hopefully he can continue in that vein. Juanito Seemingly forgotten about this young Spaniard is dying for an opportunity. He is getting it. Kelland Watts Beginning as a Striker before shifting to centre back. This youngster now calls himself a box-to-box midfielder. I am putting him back up front though. I hope you like my choices guys and the career will begin to be posted soon.
  2. Taking this under consideration i have decided not to upgrade either facility any futher. So the training facilities will remain "good" and youth "superb"
  3. Literally the first thing I did too. Youth facilities as high as the board would allow. Long and winding roads make for the most interesting journeys though.
  4. I'm kind of going beyond Cashley. No signings. Only promoting from within. Geordie team.
  5. Season 1 Our challenge begins. Can the young lads make a good start? League With the bog standard Newcastle United lets see how we got on in the league. A fifth placed finish in amongst the big hitters of the division, and Arsenal. Cups Carabao Cup We made it to the quarter finals. That late Diamé own goal.... damn FA cup Fifth round faced cardiff again. No own goals this time, good result. The Boys Sorensen He has made some decent improvement. Lets see how it affected his score 21 goals, not a bad haul for year 1 and his skill level Juanito Already looking like a half decent striker, is he though? 23 goals, another good start for our man. Watts He is still essentially a CB. Or more like a Vanarama level Libero. Can he score like a striker though? No. Just...no. Eleven goals is poor.he really needs to pull his weight in the future. Results Sorensen - 21 Juanito - 23 Watts - 11 Total - 55/1500
  6. kts365

    3-1-3-3 Narrow AF (EME)

    I was using this for a triple threat but i am changing that career for a tougher version now so here are more results Season 1 Season 2
  7. Here we have the second narrowest tactic i made. The narrowest being a 2-2-2-2-2 which didnt work at all. So.... The Tactic The basic idea is to get the ball up.the middle of the park and just shoot when possible with upto 6 people near the box and also sweep up the rebounds for a second shot. Results Second in the league with the most goals. Rondon top scorer, Joselu.... yes Joselu 3rd top with one goal less, Muto carrying almost 20 goals too. Clearly this tactic makes the strikers feel good with plenty of goals between them.
  8. kts365

    3-1-3-3 Narrow AF (EME)

    It was basically the first role I chose. No tinkering, there could be a better role but I haven't tried. I chose sweeper as i wanted a defender to sit deep and if needs be try to sweep wide to pick up those balls intended for wingers to chase.
  9. The same points in England as me amd Mitrovic proving to be the beast he is too. This looks like good competition. Good luck mate!
  10. Strikerless Going on a mini break from my 1kc i have decided to have a go at this challenge which @Rob2017 has drawn my attention to with his attempt. I am used to playing with a lone striker so how will I cope with none? The Team For this challenge I decided to go out of the box for me and go to a different league. We are off to Turkey, the team? Besiktas. A team I have never used before. The Players So, as we are in Turkey, we do not have access to the world's elite players and will not have the funds to buy them. Luckily for me there are two players at the club already who I want to use. Firstly we have a Turkish guy, a winger. I like his attributes as a winger. The crossing and dribbling mostly. Next up we have a guy Besiktas have on loan from Torino. The Serb has plenty of greens there. Hopefully that translates to lots of points for me. Finally we have the only man I purchased to be part of my goal scoring trio. A young Uruguayan He looks decent. So lets hope he comes good. There we go. Fingers crossed for me guys.
  11. Thanks man. That is a good shout and i will do it at some point.
  12. Thanks guys. As for the player choices, indidnt really put much thought in. I started the career, said to myself "okay, i dont have a big budget, but these two guys will do. Just got to buy one now"
  13. kts365

    3-1-3-3 Narrow AF (EME)

    EME as always mate. This tactic also works in France. Where I am doing my Triple Threat but not as PSG!
  14. 2nd Half We made a solid start. How would we close the season? Europa League We already made it to the knockout rounds. Lucky we won at home but away goals would seal this regardless. Smashed Porto Home tie sealed this for us. And we take the Europa league title. League First we see how we did against the big teams in the league A great result. How did we do against Galatasaray? Only 1-0 but another win. So how did the league end? There was only one way it was going to end wasnt there. 94 points + 68 goal difference = 162 pts The Players Töre Some good attributes. But we need points. Oh..... 7 goals + 14 assists = 21 points Ljajic Some impressive attributes but we have seen that means little. Thats better! 21 goals + 22 assists = 43 points Pereiro My man is almost a proper striker so lets see his points. Brilliant! 61 goals + 18 assists = 79 points Final total League = 162 points Töre = 21 Ljajic = 43 Pereiro = 79 Total = 305 points. Thanks for reading guys.
  15. This has inspired me to some craziness
  16. First Half Season Our challenge begins. Lets see how we got on until January. Transfers Obviously Gaston Pereiro was brought in but we also bought Grant Hanley to increase defensive options. Ivan Franjic is simply a backup player. Diekmeier and Milic are right and left wing-backs respectfully and our other signings are for backup. Continental Firstly how did the Europa league go? Well, we raced through the qualifying rounds to ve placed in Group L with Celtic, Eintracht Frankfurt and Salvia Prague. Not the toughest group. Then... We lost game one. This did not look good. But we turned it around smashing the rest of our games to make it out of the group stages, our Europa Odyssey continues in February. The League We opened the league campaign with a win. Which only came via 2 penalties. Here is how we performed against our two biggest rivals. Despite the good results it is again, more evidence of our chosen midfielder only scoring through penalties.....hmmmm... So how are we doing in the league? Fantastically well! Undefeated and with a goal difference of almost 2 goals per game. The Players TÖRE He is imroving and is playing well with an avg of 7.76 but did the goals and assists flow? Well..... I would have preferred more from our man. 7 assists and 5 goals is just over a challenge point every other game. LJAJIC He has improved pretty well with those greens growing. Did he do better than Töre though? Yeah, almost twice as good with 10 assists and 13 goals meaning he is hitting 1 challenge point per game. PEREIRO He is looking good, rather strikerlike really. But does a withdrawn striker that make? The guy is smashing it! More than a goal a game and 10 assists to boot. He also managed to avoid injury unlike the other two. Results (Halfway) League Points - 47 Goal difference - 33 Total - 80 Töre Goals - 5 Assists - 7 Ljajic Goals - 13 Assists - 10 Pereiro Goals - 31 Assists - 10 Total - 76 Grand total - 156
  17. Yes! I still play a 41221 in tougher games and a 4321 in easier games. And your tactic will always look poorer until you have your team built into it
  18. Håland to Holland I am sure you guys were expecting me to make a 1k career at some point. Here it is. This year Isak is out and a new wonderkid is in. Erling Håland As much as I am not sure about his face face I do like his FMM attributes. Look at those greens! Add to that, his personality type of "relentless" and we have a great starting point for our 1K. The Team You've met the player, you know he is coming to Holland, but which team is going to sign him? The obvious two to pick from are Ajax or PSV so which did I pick? Feyenoord of course! That is how this journey begins! Just for one final teaser. Here are the signings for season 1. Only Tonny Vilhena out as I could not refuse £24m from wolves. With good deals I could begin to build a team immediately. Obviously Håland in. Rispoli is a good wing back in for £8m. Becker a winger who can play either side is in for £4.5m. Jardel is an absolute steal £4m for an experienced and talented centre-half. Sinan Bolat was brought in for £3.8m as i felt a new keeper was needed. Gyliano Van Velzen for £2.4m is a totally underrated gem. Curcio is a left wing back for under £1m who will surprise you. Prior-Bautista was brought in as low class, young backup. Samson is a free CD who looks promising and Euler was a total mistake as I misread his age as 21. He is 31.... Finally I brought in Bayerns young keeper Fruchtl on loan. The squad is set. Lets go!
  19. He has definitely hit his stride. I have noticed this years training makes it easier to almost custom build a team of support players around him. Thanks guys
  20. Season 8 A rip roaring season last year. How will we follow it up? Transfers IN  I brought in a young backup striker and 2 young centre backs for the future. League We had a 100% win record last year. Can it be done again? Nope we managed to draw a game. Boooooo. Cup Another year, another cup final..... Another cup victory. Continental CWC Smashed it. We make it to the champions league final again. A decent win over tough opposition. Håland's Haul in Holland Has the young Norwegian improved? Apparently he has peaked now. As for goals? Wow! He smashed it! 121 goals this year. Games - 402 Goals - 747
  21. Sorry man. Totally commented on the wrong tactic somehow. This does look good though.
  22. Great tactic. I found the IWB BBM combo worked well last year as the full backs fill that midfield void very well. Might have another tinker with that combo myself...... hmmmm....
  23. kts365

    Latest 4321 Tactic

    Bull. You posted a video 2 days ago. You posted another 3 videos last friday. That is why its annoying, and lying about it doesn't help. And its easier to create a video, post ut on your youtube then link it here than it is to take a few screenshots and post them directly. You're talking utter rubbish to justify trying to up your youtube numbers.
  24. kts365

    Latest 4321 Tactic

    Seriously. Quit with the youtube links. If you hsve a tactic post it here properly instead of trying to get your youtube hits up. You arent pewdiepie but these constant video posts are just as annoying