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  1. Håland to Holland I am sure you guys were expecting me to make a 1k career at some point. Here it is. This year Isak is out and a new wonderkid is in. Erling Håland As much as I am not sure about his face face I do like his FMM attributes. Look at those greens! Add to that, his personality type of "relentless" and we have a great starting point for our 1K. The Team You've met the player, you know he is coming to Holland, but which team is going to sign him? The obvious two to pick from are Ajax or PSV so which did I pick? Feyenoord of course! That is how this journey begins! Just for one final teaser. Here are the signings for season 1. Only Tonny Vilhena out as I could not refuse £24m from wolves. With good deals I could begin to build a team immediately. Obviously Håland in. Rispoli is a good wing back in for £8m. Becker a winger who can play either side is in for £4.5m. Jardel is an absolute steal £4m for an experienced and talented centre-half. Sinan Bolat was brought in for £3.8m as i felt a new keeper was needed. Gyliano Van Velzen for £2.4m is a totally underrated gem. Curcio is a left wing back for under £1m who will surprise you. Prior-Bautista was brought in as low class, young backup. Samson is a free CD who looks promising and Euler was a total mistake as I misread his age as 21. He is 31.... Finally I brought in Bayerns young keeper Fruchtl on loan. The squad is set. Lets go!
  2. Intro So I began a triple threat in France with Marseille, but it was a little boring if I am honest so I pushed for more difficulty. Due to the tranfer window currently beig open I looked to an awful place for inspiration. Mike Ashley Newcastle Uniteds own Mr Scrooge. He just rarely spends big on players and not at all if he can help it. So that is my inspiration for this toon career. Challenge My career will follow all of the usual triple threat rules but has some additional rules. The three players must already be at the club. No big signings. No signings. All players are to be at the club already or promoted from the academy. Any offers over £10million for a player who is not one of the three strikers has to be accepted. The Players We know already that I am off back home to the north east for this challenge, but which 3 NUFC youngsters will I choose as my strike force? Elias Sørensen Newcastle's promising youngster has been smashing it this year and hopefully he can continue in that vein. Juanito Seemingly forgotten about this young Spaniard is dying for an opportunity. He is getting it. Kelland Watts Beginning as a Striker before shifting to centre back. This youngster now calls himself a box-to-box midfielder. I am putting him back up front though. I hope you like my choices guys and the career will begin to be posted soon.
  3. His condition tends to drop a little quicker than most of the team. Maybe due to a high workrate and being up top alone, so the winter update crippled him. Hopefully this fix works.
  4. I think i am leaving this career until a fix is out mate. Not worth my time.
  5. Season 13 First season since the update. Lets sew how that went.... League  Yet another undefeated season. It all looks good so far. Cups Super cup Winning again. Dutch cup A tough game but we win in the end. Continental Euro super cup An easy win over tough competition. Club world cup Tougher than it ever should have been. Champions league We struggle to a 1-0 loss. Håland's Haul in Holland Lets see how our boy looks. Still good clearly. The update decimated this season. Fair enough Håland got injured for 1 month (it happens). However, I had to take him off the pitch before 70 minutes in 90% of games because his fitness recovered so slowly, I even had to rest him sometimes when he could only get up to 83-88% condition in the 6-7 days between games. Look at the difference between last season and this one. In fact, the last 5 seasons. Starting with 90-94% condition definitely makes for a worse performance than 95%+ Games - 645 Goals - 1294
  6. kts365

    Winter Update

    The fitness issue has killed the latest season of my Håland career. Beyond the joke.
  7. Season 4 3 seasons down and pretty good. More of the same please. Cups Carabao cup Arsenal eliminating the defending Champions in the third round. Cack. FA Cup Decent game but Tammy Abraham ruined us. Double cack. Champions league A cack-trick is avoided as we did bloody well in the champions league. Until Barca smashed us in the final. League Another second place. We are doomed not to win this league. Ma Boys Watts No change. Another 28 goals. I will take that Juanito A +1 to his stamina 33, his best total yet. Good stuff. Sorensen +1 to strength. Hope it helped. And 25 goals. Nothing stellar but our boy is plugging away. All three lads hit the century this year. Good stuff. Watts - 101/500 Juanito - 120/500 Sorensen - 106/500 Total - 327/1500
  8. Having a world class team does help
  9. He's a great player. Might not want to play for a mackem though.... haha
  10. kts365

    FMM19 General Discussion

    I have found the new training is easier to get youngsters good in the areas i want. I think this years version, whilst not perfect, is a decent improvement on last year.
  11. Was so excited during this season. Thats why I smashed it out this evening and got it posted up. Thanks for the support man.
  12. kts365

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    Most goals Highest avg rating Most perfect 10s in a row (28) Most MOM awards (48)
  13. Season 12 Håland has reached the 1k. Now he pushes on towards 2k! League No resting on any laurels. Lets keep the league title  Easily done, but this is not a tough league. Cups Super cup Decidedly easier than last year with Håland making his mark early. Dutch cup 2 - 0 and more Håland Continental Euro super cup 4 - 3 over Man U and a Hå-trick Club world cup Finally! We ruined a team in the CWC! Champions league We took out both Madrids and Barca on the way to the final. The last test? Schalke 04 Thorough destruction Håland's Haul in Holland Lets see how our boy looks. The same as last year as he has peaked. His form though? His best season yet! Oh my god! 135 goals... just wow. Well on the way to 1.5k already hopefully just over 2.5 seasons will do it (around 110-120 goals per season) Games - 598 Goals - 1206
  14. Thanks man. I am aiming for 2k but it will be a slog.
  15. Especially with no international goals.
  16. Already midway through season 12 mate. Dont worry. I may push for the 2k
  17. Season 11 Last year Håland performed amazingly after his injury. Could he carry his form over into this season? League Håland is back full time. How does this reflect on the season.  Brilliant! Undefeated again. Cups Super cup Close run thing this year but penalties saved our bacon. Dutch cup A dominant diplay brings us a 3-1 and the cup Continental Euro super cup 2 goals for Håland take Arsenal down Club world cup 3-0 over Hiroshima. I would prefer more goals but I will take the win anyway. Champions league Another final but we face Bayern.... Phew, we managed the win again. Håland's Haul in Holland Lets see how our boy looks. The same as last year. Did his goals carry over though? Smashing! 120 goals and his form has carried over from last year. An injury has done him the world of good Games - 544 Goals - 1071 1k Complete!
  18. Ah. As long as its not just me. I think it happened last year too but i am not sure. He is simply a goal scorer. No frills poacher/target man. I am not sharing the tactic as of yet but i may at the end of the career. It has changed a little over 10+ years
  19. Season 3 The first two seasons showed real promise. We want that to continue in year 3 Cups Carabao cup We finally win something. Mostly thanks to Muto being in for an injured striker. FA Cup We were destroyed despite a good FA cup run Champions league Barcelona saw us off in the semis due to away goals. Good run though. League Fantastic, only missing out on the title due to goal difference. Ma Boys Watts Same old same old Another decent goal total. Juanito Some minor improvements 30 goals is decent again. Happy with that. Sorensen A couple of physical improvements. And 27 goals. Happy days! Watts - 73/500 Juanito - 87/500 Sorensen - 81/500 Total - 241/1500
  20. Season 2 After a good start can the boys continue? Cups Carabao cup Only made the third round before Man U took us down. FA Cup A fantastic match but a loss. Not sure who Granit Xhaka Charles-Cook is though..... Europa League We did pretty well but came unstuck against liverpool. Unlucky. League A very god 4th place and Champions league for the guys next year. Ma Boys Watts Still a striker/cb. He smashed it this year though with 32 goals Juanito He is a striker. Simple as that. 32 goals from Juanito too. Sorensen Target man for sure this one. 26 goals this year so really good! Watts - 45/500 Juanito - 57/500 Sorensen - 54/500
  21. No change to any instructions. All changes I made were with the formation and roles
  22. Glad something worked for you then. I chose parma because they had just been promoted..... 3 times in a row, after being declared bankrupt in 2015 and relegated to Serie D.
  23. Tried some mods. Tried to change as little as possible of your original tactic. Tried one season in Italy with parma and no signings.