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  1. olayinkajnr

    Hello Boyz!

    You welcome mate
  2. olayinkajnr

    West Ham logo badge where is it

    Unfortunately, I use an Android device. If you have any pathway like this in your file manager, then it might help. If your logos are still not appearing correctly in the game, you should go to the data/football.manager.games.fm19.mobile/files/installed/application_support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019 Mobile/normal/Caches folder on your device and delete any files in there. You should then restart your device. Another thing that might help is also complaining on the thread you downloaded the files from and indicate you are using an iPhone.
  3. Want to win yourself a free copy of #FMM20 when released? Why not participate in the giveaway. Click on the link below to win. Participant with the highest number of entries wins. Competition opens in 7 days time. Prize will be received on release date. https://gleam.io/dcydq/fmm-vibe-fm20-mobile-giveaway
  4. olayinkajnr

    West Ham logo badge where is it

    What is your device?
  5. @DonkeyDele what's your Twitter handle (if you have one) so I can mention and feature your article on our fmmvibe Twitter page? Nice read BTW and welcome to vibe.
  6. Another possibility mate. But the OP's silence translate to one thing. Unofficial.
  7. This ain't IGE mate. It's an unofficial version of the game.
  8. olayinkajnr

    Standard Logos Megapack

    @Putzy Akhmat logo missing. Note that I did everything right. Cleared cache, reloaded skin. Modified: It worked using the TCM logo. But on the standard logo, Akhmat is missing.
  9. olayinkajnr

    Leaking defence

    I also think with the right players for your tactics, you'll concede less and score more. I was able to get rid of some dead weight in my team and brought in some new players plus I followed @BatiGoal's suggestion about changing the WB's to FB and also changing the roles of your 5&6 to CB's. It worked well. I concede at least 1 or 2 goals but end up winning the match and most of the time, I don't concede at all even against big teams. added 0 minutes later Maybe you should follow @BatiGoal's suggestion mate. It worked for me.
  10. olayinkajnr

    Leaking defence

    Seems everyone have this same issue. One time I was playing Burnley 4 goals to 0. Before I knew it, they equalised all and added one more to win the match.
  11. olayinkajnr

    4-3-2-1 Tactic CL and PL in first season

    EME- Enhanced Match Engine (you should expect more advanced stuff and it's much more realistic). OME- Ordinary Match Engine (you should expect a more simple stuff and not as realistic as the EME plus it's fast paced too).
  12. Yeah mate. I hope his gonna make another Black Pearl Tactics for FM19mobile.
  13. This is a modified @PriZe Return of the Black Pearl 2018 Tactics. Nice one mate.
  14. olayinkajnr

    Standard Logos Megapack

    Aren't we? We just love being different you know. Enjoy your game mate added 0 minutes later Nick always with United. Hopefully you can bring them out the current mess they are in yeah?
  15. This is so true. I just hope it's fixed in FMM19