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  1. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Agree with PVFC, in past versions of the game I have been able to dominate with any team in the Scottish or Northern Irish leagues after a couple of seasons. I am still picking up title wins but I am losing a lot more games than I usually do. I prefer it like this
  2. Can you get the Sweden job ? I have never seen it being available
  3. Chat FMM 18 - Wish List

    Parent and feeder clubs would be nice. Would like a South American nation again preferably Argentina. Buy back clause The ability to cancel friendlies, the reason being when playing in the Northern Irish league ( smaller and weaker squads due to finance) the pre season friendly schedule hampers you with the European qualifiers I like the aove option also
  4. Tactics Who needs strikers?

    I am surprised you managed to keep your job. I have been sacked by Bilbao for not being in the top four
  5. Chat What Brexit Impacts

    I am currently with Crusaders in Northern Ireland. On the plus side I am trying to only use Northern Irish players so brexit won't effect this save. I normally play in Scotland and it takes a lot longer to rise up to the top because of it.
  6. Chat What Brexit Impacts

    If they are already in you team they can still play for you. New signings from outside the UK all require work permits. As the game progresses you seem to find a lot of foreign players with 2nd nationality e.g. Argentinian and Northern Irish.
  7. Chat What Brexit Impacts

    Every different save i have done has hit me with the hard brexit. I would assume that's the only one you get in FMM
  8. Russian and Argentine leagues would be nice.
  9. OME Tactics request

    The centre forward should be a poacher, not an AF
  10. OME Tactics request

    This is how i set my team up, attacking mentality with pressing and offside trap. I have had great success with this tactic.
  11. Having previously managed Linfield in Northern Ireland and dominating for 5 seasons on a previous save i got offered the Aberdeen job. Not much help to you but it can be done
  12. I really enjoyed following this, sorry to see it end
  13. Help How To Make A Club Professional

    I have managed Queens park in Scotland and they went professional when I unlocked sugar daddy, on a different save with Linfield unlocking sugar daddy changed them from semi pro to professional
  14. Help No Asians Champions League?

    Phoenix can't qualify for the Asian champions league due to being a NZ based club. They are based in the Oceania governing confederation even though they play in the A league.
  15. With Brazil being removed it would have been nice to get Argentina, to keep a South American option. Russia would have been better than either turkey or Poland