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  1. macmole


    @John flow I meant no offence with what I said, I understand that it had only been tested with man city. It’s just every super tactic always seems to be associated with top clubs.
  2. macmole


    These super tactics people find would be way more impressive it was a team like Brighton or Fulham you had done it with. It’s alway one of the bigger clubs that people use in the example of how good the tactic is I am not saying what you have done is not impressive as it a really good result you got over a season and is an awesome achievement.
  3. macmole

    FMM19 Bug List

    I don’t have the save but I can tell you it only happened with 3 players and each players contact was expiring within 6 months. I will try again in January of my next season and see if I can get any more that way
  4. macmole

    FMM19 Bug List

    My shortlist is getting wiped at the rollover between seasons. If you have scouted them they will still be in your scout reports. I have also noticed some bosman transfers are signing instantly once they accept terms, It says on your news feed that they have extended their contract when they join
  5. Good luck, I have tried something similar with both Crusaders and Linfield in Northern Ireland. It’s easy to dominate domestically. Linfield save went better than Crusaders.
  6. macmole

    Winter Update

    I know this is a bit off topic but, If you want to make the game more of a challenge use Athletic Bilbao. That way you can’t run around buying up all the best regens. Their signing policy means you are totally reliant on your tactical and man management and training skills. This is the easiest option to make this game harder.
  7. macmole

    Manager's Son

    My son in my current save. I didn’t think he would amount to much. He done pretty well for a change
  8. macmole

    International Football

    Embarrassing isn’t a strong enough word for the Scotland result, our Rugby team would have probably got a better result than that. I don’t care who was missing from the team we should be beating teams like Kazakhstan. San Marino will be right up for beating us after watching that.
  9. I remember playing a version way back on the commodore Amiga but it was CM97/98 that got me hooked on the game. The mobile version is the closest the game is to that version and I find it really enjoyable. I didn’t care much for the training and just leave that to my assistant, I just want it to be a simple pick up and play game with tweaks here and there by me to improve my squad and tactics. I do worry that it will become to much like the full version and become too much of a time suck. I bought FM touch last year, it was worth trying but needed too much time. I do think what we pay for this game is a bargain for what we get from it, and long may that continue
  10. macmole

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Just thought I would say I am also from Fort William, that’s where I grew up and went to Lochaber High. I left there not long after finishing my apprenticeship and now live in Napier, New Zealand. I was hoping they would add the Highland league to this years version as it’s now part of the pyramid system in Scotland, maybe next year 🤞
  11. macmole

    Dundee United; Awakening sleeping giants?

    Just because it seems like your not getting much attention doesn’t mean people weren’t enjoying it. Dundee Utd were my go to club back on CM97/98, with Andy Mclaren on my left wing and Robbie Winters on the right.
  12. macmole

    FMM19 General Discussion

    That’s an old one, looks like the legendary Jocky Wilson in the background
  13. macmole

    FMM19 General Discussion

    I bought FM touch last year, if you want a harder game try that. I got sacked before the end of the first season on every save I tried. It was so much harder that I just gave up and stopped playing it. I used to buy the pc version every year till 2012 when I discovered fmh on the psp and it reminded me of my favourite version which was CM97/98. FM Touch doesn’t cost that much more than FMM, so if you want a harder version why not just buy that. I for one hope they don’t ruin the simplicity of FMM
  14. macmole

    FMM19 General Discussion

    Has anyone been playing on the OME, does it make any difference with conceding all the late goals. When playing FMM 18 I switched back to the ome and stopped conceding the last goals and found my defensive midfielder gained much higher match ratings