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  1. I just switched to EME from OME on the current version of the game. I never used to enjoy the EME and my tactics never seemed to work. I have only used the EME on this years version and I am really enjoying it. It does seem to be harder to win games and it common for the opposition to get an equaliser after the 90th minute but I am enjoying the challenge
  2. Not saying this is a bug but probably impossible to happen in real life. Check out this legendary player with 110 U21 caps. I found him when looking for a back up DM.
  3. The Basque region does have some great players, the region covers an area of Spain and France. The do play friendly games against other international sides but I can’t not see them being given full international status. Famous French players include - Bixente Lizarazu (first French player to play for Bilbao) - Griezmann - Laporte - Deschamps. Did you also Know that Gonzalo Higuain father was Basque
  4. They used to have the Brazilian league in the game but have to remove it due to licensing reasons, that’s also why the Brazilian teams don’t have their real names. Every year I hope for a South American League to be added, preferably the Argentine one, would be nice if they could also re add the Brazilian one again
  5. That’s my complete team. Only 2 players are star players
  6. As far as I can tell you don’t always have 3 players who are star players. On my current save with Shinnik in Russia I only have 2 who are star players. I would have said it was gold not orange
  7. Did Gavin Bazunu not make it to the GK list this year
  8. Totally agree Every time more Is added to the game seems to increase the amount of bugs in the game. I was happy with how it was in the 2018 version, I understand the more they add, they make the game more appealing to buyers but the bugs will be putting these buyers off if they aren’t addicts like us here
  9. Ok I take it back, no offence was intended. I am surprised that they have done another update and genuinely thought you were just being sarcastic. I suppose I will have to wait for the update to arrive for me to see how much of an improvement it makes to the game.
  10. I think this comment was sarcasm as my game has been doing this since the last update
  11. @John flow I meant no offence with what I said, I understand that it had only been tested with man city. It’s just every super tactic always seems to be associated with top clubs.
  12. These super tactics people find would be way more impressive it was a team like Brighton or Fulham you had done it with. It’s alway one of the bigger clubs that people use in the example of how good the tactic is I am not saying what you have done is not impressive as it a really good result you got over a season and is an awesome achievement.
  13. I don’t have the save but I can tell you it only happened with 3 players and each players contact was expiring within 6 months. I will try again in January of my next season and see if I can get any more that way