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  1. You have been great at writing up careers over the last few years and have earned a good following on this site. It’s hard to keep the momentum going and you have done well. The past 6 months I have gotten more enjoyment from reading others careers on this site than I have playing my own ones. So hats off to you for you enthusiasm and the effort you put in
  2. I enjoyed following this career, we’ll done with what you have achieved
  3. Add the Highland and Lowland Leagues in Scotland. The Scottish pyramid system would then be complete
  4. 4-1-1-1-3 2 full backs 1 defensive midfielder 2 Center backs 1 central midfielder 1 attacking midfielder 2 inside forwards 1 poacher The AI can’t cope with 3 up front. I only changed to the EME this year. That set up is almost unbeatable to the extent than I have won the champions league with Linfield in Northern Ireland. Once you get decent players it’s works really well, they don’t have to be superstars either just decent. I have not tried this set up on the OME in this years version.
  5. In real life Brechin got relegated to the Highland League so you done well getting them promoted 🥈
  6. 1. Mortal Kombat 2. Star Wars Battlefront 3. Star Wars KOTOR II
  7. Yeah I have never had a foreign national come through on my youth intake ever.
  8. It’s saying my son is Fomins Dad, my son is 17 and Fomin is 38. My son must have married Fomins mum to be his Stepdad
  9. So I got my son in the game. It’s only the 2nd time I have achieved this. Check out his relationships
  10. Thanks, I probably never noticed before as I usually load more than 1 nation and it’s at the bottom
  11. Yep I am playing with only Russia loaded and I get this at the end of my season as well
  12. It’s out in New Zealand now. I haven’t downloaded it as I am just about to leave for work.
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