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  1. No, I just made the changes then opened the app.
  2. I've tried it again and it still doesn't work. Sorry all.
  3. There's a series of threads on FMMVibe about Hex Editing. That's how I did it. You can find them through googling it or searching on here.
  4. As mentioned above, the new version has screwed this database and it no longer functions.
  5. No, it's just the little fix update a few days ago that screwed it, not the big winter transfer update.
  6. Thanks - sadly I have not backed it up. added 0 minutes later Seems that way. I wish I knew why it messed the database up so much given it was just a small update.
  7. Is there any legal way to roll back to the previous version of FM2021? I'm sure the update is very good, but my Global Hyper Mega League database is screwed now, and it would be nice to be able to play it. My fault for leaving auto-updates on, I accept.
  8. The latest update has screwed this, I'm afraid. I don't know how to fix it. Very annoyed, to be honest.
  9. I just tried downloading it there and it worked fine. Check the settings on your phone.
  10. Here are screenshots of the top four divisions. I understand this is only possible on Android as iPhone does not let you access the files.
  11. That's the joy of it all right. Wait until you se who Al-Nassr are up against. 😬
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Global Hyper Mega League! The biggest brands in football have launched a controversial new league, with teams competing from across the globe. Seven divisions of the world's best soccer corporations have been drawn up. These represent both the traditional giants of the game and the potential new markets for television audiences. It is truly a global game. For players This should challenge even the best FMM players - take over Al-Ahly or Gamba Osaka in the top division and scramble to assemble a team on a limited budget before Barcelona and Bayern roll into town. Or start off in the supply leagues and bring your favourite club to glory. This is a fun alternate reality and I won't be responding to any comments about where teams are placed. If you want to move a team around, get over to the Hex Editing thread and learn to do it yourself. Acknowledgements This is based on @hege18's World League and advice from @NguyenDucAnh on hex editing. Thanks to them both. How to install Follow this exactly!!! Android only Backup your game - this will take over your version of FMM so you might not be able to continue saved games. Close the FMM2021 app. Go to android/data/com.sega.score/files/installed and create a new folder called "database". If that folder already existed, empty it by deleting the files in it. Dowload the files in this post. Paste "competition.dat" and "club.dat" in the new folder you created "database". Paste the "changes.txt" in two places: (1) android/data/com.sega.score/files/installed (2) documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager Mobile 2021/normal Go to android/data/com.sega.score/files/installed/application_support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager Mobile 2021/normal/caches and delete the file in there - there should only be one file and it will have a name like fmhi_hdtv_skin.skc Open the FMM2021 app. Go to Settings and then User Interface, and press Reload Skin at the bottom. Start a new game with England only. You can load as many divisions in England as you like. I'm happy to help anyone who has problems but it's really important to follow the steps above correctly. When you want to go back to the original game, just delete all the new files and empty the cache again, then Reload Skin and it should be fine. Always back up your files and I take no responsibility for what happens if you don't! And for the last time, don't complain if your favourite team are not as high up as you would like - learn to hex edit and change it for yourself! changes.txt
  13. @NguyenDucAnh just to say thanks again - I just did my first hex edit and it worked. Much appreciated. 👍
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