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  1. Excellent work, a great idea. Do you need to start a new game or will it apply to an already started game?
  2. Cheers. I still can't see it but maybe there's an option I can tick.
  3. Has anyone been able to find the match attendance on the EME? I'm probably just being stupid but I can't find it. I like playing lower leagues and I always liked seeing the match attendance tick up from an average of 830 to an average of 850 when my team does well.
  4. Ah - it must mean that changes.txt are language specific. If you want to play in Italian you could try changing the file, so change England to Inghilterra and so on. I doubt it's worth the effort, and you might be able to start a game, save it, and then change the language and go back in.
  5. I'm having the same problem. No idea what causes it, I've tried everything.
  6. Sorry mate, I don't know what's wrong. Maybe start a new thread looking for advice? Here's a save file with Man City. You put it in Android -> Documents -> Sports Interactive -> Games. It will delete and replace the first savegame you have. I hope it works!
  7. Did you make any edits to the changes.txt file? Because it looks like it is bigger than the one in my original post. The second possibility is that your files are set up a little differently. For example, yours starts with storage/emulated/0/Android... whereas mine starts with just Android/... if you can, see if that's an option. If that doesn't work, then tell me what team you want to play as and I'll upload a database which you can just save in your save games folder. I think that will work (but I'm not sure, to be honest).
  8. Did you put it in the two locations mentioned? It has to be in both to work. Then reload skin again, and even try closing the game and re-opening. If that doesn't work, then maybe post the places you put the file, and tell me if you opened or edited the file as well. Good luck! Your English is good.
  9. The big limitation to doing a league by changes.txt is that you can only include teams from leagues that are in the game - so I couldn't include Ukrainian or Greek teams in this league. That's why I didn't do a World League - you could have US and Chinese teams but not Argentinian or any African teams. So MLS teams will work. Go to the changes.txt generator here: https://fmmvibe.com/changes-txt-generator/index.html/ Then you need to start swapping teams. Go to the Club tab. So let's say you decide to do your World League in Italy like I did. You need to swap Portland Timbers (for example) with an Italian team. So you enter Portland Timbers into the Club Name field, United States into the Country field, and then Italian Serie A into the New League field. Then click Save to List. Then you pick an Italian team to swap with, let's say Torino (for example). For them you put Torino in the Club Name field, Italy in the County field, and Major League Soccer into the New League field, and click Save to List. This will generate something like this: "CLUB" "Portland Timbers" "United States" "" "" "" "Italian Serie A" "CLUB" "Torino" "Italy" "" "" "" "Major League Soccer" So now you have to do that for each club you want to swap. It is vital that you get the league name exactly right (look it up by checking in the game on the club info screen). Test it regularly, so if something is wrong you will know what. Make sure not to leave any extra spaces or typos - any tiny error will make it not work. I recommend doing it on a computer rather than a phone but the latter will work too if you are careful. Then you save what you have generated into a simple text file. Name it changes.txt and then place it in the two locations I mentioned above. Then click Reload Skin in the Starting Configuration menu and it should work. Good luck! Come back to me if you have any questions.
  10. I'm sorry but I don't know how to make this work for iOS. If anyone does I'm happy to help.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    European Super League - based on the Italian system, so a Premier League, a second league, and three regional leagues. Use a file installation app such as ES File Explorer to download directly onto your device or on a PC/Mac using your device cable. The file should download as a .txt file - if necessary, extract the file using 7zip, WinZip or ES File Explorer then copy the changes.txt file. Navigate to Android/Data/football.manager.games.fm19.mobile/files/installed and Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager Mobile 2019/normal. Paste your file in both locations. After this go to the settings and reset your skin cache. I would recommend starting with Italian Serie A,B,C, England Prem, Spain La Liga, plus the top division from whatever team you want to play, e.g. if you want to play as Ajax, load Holland, changes.txt
  12. Then you have to fix that through the Developer Options on your phone. Or complain to Samsung.
  13. That's a Samsung issue. Go to Settings -> Display -> Full Screen Apps, and deselect FMM2018. The update seems to have brought FMM in line with most apps in this regard. I prefer it fullscreen, personally.