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  1. Databases European Super League

    Try this so. changes.txt
  2. I'd happily pay for a "Create Your Own League" editor as DLC. So we can make European Super Leagues, Northern Leagues, and so on. Including this in the official game might not be possible for legal reasons, but as a mod it would be fine. It would also be very technically possible.
  3. Databases European Super League

    Try this. changes.txt
  4. Databases European Super League

    I don't think so. Do you have a computer you can use the PGE on? Then you can create him and copy over his stats from the German file.
  5. Databases European Super League

    They should all already be in that changes.txt
  6. Databases European Super League

    Try this one. changes.txt
  7. Databases European Super League

    Here's one for you. fm_save2.dat
  8. Databases European Super League

    Does this work? fm_save2.dat
  9. Databases European Super League

    I'm away at the moment but will try uploading again when I'm home next week. Not sure what else I can do, no idea how the files are hosted.
  10. Databases European Super League

    I don't know what that means - can you not start a game with Galatasaray?
  11. Databases European Super League

    New version for those who couldn't download it.
  12. Databases European Super League

    The names are real - either you stole the game or you've confused the grey fake players on the smaller teams with real players. The .zip is working for me but I'll re-upload it later in case there's a problem.
  13. Databases European Super League

    I haven't tried but I doubt it, I'm afraid.
  14. Databases European Super League

    I did - and the teams reputations as well, which is vital for the game to be realistic and fun. All leagues are 15+ and all teams are 7500+, so they start with enough money to build a competitive team. Interestingly, this has also helped bring the prices of players within the league much more in line with how they would be in reality - a star on a Division 3 team is very expensive for teams above to buy, but an unwanted player is very cheap for those below. Buying from outside the leagues is also handily much cheaper as expected - all players want to be in the European Leagues.
  15. Version 2.0.4


    Updated - Version 2.0.1 has 160 new players. All top three division teams should be competitive now. All major transfers updated. Be sure to download new changes.txt to get VNL leage name fix. What is it? The European Super League, based on English leagues. Seven leagues of all the best teams in Europe, Barcelona to Cork City and Bayern to Skenderbreu. Instructions - Download folder. Replace the englandosolo folder in your database. Make sure to back it up! There's a changes.txt below based on the transfers file by @sasukenara08 with the competition name changes - make sure to add that too. Teams - I based it largely on the UEFA coefficients of each league - i.e. some "smaller" clubs will be higher up than some "bigger" ones, the idea was to give a large range of countries. If you want to move your favourite team up the league, do it via the changes.txt. Test - please let me know if there's any problems. I've had an issue I can't solve with the VNL North reverting to its old name. Feel free to make changes. I started to try to create players for the teams which have none but it would honestly take weeks. Anyone who wants to give it a go is welcome! Thanks - This is my first time using the PGE, so if I've made any mistakes, apologies. I've downloaded loads of databases from here so wanted to give something back. Updates - I'll add screenshots as soon as possible, and keep fixing any issues as they arise. Enjoy! Link to the brilliant Pre Game Editor changes.txt