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  1. No - I wish there was a PGE for it but there isn't.
  2. Ah - of course. One of the most annoying things about editing and the reason a lot of the background players only have one name!
  3. No idea - are you adding a completely new player or editing an existing one? If it's the former I'd suggest using the "clone player" option at the top left. The "add new player" thing is pretty buggy in general on the PGE so I'd suggest taking one of the existing modern Welsh players and editing them up to where you want to go. And have a look at the tutorials on YouTube. Also check whether there's a common name in place. Good luck, and enjoy!
  4. Thanks lads. Hopefully people will enjoy it. 👍
  5. Hi all, I have uploaded a complete 1990 retro database for FMM2017 (the latest version with a PGE). But it needs a moderator's approval to be available to other Vibers. Are there still any mods on here? If so, could you take a look? I think people will really enjoy it. Thanks!
  6. Version 2.0.0


    Football Manager Mobile 1990 - a full retro database *This Database is made for and will only work on FMM17* The World Cup in Italy has just come to an end, and football stands poised to become a global phenomenon. To take advantage of the new interest, the English First Division forms a new league with twelve teams and US-style playoffs. Take control of one of these teams and lead them to retro glory! This game should hold its realism for three or four seasons, so play it as a fun, retro, smaller, shorter game than the regular FMM, rather than as a twenty-season marathon. Note - this database is for FMM 2017 - the last game with a PGE. There was no category for 2017, so mods please let this through for 2020 so people can see it, thanks. How to Play Download FMM 2017. Replace the walessolo folder with the contents of the attached .zip folder (i.e. transfer all 28 files over - make a backup walessolo file if you really think you might ever wish to play the Welsh Prem in 2017 again). Put the attached changes.txt in - android/data/com.sigames.fmm2017/files Start a new game with Wales ONLY. Enjoy! Notes This is in the Welsh league due to the size of the database. Editing two thousand players took forever - editing seven thousand would have been impossible. There are still modern Welsh league players in there but they are irrelevant to the game. Many of the less-famous 1990 players have just one name, that's deliberate, to save time. The Welsh league does not have international breaks, which is a pain so make sure you have a big squad. There will be a few little relics from 2017 so let me know if you find one. I don't want opinions on the players, just factual errors. The players are rated out of 100 CA and PA rather than 200 so the game is more realistic to the era. Anyone who wants to take the database and put it in the iScout PGE and play with it, go for it!
  7. Excellent work, a great idea. Do you need to start a new game or will it apply to an already started game?
  8. Cheers. I still can't see it but maybe there's an option I can tick.
  9. Has anyone been able to find the match attendance on the EME? I'm probably just being stupid but I can't find it. I like playing lower leagues and I always liked seeing the match attendance tick up from an average of 830 to an average of 850 when my team does well.
  10. Ah - it must mean that changes.txt are language specific. If you want to play in Italian you could try changing the file, so change England to Inghilterra and so on. I doubt it's worth the effort, and you might be able to start a game, save it, and then change the language and go back in.
  11. I'm having the same problem. No idea what causes it, I've tried everything.
  12. Sorry mate, I don't know what's wrong. Maybe start a new thread looking for advice? Here's a save file with Man City. You put it in Android -> Documents -> Sports Interactive -> Games. It will delete and replace the first savegame you have. I hope it works!
  13. Did you make any edits to the changes.txt file? Because it looks like it is bigger than the one in my original post. The second possibility is that your files are set up a little differently. For example, yours starts with storage/emulated/0/Android... whereas mine starts with just Android/... if you can, see if that's an option. If that doesn't work, then tell me what team you want to play as and I'll upload a database which you can just save in your save games folder. I think that will work (but I'm not sure, to be honest).
  14. Did you put it in the two locations mentioned? It has to be in both to work. Then reload skin again, and even try closing the game and re-opening. If that doesn't work, then maybe post the places you put the file, and tell me if you opened or edited the file as well. Good luck! Your English is good.