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  1. Anwar

    Not so Impossible... I think.

    SEASON 4: League 1: We are still gling very strong, nowhere near as good as in previous seasons but we are getting to the top! Carling Cup: Didn't even try if i'm honest, i'm not gonna get anywhere and that can wait until i'm in the Prem. FA Cup: Quite a nice run, we beat a premier league side in Cardiff and if i'm honest, deserved to beat Wolves but it wasn't to be! But again, one that will be won when i'm a Premier league team! JPT: Booooooom! Was nervous as i lost to Scunthorpe twice this season already and when they went 1-0 up i just though 'here we go again' but brilliant turnaround and we go marching on!!! My stats: Still an unbelievably nice looking win percentage and goals per game ratio! This is where it gets serious and hopefully i can clear England in the next 3/4 seasons but we will see what awaits! Thank you for the feedback it is appreciated.
  2. Anwar

    Not so Impossible... I think.

    It has been for me on recent FMH's tbh, worried for next season tbh, can't find any cheap quality players Thank you lads
  3. Anwar

    Not so Impossible... I think.

    SEASON 3: League 2: It looked so easy, but it really wasn't! An absolutely awful start with 1 win from 8 and we were playing major catch-up but we got their eventually and really rocketed on, the peak of my performances came around February time as you can see! Carling Cup: Nothing to see here apart from the fact we got outplayed and never deserved it! FA Cup: Got past Fleetwood and Hartlepool to face Championship Wolves and we outplayed them with ease, just didn't get the break we needed and a series of missed opportunities cost us. JPT: ARGHHH!!!! We did not deserve that one bit!!!! Luton turned us over twice in the league and now this!!!! We played so so so well and it should have been wrapped up but as soon they equalized and i knew about my record against Luton i just knew it was coming, MUST win it next season, gutted. Player Stats: Once again, Nathan Luscombe showed his potential with some brilliant performances! I managed to snap Hyde up and he was still prolific besides some fitness problems mid season. Ajala was missed, he was injured for 8 months and sorely missed him on the right wing, where Walker was signed put there as a replacement, didn't do too bad mind! Parkin has earned himself another years contract with some fine performances! My stats: Still going strong and another cup added, lets do this!!!! Thank you for any feedback
  4. Anwar

    Not so Impossible... I think.

    Trying to stop on the loans because every season i'm back to square one with my shit players haha! Looks a good player mind! Cheers guys
  5. Anwar

    Not so Impossible... I think.

    SEASON 2: Blue Square Premier: Absolute astonishing season, i thought i could win the league, but not with so much ease and my god did they score for fun! FA Trophy: B-B-B-BOOOOM Glad to get it out the way, got taken to 2 replays along the way by Hereford and Chelmsford but we got there in the end! FA Cup: No idea what happened.... Top players: Genuinely can't decide, young Jake Hyde was on loan from Barnet but wouldn't sign permanently the greedy thing he is a very prolific striker for this level mind. Nathan Luscombe the former Sunderland youngster was also in very fine form on the wing assisting most of my goals, i think he could be with this side for at least another 3/4 years! Sam Parkin joined in January and didn't dissappoint either! Marc Canham is another one who was there or there abouts and had a say in 95% of my matches, brilliant midfielder. My stats: Goals per game is looking oh so good, hopefully i can keep it up! Hahahahaha that is possible the best way to describe it, he becomes a phenomenal player in the game!
  6. Anwar

    Not so Impossible... I think.

    I know! I was over the moon! It's a shame about his injuries otherwise i know i could have done the league unbeaten!
  7. Anwar

    Not so Impossible... I think.

    SEASON 1: Blue Square South: Boom! Never lost a league game until late March when injuries started to pile up, brilliant season though and glad to get the first one out the way! FA Trophy: Really really gutted that i didn't win this trophy, you'll see why in a minute and Newport equalised in injury time in the first leg! FA Cup: Absolutely phenomenal result, we knocked out Kidderminster, Bury and then Huddersfield! I lead 3 times away to Huddersfield, they equalised almost instantly after i took the lead and the first leg finished 3-3! I also drew all away ties in the FA Cup, the inevitable happened when i drew a Premier League team though... Yes they hammered me, i think we had about 2 shots all game, sti proud though! This was actially the first match we lost all season as well! Top signings: 2 absolute coups if you ask me, gutted i won't have them next season, it won't stop me trying to get them though! An injury hit Ogenda was brilliant when fit, absolute machine! McFadzean is a very good winger, who assists for fun! Stats: All going well at the minute, really hope i can keep it going next season! FA Trophy is my top priority though.
  8. Anwar

    Not so Impossible... I think.

    Thank you everybody! First update asap
  9. Welcome to my impossible challenge! I can't promise regular posts due to always being very busy lately, but ill do what i can so bare with me please I will be starting with everyones favourite non-league side: The trophies that i need in 30 seasons are as followed: England: Premier League Championship League 1 League 2 Blue Square Premier Blue Square South Blue Square North FA Cup League Cup FA Trophy Johnstones Paint Trophy Community Shield Italy: Serie A Italian Cup Italian Supercup Spain: Liga BBVA Spanish Cup Spanish Supercup Holland: Eredivisie Dutch Cup Dutch Supercup Continential: Chanpions League Europa League European Supercup Club World Championship International: World Cup European Cup Confederations Cup So here goes guys, wish me luck (Inspired by Ashez)
  10. Love this Ash lad, keep it up
  11. Anwar

    Weirdest things on FMH2013

    Who has 4 match balls for us?
  12. Anwar

    Im back.

    *cries because feels unwanted* Opens spoiler *cries with happiness*
  13. Anwar

    Im back.

    Didn't everyone?
  14. Anwar

    England's Young Lions

    Goooooo on Sam nice read lad, although you're losing good players throughout the seasons, don't forget about the Beckham's and Gerrard's regens that will replace them, just hope they regenerate at 15/16 rather than 20.
  15. Anwar

    Off Topic Im back.

    Everyone miss me? Haha nah i am back now though guys, not sure how active ill be but i'm no longer on the missing persona list, good to be back and look forward to talking to you all and interacting with the newer members who i don't know. See y'all around the site