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  1. Well in fact this is something I've been thinking about lately I think the existing roles cover quite a decent number of common roles, and some of the ones you mentioned above I believe can be achieved in-game. However I am aware that the PC version of the game does have a number of roles added that would offer more variety to the current set, e.g. a Wide Playmaker that would drift inside, but returns to the flanks when defending, which would otherwise be difficult to replicate with the current wide roles, for example when one would like to recreate something like Koke in Simeone's 4-4-2 or Kampl in Roger Schmidt's 4-4-2 from his time at RB Salzburg. Roaming playmaker in MC/DMC would probably be more like a Toure/Cesc/Gundogan role, though you could argue playing just the right type of player in a BBM role does replicate the effect to a certain extent in-game...still I guess it would make the roles somewhat clearer and more distinguished? I do wish that we could see more roles on the wide positions though, seeing as how tactics have evolved and we begin to see more different playing styles, such as inverted wing-backs and the Raumdeuter, apparently the Mueller-role - I'd love to see a role that would get my AML/Rs to drift and come inside more to seek for space and receive rather than carrying the ball inside like an InF...
  2. So uhh...this happened :ph34r: What happens next? Does my second team stay in the second division as it usually is IRL?
  3. ...and sadly only when FMH 2015 is a few months away does this statement stand Then again, Juve do have one of the best squads in FMH...
  4. It's probably because the weak teams just stay back and defend and when they see a chance they counter attack, while big teams are attacking most of the time against weak opponents which leaves them vulnerable. Yeah happens to everyone sadly It's interesting how parking the bus vs big teams doesn't seem to work as well for us though...at least that's how it seems. I suppose weak teams have their bad days parking the bus too haha
  5. Purely random, but I'm genuinely worried about my defense... :unsure:
  6. Season 7 After leaving the job in Madrid, I decided to stay in Spain for a while, for I never got to get a real glimpse of Spain during my short tenure at Los Galacticos. As I travelled around Spain, I came across the beautiful, ex-Roman colony Valencia. Situated on the east coast of the Iberian Peninsula, its historic centre is one of the largest in Spain, and this heritage of cultural attractions prompted me to stay around and enjoy the city more. As I was taking a sip of my morning coffee in a local sidewalk café, I received a phone call from the chairman of the largest football club in the city – Valencia CF. They were aware of my presence in the city, and notified me that they were in search of a new manager. In the spirit of looking for challenges, I immediately said yes, and my face was on the front page of every local newspaper the next day. To be frank, this job seemed rather enjoyable for a challenge, as in the past 6 seasons of management, I have never really sat down and try and enjoy the city as well as the club. Valencia was different, as I could work and still have time to relax, partly thanks to the talented squad we had at the club. Little major signings were made, mostly poaching young, talented Spaniards who played for Real Madrid Castilla and didn’t make the first team. The board was confident in my abilities, and believed that I would stay around longer. That I couldn’t assure them, but I did promise them that we would win La Liga. We won our first piece of silverware after a 4-0 aggregate win over my previous club, Real Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup... ...and we maintained our good form until January. Things were going too smoothly, and I could sense that we would soon hit a point where the team would fall apart. I couldn’t tell when, but I had this strong feeling that we would. My hunch was confirmed in late-January, where we slumped to a humiliating 2-0 defeat by Atletico Madrid in the first leg, who were now a mid-table club... Our players performed poorly, and I decided to take them all aside for a little team talk. It worked wonders, as all of them reacted positively and we soon picked up our previous form in all competitions, and we managed to get pass Atletico after managing to overcome them 4-2 on aggregate. What a relief Despite the strong financial backing that Real Madrid possessed, I was never afraid of facing them. On the other hand, Barcelona under Tata Martino were the opponents I feared most, with perhaps the strongest frontline you could ever face, and the goalkeeper who was always so consistent, Rui Patricio. Once again we faced them in the Spanish Cup Final, where both of our goalkeepers, Guaita and Patricio put on a goalkeeping masterclass, saving every single shot that headed for the goal. Yet once again, Lady Luck was on our side, and we beat them 6-5 on penalties, winning our second piece of silverware Soon after that memorable victory, we were declared La Liga winners as well, rocking Spanish football for completing my 2nd treble in 2 seasons with 2 different clubs. Our star strikers Thievy and Carlos Andres won 1st and 2nd place for Spanish Player of the Year 2020, while once again I did not win Liga BBVA Manager of the Year… Still that did not stop me from winning our last piece of trophy, albeit with a little luck after a last minute goal from Carlos Andres... And once again, I began to feel that I was growing complacent. The relaxing atmosphere of Valencia was nice, but a season was enough for a break. I was also aware that the European Football Championship was coming, which meant that national team managers could be sacked after it. As I’ve never managed a national team before, it would probably be the challenge I’ve been looking for, as you can’t sign foreign players, so you won’t be getting the next Messi for Denmark, making it more challenging. Well, as you’d expect from me, I resigned once again (though upsetting the Valencia board in the process), and patiently waited for my next opportunity… The Season: The Board: The Manager:
  7. Would you say that squad quality is preventing you from back to back promotions? As you do have a lot of jobs to complete, time is limited, so it would save a lot of time if you manage back to back promotions. I'd suggest spending a lot of time on scouting and finding the best players you can afford. I always look for players I think are ready for the league above where we are now, and I can tell you there will always be players out there that are willing to come, just need to spend more time on scouting.
  8. Totally agree lol Then again it seems better now that Denmark have appointed Steve McClaren and Serbia appointed me...oh wait you're not supposed to know the last part
  9. Quick question, has managing a relatively smaller nation like Serbia ever been a problem? I know Ireland/Northern Ireland/Scotland/Wales were possible to get but not sure if it's coz of being English or being good or the fact that they're smaller nations. I suppose Serbia is only like 2nd tier when compared to the likes of Spain/Germany...? On the level of Turkey/Croatia possibly?
  10. Yeah...20 or so seasons left...no rush at all ._.
  11. So do you think it would be a good idea to build up my loyalty stats around my final club, or should I stay loyal to clubs at first to (maybe) get national team jobs? I'm more inclined to do the first one coz it feels safer but then again I guess that's been what I've been doing for the previous attempts...well maybe more accidentally deleting saves than that...but now we have iCloud saves