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  1. Condo

    FMM19 Bug List

    I'm about 3 seasons into an Aston Villa campaign, I'm in the premier league, won the champions league (complete fluke but still) and still nobody wants to sign for me really, those that are interested then 'don't want to join my club' or demand ridiculously high wages and a massive signing on bonus which I can't afford (have over 140mil to spend and can't buy anyone decent)... can't adjust the budgets any more and the board don't want to do jack all for me, including wages, facilities etc. They're also 'slightly disappointed' in my role as a manager... Another thing is Manchester United have literally spent about 300mil this transfer window and go for every player I bid for and end up outbidding me - surely that's a bug... have kinda given up on this seasons version, hence why I haven't really been on vibe but thought it would be good to point out just in case others are experiencing the same.
  2. Anyone found anyone new/different that isn’t a regen?
  3. It will more than likely be slightly different. I’m sure @Stam will update when he has time
  4. Condo

    Transfer window update

    Anyone noticed any major attribute changes in certain players? Salah seems to have gotten a nice boost! Wondering if there’s any other hidden gems!
  5. Condo

    Transfer window update

    Tempted to switch to Android simply because they get updates quicker than us iOS users haha
  6. Condo

    Transfer window update

    I agree it’s a bit irritating having to wait so long for the update. Why not just do two updates? After all there are people to have paid for the game, most windows have been shut for nearly two months, it should be a little earlier in my opinion.
  7. I’ve also noticed a few beasty 22-23 year olds develop very well. Would be interested in seeing them added to the list although they’re not quite ‘kids’ anymore. They still have a way to develop though. edit: sorry for the double post, shiz
  8. Would love this! @Dec did one a few seasons ago I believe *first post in Vibe for ages!* trying to get back into FMM!
  9. Condo

    Return of Old Bugs

    Has anyone else noticed leadership literally just randomly dropping to 1? Happened to two of my youth players (Dani Ceballos & Süle). Was pretty pissed as Sule's leadership was 20. He must have had a bad day at the office...
  10. Yeah I've used Tah for the last two FMM's so I'm trying to do something a bit different or I get bored of the same players. Neves and Maia look great but I like to try and play players in their natural position, and I very rarely use a defensive midfielder when playing as Man United. I will probably do a save with Everton at some point and would potentially sign both of them.
  11. I also have a United save and I switch between two tactics. Taff's 4-4-2 Attacking formation from Fmm16 still working. P TM IF W BBM AP FB CD. CD FB Also I use P TM IF AP W BBM CM CD CD CD They're both working for me, did the treble in first season (by the skin of my TEETH might I add) In 1 1/2 seasons I've Sold: Herrera, Mhkitaryan, Fellaini, Rojo, Jones, Januzaj and eventually Lingard. The only ones I'd say definitely need to go are Mhkitaryan, Fellaini, Januzaj and Jones. Others I just had better players in their position. Rooney has gone shit in second season so I've stopped using him and I don't you a DM so goodbye Carrick (unfortunately) Just be careful of signing too many signings straight away/selling too many etc - I try to space mine out - but over a season and a half I've bought: Origi, Goretzka, Rugani, Ounas, O. Dembele, Asensio, Donnarumma (backup), Rajkovic (to make a profit), Fourtunis (cheap backup - selling for profit next season), Henrichs (great full back), Lemos (potential star), M Pereira (profit), Woodburn, Kuki (profit), Kessie, Ceballos, Pinamonti (future) and Eggestein (future). A lot of signings in two seasons but I loaned a lot of be wonderkids out. Ibra only lasted a season for me and then I didn't renew his contract as he wanted too much - although he was awesome.
  12. Gotcha, sorry for the confusion thanks for clearing that up!
  13. The tweaked version looks even better Taff, wow! Just out of curious how often do you switch strat? Surely you don't play the whole season with that one tactic? If not, what's the alternative tactic you use so teams don't get too familiar with your playing style?
  14. What a handy list, good work! In reference to those players who's PA isnt fixed, how did you get the figure for the spreadsheet - was it from a specific save or what that players potential starts as?