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  1. Lav50

    FMM19 General Discussion

    You can not make tactic work in FMM It is predetermined, you can merely discover it This is how I see it SI is oxygen, you are the lighter and tactic is the fire As long as you light it up in the right time that requires certain oxygen level it is gonna burn..but when the oxygen releases the update it will turn everything to shite 😂😂 and then you gotta do it again
  2. Lav50

    Winter Update

    On FB I read that hotfix made things even worse so I will hold out and let you guys test it first
  3. Lav50

    Winter Update

    It happened before, when they mess update up they pull it away, happened to me on previous version as I do manually install all updates of all apps on my phone
  4. Lav50

    Winter Update

    I wanted to start a new save in lower league club or top club in a league with lower rep(CSKA, Anderlecht etc) but I am not gonna sign players I do not need just so I could rotate them, wage budget gotta be thick
  5. Lav50

    Winter Update

    Everyone else also staying away from game until hotfix?
  6. Lav50

    Winter Update

    They either lost competent staff to the PC and FMT versions or they just produce whatever to earn some money along the way, losing interest in it basically Way I see it its one of the two
  7. Lav50

    Winter Update

    It is an awful way, instead of just fixing the way AI handles team's fitness they chose to decimate our own
  8. Lav50

    Mareno Amazing 4-3-2-1

    As seen in pics below this tactic can definetly do some damage, I did have finishing issues as I had lot of shots on target but couldn't score more then 1 or 2, then in other games I scored lot more, I fiddled with roles as I tried out both P and AF but then I realized my IF are the problem..neither of the two have shooting over 13 so when Stengs came back from his injury he repaired my blood picture Other then that tac can be prone to counter attacks at times which is expected given it has 2WB and plays high pressing All in all it is very good especially when playing against teams that are favourites over you..in case you leak a lot of goals I would suggest going with balanced defensive line or switching WB to FB, that should neutralize the counters
  9. Lav50

    Mareno Amazing 4-3-2-1

    This is no fmm18..this year AI makes better transfers and keeps players fit lot more, you need both tactical setup and players trained for that position if you want to win anything
  10. Lav50

    Mareno Amazing 4-3-2-1

    I tested this with Club Brugge and Borussia Dortmund I did not make transfers, I did not set training up and I did not sub players throughout the matches..I won every match I played but stupid me erased the saves before taking some screenshots I applied this to my actual save afterwards, aside from a draw in my first game I also won every match, I will post some screenshots tomorrow when I finish the season NOTE-I use AF instead of P and I go with "work ball into the box" instead of "shoot on sight"
  11. I took over AC Milan after WC in Quatar
  12. I tried it for 6-7 games It did not score a lot for me but I did not concede a single goal..and no highlights where my keeper reacts except kicking the ball Very solid at the back but I prefer 4321 I use
  13. I just hope we get to accept job offers at end of the season(like Niko Kovac with Bayern recently) instead of having to leave mid season for team we want..I really really hope we see that in fmm19
  14. Anyone have a good fitness schedule to share? My regens arent really getting stamina up compared to pre update
  15. Lav50

    FMM18 Bug List

    Jesus please speak english as this is english speaking site, not many people can join a discussion with you in an ompa loompa language Thanks