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  1. Ah got ya, all good Mine somehow works lol
  2. Actually Basque flag does not appear either, check Bilbao's players 2nd nationality and you will see
  3. Yep,injuries galore since the new update
  4. I had same issues, got really frustrated I ended up moving my IF down from F(L'R) to AM(L,R) and changed width to narrow, so far so good tho I definetly score and create less
  5. Last year I remember I sold my striker for around €60M even though his value was around 20M, felt real to me because he had 2 great seasons domestically and UCL as well He was not a regen and was already there when I started the save, doing something like that this year is borderline impossible My guess is that they wanted to make game a bit harder by restricting us but was done superficially, you will notice how other clubs make transfers at much more reasonable prices and that was always there..just this year they went bit overboard with it
  6. It happens to me too especially when its wonderkids and regens, make sense I guess to value young players but prices are still absurd
  7. @RichD :"Nice win boys, you down for lunch?" Haaland and the boys:"Nah boss, 8 2 much" 😁
  8. Might be, not the first time this happens tho, I sometimes feel that tactics in this game is a puzzle that needs to be solved in order to work regardless of logic
  9. Aside from set pieces being iffy now( I am not talking about corner exploit, glad its fixed but set pieces in general) they messed ME again..been intensively testing different styles with different teams and matches literally feel like coin flip now
  10. Its a corner exploit that got fixed, this settings won't work anymore
  11. Last one I played was awful in every aspect but it is most popular out there, FMM is not at much better state right now to be honest
  12. Nothing works properly after latest update so I am not surprised you experience such issues, I suggest going back to fmm20 or trying different game like SM until SI sorts this game out
  13. Putting recommended roles for your players is hardly a good idea Lot of teams have roles based on the style of play For example Barca has mostly creative midfielders while teams like Bayern have more working bees You generally need balance so its better to assign roles that fit together rather then putting 2 AP's next to each other
  14. Looks like he is better at scoring goals then keeping them out 😄
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