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  1. Randomising player base is an awesome idea I understand we can't get newgen system like PC has due to how limited mobile is but randomising regens completely would refresh this game so much
  2. Interesting take, however I still think fmm20 tactical options are not deep enough to replicate tiki taka This should be as close as possible tho
  3. Came back few days back and with this new update nothing rolls properly for me so I get what you mean
  4. Impressive?? More like absolutely mental First season with average team plus such a defensive record is wild
  5. Yes, I just got back into the game few days ago and I can confirm it is not as effective anymore..I am tweaking it atm but I am pretty positive I will just abandon it all together
  6. After retraining this guy I cant train him to be inside forward anymore, I just saw this was already reported but still gonna leave it here
  7. That is a very cheeky workaround, nice one!!
  8. Could be just poor wording but still gonna put it here..Bayern has a manager even tho his role is just assistant manager, I remember I could offer him a staff job while managing other clubs but he would always refuse 😂😂😂
  9. Make sure your players are training the role that they play and it should work, its pretty plug n play tbh
  10. This is what went down I was down 2-1 to my apparent rival Betis We get a corner, defender scores it but ref checks with the VAR..for the first time in FMM20 my goal does not get disallowed after VAR check and Betis protests or something THIS happened right after in the next highlight FM20 Mobile_2019-12-13-15-32-26_1.mp4
  11. Red card Sterling got was in Premier League tho
  12. Why am I unable to discipline my player for getting a red card?
  13. You could try mine, it should work with Inter even if you make no transfers at all..are you using EME engine? If you are not that might be the reason
  14. I got sacked twice trying to rebuild Portsmouth, I got sacked in welsh league, I got sacked few times with international teams(most recently my own country on this FMM) It happens sometimes 🤷‍♂️