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  1. Make sure your players are training the role that they play and it should work, its pretty plug n play tbh
  2. This is what went down I was down 2-1 to my apparent rival Betis We get a corner, defender scores it but ref checks with the VAR..for the first time in FMM20 my goal does not get disallowed after VAR check and Betis protests or something THIS happened right after in the next highlight FM20 Mobile_2019-12-13-15-32-26_1.mp4
  3. Red card Sterling got was in Premier League tho
  4. Why am I unable to discipline my player for getting a red card?
  5. You could try mine, it should work with Inter even if you make no transfers at all..are you using EME engine? If you are not that might be the reason
  6. I got sacked twice trying to rebuild Portsmouth, I got sacked in welsh league, I got sacked few times with international teams(most recently my own country on this FMM) It happens sometimes 🤷‍♂️
  7. 1. Shows club stats and players while playing international matches 2.I tried to offer Laporte to the clubs to get rid of him..instead of his value(around £13M) on confirm I noticed it was over £50M..at first I thought I saw something wrong and after that message pops up saying I refused offer from Bayern for him 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ I would guess those 2 things are somehow connected to each other
  8. Everytime I update I start running a hospital..
  9. Its borderline impossible to ship a player that has a huge wage when you are in charge of a world class club, in Denmark I sold players for over £70M when their worth was merely £4M but now in Man City I can't sell anyone for a reasonable amount of money
  10. Maybe its Maxi and Icardi all over again 😂😂
  11. It is very good to see this back in fmm community, I am a programming dummy myself..jailbreaking and installing custom kernels via flashing is the best I can do 😂😂 if you need testers in the future I can do it do 👍
  12. Try putting your DM up so you have 3 midfielders..try BBM,AP,BWM combination, have one of the centre backs play central defender and put Pickford as GK rather then SK..also try to play your forward as DLF instead of trequarista
  13. Yea..sadly the way transfers work has never been worse in fmm
  14. This seems to be the new bug..you will often see that news say "xy manager would be willing to do the bussiness for £14M" but when you offer that amount they regurarly ask for £30M+
  15. Mentoring stays from the old club..neither one is in Midtylland anymore either..also if you go to manager options your chief scout and assistant also stay from the previous club..my match reports for french national team have been handed to me by him 😂😂😂