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  1. Hi im kind of new to vibe but i would like some advice. Im currently playing boro in the english championship with a counter 41221 tactice. Looked through the tactics index and noticed i havent seen alot of anchors in the CDM position. Would someone like to explain why? Ive been playing anchor for a few games now and always thought it would be a good defensive role but i havent seen it at all. For a counter tactic should i be playing an anchor? Lastly, any tips on how to play a counter tactic?
  2. People with horrible pace is it worth playing them?
  3. I'm sure all of us have had problems with some players. For me is an evogen We have here a really talented forward with impressive all rounded stats. He has a PA of 188 CA180. However he has horrible pace and stamina. I try to train his fitness but it's notworking. Here is a unhappy player. How should I fit him in to my team system? Moreover he is lazy I use a 41221 wide. What should I do?
  4. Is it advisable to switch the winger to an inside forward?
  5. Cool. How many goals has your striker been scoring?
  6. Can u give a screen shot of the tactic? I'm unsure of the exact positions....
  7. Why thank me ?? Can u post screenshots of results?
  8. Got hummels and I didn't get any full backs. I have ivanovic tho
  9. Hey guys update won the EPL by a narrow margin... But lost out on the FA cup, champions cup at the finals ? How do I improve my defense???
  10. So, my midfield partnership should be a BBM with a CM ? Normally I play a BBC and a APM due to the large number of them like Oscar and Willian.
  11. Hello We all know what match reports are, they state stuff such as formations My question is,how do you use matchreports to your advantage? To counter the opponents formation,is a change of your own formation required? How do u use this too?
  12. Interesting. How should I change my defenders? Also, matic to a deep lying mid may not be very good as im afraid he won't contribute to defense. Will doing so make my team more vulnerable? I'm already very leaky at the back.
  13. it is not bad but had a recent slump of form. Narrowly won Everton and Hull by a goal. Everton even had to go to extra time ? Anyway to counter this slump of form? Or does this call for a change in tactic?