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  1. Posted in wrong post. sorry about that man
  2. Found a bug again. value - free, bought for 1.1m and now value 101m.
  3. In my 2nd season and i have a friendly match with torino who is in the same serie A.
  4. Just realize that 1 of my players is empty despite him playing as you can see on the lower portion of the picture. anyone got the same issue?
  5. That i do agree and when i mean out of position, i don't mean those in yellow or brown . i do see match where the opponent playing players in red even at the start of the match
  6. I do notice that teams are using more odd tactics althought they do still play players out of positions.
  7. I did try and push the AM down to the mid between the bwm and bbm. And also change the bpd to a ld/cd. Result was not bad. But i still feel the original one i create is more fun to use.
  8. Did u make any changes? I realise that although there is lots of shots but sometimes my striker just cant score. And there is a habit of letting opponent having 1 on 1 against my keeper.