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  1. Hello Vibe, and welcome to a quick guide on how to make your career updates stand out with these reusable icons. There’s many to choose from ranging from Matchday Icons to National Flags and everything inbetween. To use these icons, simply save the image into your files and upload them onto your career update as you would a normal screenshot and insert in the relevant section of the update. Matchday Icons:- Goal: Injury: Minor Injury: MOTM Award: Own Goal: Missed Penalty: Yellow Card: Double Yellow Card: Red Card: Substitution Off: Substitution On: Fixtures: Win: Draw: Loss: Star Ratings: 1/2 Star: 1 Star: 1 1/2 Star: 2 Star: 2 1/2 Star: 3 Star: 3 1/2 Star: 4 Star: 4 1/2 Star: 5 Star: National Flags:- Argentina: Australia: Belgium: Brazil: China: Croatia: Denmark: England: France: Germany: Ireland: Italy: Mexico: Netherlands: Nigeria: Poland: Portugal: Russia: Scotland: Senegal: Spain: Sweden: Switzerland: Turkey: United Kingdom: United States: Uruguay: Wales: Note: I will happily add more nations on request, simply comment below with the national flag you’d like added to the post. I hope this helps you with bringing your career updates to life. I’d like to thank @Stam over at FMScout for the base images and I’d like to thank you guys for reading
  2. Hopefully you’ll get further than I did 😂
  3. Nucleus

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    You may be right, about 7/8 greens beans is more than enough imo Let me know when you find out 😛
  4. Nucleus

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Well balanced? It’s a fucking Sunday roast not a tactic Rob 😂
  5. Nucleus

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Took much green to other things ratio going on there Ian mate. Beef looks like a horse’s saddle and is that General Sherman I see or some broccoli? Ian, have a word would you 😛
  6. Nucleus

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Ian, don’t bother sending the screenshot unless there’s a big fat Yorkshire pud on the side
  7. Nucleus

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    How’s everyone getting on?
  8. have you tried lighting your phone on fire? That usually does the trick for me
  9. Love it! As you know yourself, I’m a massive RPG fan and some of the titles you listed above are a joy to behold - DQ 8 is hands down my favourite RPG of all time (Until the switch release probably 😛) I never really thought of the link between FMM and the RPG genre before you mentioned it to me and the more I thought about it the more I realised that I was using similar techniques. Nice read this
  10. Nucleus

    English football

    How fucking lucky are City! 😳
  11. Nucleus

    Condition on latest update

    It’s exactly the same as the Touch version. I let my assistant take control of all the team training then I control the individual training on the young players to try and train some new traits I think the new training system is great myself, but I can see where a lot of people would see it as a time sink. Preference on which players to control would get people to appreciate it a bit more maybe?
  12. Nucleus

    Condition on latest update

    A suggestion for training: If I let my assistant manager take control of it, he takes control of all of it right? What if by some chance I want to control one or two players individually? There’s no such way to do so. It’s either all or nothing which is kinda frustrating. Especially in challenge situations where I’m concentrating on say 5 players. Im happy to let the assistant manager take control of the rest of the team but those 5 players I’d like to mould myself. Would that be possible in the near future? Edit: The above was purely an example by the way. I haven’t got a challenge involving 5 different players in the works, had enough of that last year 😂
  13. Nucleus

    Mercurial Talent??

    I think you’re right actually. I remember Rooney had the enigmatic player trait
  14. Nucleus

    Condition on latest update

    I’ve pinned this for you. The hotfix is way better imo. Not played a full season yet but it seems more balanced than the original update. @LenTheWelsh is who I believe you’re on about
  15. Absolutely hate the welsh league so it’s nice to see you make a mockery of it