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  1. Nucleus

    1kc Piece Bon(e) China - S2

    Very solid start that mate, and the player has developed nicely in the first year great job Woody, KIU
  2. Nucleus

    BWM Attributes - Aerial

    Aerial in FMM is a combination of heading, jumping reach and the player’s height
  3. Nucleus

    BWM Attributes - Aerial

    Teamwork should undoubtedly be one as it also covers the work rate attribute
  4. Nucleus

    Wing Back Movement Attribute

    I wouldn’t call it a key attribute but I agree it should be a secondary one, or one I’d look for rather. Movement is always the first attribute I look for in a striker and an attacking mid in which I want them to find those little pockets of space in the centre of the pitch to drag defenders out of position. If my wingback had a movement rating of say 10, then I’d be more than happy
  5. Nucleus

    FIFA 20

    12 & 15 are probably the best fifa games ever tbh. If I had to choose then it’d be fifa 12
  6. Nucleus

    English football

    Not seen that, I’ll have a look at it now Yeah they’ve been useless for a while now, a good few decades tbh lol Just watched the Matip one, no idea why that wasn’t given tbh, watched a different angle of the Rashford one too and that was definitely a penalty imo, just clumsy from the Leicester defender and Rashford took advantage by going down imo
  7. Nucleus

    English football

    Seen them given for less tbh. I assume VAR checked it so there must have been more to it than what you see here. Definitely biased 😂
  8. Nucleus

    FIFA 20

    I played a little bit of the beta version as I was lucky enough to get a code for it. I doubt I'll get the full game though as Fifa gets pretty boring in a short space of time. I hope the government pass this new law on loot boxes to be honest as it should force EA's hand to improve the game where it's needed i.e career mode
  9. Nucleus

    My next try at the strikerless challenge

    It's the correct tag. The challenges tag should only be used when posting a new challenge idea. For any challenge attempts the tag should be career
  10. Nucleus

    Hello there, I'm Dai.

    Now that’s a Welsh name if I ever saw one! Welcome to the site mate, I’m sure you’ll love it here
  11. Nucleus

    The poster below me

    It was excellent tbf, his face and mood change was fantastic 😂 TPBM believes Chelsea could be sucked into a battle for top 10!
  12. Yeah I should imagine it is myself
  13. From my gathering it’s one or the other. @danovic78 should be able to confirm this for you though
  14. Nucleus

    FMM19 Bug List

    Que the “they must see something in him that you don’t” bullshit
  15. Nucleus

    Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

    Nice cheeky hatrick for captain sterling on opening weekend 😀