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  1. No doubt it’ll be 50 pages long before the year is out 😂
  2. He’s probably suffering from ptsd after that announcement
  3. Joe Allen you beautiful beautiful man! Absolutely immense tonight 😍😍😍
  4. Devasted to open that spoiler and not see Holloway 😂
  5. He took them to the champions league final last season ffs. Few players wanted out in the summer and didn’t get their moves so they’ve chucked their toys out the pram. If anything it’s the boards fault for not allowing them to move on! added 0 minutes later I expected nothing other than that from that tight fisted wanker Levy either tbh
  6. Another case of players chucking the manager under the bus
  7. There literally a bug thread pinned on the forum for this sort of thing https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/44095-fmm20-bug-list/ p.s when you want help in the future, it helps to actually tag the thread properly
  8. I guarantee this thread will be at least 5 pages long by the end of tomorrow
  9. Hi Zach, I mean Danish....I mean Zach. Wait a minute, which one are you again?
  10. Nucleus


    Don’t get me wrong, graphics don’t bother me. What does bother me is the fact they have the resources and ability at hand and yet they still put out a half assed effort. I’m by no means saying the game is going to be shit as I’ll no doubt enjoy it, but it most definitely is a half assed attempt
  11. Nucleus


    A kick in the teeth to some fans then basically 😂
  12. Nucleus


    I guess what I’m asking is, why are they cutting corners when the technology is in their hands as proven with the last game. It’s not like money is tight there, it’s the biggest selling franchise of all time lol
  13. Nucleus


    Why try and mix a fantastic looking switch game with a game from an older generation 🤯 When let’s go first appeared it was a “holy shit, this is the future of Pokemon games” art wise but they seem to have taken three step backwards. It just doesn’t make sense.