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  1. It’s extremely petty, but some are just using it as an opportunity to shake their anti united agenda stick at. To be perfectly honest, SI shouldn’t have supported the mods in the first place, they knew it broke copyright law yet still allowed it. They’ve got themselves to blame and no one else
  2. It’s copyright for a reason ffs 🤦🏻‍♂️ Any other club and it wouldn’t be mentioned 😂
  3. Funnily enough SI are happy to scream from the rooftops about the number of units sold. Maybe it’s time for them to invest some of that money back in
  4. Nucleus


    Maybe they can invest in the bloody next gen of joycons, because the ones we currently have are cheap as shit! How on earth has AC sold that many ffs
  5. Nucleus


    BOTW....Port....Piss off Ashez 😂 Witcher 3 > DQXIs 👀
  6. Nucleus


    It doesn’t help that it’s holding its price really well! £45 for a physical copy, and that’s on a sale! I managed to snag it for £25 physically during last easters sale iirc It’s definitely one I want to try no doubt, it’d have to be at a good price for me to bite though, as I could quite easily just give up on it Accepted your friend request
  7. Nucleus


    @JustM1kePlays @Mikey here’s my Switch friend code if you want to add me SW-2597-2905-0300
  8. Nucleus


    I’ve not played the first two, you don’t really have to as the third is a stand-alone and not a continuation. There are some characters that crossover but you get their backstory given to you in the glossary and via the story I’ve got Skyrim too, and I can wholeheartedly say that is a very good game. I’ve had two playthrough actually! Dark Souls is one ive been looking at too but the difficulty is frightening!
  9. Nucleus


    You wouldn’t be dissapointed! If you fancy something a bit more adult friendly then I recommend The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I currently have a 150 hours on it and I’m having so much fun with it. Easily the best port on the system by a country mile
  10. Nucleus


    You dragged me here to read a 90% AC review, that I’ve heard all month anyway 😲 lowbow man, lowblow
  11. Also got a place on Night Edition 20/1 (4:50) & Third time lucki 14/1 (5:30)
  12. Lovely place here. Profit on the day again 😃
  13. Each Way shouts today from me: 2:50 - Protektorat 15/1 - Skelton on this one. Last four outings - 3rd, 1st, 1st, 2nd. 2:50 - Honest Vic 33/1 - Johnson riding this one. Last four outings - 1st, 4th, 1st, 5th 365 paying 1/4 odds and 5 places each way.
  14. I’m playing this as a straight win treble for tomorrow. It’s an obvious choice but I can’t see any other horses winning the respective races to be honest: ENVOI ALLEN 1.30 Cheltenham DEFI DU SEUIL 3.30 Cheltenham TIGER ROLL 4.10 Cheltenham Might have another dabble at a place accumulator tomorrow. I’ll post it here if I do My Cheltenham bets have been paid for already with that winner today lol
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