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  1. Nucleus

    Help with 4411

    We’re going to need a lot more info than that I’m afraid. What player roles are you using, team instructions etc.
  2. Nucleus

    FMM19 Bug List

    And there won’t be 😂
  3. Nucleus

    Job Offer?

    Leave for Arsenal and destroy them. Strip them bare, sell off everyone then return to Macclesfield when that job inevitably comes up
  4. pls share tactic Gotshead euro exploit. Many thank
  5. Not really the point. I’d rather it be linked so traffic would be directed this way.
  6. I’m going to say no about copying it. I’m more than happy for you to link it though
  7. Nucleus

    Hello I’m Hamood

  8. Nucleus

    Hello I’m Hamood

    My mate @Hamood Do remind me, how did we meet?
  9. Nucleus

    Basque nationality in fmmvibe profile

    Cheers Jeff
  10. Nucleus


    The old GBC colours ☺️ I had a turquoise GBC and seeing that colour switch instantly reminded me of it!
  11. Nucleus

    No vibe for FMT?

    All the FMT talk I’ve undertaken has been on an FM community. They’re both tied together
  12. Nucleus

    English football

    Give my regards to Bati
  13. Nucleus

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    He’ll have his own bloody store soon enough! 😆
  14. Tough start. Plenty of time to turn things around, but not as many cock ups left in the bank 😛
  15. Nucleus

    DJ Woody’s Record Store

    @danovic78 right about now... got,got,got,need,got,got,got,got,need.....