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  1. Decent numbers. Nice to see Messi at Burnley 😂😂
  2. Six games into the season and you’re piping up. Earliest yet iirc 😂
  3. February Only three games to delve into this month, so the squad had some ample time to recuperate after a hectic December/January. Gameweek 27: Huddersfield (H) An absolute football masterclass here. Limited them to a single shot off target and put away three goals of our own. Unfortunately neither Maguire was in on those goals Gameweek 28: Watford (H) Forgot to mention this man here! James Ward Prowse, a January signing for the team as he was transfer listed and I wanted to try and make use of his impeccable crossing attribute and set piece skills to try and craft some more goals for the Maguires. Back to the game at hand, we found ourselves 2-0 down before Harry and Ward-Prowse struck to secure a vital point in the total race against a dogged Watford side. Gameweek 29: Man City (A) Dominate the play against City yet again. This time we find ourselves on the winning side too. Month Review: A successful month once again. Shame about the dropped points against Watford but we certainly made up for it with a huge win against City at the Etihad. League Table: We carve open a 10 point cushion and surely now with 9 games to go we are favourites for the league title? The Slab Head Brothers Harry Maguire: Slight drop in form since the new year but 28 goals in 30 games from a centre half is nothing to laugh about certainly. Laurence Maguire: No goals from Laurence this month but he’s still sitting pretty on 9 at the moment which I’m ok with, I feel he’s got a bit more left to give though. Points Harry: 28 Laurence: 45 League: 68 Total: 141 Once again, thanks for reading and please do remember to leave a comment! Adios Amigos!
  4. 2026 Calendar Year Challenge Hi lads, just a quick update on how the year 2026 went for Mbappé. So between January and the end of the season Mbappé managed to score 46 goals which is bang on half way to completing the challenge. 46 goals in the second half of the year would be enough to beat it once again. Lo and behold, you ask Mbappé and Mbappé will deliver. 46 goals for the second half of the year which was undoubtedly helped by the hatrick in the final match of 2026 😝 Challenge Totals: 2018: 69 ❌ 2019: 76 ❌ 2020: 92 ✅ 2021: 89 ❌ 2022: 104 ✅ 2023: 117 ✅ 2024: 88 ❌ 2025: 106 ✅ 2026: 92 ✅ Thanks for reading
  5. Nucleus

    Serverdotmy on youtube

    Now that I’ve seen your response I’m happy to admit the comment was mine 😂😂
  6. Nucleus

    Serverdotmy on youtube

    No idea. Just someone saying his channels s**t
  7. Superb work once again lads! Will give this a go at some point for sure 😁
  8. Agreed! Too much of the game is out of our hands as it is right now
  9. Fantastic month results wise! Shame about the injury to Harry though 😢
  10. Nucleus

    Serverdotmy on youtube

    Strangely enough there’s an abusive comment on that video! 😮
  11. I’d definitely consider having a fitness coach mate
  12. Was satisfying 😝 I’ve finished the season like a week ago 😂 It’s a shame about his tackling too otherwise he’d be an ok CB. He’d make a pretty decent full back of sorts. He’s lacking in a certain key area for most positions to be honest though!
  13. January Same as December, January is also a busy month with six fixtures lined up so I’ll try and keep this brief once again. Gameweek 22: Swansea (A) We start off the new year with a trip down to South Wales. The Swans put up a real scrap in this match but we ultimately prevail 3-2 with a Laurence penalty helping us along the way. FA Cup Third Round: Man City (A) A tough match in our opening FA Cup tie and I didn’t fancy my chances to be honest, so i fielded my second string side in the hopes of being eliminated so I could concentrate solely on League football. Eliminated we were, but we weren’t embarrassed by a long shot. Dominated the game with five clear cut chances, but we eventually lose 2-0 and we’re dumped out the FA Cup at the first hurdle! Gameweek 23: Stoke (H) Our first match at the King Power Stadium in 2018 proved to be a success as both Maguires get in on the goals to seal a 2-1 victory over Stoke Gameweek 24: Southampton (H) What a game for the Maguires! A brace from Laurence and a goal from Harry gives us a 3-1 victory over the Saints! Gameweek 25: Liverpool (A) The return trip to Liverpool didn’t go as planned, after our 5-1 thrashing of them at the home tie they were seemingly looking for revenge. Revenge they had, a Danny Ings hatrick put us to the sword as we lose 4-2 Gameweek 26: Arsenal (A) Another tough game on the road, but this time we take our chances and we’re resolute in defence in a 3-0 victory over the Gunners. Month Review: A successful month. 4/5 league wins with us being eliminated out the cup seen as a success by mysef 😝 League Table: Nice six points cushion at the top now, with those below me seemingly having European football return in February this could well be our year once again! The Slab Head Brothers Harry Maguire: A very quiet month for Harry with only two goals this month. Could this be a dip in form? Laurence Maguire: Just as one is going out of form, the other is finding his! Four goals this month for Laurence. He’s been on my training for a while now and I’m gradually seeing it pay off. That’s what I’m putting it down to anyway as I’ve not changed anything tactically 😝 Points Harry: 26 Laurence: 45 League: 61 Total: 132 Thanks for reading, stay tuned for the February update which I may post tonight!
  14. That was brilliant to read I’ll admit. Bit of a poet aren’t you mate 😝 Jamaica isn’t in Africa mind 😂 Shame about the injuries otherwise it could have been a great score!