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About Nucleus

  1. I always take that one as a compliment 😂
  2. Found it. Part of my triple threat career. Three seasons in I got him for around £25m His physicals are unreal 😍
  3. Mitrovic develops into one of the best TM’s in the game imo! I’ll try and find a screenshot from one of my careers
  4. Oh a Raul/Fat Ronaldo Double Trouble 😍
  5. Nucleus

    The New Stadium Challenge

    😂 My thinking behind it is that I’d extended the stadium via board requests to around 125k so maybe there was no need for a new stadium?
  6. Nucleus

    The New Stadium Challenge

    Nearly forgot about this one Ive just realised that in 22 seasons managing Monaco in my Augusta save I didn’t get a new stadium! 😡
  7. Wow! That growth 😍 never heard of him before now. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Brilliant stuff mate 😁 congratulations on the 1K and ticking off two time in the GaM is pretty good at this stage. All down to luck now though I’m afraid. Well done mate
  9. Nucleus

    FMM18 Bug List

    That’s what I thought! I knew the individual season stats disappeared after so many years but that totals remained the same. Bit of a ball ache to keep track of stats 😮
  10. I’m sorry for being the bearer of bad news 😂
  11. Nucleus

    FMM18 Bug List

    Yeah someone else had it not long ago. Must be after 18 seasons or so then, I’m assuming it just wipes the 17/18 season and so on
  12. Nucleus

    Fiete Arp- Sensational youngster

    Quality plug that 😝
  13. We actually discussed a lot more leagues e.g Mexican, Swiss, Ukraine but settled on these two for the article. The more leagues the better at the end of the day
  14. Didn’t think about it. There’s a triple threat Assists challenge that I’m on target for too! I’ll have a look in a few seasons to see which leaderboards I may be eligible for. Thanks