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  1. Found guilty of spending beyond their means, so UEFA decide to slap them with a €30m fine. Fantastic logic there. Let’s hope the other European giants get investigated too because I very much doubt City are the only ones doing it. Hi everyone by the way
  2. Potentially, but usually they’ll be identical positions They usually regen in their national league, so an English player will regen in the English leagues. As for your example of Bale, despite being welsh, he’ll 99% of the time regen in England due to the fact that your very very unlikely to get a player of his calibre at a welsh club I’m pretty certain there’s a window for regens appearing, and I’m tempted to say it’s around October from experience. Hope that helps slightly
  3. The only way I’d imagine is via changes.txt But honestly, I’ve no idea why you’d bother. Every single AI Manager is as trash as the next
  4. Nucleus


    I loved my playthrough of it. It hasn’t held up well graphically but the story is as beautiful as ever
  5. I sold the entire squad and built up a free agents team. I’m operating over my wage budget slightly but I made some decent money from the players I sold.
  6. It should affect most saves, any major changes though and you’re likely going to have to start a fresh save
  7. I’m just steamrollering my way through the second division 😂
  8. It’s just more SI bollocks mate. Same thing every single year
  9. Ancelotti 😯 thoughts on that one @danovic78?
  10. On the point of training intensity, I conducted an experiment last year testing all three levels of intensity and “low” came out on top on both development levels and the least amount of injuries. Not sure what it’s like this year though, I’ve been letting my assman take control of it
  11. There’s only one difference between what you do Foxy, and what I do. That is the physios, I always go with Two prevention and one rehabilitation. I’d rather prevent injuries in the first place, that is the only logic behind my decision lol
  12. I agree, he wasn’t following his instructions. He shouldn’t have been subbed on in the first place to be honest. He’ll fuck off back to Italy before you know it
  13. Classy man management from Duncan Ferguson. Subs on Kean in the 70th minute and then subs him off in the 89th. What a way to shatter a young kids confidence 😅
  14. Good work once again Foxy, it should help many during the most difficult time of the game. Thanks for linking some of my content too, appreciated
  15. According to SI it does, but I call bullshit to be honest
  16. It seems that @Ian has ruined my fun 😛
  17. I could, but I’d be breaking all sorts of privacy laws and the like so I’d rather keep it to myself. Or you could, you know, pay me 😂😂😂 added 0 minutes later I’ll do you a cracking deal on a screenshot plus a photo of Klopp hugging a player. Let’s call it a tenner? How does that sound?
  18. Looks really good in 2020! Like really good too 😯
  19. Clearly never watched a football game has he 😂
  20. I don’t see much wrong with your player role selection if I’m honest, maybe add one BPD in there seeing as you want to play out from the back. Team instructions I Would change are your width - go narrow to get the wingers more involved, as many have said, they will get isolated. Change your passing focus to central (gets those playmakers the ball as often as possible) or mixed. Try experimenting with the tempo and creative freedom too. This guide I wrote may come in handy for you
  21. I’ve always been confused with this hole actually. Are you meant to smash the +60GD or literally get as close as possible to it? For example, would a +80GD still Net you a birdie? @samhardy
  22. I’d be happy with that Foxy, it’s a damage limitation hole