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  1. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    A daily reminder that everyone viewing this thread has to play the DQXIs demo! It's bloody awesome which @Nucleuscan confirm and I've just found out it's 10 hours long! You owe it to yourselves to at least try it! @Rob @zaangie @topline
  2. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Meestercat in FMM19 Bug List   
    Heh, yeah.
    I’ve found another one - Newly promoted Premier League Brentford are tracking a 30 year old Faroese TM with attributes that put him as a solid L2 player at best.
  3. Favourite
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in The Adventures Of Batmaz & Robin   
    The Adventures Of Batmaz & Robin

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! Today I introduce you guys to my latest adventure! You may have noticed I've been quiet since my "Squad Numbers" save entertained the masses but you should of had faith that I was working on something behind the scenes.....Even if that work was slow going and needs to be continued. You see I've been playing this save for months on and off as the desire to play comes and goes but I feel now is the perfect time to open the book and read you a tale of adventures, of highs and lows and of triumph and heart break before I discover how the final chapters play out myself. I won't lie to you guys as I'm currently 12 seasons deep into this journey with the ending still to be written, however I feel I've plenty of hard miles left to climb so what better opportunity to get you guys involved to push me through these final chapters. 
    What are "The Adventures Of Batmaz & Robin" I hear you cry? Well my dear fellow listen up as we jump into how this story came to be. 
    The Inspiration
    I've been known throughout the years of Vibe to run gimmick saves and the like and I do this because I think laid back and fun saves can be a great way to reinvent the game for yourself, especially when you're in a position like mine where you've played the game to death and completed the go to challenges multiple times. Another trait of my is I like to take my other passions found outside of FMM and bring them to the Vibe community, with my "Lower League Rogue" save being a great example where I introduced Rogue-like elements to FMM, or the "Nationlocke" challenge where I borrowed challenge ideas from the Pokemon community. Inspiration can come from anywhere and usually it can be a fantastic approach to mix your passions into saves wherever possible. 
    When FMM19 first released and I was looking through the game I discovered a club called Batman found in the unplayable leagues in Turkey, obviously as a massive DC fan this peaked my interest but after hours of trying to get them promoted it just didn't seem possible. I thought the dream died here but then I found someone, he called to me like a signal in the sky! 

    Now we're talking i thought as I knew I needed to use this lad for something which is why he showed up during my Squad Numbers save. That however wasn't enough for me as I knew I could do more with the Turkish international but if only there was a challenge where I could unleash the gimmick dream. 
    Then it hit me like a Batarang to the face! 
    In an excited frenzy I booted up the game and jumped databases like Harley Quinn on a pogo stick trying to find what I needed. I checked more databases than I ever had before looking for a special someone, or in truth for multiple someone's so I could pick the best but unfortunately only one option even existed 

    The Dynamic Duo are here baby! That's right I'll be unleashing Batmaz and Robin on the footballing world! Yes it was indeed vital to me that Robin's second name was Robin, going by first names would have beaten the point completely, and this way the commentary call them Batmaz and Robin. How cool is that? Come that's pretty bloody cool!
    Is This A Goal Challenge?
    The answer from day one has always been yes and no, obviously the dream is to take these two to the Double Trouble leader board but it's not the be all and end all of the save, this save is all about the adventure. The carrot of the accepted target/total will always be there and I'll keep a running total for you guys, if we make it fantastic but if not hopefully the journey was still worth your time. All I'll say is at the time of writing I still have no idea if we'll get across the line in any of the goal challenges but I'm hopeful at least. 
    The Club Of Choice
    When it came to deciding on a starting club I had two options, I could continue the theme and use somewhere in New York (Gotham City), or maybe somewhere like Valencia (The Bat) and finally I could go the typical big club in a small league route. I ran a fair few test exploring the above options and clubs in Poland, Russia, Turkey and Portugal but in the end I settled for an old favourite of mine......

    Celtic are just a club I enjoy playing as and in the end I decided it's where I'd have the most fun and where I thought my duo could thrive the most. After all my very first goal challenge success started in this Scottish city and I thought I'd need all the good omens I could find! 
    You should have noticed by now the two ******* incredible pieces of artwork @Foxy created me for this save and I simply can't thank him enough, they're simply incredible! Seriously if he comments below throw some +1's his way as he bloody deserves them, like I seriously love these! I'm heavily tempted to get the Celtic one printed off as a poster as it's just awesome, I get giddy just looking at it! Thank you so much @Foxy, these images alone have been a massive motivator as they need to be seen! 
    Anyway that brings my opening post to an end, hopefully you enjoyed the read and that you're on board for the rest of the adventure! As always any comments are encouraged and appreciated! 
  4. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    Dragon Quest XIs is getting a demo!!! Nice!
  5. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    What I've Been Playing 
    July was basically a month of waiting around for Fire Emblem which released at the tail end of July, however as of right now I've not picked Fire Emblem up as yet. I decided to wait for reviews which thankfully were extremely positive but in truth I'm holding back a bit to be sensible as July was an expensive month and FE released on the weekend of the missus birthday, so I treated her instead of myself. After the lengths she went to to please me (you'll see below) it was a well made call lol. I actually did get weak a few days back though as I went to get it but Game, Amazon, Tesco, Smyths, and Asda didn't have it in stock! I'll get it next week though if everything goes to plan and I can't wait! Anyway July basically saw me focus on clearing some of the shorter games in my back log. 
    In Between - I was not prepared for this game, this game fucking broke me. This game was five hours of utter heartache. This is one of the most hard hitting, depressing and tear inducing games I've ever played, I won't lie this game got me misty eyed and teary on multiple occasions, I've literary just beat the game and i feel raw ffs. I've never, ever felt like this after finishing a game before. I got this game with the understanding it would be dark, I got this game knowing it was about accepting death, I got this game knowing it was about someone accepting cancer yet it still fucking broke me. The story in this game is one of the most powerful gaming experiences I've ever had and it's handled extremely well, simple sentences pulled me in and had me gasping for breath, simple sentences had me holding back tears, this game got completely inside my head. Basically the story is about a character who's terminally ill from cancer and you go through their life trying to accept it via the DABDA (denial, anger, bargening, depression and acceptance) approach. The game otherwise is a pretty basic and average puzzle platformer based around these stages of grief for example in the anger stages there are these red "rage" areas you have to avoid, in other stages you're being constantly chased by the darkness which tries to consume you. Tbf the puzzles are pretty good and a nice difficulty as usually the issue is you're over thinking things but they all pull the story together. Platforming wise this is a two button game as you don't jump but instead you use gravity to move around the stages, you move with one stick and the other is used to jump surface to surface, it's basic but gets complex and stays fun throughout. The story is what keeps you pushing forward though, after the anger stages I had to turn it off as it got too much, I actually played this game in two sittings as I just had to see it through and after both sessions I just needed time to reflect. It just knocked me about, I can't say for sure if the story is just that powerful or if I'm projecting a little considering I've lost family members to that awful disease but shit it was a powerful and intense journey. Graphically the game is gorgeous with some wonderfully unique hand drawn cut scenes which again helps set the tone while the soundtrack continually pulls on your heart strings. I really don't know if I can recommend this game or not tbh, it cost me £1 and it's one of the most unique experiences I've ever had, is the game outstanding? No, not at all as story aside it's pretty average but the package sucked me in and gave me a journey I'm not sure I'll ever forget. I do believe games are at there best when used as a form of escapism but similar to a depressing movie if you ever want an intense and emotional gaming experience I'd say give it ago, like I said maybe I'm projecting a little I really don't know but personally this game is special in my opinion. I wouldn't play it again though lol. 
    Geki Yaba Runner Anniversary Edition - This is the game I grabbed as it was free on the eshop if you owned something else they released on Switch which was cool, however it wasn't until I started it up I realised I've actually played a decent chunk of this game already! You see Geki Yaba released on the 3DS under the name 2 Fast 4 Gnomz and I'd played that until I was bored of it, with that knowledge I didn't hang around with this version. I didn't play enough to get a feel for the game again but in basic terms it's an auto runner where you have to collect socks, I remember enjoying it but obviously not that much if I completely forgot about it, for free though it would be rude to complain. 
    Tetris 99 - I grinded the event to get the Splatoon theme which was the same process as the last time of getting 100 points. My approach was the same of aiming for top 50 finishes (+10 points) but I was fairly rusty with my best finish being in the 30's lol, thankfully it did only take 40 mins to get the required 100 points though for a pretty dudey theme.
    The Binding Of Isaac After birth+ - I was talking to  @Nucleus about my collective Switch play time when I was reminded I had TBOI in my collection and that I'd hardly played it. It was meant to be an early Switch release so I pre ordered it during one of the slow early months but unfortunately the physical release was repeatedly delayed, delayed so long in fact I forgot I pre ordered it when it turned up one day. I can only assume the timing must have sucked as I only played it a little (under 5 hours) until moving on to something else, I want to say it clashed with Odyssey's release but I'm not sure. Anyway it got put on the shelf and forgotten about so I decided to return to it during this dry/waiting around month and get some enjoyment from it. TBOI is a rogue like, dungeon exploring, procedurally generated, twin stick shooter, that's bloody brutal and I'm awful at it, however it's one of those games that you really need to learn as alot of the mechanics and information of the game is hidden, for example you pick up upgrades every run but unless you know the icon you won't know what it does and alot of items can and will screw you over. There is nothing more painful than screwing up a strong run or as annoying as getting a dud one, especially as I'm not good enough at the game to make shit runs work. I've beaten mum's heart a couple of times which counted as a won run but that's not the case anymore as beating her unlocks extra bosses I believe which I've not got close to yet, TBOI is a game I really enjoy but I'm just so so bad at it 😂. It's a very easy game to just pick up and play though which is how I've treated it, I'm just playing a run here and there but stopping once I've had enough, at that point I usually feel like returning shorty after as the appeal of that "God run" might be just around the corner, especially when you're shit at it like me and you need the good items. 
    Sonic Generations - I have a confession to make as I've never actually played a 2D Sonic before, I've played a few of the 3D games like Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on the GameCube but never a 2D one. The main reason for never dabbling in the series before is purely because I've never understood the appeal of the games as the gotta go fast mechanic has never really appealed, sure I know they have multiple paths and stuff but with the loop the loop stuff I always felt like Sonic games basically played themselves. I do however have a few of the 2D Sonic's in my collection and while looking at completion times of my back log I saw Generations on the 3DS was roughly around 5 hours so it fitted what I was after. Generations on the 3DS is a unique game compared to the console version of the same name (also not reviewed as well) and it's an anniversary title which sees you play as classic Sonic and modern Sonic. The point of the game like any platformer is to get from A to B and you're graded on your performance, this title consists of 7 levels which you play version as classic and modern Sonic, as well as 7 bonus stages and a handful of boss battles. Personally I found the modern Sonic stages and gameplay more appealing as he has more abilities but both were fun enough, however I did think most of the bosses were bland with some just being races. The last boss however is a massive pain in the arse but mainly because he takes a while more than anything else. Level wise to my surprise I liked the concept more then I expected but I still think there is too much of you just not doing anything due to bouncing segments or the auto runner parts, especially as the game design seems to lull you into a false sense of security as you'll often have to react quickly once these auto segments end. Which leads to the difficulty and I'd say this title offered a decent challenge for a standard not caring what rank I got play through as it was rarely frustrating or too easy, it was just right to make me want to push through it. The game uses a three lives system where you game over and have to start the level again after those, while you have lives however you'll respawn at the last check point you activated. There was a story but I'll be honest I had no interest in it as I skipped through all of it just focusing on the action but the music was really good. I beat all the stages in 3 hours and 46 minutes so it's a very short game if like me you have no interest in the ranking system or the extra features like the missions and time attack modes but I got this cheap ages ago and it entertained me throughout. So am I now a 2D Sonic fan? It's too early to say but I enjoyed that a decent amount so I'll likely get to one of the other ones in my back log quicker than I would have before playing this haha. 
    Yoshi's New Island - I have a very odd relationship with Yoshi as he's easily one of my favourite Nintendo characters yet I've never really loved any of his games. Unfortunately for me Yoshi is typically in slower paced collection based platformers when he's the star which I'm just not that keen on. Tbh it's mainly the way Yoshi games handle the collectables that puts me off as there are just so many and an awful lot are hidden, or you have one chance to get them or they rely on you having eggs and it just annoys me, I'm not one to repeatedly grind levels to find 30 odd collectables for each level! Yeah I enjoy coin hunting in 2D Mario but that's 3 coins and not 30! Anyway for that reason I'm always hesitant to play/buy Yoshi games but when I do play them I treat them as straight platformers choosing to mainly ignore the collectables, so while I'm not playing the game as intended it means I can find enjoyment. And to my delight I found Yoshi's New Island a very enjoyable experience as the platforming is solid with plenty of new and interesting ideas used and the castles especially were a highlight. The game borrows the pastel type graphics earlier titles in the series used and while it's appealing on the eye I'll admit it is a tad old by this point, it simply can't compete with the newer art styles the Yoshi games have taken on home consoles. The main difference between titles like Yoshi's Crafted World and this series of Yoshi games is in this series baby Mario rides on the dinosaurs back and upon taking damage you have a time limit to get the plumber back before he's kidnapped. This feature makes these Yoshi games pretty unique but also fairly easy as it's rarely that hard to recapture baby Mario to ensure that life continues, tbh the game was rarely challenging at all due to this but there are spikes and bottomless pits that are automatic deaths (the collectables add the difficulty tbh). Length wise the game consists of 6 worlds with 8 levels each which I blitzed through in five and a half hours, I'm sure you could triple that if not more if you wanted the collectables though. Tbf I'm happy as I technically got this game for free as I bought it during a 3 for 2 promotion from Game years ago where I also got Bayonetta (1+2 treated as one game!) on the WiiU, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater (3DS) and this, I think I paid £20 for the 4 titles so it was worth it but I still need to play MGS:SE.
    WarioWare DIY - The WarioWare games are a series of "micro-game collections" which last a few seconds each and this collection hosts 90 games. The uniqueness of this title is it was sold as a level editor where you can create your own micro games including rules, sprites and music! As the days of Nintendo Wifi are long behind us i have no interest/use in the creation/sharing of levels but the tools look cool at least. Anyway my main interest was the Nintendo pre-built levels in the game and just experiencing my first WarioWare title. The mini games are pretty simple and all touch based but they make up for that with their wackiness for example one game sees you "play" as a finger going side to side and you have to touch it at the right time for it to pick the nose on screen, very bizarre but oddly entertaining, not all games are as out there though as others include a penalty shootout type game or hitting a baseball. When starting a game you have no instructions so you have to decide what the game wants from you on the fly which is pretty fun and you have four fails before you game over, once you do what the game wants the speed of the level will increase as will the difficulty. There are a few brief story like collections where the game will collect a few micro games and you'll have to play them in a row to beat the end of the mission, it's pretty fun and really tests your knowledge of the games. Tbh this just isn't my type of game so i didn't play it for long, just until I got bored of it really. For the early levels I was motivated by beating the previous owners score but it soon became clear they also lost interest in the title. Obviously without the ability to create and share levels any more this title loses alot of its appeal but for that reason it's also dirt cheap, it's an Nintendo game however so it was needed in my collection. I ended up playing just over a third of the games when my interest just evaporated and I stopped playing, personally I think mini game collections need multiplayer to be fun as Mario Party shows, come on single player Mario Party has always sucked lol. 
    Sabrina TTW TAS Spooked - I picked this up recently and decided now was the time to check it out, Sabrina Spooked is a level based Metroidvania type game where in each level you have to find 3 collectables, finding these collectables will open the exit and allow you to progress to the next level. However these collectables are often hidden or in areas you can't reach without finding the needed upgrade in the level, they're the basic Metroid type upgrades like being able to enter small areas (by using the cat lol) and breaking specific blocks but they feel good to use. Combat wise you can jump on most enemies but you can also use magic, however to use magic you first need to find a number of stars in each level which can be a tad annoying tbf, especially as pretty often you'll have cleared the area before finding said stars. I'm really not sure what I think about the progression of this game tbh as exploring for upgrades is fun but having to do it every level can get a tad frustrating, it does mean you can't really mess up or go the wrong way though as the level will always have the upgrade you need. Presentation wise the music doesn't really do it for me but not alot of GB/GBC colour music does as I think most of it sounds awful, however the visuals and animations are excellent which I expected as this is a Wayforward game. Difficulty wise it's fairly easy as you can take four hits and you have unlimited continues, however on any death you do have to start the level from scratch and refind any collectables you already had, it's never too bad but a few bottomless pits add to the play time. Talking of play time the game consists of 4 worlds of 4 levels and a boss battle so it's not the longest experience going, and unfortunately the boss battles aren't anything to write home about animations aside. Finally this is a GBC game with no saves so I was back to the days of using passwords for progress! Oh how I hated these days, especially as this game uses pictures for the password and I have no idea who most these characters are so my notes were things like "mullet girl + Sabrina + Blonde dude + mullet girl" 😂. Unfortunately I never actually beat this title as in the 3rd world you get a tornado power up and for the life of me I just couldn't work out how to activate it, I spent ages being stuck and confused why it wouldn't work and unfortunately the internet and Wayforward's customer services weren't any help. 
    Dr Mario World - I played it for a few days but it never got it's hooks into me, it was enjoyable enough but nothing special at all. Did you try it @rob?
    Game Of The Year
    Recent Pick Ups
    Sushi Striker: The Way Of Sushido - Switch- £3.95 - Like many I was hoping for some Prime Day Switch game deals but unfortunately the event was extremely underwhelming with mainly out dated titles being reduced, however I did spot an absolute crazy deal getting Sushi Striker for under £4! Granted it's been £10-15 for a while but it's still £40 in most retailers and on the Eshop so I'm delighted with the steal, the box art and plastic is worth £4 by itself 😂. An Nintendo made game for £4! Anyway Sushi Striker is a puzzle/colour matching game with a hilariously over the top story and production value, I played the demo ages ago and it's bat shit crazy and very Japanese, the story is about Sushi being a valuable treasure and the Empire is hogging it which naturally we have to stop! For £4 I'll take a risk but I'm surprisingly looking forward to it, however I won't get to it for a while because of other gaming priorities, I just couldn't knock that price. 
    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gold Edition - Switch - £11 - Tesco had some crazy deals but they were in store only, as my missus is a mental lady she travelled to every Tesco in like a two hour drive attempting to find Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze (£10) and Captain Road (£7.50) but unfortunately she was out of luck only finding Mario + Rabbids which I own and have 100%'d. However to my surprise when she got it home it was the Gold Edition which comes with the DLC which is something I hadn't bought yet and the Donkey Kong stuff alone is like £15. So she got the full game + DLC for £11 which is tidy as, especially as I intend to flip my original copy for £15-20 or a trade if possible. 
    Ninjin Clash Of The Carrots - Switch - $0.99 - See demo section above. 
    A Robot Named Fight - Switch - $1.99 - A Robot Named Fight is a heavily Metroid inspired roguelite with procedurally generated levels as it's dubbed "The Binding Of Isaac meets Metroidvania". This game has been in my radar since it released but I didn't get it due to getting Dead Cells instead, the games appear different enough but they are also very similar which is why I waited on this. It's been on sale for £5 a few times and I've almost bitten but it turns out waiting was the right thing to do as the second I saw it for two bucks I jumped on it. 
    This leaves my US account with $2.28 + $0.19 gold coins so hopefully one more bargain appears in the coming weeks, tbf I've stretched this free $10 pretty far 😂. 
  6. Shocked
    Nucleus reacted to araina in Nicolò Zaniolo   
    Got him for free. Has been just fine for me but his stats are unreal. Hoping to turn him green in all stats.

  7. Funny
    Nucleus got a reaction from Hamood in Job Offer?   
    Leave for Arsenal and destroy them. Strip them bare, sell off everyone then return to Macclesfield when that job inevitably comes up 
  8. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Schwantz34 in FMM19 Bug List   
    Pretty sure that France, Macedonia and Wales don't and possibly never have competed in the Copa America.

  9. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Hamood in Hello I’m Hamood   
  10. Funny
    Nucleus got a reaction from Hamood in Hello I’m Hamood   
  11. Shocked
    Nucleus reacted to Foxy in Gateshead in Europe: First K/O Round Draw   
    Quite the ending to the group stage in fact I nearly “climaxed” reading it.
  12. Favourite
    Nucleus got a reaction from Ashez in FMM19: Training & Retraining Position Guide   
    Not really the point. I’d rather it be linked so traffic would be directed this way.
  13. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to Rob in FMM19: Training & Retraining Position Guide   
    Don’t steal his stuff. Link to it. He put a lot of hard work in to it.
  14. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in Cancelling Account   
    You've had an account a matter of minutes, may I ask why you need it deleting?
  15. Shocked
    Nucleus reacted to Hamood in Hello I’m Hamood   
    @NucleusAh no, we haven’t “met” but I say that because you were coincidentally the first person that took a peak at my profile. But consider this occurrence as one! 👍🏼
  16. Shocked
    Nucleus got a reaction from samhardy in Hello I’m Hamood   
    My mate @Hamood  
    Do remind me, how did we meet?
  17. Angry
    Nucleus reacted to samhardy in Hello I’m Hamood   
    Welcome to the site. Sounds like you have already struck up quite the friendship with @Nucleus.
  18. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to samhardy in Football manager mobile 2020   
    Absolutely 100% for certain. They can barely get the game through the opening credits without a bug appearing never mind making a change that big to the match engine.
    They’ve said quite a few times that 3D won’t be possible in the near future.
  19. Funny
    Nucleus got a reaction from Ashez in DJ Woody’s Record Store   
    @danovic78 right about now...

  20. Shocked
    Nucleus reacted to danovic78 in DJ Woody’s Record Store   
    Sorry @Woody Lewandowski is at it again....Most Goals in a Game.

  21. Happy
    Nucleus got a reaction from Foxy in Double the Foxes, Double the Trouble: Seasons 9 and 10   
    Nice to see a DT attempt again  
    Your son doesn’t look half bad tbf! Plenty of drama in this one I’m hoping 😛 Good luck 
  22. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to samhardy in Fantasy Premier League 2019/20   
    The vibe fantasy league is back for another season.
    It's always great competition and a good laugh so make sure to set up your team when you get the chance. The main question is will the mysterious Gustav Lund be toppled at the summit this year?
    Join Here
    League Code - no longer available
  23. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to Ian in Ian - DT - Jun Se-Jin 1K - Season 22 (Completed)   
    Thank you very much, it was a proper enjoyable one to play and now I move onto my next one.
  24. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Schwantz34 in ONLY WIN NO BEATEN ;)   
    Actually you did when you said "I've personally designed everything you've seen here".
    It's a tactic that works though and that's very good.  What are your player roles in English? Happy to test the tactic.
  25. Favourite
    Nucleus got a reaction from Lord Danish in Sending A Player To Physiotherapy?   
    I’m with @Lord Danish on this one, cut your losses and get someone who isn’t injury prone in his place, not like the game is low on replaceable options