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  1. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    Pokemon Fire Red
    I said a while ago I had a desire to do another monotype run after loving my Ground type one on Pokemon X a few months ago. This time however I wanted to go old school so I decided to do one on Fire Red, originally I hesitated on this due to Let's Go but the demo pushed that game out of my thoughts, especially after seeing Sword and Shield. Unfortunately while nostalgic the original dex isn't the most diverse but after talking to @Nucleus ages ago the seeds of a poison type run were planted. I had actually considered doing a Nuzlocke run which I've never done before but I've decided to save that for another time, mainly because I couldn't shake this poison type run idea, it just intrigued me and has stayed in my mind for weeks. 
    The Run.
  2. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to samhardy in FMM19 Bug List   
    Straight after the VPL final
    Fair enough. Not seen it myself but then again I’ve not played many saves to compare.
  3. Shocked
    Nucleus got a reaction from 1759 in FMM19 Bug List   
    You’ve updated? 😳
  4. Happy
    Nucleus got a reaction from leedsunited87 in English football   
    I miss Leeds in the Premier League! I was gutted when they went down tbh
  5. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in Nintendo   
    BOTW has just completely blown me away all over again and I've lost yet another evening in this amazing game! 
    I was in between games as I'm still waiting for the Starlink update before starting that so I decided to do some clean up on something with BOTW obviously being the game I picked. I still have no interest in the seeds but I cleaned up a few side quests I abandoned a year or so ago and I just couldn't turn the bloody thing off, I was just exploring knowing I had nothing worth looking for 😂. 
    I can't even put my love for this game into words, it's just special. 
  6. Favourite
    Nucleus got a reaction from LenTheWelsh in European Football   
    Spurs fully deserving of going through there tbf, they put everything into that
  7. Shocked
    Nucleus reacted to LenTheWelsh in Funny FMM 2019 Moments   
    Was messing around with a save and saw OGS got sacked 6 months into the first season so went to check out who’d got the job and..... 🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  8. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to StueyBTRFC in False 9?   
    I was thinking DLF myself just wasn't too sure, thanks for the speedy answer. 
  9. Favourite
    Nucleus got a reaction from Aaron Thornton in Episode 1 Bargain Buys.   
    Funnily enough I have him in a Burnley save of mine! Used him last year too, he’s a decent cheap winger

  10. Shocked
    Nucleus reacted to Kanegan in Kang-in Lee - The Birth of the Legend (Season 9)   
    The usual banter
    I was getting sick and tired of this Vibe banter every time me and my coach crossed paths but this time he crossed the limit. How?? Well just see the below conversation 
    "Hey kid. Great job again on 76 goals. You just missed the 80 goals mark narrowly. The only thing worrying is you are not improving on your aerials at all. Is there a problem"
    "Well coach, you know everybody can't excel in every field and my heading ability has been weak right from childhood so but i am making it up by netting in the field goals"
    "But if you had improved, then you could have easily net at least 10 more goals every season"
    "I am trying boss. I can't promise but i am trying" 
    "Oh really!! You are trying. I bet you enjoy when your girlfriend gives you head, don't you?? Don't think that i didn't notice you getting so cosy with the new Korean IT girl"
    "Yes and so if you can enjoy other's head why can't you give us enjoyment with your own head?? I mean sorry that came out wrong"

    Challenge Updates
    Single Season Strikerless - 220 points
    Park Ji-Sung Challenge 
    Netherlands Portion (Complete)
    3/2 Eredivisie
    2/1 Dutch Cup
    4/1 Dutch Super Cup
    1/0 Champions League
    1/0 Euro. Super Cup
    England Portion
    4/4 Premier League
    1/3 Carabao Cup
    3/4 Community Shield
    3/1 Champions League
    2/1 Club World Championship
    Kangin Lee - 392/1000 goals
                        135/500 assists
  11. Happy
    Nucleus got a reaction from Ashez in 2019 Vibe Premier League   
    Congratulations @samhardy, really well played. Commiserations @Foxy, had he chosen any other team/league I’m sure I’d be congratulating you! That’s a tough challenge that, one that in slightly accustomed to and you both passed it with flying colours!
    No need to thank me for my contribution as there quite simply wasn’t any 😛
    Nice write up @Ashez and a couple of cracking challenges!
  12. Favourite
    Nucleus reacted to Foxy in 2019 Vibe Premier League   
    Firstly thanks to @samhardy and @Ashez for doing the hosting honours and also @Nucleus for helping out as well. This has been an excellent event with some great challenges and some frustrating ones as well but that’s all part of the fun.
    As for the result of the final I knew the draws would cost me big style and of course my league choice was a risk as well but I thought I would have a better chance of scoring a decent total with West Ham.
    @samhardy you have earned this mate.

  13. Favourite
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in 2019 Vibe Premier League   
    The Vibe Premier League Final
    Today will be the final update in this historic thread as it's my duty......no my privilege to announce who won this year's event. We've seen some tremendous saves over the last few weeks and some heart breaking failures but all those roads led to this final encounter as @Foxy takes on @samhardy. 

    In this final challenge our competitors were tasked with picking a side of their choosing as long as they didn't have continental football, after that they were forced to remove their highest and worst rated player from the squad each month while only receiving one player in return. On paper I think we all thought this looked a brutal sounding challenge but it's now time to see how it turned out in practice. 
    The Final
    Samhardy Vs Foxy
    Averaging Out + Selling Them Fastly
    The Clubs Chosen 
    Samhardy - Linfield - Northern Ireland
    Foxy - West Ham United  - England 
    Our finalists had the pick of Europe but Foxy stayed with what he knows by heading to London while Samhardy took a massive risk heading to Linfield. We have two very different approaches here with Sam going to a weaker league where he might struggle for signings while Foxy has decided on one of the toughest leagues available knowing he'll have the pull of the Premier League. Simply fascinating stuff this! 
    Point System Reminder
    The points for this final are the competitors league points combined with one point per cup round passed. 
    The League
    Samhardy - 1
    Foxy - 0
    Foxy makes the perfect start as we see our first shock of the night with Foxy pulling off an undefeated league season! Sam's side only losing once is also impressive but first blood goes to the Fox! 
    Samhardy - 2
    Foxy - 9 
    Just like that however Sam lands a counter as while undefeated seasons are good they only really make a difference if you win and unfortunately Foxy dropped 18 points due to draws. It's still two extremely impressive campaigns though! 
    Samhardy - 35
    Foxy - 29 
    Current Scores
    Samhardy - 107
    Foxy - 96
    Despite the different approaches the final is still reasonably tight as Samhardy holds an 11 point lead as we head into the final stage of this challenge. 
    The Cup Stage 
    League Cup - Winner - 6 Points
    FA Cup - Runner Up - 5 Points 
    Wow...Wow...Wow! Foxy levels things up at 107 a piece! All he needs is Sam to flop in his cups and we'll have a second leg!! 

    Unfortunately for Foxy this is where his journey ends as Samhardy pulled off an absolute blinder here by picking Linfield! Not only did he have a weaker league but he also found himself competing in not 1, not 2 but 5 domestic cups! Foxy might of had a chance of Sam flopping in one or two cups but in 5 the odds were in the Black Cats favour as he collected 23 more points. 
    Final Scores 
    Samhardy - 130
    Foxy - 107 
    Two bravely fought challengers but @samhardy is your Champion!! Congratulations!!

    Foxy put up one hell of a fight but I think Sam's club choice was the defining moment in this challenge, if Foxy also considered the idea or if Sam ended up in a bigger league I think this would have been a real nail bitter! I heard the different approaches early on and in truth I was worried for Foxy but he absolutely smashed it, this time however Sam out thought him winning the challenge in the planning but also on the field, I'm so impressed with them both. 
    Finally I'd like to thank @samhardy for running most of this event, @Nucleus for being my right hand man, @Foxy for his fabulous graphics and finally every member that took part or viewed these adventures. You are why these events take place! 
  14. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Foxy in Requesting advice from the experts!   
    All this free advice 🤔
    Maybe we need to start charging and call it something catchy like the “Supporters Club” 💰💰💰
  15. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Foxy in 2019 Vibe Premier League   
    No but we do have a “we break thumbs” guarantee on all winning bets. 
  16. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in 2019 Vibe Premier League   
    The Vibe Premier League Final

    Wrestlemania may have been this past weekend but the real showcase of the immortals will be taking place right here on Vibe! After a brutal qualification process we find ourselves with @samhardy and @Foxy battling it out for the trophy and the bragging rights only winning a Vibe event can grant you. Across this very tournament and others in a similar vein like the Challenge Cup we've seen members establish themselves as heroes in the eyes of many, and I can guarantee you the winner of this round will deserve such praise. I took my foot off the difficulty peddle in the semi final which saw these two experienced heads breeze into the final but it's now time to put the peddle firmly to the metal! 
    The Challenge Reveal
    I knew the difficulty needed to match the calibre of player in the final so I reached into the darkest corners of the dungeon....I mean Vibe and took inspiration from two of the hardest challenges I've personally played. This is a final after all and I wanted this challenge to test our finalists decision making, creativity, squad management, financial management and above all else their desire to win! 
    Remember "The No Transfer Window Unlockable" must be active. 
    Part 1 - Picking The Club 
    The first element of this challenge is basically up to our competitors as they can pick any European top division club they like, as long as they aren't involved in Champions League or Europa League football (including qualifiers) or have a full reserve team. In other words the choice is yours as long as you pick a side who is only fighting on the domestic front with space in the reserves. 
    Part 2 - The Transfer Window 
    The summer transfer window is once again completely in the hands of our finalists as they have free reign to do as they please, the only condition however is no loan signings are allowed within the squad, so anyone already on loan at your selected club must be sent back to his parent club while you can't make any loan signings. Otherwise you can buy, sell, trade and do as you like but your squad must be ready by the start of August, after this date no normal transfers are allowed and you'll be making no normal signings in January. Finally this is a first team squad only challenge so no filling of the reserves. 
    Part 3 - Once Every Month Ends 
    Once the month ends you'll need to sort your playing staff by their Average Rating, upon doing this you'll have two tasks to undertake. 
    1. Your highest rated player must be demoted and sold asap. You will be getting no replacement for this player. 
    2. You lowest rated player to actually feature and have a rating will be demoted and sold. However with this player you will be able to buy a direct replacement with the catch that he can only cost 10% of the price you sell him for. So if your worst performer sells for £10m you can sign his replacement for £1m (no loan signings or trades). That's not all however as you have one week to handle this situation so by the 7th you'll need the replacement tied down, if you're unable to achieve this in the time frame a free agent can be signed with direct replacements being the priority (if the demoted player is later sold void his fee). The player in question can be offered to clubs before the 1st of each month but only after the last match of the previous month. 
    If the average rating is a tie it's up to the competitor to decide which player leaves. For part two if the player in question is injured and unable to pass a medical in the required time frame I'll allow the next lowest rated player to take his place. 
    This challenge will see 2 players leave every month for 10 months with 1 player coming in, this means 20 players will be leaving with 10 coming in so your squad building and management skills will need to be on point. 
    That reveals my Selling Them Fastly and Averaging Out Challenge! Thank you @Nucleusfor helping out and testing the concept
    The Points System 
    The points system will be a basic head to head as we'll have no bonus points this round with the focus being on league points and a singular point for each cup round passed. That's correct, goal difference will not be a contributing factor this round. 
    Any questions?
    Deadline - 16th April 11.59 PM
    Best of luck! 
  17. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in 2019 Vibe Premier League   
    Challenge is ready to go, dunno when it'll be posted though. Before LFC is my prediction
  18. Funny
    Nucleus got a reaction from LenTheWelsh in Winter Update   
    Another mic drop moment there 😴😴😴😴
  19. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to LenTheWelsh in Winter Update   
    Lily, I try so hard to make sure everything I write is clearly my opinion (to mainly keep you happy) but you still feel the need to have your ‘mic drop’ moment. 
    Maybe it’s time to put them SI poms poms down mate ✌️
  20. Favourite
    Nucleus reacted to Foxy in Around the World in 80 Games - Season 5 Update 1   
    It was time to start heading north into the Sahara but before that we needed to get through.
    Nigeria 🇳🇬 
    Another nation with a good history of producing some good strikers over the years and I again had some good picks.
    I’m a sucker for a good name though so how could I turn down the chance to sign a Larry. He cost £6.75m from Heusca in Spain.

    He is lacking in technical ability but good movement and pace makes me positive of his chances.
    Before he had a chance to feature we had two important cup games against south coast opponents who both rolled over and let us tickle there bellies.

    Our first league game was against Huddersfield and “Leisure Suit” Larry got the goal we need.

    Davis with an assist as well 😁

    After Nigeria we had two options.
    Keep following the west African coast. Head north towards the Sahara. The coastal route was tempting but there is a lot of nations to tick off that way so I decided to go north but that had its own complications.
    Niger 🇳🇪 
    The complication here was a distinct lack of players and no strikers at all.
    In the end I decided to put the Yac in attack!

    Well he has some pace and he is ok in the air I guess but this could be tricky. He cost a whooping £1.8m for Cadiz in Spain.
    We got the job done in the Carabao semi so we have a final to look forward to and we are into the FA cup 5th round as well. The Yac was blunt in attack so far though with no goals in the first 4 league games of his stint.

    That changed as we took on the Stripy Nigel’s.

    Lets face it his best source of a goal was always going to be from a corner with Aouar taking it but that actually didn’t happen and it was Davis who played a nice ball into the box and Yac tucked it home.

    Our little short cut continues as we head west again into another nation that can produce good players.
    Mali 🇲🇱 
    I didn’t go for Sane though and instead went after this fella from Herenveen and cost £10.5m. 
    I went for a bit of an FMM legend this time.

    He is 30 now but what a player and this surely won’t take long.
    In fact he scored on debut against Man City in a top of the table clash.

    Except Davis or Aouar didn’t get an assist so we had to carry on.
    Straight after that we had another cup double header with first a shitty draw in the first leg of our CL 1st KO round with Standard and then we made @Ashez and @1759 cry into there beers again as we won the League Cup.

    Next up came Newcastle and again Marega got himself a goal, 2 in fact.

    A couple of assists and the job is done.

    Pan injury to Davis was a worry but it is only for 10 days so it could have been much worse.

    It’s tight at the top as Man City are having a good season and with 7 games to go we need to keep winning.

    Thats another update done and another 3 nations visted in pretty short time as well.
    Nations Visted So Far

    We are nearing the end of our journey across Africa but we still have a few more nations to visit before we are back onto European soil.
    Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.
  21. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Foxy in 2019 Vibe Premier League   
    Is that right is it 🤔

  22. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in Winter Update   
    So fix what they've sold us instead of adding new issues purely for marketing and buzz words. 
    "Enhanced Match Engine"
     "German Licence"
     "Reputation system" 
  23. Favourite
    Nucleus got a reaction from Scratch in Winter Update   
    That’s exactly what should have happened. If it was in a new version it would have been slightly forgiven and people would more than likely have got on with it. To issue it as a test (which is clearly what it is) mid game is an absolute joke on SI’s part to be honest. 
  24. Favourite
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in Winter Update   
    It makes sense though, make a risky change while the money is in the bank, it's shady as all hell but look at the response to this update.
    The app stores reviews bombed, Vibe turned into a war ground, we have a 18 page thread discussing how bad it is next to a stupidly long bug thread, the community is divided, the original patch has been confirmed as OTT and iffy which resulted in a rush job to fix it. 
    Imagine all this grief at launch of 2020? It wouldn't be far off disastrous for SI. 
    My biggest issues is the lack of respect sneaking this update out shows tbh. 
    As for the results it's pretty much what I expected, while talking to Foxy I said I'd expect 70-75% one way or the other so 65 odd percent is fair enough. It's still two thirds of the community unhappy with the direction of the game but even if this was 100-3 I never expected SI to listen. The fact the poll was immediately discredited said it all.
    The biggest worry is how only 100 odd people care enough about the series to actually have an opinion. 
  25. Favourite
    Nucleus got a reaction from Scratch in Winter Update   
    That’s exactly what should have happened. If it was in a new version it would have been slightly forgiven and people would more than likely have got on with it. To issue it as a test (which is clearly what it is) mid game is an absolute joke on SI’s part to be honest.