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    Nucleus reacted to DonkeyDele in FMM Experiment: Are Managers Really That Important?   
    Are Managers Really That Important?
    Recently, Man City have been tearing up the Premier League, winning games 3-0 and 4-0 (and losing 2-0 to Chelsea) . Much has been made of their record-breaking team, and of course their record-breaking manager, everyone's favourite baldhead tiki-taka extraordinaire.

    However, if we look to FMM, any random Joe with a "Local" or "Unknown" reputation can simply take charge of City and easily win the league with some 4-3-3 tiki taka short passing tactic. Surely our dear Pep, and of course our other managers, have a bigger role to play here in the game, rather than being just some name in the "General Info" page?
    So what did I do? I took Pep out of Manchester and put him into... 

    ...well, Manchester again. But this time, he's taking charge of the almighty FC United of Manchester, all the way in the depths of the Vanarama North, attempting to assert his dominant short passing tiki taka.

    In the meantime, it seems City have hired a former River Plate manager as his replacement. Interesting choice, considering there are people like Zidane and Wenger unemployed on the market. But this probably just reinforces the idea that managers don't really mean that much in the game.

    Not the worst, but not exactly world class either.

    FC United manager in the Hall of Fame! Who would've thought that?
    League Performance:
    Firstly, let's take a look at how Pep did.

    We're halfway through the season and FC United are sitting pretty in 5th place. Not exactly great by Pep's standards, but decent enough for a playoff spot.

    City are not doing too bad without Pep. They're in 4th, but a long way off their usual unbeaten selves. They've already lost more than twice the number of games they did the whole of last season, and it's not even January yet.
    Fast forward to May.

    Oh no, what happened here? From challenging for the playoffs, Pep's side have fallen down into 11th place. Was his tiki taka tactic with short passing and inverted wingbacks really that unsuccessful in England's lower leagues?
    Meanwhile, City seemed to have cemented their 4th place in the Prem.

    Even without Pep, they have qualifed for Europe, still outsmarting the likes of Klopp and Moanrinho to sneak into the Champions league on goal difference.
    Pep's going to be so disappointed with that measly 77 goals scored. But his own side's even worse, scoring only 64 in 4 more games!

    After a full season with FC United, Pep's attributes and CA haven't changed much, but he's completely disappeared from the Hall of Fame rankings, probably just because he's in a lower league

    Meanwhile, Gallardo's propelled himself all the way up to 17th, courtesy of purely just being the manager of Man City.
    So why did Pep fail to inspire FC United to promotion? Let's take a look at what he did with their whopping 90k transfer budget.

    After unsuccessfully attempting to spend the entire club's budget trying to buy Riyad Mahrez's thumb, Pep decided to turn to cheaper alternatives, such as the 1.5k Jack O'Leary.
    Great scouting by Pep to sign a player with an absurdly high 3 for technique! He's the perfect inverted wingback FC United need...

    ...who also played only 10 games, and did absolutely nothing.

    Pep also brought in a bunch of loanees from the upper echelons of the English leagues, the most successful being Kian Flanagan.

    He plundered home 6 goals and 3 assists from midfield, becoming the team's third-highest goalscorer.

    Meanwhile, City made some interesting transfers, letting go of Mangala and Bravo on frees, and bringing in Thiago Silva and Muslera as replacements.

    Very City-like activity in the market even without Pep, spending 37m upgrading their backup players.
    As you can see, taking Pep out of the Prem and throwing him into the Vanarama North did not do both FC United and Pep himself much good. For all of Pep's 20-rated attributes and 5-star CA, he wasn't able to help FC United push for promotion. Pep probably wasn't accustomed to the absolute lack of money in the lower leagues and so didn't sign anyone remotely useful, except for 1 or 2 loanees.
    Meanwhile, in his absence, City were still able to fight for top four in the Prem, beating out Klopp and Moanrinho, who both have significantly better manager attributes than Pep's replacement, Marcelo Gallardo. With City living and breathing money, Gallardo still made some decent signings, but surprisingly didn't sign anyone of really high calibre.
    Looking at this experiment, I had hoped that Pep would somehow be able to steamroll through Vanarama North given that his attributes clearly outclassed the managers of the other clubs in the league. However, it seems FMM tends to place more focus on the club and the players itself, rather than the guy managing them. Regardless of whoever was managing FC United, they probably still wouldn't have achieved promotion, so it seems. Meanwhile, given the calibre of City's players and staff, they were bound to finish in the top 4 anyway, even without tiki taka extraordinaire Pep. It seems managers don't really make that much of a difference in FMM at all.
    This was just a fun experiment to do, and I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. This is my first ever post on this website, so please feel free to send in whatever criticism you may have.
    Have a great day!

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    Nucleus got a reaction from Woody in The OME Cup - Challenge 3   
    Probably not. I’ve just had City offer a £100m for Cavani only for the transfer to be cancelled for no reason! Two weeks later he goes to Arsenal for £54m 😂😂 gad zooks this game man
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    Nucleus reacted to Rob2017 in The OME Cup - Challenge 3   
    Challenge 3
    David Villa, Zlatan, and all your old boy defenders have now decided to retire and take the plunge in to investment. Rather to heading to retirement homes they have decided to whip together funds from their various bank accounts and head to France to buy PSG.

    Yep, this challenge involves PSG and a nice transfer kitty. Don’t forget the transfer kitty replenishes in July and the save starts mid-June, so you have plenty to spend.
    What Villa, Zlatan, and the boys want, however, is for the youngsters to do all the work on the pitch and to be thoroughly entertained. They will be attacking players with their zimmer frames and walking sticks if they don’t! They also want all the players to be new to the club and they want to see value for money. It’s a geriatric revolution! Therefore you must:
        ⁃    Clear out all of the current squad - sell, release, or demote;
        ⁃    Buy in players of the age of 21 and under come 1st Feb 2019 - you get to use both transfer windows - NO LOAN DEALS;
        ⁃    Have a squad of at least 20 at the close of the first transfer window
    They are happy for you to use any formation you want, as long as it is your own, and any coaching badge and reputation. But they frown at the idea of unlockables, so none of them!
    Scoring for this challenge is based on entertainment value. Therefore it is going to be entertainment per millions of pounds spent:
    (League points + goal difference) / millions of pounds spent sterling... rounded to two dp.
    Note: it is money spent, not net spend!
    For example, if you got 50 goal difference and 70 league points and spent £200m, it would be:
    (50 + 70) / 200
    = 120/200
    = 0.60
    If you don’t win the league then you get a £100m fine added to your money spent. So if you didn’t win the league with the above points you would score:
    (50 + 70) / (200 + 100)
    = 120/300
    = 0.40
    The highest score wins!
    Don’t cheat, which you won’t, and play fair. Think of the children.
    Screenshots required:
        ⁃    Squad ages at the end of the first transfer window and end of the second transfer window;
        ⁃    League table;
        ⁃    Transfers in at the end of the second window;
        ⁃    Squad in order of appearance;
        ⁃    Manager history and profile;
        ⁃    A photo of your pet 
    Please send results to @Rob2017 this time! 
    Deadline is 17:00 Thursday 20th December 2019.
    Good luck and enjoy - Villa and Zlatan will be watching.
  4. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Woody in The OME Cup - Challenge 3   
    Dunno...but to be fair i didnt do too bad 😂
  5. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to EvzeyWales in Nucleus Attempts - Fábio Silva 2k Challenge -Season Thirteen   
    Epic news on the new contract - I can see you hitting the 2k mate!
  6. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to mareno in Nucleus Attempts - Fábio Silva 2k Challenge -Season Thirteen   
    Goood!  Nice job, mate... you are a good manager! Cheers
  7. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to bb in Nucleus Attempts - Fábio Silva 2k Challenge -Season Thirteen   
    Soo happy he stayed
  8. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to Scratch in Nucleus Attempts - Fábio Silva 2k Challenge -Season Thirteen   
    Whew... I just read the last three seasons in one sitting and it was tense... Was sweating over whether he'd re-sign or not. So glad he did! That would have been a cruel way for it to end...
    Full steam ahead on the goals front though. I think you're going to make it now. Will still be close, but I think you'll do it! (as if there was ever any doubt  )
  9. Favourite
    Nucleus got a reaction from Titjes in Nucleus Attempts - Fábio Silva 2k Challenge -Season Thirteen   
    Season Thirteen


    Supertaça - Beat Guimaraes 6-0 with Silva scoring 5 goals in the opener European Super Cup - Beat Hamburg 3-1 Club World Cup - Beat New York Red Bulls 3-0 League Cup - Beat Sporting Lisbon 5-1 Taça de Portugal - Beat Feirense 3-0 League - Won the league by a huge 34 point margin this season Champions League - Beat Juventus 3-0 Manager Profile & Season History:-

    Fábio Silva 2k Challenge:-
    Well here it is, potentially Silva’s final season at Benfica. His contract was fast running out and he could have agreed terms with other clubs from January onwards. Come February though, the unthinkable happened, and despite him still loathing me as a manager he signs a new five year contract with the club which sees him stay until June 2036! You guys have no idea how happy I was when he signed the deal. I’ve been praising him relentlessly for the past two seasons in the hope it had some effect. It may have or may not, but Silva stays!

    His attributes remain the same again this season

    As for goals, well on the ITN scene he managed a decent total of 23 goals to add to his tally, he now sits on 188 International goals and will soon be eligible for the 200 ITN goals leaderboard. As for club level, another injury resulted in him only managing 51 games this season but his GPG was fantastic as he bangs in 95 goals through the campaign to give him an end of season total of 118 goals.

    Season Goals:-
    ITN - 23
    Club - 95
    Total - 118
    Career Goals:-
    ITN - 188
    Club - 1,108
    Total - 1,296/2000
    Plodding along nicely now with Fábio, the next couple of years should see us fly past the 1.5K mark. After that, it’s the home stretch. As always Vibe, thanks for reading and please remember to leave a comment 😁
  10. Funny
    Nucleus got a reaction from Scratch in FMM19: Training & Retraining Position Guide   
    Because you are born with 13 agility. Have you never seen the video of Baby De Gea leaping like a cat and clawing away a strike bound for the top corner! 😛 You can’t teach that!😂
  11. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Scratch in Scratch Tries: A China 1KC [Season 2 Update]   
    Guess... right... I'm doing a factory reset as we speak! 😂
    Yeah, he's pretty much guaranteed to score 2 goals every game. That's his minimum level. Never had anything like it. 
    As for hanging on to him, I think the transfer requests have slowed down! I'm his favoured person and he also has the "wants to help you do well" message in the training screen. Also, I got Beijing's reputation up to 3.5 stars now (from 3 stars before). Anyway, it will still be a struggle to keep him - but if I can, we're looking at 1.5K, even though he was a little older starting than normal...
  12. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Rob2017 in Nucleus Attempts - Fábio Silva 2k Challenge -Season Thirteen   
    Brilliant news on the contract and another great season. Keep plodding onwards, like little donkey.
  13. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in Ashez Plays The Squad Number Goal Challenge   
    I wasn't intentionally being hard just vague lol. I knew I couldn't mention Russia or Ukraine as that was the big clue imo. 
    There was even a hidden clue as I specified European competitions implying he'd played outside of Europe. 
    The CWC was misleading though as you typically think of the big European side and not the South Americans, especially with a player connected to 7 league title wins in Europe. 
    I knew that was a risky clue but it felt some what balanced lol. Nice detective work!
  14. Sad
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in Ashez Plays The Squad Number Goal Challenge   
    Ashez Plays The Squad Number Goal Challenge
    Season One
    Update Twenty-three
    Squad Number 29
    Philipp Hofmann

    He's not a bad TM at all!
    Match Forty-eight
    Attempt One

    Oh Bobby!
    League Table

    Not the best but it could be worse, we should be in for a nail biting finish!
    Match Forty-nine
    Attempt Two

    Oh Mo!
    Match Fifty
    Attempt Three

    Oh Liverpool!!!!
    Current Progress
    21. Nelson Oliveira
    22. Vagner Love
    23. Dawid Kownacki
    24. Andre Hahn
    25. Emmanuel Rivière
    26. Nicklas Bendtner
    27. Gabriel Barbosa
    28. Roberto Soldado
    29. Philipp Hofmann
    50 matches in with 29 players crossed off isn't bad at all! 
    Who Am I?
    I've won 7 league titles in European competition
    As always thank you for viewing and any comments will be appreciated! 
  15. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to jkaye33 in FMM19 Bug List   
    Ahh got it, makes sense, thanks mate
  16. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to samhardy in Latest 4321 Tactic   
    I agree with @kts365. You’re advertising your YT channel here which is against site rules and there’s no way on Earth it’s any “easier” uploading a video than taking and posting a few screenshots.
    If you want to post here then you’re welcome to, just quit with the advertising or you won’t be here much longer.
    Any issues PM me.
  17. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in Ashez Plays The Squad Number Goal Challenge   
    Are we taking incorrect spelling as right lads? 😛
    Na, just messing! It is indeed Philipp Hofmann. 
  18. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Rob2017 in Gutted!   
    If only someone has done a video to show how to use Dropbox..
  19. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Woody in The OME Cup - Challenge 3   
    Come on sunshine....smash it out! 😆
  20. Favourite
    Nucleus reacted to Titjes in Titjes and his first 1K --> Season 4   
    Season 5 update
    Transfers Out / In

    The League


    Fixture List
    The Player

    How did he do?
    Team goals & assists


    International Fixture List 
    International Awards (best player award from the WC seems bugged as I got it twice as soon as I got to January 1st)
    The journey to 1K
    Old total 337 This season 94 TOTAL 431 Old International 13 This season International 17 TOTAL 30 GRAND TOTAL 461 / 1000  
    The conclusion
    Mbappé had a small drop in goals for PSG, but I can't complain with a total of  111 goals for this season   
    Leave a comment and if you see a mistake, let me know  
  21. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to ashrafrazin in Nucleus Attempts - Fábio Silva 2k Challenge -Season Thirteen   
    Great season. Hoping he stays, so you can reap on his peak couple of years and til his retirement. Good luck mate.
  22. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to smoggy90 in Nucleus Attempts - Fábio Silva 2k Challenge -Season Thirteen   
    Fantastic! I'm confident you'll get him to sign a new deal.
  23. Funny
    Nucleus got a reaction from DutchTony in FMM19: Training & Retraining Position Guide   
    Yeah that helped a lot Nuke, thanks mate 
    Any more questions?
  24. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to Ebusko in Northern Ireland Upset   
    Its going to be an epic failure, but am going to give it a full trial.
    Just for notice, players that would be rubbish in england or Spain are Rated 5stars in northern Ireland🤣🤣

  25. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Rob2017 in Nucleus Attempts - Fábio Silva 2k Challenge -Season Thirteen   
    Well done Nuke. A good, honest, fair, legit, and non-cheating attempt that is absolutely flying. Keep it up and you’ll nail a wonderful score!