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  1. Thanks mate, hoping i can keep up these numbers
  2. All the best mate, I’m sure you’ll smash this one
  3. Season 3 Transfers Again, we stick with the French only transfers, the only two non Frenchmen in my preferred XI at the moment are Marco Verratti and Marquinhos. I hope to be able to snap up Pogba to replace Verratti and Varane to replace Marquinhos. I will then have a fully French first XI. Trophée Des Champions A loss this time round in an entertaining game. Ultimately we lose on penalties. Coupe de la Ligue We avenge that loss in the final of the League cup in a nine goal thriller. French Cup League Another undefeated league season, another 100+goals. Can’t ask for much more. Club World Cup What a semi final. Three hatricks by three different players, unbelievable stuff. We survive a scare against Cruz Azul, Martial popping up with the equaliser and the winner with ten minutes to spare. Champions League We beat them at their own ground! Martial’s early double against his former side proves enough in the final. Awards French player of the year for Mbappé World player of the year for Martial. Eminem That twenty in pace is awesome! Kylian breaks the 50 goal mark this year with some stunning displays, a great total. That current form though... 80 for Martial! Absolutely fantastic, nearly an average rating of 9. A cracking season from him. Total goals this season - 133 Total goals (Career) - 310/1200 Thanks for reading
  4. Great first season mate. Really well written too. KIU
  5. In the majority of my careers this year I’ve used an anchorman. A fantastic addition imo
  6. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    Isn’t @Titjes Belgian?
  7. I’m gonna take a guess and say Barcelona? But could also be United? Anyway, all the best mate I’m sure you’ll nail it
  8. Oh devastating. I’ve just had that happen to myself on a triple threat attempt. It’s absolutely gut wrenching mate
  9. Tactics Tactics help

    Couldn’t have said it better myself @Cockers2505 have a look at the tactics index, there’s plenty for you to choose from to maybe get some inspiration
  10. I totally forgot about this Fair play to you for sticking with it. You’re a better man than I am
  11. Fun/Games 2018 Vibe Premier League

    Good stuff lads, some fantastic results in there
  12. Thanks buddy, hope so Cheers Ash, I hope I don’t “just lose it” and mess it all up
  13. Great article mate. I’m sure it will help a lot of people on here. one of the things I do once a season is check out the happiness tab on the squad page and shift out everyone that’s considered an outcast. I find it helps morale which further increases performances
  14. Season 2 Transfers Sticking to the French only signings again this year, Thomas Lemar returning to Ligue 1 after a brief stint in Milan Trophée des Champions Coupe de la Ligue French Cup League A clean sweep on the domestic front again, the only difference was that we had an exceptional league campaign, going unbeaten and smashing the 100 goal mark. Champions League Our domestic rivals were no match in the final as we claim our first European cup of the career. Eminem He doesn’t really look like his attributes have progressed much this season, still plenty of time for more greens on the board. A much better campaign by Mbappé, 11 more goals in 4 less games than last season. A few 20’s on the board in some important places. 12 more goals in 7 less games for Martial. Rotation was key this season. Keeping the duo fit has paid and they smash in a combined 100 goals for the season. Fantastic. Goals scored this season - 100 Total goals scored - 177/1200 Thanks for reading