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  1. Favourite
    NucleusNT got a reaction from Titjes in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    Some cracking results in so far lads! Looks like a real menace of a challenge
  2. Favourite
    NucleusNT got a reaction from Titjes in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    6 results in. Just the 4 remaining
    Deadline Tuesday 29th 5pm BST
  3. Favourite
    NucleusNT reacted to Ashez in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    My results are in and I'm worried lol. My first half was awful but my second half was strong so it depends if the damage was already done, as expected the card point deduction hit me hard though so I'm not very optimistic. 
    Last round I felt I nailed it and I came 5th so thinking I did awful will likely see me eliminated haha. 
    I enjoyed the challenge but I was never fussed on the pairs, maybe I picked the wrong two but we'll see. My issue was in one pair I really liked the one but I hated the other but as I knew I could trust the one I went with them only for the one I've always hated to massively flop. 
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    NucleusNT got a reaction from Titjes in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    6 results in. Just the 4 remaining
    Deadline Tuesday 29th 5pm BST
  5. Favourite
    NucleusNT reacted to Foxy in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    Results just posted. Really not sure what to make of my score as my strikers did OK but I had a few more bookings than I would have liked No injuries though which is a bonus so time will tell if I have done enough this week. 
  6. Favourite
    NucleusNT reacted to Ashez in Champions League final Liverpool v Real Madrid   
    I'm 100% proud of the outfield players, I have no complaints as imo we played well and were in control for large periods of the game. 
    The Salah injury was a game changer as you could see the heartbreak and belief disappear as our main man left the field in tears, imo we did well to handle the style change and stay mentally strong until half time as if we conceded before that I think we'd have collapsed. 
    However we bounced back and once again gained a foot hold in the game which shows fucking character imo as no-one hid and we came out fighting. Karius however is done. That first goal was unbelievable and simply unacceptable, that's the biggest match he'll ever play and he was that casual and useless?
    However we didn't allow it impact us as we continued on and equalised from the excellent Mane who got the goal he deserved. Battling back from losing our star player and gifting a goal again shows how much we have in this squad. 
    The first Bale goal there is nothing you can say, it's a complete worldie and I can't complain but clap. I haven't seen it back to see if anyone was at fault but it was a worldie, simple as. 
    Again however it never felt like a done deal as we still showed signs of life only for Karius to throw another one in the net. Basically an own goal and an assist for Madrid tonight. I'm gutted as I've backed the lad and I think he has promise but he's done, we need to go all out and get that top keeper who wins you finals and not loses you them. 
    The Salah injury was the turning point as it freed up Marcelo and as we saw last year we aren't as effective with only one pace outlet, I'd possibly argue the Lallana sub was wrong as I'd have gone for Moreno but who knows. 
    I'm gutted but not as devastated as I expected as it was one of those days but losing a final in that way is painful. 
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    NucleusNT reacted to Foxy in Colour Chart For Picking a Profile Custom Colour   
    I have found a handy website if you wish to pick a custom colour for your profile here on Vibe.
    Go to your profile and click edit profile. You will see you have the option to pick a custom colour.
    Open a new tab and go to https://htmlcolorcodes.com/ and use the sliders to pick the colour you want. Once you have chosen a colour you like highlight and then copy the number I have circled in black.
    Then go back to your Vibe profile and paste that number into the custom colour box. I hope this has helped and that it will save some time if you have a specific colour that you would like but don't want to randomly type numbers in although it may already be common knowledge.
    Thank you for reading.
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    NucleusNT reacted to Inferno451 in Champions League final Liverpool v Real Madrid   
    Gotta love Gazza Bazza tho.
  9. Funny
    NucleusNT reacted to samhardy in Champions League final Liverpool v Real Madrid   
    Karius 😂 Sign him up Stewart Donald!
  10. Favourite
    NucleusNT got a reaction from Titjes in Nucleus attempts the Augusta National Golf Club Challenge   
    Hole 2 - Pink Dogwood (Par 5)
    Part One:-
    The Player in Pink

    Don’t think this is Roger, but it just proves that Levante do in fact play in pink.

    I was shocked to find out that the £160 million we get for Mbappé doesn’t actually go back into the transfer kitty. So in actual fact we only received £87 million in outgoing transfers for the season.

    Joe Gomez impressed on loan last season so I decided to make the move permanent. Henrichs and Upamecano also join, with Gabriel and Omeruo coming on free transfers from Roma and Chelsea respectively. Arambarri is Diego Forlan’s regen I believe, and of course Roger joins us from Levante for £12million.
    Manager Profile and Season History

    A better season all round for the team, winning the League, Trophée des Champions and the French Cup. Being runners up in the Champions League and Coupe de la Ligue was a bit of a kick in the teeth however.
    The Player in Pink (End of Season)

    Some slight improvement in attributes, although nothing major.

    We hit the 60 goal mark required for an eagle in mid April, I decided not to play him anymore for the remainder of the season.

    So we are on for an eagle in part 2 of this challenge so long as Roger can top the 60 goals he scored this season. If he doesn’t top that 60 goal mark I receive the dreaded double bogey which is +2 on my score!
    Squad listed by Goals
    Thanks for reading part one, I hope you join me for part two very soon.
  11. Favourite
    NucleusNT got a reaction from Titjes in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    3 results in now lads 😁
  12. Favourite
    NucleusNT reacted to Foxy in Vibe Major Event Schedule 2018   
    Update to the OP graphic.
    This shows that the Vibe World Cup will now start on the 9th July. This is an team invitational event and I will start to PM members in the next couple of weeks to see if they wish to be involved.
    Also this years CC will start in August and @samhardy will have more information nearer the time on that. 
  13. Favourite
    NucleusNT got a reaction from Titjes in Nucleus attempts the Augusta National Golf Club Challenge   
    Hole 1 - Tea Olive (Par 4)
    So you've picked your team and are ready to start on this mammoth journey. What? Tea Olive? Yes, every hole at Augusta is named after the flower or tree that grows on that particular hole. Anyway, it's a flower native to Asia and is a fairly tricky hole to start off with. A birdie is very much achievable however it may be wise to just accept the par for the first hole, keep your score at 0 and move on. After all, you don't want to be +1 after just the first hole.
    Challenge - Buy an Asian GK and ensure he concedes as few league goals as possible.
    Eagle - 0-9 conceded
    Birdie - 10-19 conceded
    Par - 20-29 conceded
    Bogey - 30-39 conceded
     Double Bogey - 40+ conceded

    Managed to bring in £31million to the kitty, which was just enough to get the players I wanted.

    Ive not tried Bentancur this year so he’ll be a welcome addition to the squad. As you can probably see, Adam Federici is my chosen Asian goalkeeper for this hole.

    Manager Profile
    League Table

    24 league goals conceded puts us on par for the first hole, which I’m delighted with to be honest. I thought I’d completely messed up when I stuck a reserve keeper in the net for one game, but after speaking to challenge creator @samhardy he stated that I’d not broken any challenge rules.

    As you can see, Federici played in 37 league games and conceded 23 goals. Subasic played in one league game and conceded one goal. So that all adds up to par, which like I said earlier is alright by me.
    Squad List in order of Appearances 
    Season History

    A league and cup double in the first year indicates a good start
    Hole Total - Par
    Running Total - Par
    Thanks for Reading, I hope you join me at the tee for hole 2 where this will be awaiting me.....
  14. Favourite
    NucleusNT got a reaction from Titjes in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    No if he’s injured for three games, he can only play 5 league games
  15. Favourite
    NucleusNT got a reaction from Titjes in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    That’s alright, plenty of time anyway mate. I’m happy for it to go to deadline again anyway as I’ve got a pretty mad week lined up
  16. Favourite
    NucleusNT got a reaction from Titjes in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    @Woody has submitted his score...in a day!
  17. Happy
    NucleusNT got a reaction from Foxy in Foxy Presents: The Teutonic Treble - Season Four   
    8 goals in one match on the EME is really impressive Foxy. KIU dude!
  18. Favourite
    NucleusNT reacted to Foxy in Foxy Presents: The Teutonic Treble - Season Four   
    All three challenges are well under way now but I still want more from these lads. Arp broke the goal a game ratio last season but didn’t play enough games so only scored 55 goals so hopefully he can smash that total this season, Amiri also had a spell out injured last season which limited his games and assists but Goretzka in his GaM challenge took advantage of Arp missing some games to smash in 17 individually timed goals last year.
    Only one departure of any note this season as I decided that I would let Oblak go this season as I am fed up with his constant demands for a new contract, I am in season four and I must have given him six new contracts in this save so far. That and he is starting to fall out with other players so time to say cheerio. I had to wait until January for him to go and I would have liked to get more for him than the £44m Arsenal paid but in the end I am happy to see the back of him.

    I earmarked two players as a replacement for Oblak with the choices being either Jordan Pickford or Donnarumma. As Everton wanted about the same money for Pickford as AC Milan did for Donnarumma it was a no brainer to bring in the 21 year old Italian who will now all being well be my number 1 for the rest of this save. Eric Dier wanted out at Spurs and I was happy to offer him a home in Madrid as he is very versatile and comfortable in both midfield and defence. My final signing was I believe Messi’s regen for £4m. The plan is that he will play 2nd fiddle to both Arp up front and Amiri on the right until he gets fed up with that and then I will sell him for a huge profit!

    We have yet to have a clean sweep of every trophy in this save so could this be the year?
    Euro Super Cup
    First goal of the season for Arp and first trophy as well as we get a straight forward win over Chelsea.

    Spanish Super Cup
    We took on Real Madrid in this one and I would love to tell you it was a closely fought final over two legs but to be honest it wasn’t as we ran out 6-1 winners. 
    World Club Cup
    This was my fourth time in this competition and so far I haven’t really taken advantage of playing these weaker sides by getting Arp hatful of goals. This year made up for that as Arp got a few. He started slowly enough with just the one against Cruz Azul of Mexico.

    We had to play FC Hiroshima in the final and it is fair to say Arp enjoyed himself in this game as he bagged himself eight goals and only an offside flag denied him a triple hattrick.

    Copa Del Rey
    We did the hard work early in this competition as we beat Barca and Real in the fifth and then quarter finals respectively. This meant we took on Valencia in the final who had been having a very good season. Some poor finishing from us kept the score respectable at 2-0 and trophy number four was in the cabinet.
    La Liga
    Not going to lie the league was a piece of piss as we only dropped eight points the whole season. We scored a fairly (compared to previous seasons) healthy 97 goals but for the first time we conceded more than 21 goals as we let 25 in. Maybe I made a huge mistake bombing Oblak out the club!!!

    Champions League
    Could we make it six trophies out of six? Well we didn’t make a very good start to the defence of our trophy!!!
    We came back stronger in the knockout stage and made our fourth final in a row where we would take on the team we beat in last seasons final Juventus. Last year we needed a 90th minute winner to lift the trophy ao how about this year?

    Yeah, not quite so tricky this year to complete our clean sweep.

    The Challenges
    Arp 1kc
    You may have noticed that Arp did quite well in the finals this year with eight in the World Club Cup final and a hattrick in the Champions League final. So surely he had a good total this year?

    A great season for him as he breaks the 200 goal barrier and even better is that he is getting fitter so he only missed five games this season with a small 10 day knock and I rested him in a couple of games when he was a little tired so that he could play against weaker teams. I have to say that is made easier when I have the reincarnation of Messi on the bench.

    Assists Challenge
    Amiri is my man for this challenge and I was pleased that he remained fit for most of the season. He is now 24 and well into his prime so I am expecting good numbers from him now and he didn’t disappoint I don’t think.

    A 30+ season for him and hopefully that is a sign of things to come over the next eight or nine seasons so that I can post a respectable score in this challenge. I plan to move Havertz from his left wing position next season into a CM position to see if he can up his numbers as he is being out assisted by both Diawara and Goretzka at the moment and I’m feeling sorry for the lad to be honest.

    Goretzka GaM
    Last season Leon had a great season scoring 22 goals in total of which 17 were individually timed but then he was helped out by Arp missing games through injury. This year he didn’t have that and of course the more times he ticks off the list the more likely it is he will get duplicates. In the end he score 18 goals from his BBM role of which 12 were new times to tick off the list. This means he is now exactly half way through this challenge but he is 26 so the clock is ticking for him. Either way I’m really pleased with how this challenge is going so far as I never expected to have ticked off so many times at this stage of the save and although his goal scoring must have had an impact on the Arp 1kc that is well on track as well I think.

    Player stats
    A really good season all round this year and so I need to keep this momentum going next season.
    Thank you for reading
  19. Funny
    NucleusNT got a reaction from samhardy in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    30 seconds should do it 😉
  20. Funny
    NucleusNT got a reaction from samhardy in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    30 seconds should do it 😉
  21. Shocked
    NucleusNT reacted to Woody in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    Jesus mate....that slow for me 😂
  22. Funny
    NucleusNT got a reaction from PriZe in Ashez Vs Foxy - Who'll Come Up Trumps?   
    Looking forward to this.
  23. Favourite
    NucleusNT got a reaction from LenTheWelsh in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    Be honest, you would have finished last night anyway mate 😂
  24. Favourite
    NucleusNT got a reaction from LenTheWelsh in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    Be honest, you would have finished last night anyway mate 😂
  25. Favourite
    NucleusNT reacted to Woody in The Vibe Olympics 2018   
    You......son of a monkeys uncle 😂