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  1. Sad
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in English football   
    Was never released unfortunately and I think only @PriZehas seen it, it's been my most guarded tactic. Long story short at that age group they played 7 aside not 11 and the way they defended and covered the space inspired my CR71K tactic. Unfortunately it's not worked on any game after 2013 but it's one I test first every year.
  2. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to scratch99 in FMM 2019 Ideas Series: Player Roles   
    I missed this when it came around originally, so only just read it. Great work @Nucleus. Would love them all, but especially the Enganche to feed my striker! 
  3. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Woody in English football   
    Bet they played a weird formation and scored shit loads of goals 😂
  4. Favourite
    Nucleus got a reaction from Titjes in The Power of Five - A Multi-Challenge   
    Season Two
    After a hugely successful first season on the team front and individual player performances, I was full of expectation heading into my second season in Paris, the only thing I would have asked for more on in the previous year was for a few more assists from David Alaba, I had an opportunity to correct that this season.
    We had a massive amount of players leaving us this season, 22 in fact, as I wanted to put the finishing touches on the squad as quickly as possible and raise some much needed wage budget. I was glad to see the back of players like Ben Arfa and Lassana Diarra who just ear a huge chunk of the budget up with their astronomical wages, Diarra is on £300k per week! Thiago Motta is another one I was happy to let go as he’s on the wrong side of 35 so off to sunny Brentford he goes. Jesé is another one that I had no use for, he finished his loan at Stoke and immediately transferred to Bournemouth. Thiago Silva and Meunier has become something along the lines of unwanted so off they went too. Angel Di Maria was a reluctant sell but Real Madrid came in for him and I’m a hopeless romantic so allowed him to return to his former club, he’s into his 30’s so it’s nice to get around £20m for him. Finally, Kimpembe and Cavani had become outcasts due to some comments they made to the media regarding some teabagging incident (which I know nothing about!), so unfortunately they had to leave for Juventus and Atletico Madrid respectively.

    You’d think that after letting 22 players leave the club I would have to bring in a few new faces. Well you’d be correct in thinking that, but I opted for quality over quantity and brought in six new faces to put all but one of the finishing touches on my squad. First up we have Leon Goretzka coming in on a free transfer which is a lovely transfer, he’ll slot straight into my squad as a BBM and sending Rabiot to the bench. My favourite right winger of this year, Nadiem Amiri joins us from Hoffenheim for £35m, I’d played Neymar as a right winger throughout last season so it wasn’t ideal, now Neymar will be the backup striker after Cavani’s exit and Amiri can take his place on the right wing. Joel Matip and Niklas Süle come on to replace Thiago Silva and Kimpembe as backup CB’s. There’s a funny story coming now, I’d initially tried to grab Virgil Van Dijk instead of Matip, but Liverpool wouldn’t budge so that’s when I opted for Matip, then a week before the window slammed shut VVD was transfer listed so I couldn’t resist buying him. He would slot right in to the heart of my defence alongside Kurt Zouma. Finally, a new left winger was needed to replace Di Maria, and who else would I sign but Thomas Lemar, he’s my favourite buy this year and is always consistent so he’ll slot straight into the first team squad.

    Trophée des Champions:
    Familiar opponents in the season curtain raiser as AS Monaco try to avenge last season’s defeat. Mbappé had other ideas however, as his brace in the final ten minutes seals a lovely 3-1 victory with Leon Goretzka netting on his debut.

    European Super Cup:
    Atletico Madrid were the opponents in this one, and they took the lead through Breel Embolo after 20 minutes, but Mbappé levelled things on 36’ to make it 1-1 at half time. Havertz made it 2-1 to us shortly after the break but our lead didn’t last long as Griezmann made it 2-2.  Mbappé grabs his second of the match to make it 3-2 but Embolo also grabs his brace with less than 10’ on the clock to surely send the game to extra time? No, Mbappé had other plans and completed his hatrick on 84’ to give us a 4-3 lead which we held on to win our first European Super Cup.

    Club World Cup:
    Not much to say in this game, Palmeiras of Brazil were the opponents and Mbappé absolutely destroyed them with five, yes five goals in the first half. Thomas Lemar added a sixth for the side as we sweep the Brazilians aside without even breaking a sweat.

    Coupe de la Ligue:
    FC Lorient were our opponents as we made it all the way to the league cup final. It fell at the awkward stage in the French season were 70% of your squad become ineligible for some reason (happens every season). We managed to sneak a 1-0 win with our depleted squad which consisted of a few players in unnatural posistions. Giovani Lo Celso with the goal.

    French Cup:
    Another cup, another final. This time Rennes were the opponents and they didn’t put up much of a fight as Havertz nets a brace after Goretzka had given us the lead to retain the French Cup.

    Let’s be honest, you’ve got to be pretty poor at the game if you can’t win the league with PSG year in year out. Win we did, and convincingly too with 100+ points/Goals/goal difference. Unfortunate to lose a game this year but it was one of those yucky games where you dominate only for the game to say “f**k you Nucleus” and their centre half nods in a 90th minute winner with their only shot of the game.

    Champions League:
    We make it to another final and it’s a familiar opponent as we meet Atletico Madrid once again. I was hoping this game wasn’t as tense as the first we had against them in the Super Cup! It wasn’t, as we trounced them. Mbappé hits a brace and was disallowed a goal to deny him his hatrick. Amiri and Alaba made it four as  they cancel out Antoine Griezmann’s 29th minute opener. We retain the Champions League and produce consecutive clean sweeps.

    Manager Profile & Season History:

    Kylian Mbappé 1k Challenge:
    Our little French demi-god had a fantastic first season by scoring 66 goals. This time I was hoping for more and to avoid any injuries too. He’s looking like an absolutely fantastic striker now and he’s only 20. The sky is the limit with this lad with a full 20 in Dribbling, Technique, Movement & Pace he’s going to give any defender nightmares. He produces another great season for the club, 77 goals this time around. Remember he’s not on free-kicks and only has penalties and his goals from open play so by all accounts I’m very happy with Mbappé’s progress.

    Challenge Totals:
    Games: 98 Goals: 143
    Fernando Peyroteo Challenge:
    Games: 98 Goals:143
    Steady progress in this one too, I’m not expecting to beat the Total that’s on the challenge itself but I think I may come close to Prize’s target on the leaderboard.
    Kai Havertz Assists Challenge:
    Proved himself more than capable of high numbers last season and I’m hoping he delivers once again. He’s still on all free-kicks and corner duties and managed to play 54 games this season despite having to sub him off towards the end of each one. His page looks fantastic with a full 20 in Dribbling, 19 in Passing, Technique & Movement and 18 in Creativity & Decisions. He’s improved on his AvR from last season too, and ends the season on 7.70, but that does not justify anything as he delivered 55 assists in 54 games for me! He scored 14 goals this season so his teamwork has definitely improved too. I’m absolutely delighted with this, I just hope he can be consistent throughout the years. Van Dijk Scored 6 Goals through corners this season, whilst Zouma Scored 9 so you can already see how highly I value a CB that’s good in the air!

    Challenge Total:
    Games: 97 Assists:89
    Triple Threat Assists Challenge:
    Now this is the one I’m most skeptical about as Mbappé is being played as a poacher and Alaba seems to want to score more than assist.
    So Mbappé had 5 assists this season, which admittedly isn’t great. Havertz had 55 for the season which is just crazy good. What about Alaba? My trusted left wingback, how did he get on? Fucking dreadful is the answer, he could only make 3 assists all season whilst he went on to score 7 goals. My Right back Jeremy Toljian made 11 asssits and has surpassed Alaba so I’m fuming with it but then I don’t want to tinker too much as it could hamper Mbappé and Havertz’s progress.

    Challenge Totals:
    Alaba: 8/51Assists
    Havertz: 89/162 Assists 
    Mbappé: 13/102 Assists
    All in all it’s been a fantastic season with both Mbappé and Havertz hitting new heights, I’m hoping to keep up this level of performance from now on out.
    As always Vibe, thanks for reading and comments are hugely appreciated. Stay tuned for the Calendar Year Challenge update coming soon.
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    Nucleus got a reaction from CmonJustTheTip in Can't apply for national job   
  6. Funny
    Nucleus got a reaction from CmonJustTheTip in Can't apply for national job   
  7. Favourite
    Nucleus got a reaction from Titjes in The Power of Five - A Multi-Challenge   
    The Calendar Year Challenge
    As stated before, this challenge is played over two seasons so I think a separate update is the best way to deal with it as it does give a slight spoiler into how well/unwell Mbappé is doing in the first half of season two.
    1st January 2018:

    Mbappé starts off the year having scored 39 goals in the season so far with a cracking AvR of 9.18. This always seems to be the case in all my careers, strikers have a blazing start to the season then tail off towards the business side of things. I always put it down to fitness, as they struggle to complete games in the latter stages of the season. He finished the season on 66 goals, so that gives him a total of 27 goals in the first half of the year.

    31st December 2018:

    Once again he’s had a blazing start to the year, with an AvR of 8.90, and managed to score 42 goals in the second half of 2018.

    So that gives him a grand total of (42+27) 69 goals for 2018, which is a long way off the target of 91. He’s still young so he’s got plenty of time to complete this challenge.
    Thanks for reading Vibe. Comments are as always very much appreciated.
  8. Funny
    Nucleus got a reaction from CmonJustTheTip in Can't apply for national job   
  9. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in The Power of Five - A Multi-Challenge   
    Impressive start @Nucleus, I don't think you could ask for much more! 
    Your spending made me chuckle as I was just looking over my old PSP saves/threads and on my Borja/Cunha double 1kc save I spent £565m in 30 seasons lol. 
  10. Funny
    Nucleus got a reaction from Ashez in Challenge Cup XII   
    It does affect loyalty though! 😂
  11. Favourite
    Nucleus reacted to samhardy in Challenge Cup XII   
    With the start of this year's Challenge Cup now less than 48 hours away it's time for the first trip to the Vibe media room to interview one of the managers battling for the crown. First to face the media this year is @Foxy and it's the return of Colin Sale with the questions as Sexy Sue is on hiatus.
    Hello Foxy. Thank you for performing vibe media duties today. How are you?
    I’m absolutely buzzing mate.
    How would you sum up your performances in events, H2Hs, careers etc during the FMM18 lifespan?
    Career wise I got screwed out of a potential DT by a bug in the game which wasn’t great, but hopefully people found my short Oxford career entertaining and then I think it is fair to say my Teutonic Treble went pretty well.
    In events I think I matched my expectation in the VPL by getting into the semi’s and then the Olympics wasn’t so good with that double injury in the Strikerless challenge costing me big time. I have had one H2H this year and got royally smashed by @PriZe.
    All in all I have loved every minute of it well nearly every minute.
    Onto the more important stuff now. What did you have for breakfast this morning? Did you enjoy it?
    I had three Weetabix and a cup of tea so strong you could stand the spoon up in it.
    Rating out of 10?
    It was Ok and the good strong tea really boosted it but how high can I score Weetabix really?
    You were originally meant to be taking part in the qualifying round but due to unfortunate circumstances Taff has had to pull out. How relieved are you to be avoiding qualifying?
    I was gutted that @Taff had to pull out as he always brings a lot of fun to these events but if anyone was going to profit from his withdrawal I’m glad it was me. There are some very strong competitors in the qualifying round when you consider we have 2 of the Olympic medallists this year in there and if the rumours are true @anfieldsquirrel as well. Saying that I’m pretty confident I would have made it through.
    Do you believe you can go all the way in this competition?
     I have to believe I can win it otherwise why bother entering but realistically the three higher ranked guys than me will take a hell of a lot of beating. As the 4thhighest ranked participant I am aiming for the semi’s first and then we will see from there.  
    What is your go to karaoke song?
    Blitzkrieg Bop by the Ramones
    Have you ever eaten a tin of salmon spread?
    No I avoid all tinned fish products as much as I can.
    Who do you consider the favourites to win the tournament?
    As I said above I think it will be one of @PriZe, @samhardy or @Nucleus that will win it as the first two have a lot of experience and Nuke has been smashing it all year.
    Who are you backing to take pole position in qualifying?
    I guess it depend on the challenge but I expect @Rob2017 will go well and the same with @scratch99 and @Titjes showed good form in the VWC a few weeks ago. Then it also depends how @anfieldsquirrel comes back from his break away.
    I will say Rob will live up to his Olympic gold medal billing and be the best qualifier.
    BatiGoal or BettyGoal?
    I hear that Betty makes a mean Thai green curry so I will follow my stomach.
    Can you give us a couple of bold predictions about what might happen in this CC?
    I don’t think it could get much bolder than my belief that everyone will submit there scores every week.
    Like many people this is your debut in the Challenge Cup? How much are you looking forward to getting underway?
    I can’t wait. I watched from a far last year as I missed the entry period so I am really eager to be involved in what must be the sporting event of the year.
    And finally, the most important question of the lot which everyone has to answer every year. Who do you consider the biggest muppet in the competition?
    That is a tough one as looking through the list of entries I see Muppet after Muppet but I think I will go with the guy that said this.

    Thank you everyone for joining us today and we'll return next week to interview the qualifying champion whoever he is.
  12. Favourite
    Nucleus got a reaction from scratch99 in The Power of Five - A Multi-Challenge   
    I’ve tried both and it’s hard to tell the difference to be honest. They’re going to cross the ball a fair bit so its safe to say that they’re preferred foot should be on the outside, but then they’re going to cut in and play in through balls and the like which you could then argue that their preferred foot should be on the inside! 
  13. Funny
    Nucleus reacted to scratch99 in Scratch Tries: Andrea Pinamonti 1KC [Season 8]   
    That is the most likely outcome for sure! 😄
    I should have counted offside goals, because I reckon he's going to get 1K of them too. 😂
  14. Favourite
    Nucleus got a reaction from Titjes in Titjes: A 5 in 1 career   
    Great stuff Titjes! Pellegri had a cracking season! KIU
  15. Favourite
    Nucleus got a reaction from Titjes in The Power of Five - A Multi-Challenge   
    Season One
    Hello Vibe, and welcome to season one of The Power of Five. If you don’t know what’s going on here then basically I’m attempting five different challenges in one career. The challenges are as follows:-
    The 1k Challenge The Calendar Year Scoring Challenge The Fernando Peyroteo Challenge The Triple Threat Assists Challenge  The Assists Challenge  As my first order of business I will go through how the team performed over the year with incoming/outgoing transfers and competition performances etc.
    Our biggest received transfer fee of the summer was for Gonçalo Guedes, a value of £35.5m was received as he storms off to Benfica. Javier Pastore, Grzegorz Krychowiak and Dani Alves complete the notable outgoings as they move to Bournemouth, FC Nantes and Dortmund respectively.

    We spent some, and then we spent some. I made full use of the double transfer kitty that French clubs receive and also had to adjust the wage budget as I went all out in season one to shape the squad to my liking. A massive £499 million was spent which only left £3.83m in the bank to go towards a rising wage total. Mbappé is obviously the biggest fee as we had to deliver a huge £160 million to activate his buyout clause. David De Gea and David Alaba come in for £100 million apiece, Alaba is one third of the “triple threat assists” so along with Mbappé and Havertz we have the names of all our challengers now, he is the one that shares his nationality with Arnie, hence the Arnie GIF. Kurt Zouma comes in for £49 million and I was very excited about using him as i don’t think I have this year surprisingly. He’s got a huge Aerial rating of 18 so I’m hoping he gets on the end of a few of Havertz’s corners/free kicks. Hakim Ziyech comes in to play on the left wing, as  second choice initially as I’m happy with Di Maria there at the moment, and finally Jeremy Toljian comes in on a swap deal involving Dani Alves from Hoffenheim via Dortmund. I believe he’d only just signed for Dortmund when I decided to make a fresh offer for him.

    After assembling the squad that I did, I had very high expectations for this first season.
    First up was the Trophée des Champions, the seasons curtain raiser against rivals AS Monaco promised to be a closely fought encounter. Two goals in the first half however, proved enough for us to lift the trophy and get my managerial reign underway. Marco Verratti and Kylian Mbappé were the goalscorers.

    The next available trophy for the taking was the Coupe de la Ligue, the equivalent of the League Cup if you didn’t know. Monaco were the opponents once again and this one proved to be a dramatic affair. We rushed into a 2-0 lead through Neymar and Cavani before the latter added another to make it 3-0, but Bongiovanni and Diakhaby pulled a couple back for the Southerners to set up a tense finale. We held on however to win our second trophy in as many attempts.

    Onto the French Cup final now and it proved to be an easy affair as we steamroll the opposition on the way to a meeting with Strasbourg in the final. They proved to be no match for my side as they succumb to a heavy 3-0 victory without registering a single shot. Mbappé, Rabiot and Havertz were all on the scoresheet.

    Onto our League Campaign now, and it was a memorable first season at the helm as we manage to go unbeaten all season whilst only dropping 6 points all season. We managed to grab over a 100 goals and over a 100 points to boot.

    Finally, we move onto our Champions League Campaign. We managed to go all the way to the final where Sevilla awaited us. Havertz gave us the lead after 8 minutes and Steven N’Zonzi was sent off just before half time for the opposition. A Neymar brace either side of a Kurt Zouma header was then enough to secure a thumping 4-0 victory to lift our maiden Champions League victory and ensured a clean sweep in our first season at the helm.

    Manager Profile & Season History:

    Finally, we move onto how we did in the challenges! I’m very sorry for how long this post has become 🙈
    Mbappé 1k Challenge:
    This lad is without doubt the best teenager in the game, he’s taken very well to my Super Intensive Training And has greens across the board including a full 20 pace and technique.

    He played 46 games throughout the season as I do tend to rest the youth players incase i burn them out, he scored a very decent 66 goals in his first season. That is a fantastic start by all accounts and I’m very happy with his progress.

    Challenge Total: 66/1000 Goals
    Fernando Peyroteo Challenge:
    Nothing much to add here, 46/187 Games played, 66/331 Goals Scored. Steady progress from Mbappé and I’m confident he’ll get close to Prize’s Total on the leaderboard.
    Assists Challenge:
    Havertz has had an outstanding first season at the club, he’s taken very well to training and his assists ratio is fantastic. Several greens on his page now, the only downside is that I couldn’t get him to play full games often enough. He took full advantage of being on free kick and corner duties by scoring 16 goals and assisting 34 in 43 Appearances. Safe to say that is a solid start and hopefully he can only get better, if he happy for him to hit around the 30 mark each season to be honest though.

    Challenge Total: 34 Assists
    Triple Threat Assists:
    So we’ve seen how Mbappé and Havertz have done. Mbappé managed 8 assists all season whilst Havertz had a huge 34. Now onto David Alaba, and I have to say he looks absolutely amazing! Greens everywhere with just his Aerial, Shooting, Leadership and Strength not being green, and even they are all blue! He looks fantastic. He managed to play in 45 games throughout the season and scored 1 goal, but unfortunately he could only provide 5 assists for the season which is a damn shame considering his attributes.

    Challenge Totals:
    Alaba: 5/51
    Havertz: 34/162
    Mbappé: 8/102
    This is the only downside of doing the Assists challenge alongside the triple threat assists I suppose. Still, it’s steady progress and I’m confident of improvement.
    The Calendar Year Scoring Challenge will be in a stand-alone update each time due to it being spread over two seasons. 
    Thanks for reading Vibe, I’m extremely sorry this post went on for a while but that’s the downside of trying to cram five challenges into one.
  16. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to scratch99 in Scratch Tries: Andrea Pinamonti 1KC [Season 8]   
    Hehe, 1.5K is the target now!
    I went back and looked at Colidio who finished on 1493 and after 8 seasons he only had 405 goals compared to Pinamonti's 578. Of course he was a couple of years younger, but even if I look at him after 10 seasons (when he was the same age as Pinamonti), he only had 571 (slightly less). 
    I think Pinamonti has got this! 😄
  17. Favourite
    Nucleus reacted to Titjes in Titjes: A 5 in 1 career   
    Season 10.0 update
    Transfers Out & In


    League Top Scorer

    Carabao Cup

    FA Cup

    Champions Cup

    Club World Cup

    Community Shield

    Euro Super Cup

    The players
    Pietro Pellegri

    How did he do
    Patrick Cutrone

    How did he do
    Riccardo Orsolini

    How did he do
    Team Goals & Assists

    Challenge Totals
    Season Pietro Pellegri Patrick Cutrone Riccardo Orsolini Totals 2017-2026 484 361 251 1096 2026-2027 89 33 28 150 TOTALS 573 394 279 1246 / 1500  
    PART 2: TRIPLE ASSIST CHALLENGE *** [completed] ***
    Benjamin Henrichs

    How did he do

    How did he do
    Pietro Pellegri

    How did he do
    Challenge Totals
    Season Benjamin Henrichs Arthur Pietro Pellegri 2017-2026 167 216 193 2026-2027 12 33 33 TOTALS 179 / 51 [done] 249 / 162 [done] 226 / 102 [done]  
    PART 3: The Goal A Minute Challenge

    PART 4: The Calender Year Scoring Challenge
    PART 5: The Assist Challenge
    Pietro Pellegri

    How did he do

    How did he do
    Challenge Totals
    Season Pietro Pellegri Arthur 2017-2026 193 216 2026-2027 33 33 TOTALS 226 249  
    I think Arthur is never going to end the GAM if he keeps scoring in the same minutes every season 
    Pellegri is my favorite player I used in the game so far, the guy is an absolute beast 
    I hope you enjoy your reading  
  18. Favourite
    Nucleus got a reaction from Titjes in The Power of Five - A Multi-Challenge   
    Well he’s beat your best season already 😂 he’s on corners and free kicks though. I’m happy for Mbappé to take penalties and score from open play. Hoping that he gets a few assists from free kicks to bump the numbers up
    Thanks mate, also thanks for not minding me do a five in one as you are in the process of doing the same!
    See if I used an AP on the LW I’d have used a right footer. He’s had a decent first season at the club so I’m expecting big things from him
  19. Favourite
    Nucleus got a reaction from Titjes in The Power of Five - A Multi-Challenge   
    The Challenge(s) Reveal:
    I think 14 hours is long enough, I won’t keep you guessing for three months plus like a certain Panda did *cough* @PriZe*cough*
    So some of you have attempted to guess the challenges I’ll be attempting in this save, some have guessed correctly, others incorrectly or if you’re anything like @Damilare you were on a different planet of guesswork. First off let’s work our way through the GIF’s as they appear and I’ll reveal what they all mean.
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -

    Kylian Mbappé has been compared to one of the turtles in a recent social media post, and he will be undertaking a 1k Challenge but with a more challenging target of 1.5k. @samhardy and @Ashez both guessed correctly with Mbappé for this one.
    Lionel Richie -

    Lionel Messi’s namesake, and Ashez guessed correctly with ‘beating a Messi record’ The Calendar Year Scoring Challenge  is the second one I’ll be attempting.
    ABBA -

    An incorrect guess by Ashez in this one, it’s not Isak, it is in fact a mention to one of ABBA’s songs “Fernando” as I’ll be attempting the Fernando Peyroteo Challenge
    Paris Hilton -

    A correct guess from Ashez, this career will be hosted at PSG, mainly because of the Mbappé situation and that I didn’t want to make things too difficult on myself.
    WWE Triple Threat -

    A triple threat, but not the one you’re all thinking of. In this part I’ll be attempting the Triple Threat Assists Challenge
    Arnie -

    Arnie shares the same nationality as one of the players I’ll be using for the Triple Threat Assists Challenge but after seeing Ashez’s guess of Trent-Alexander-Arnold I’m pissed off with myself I didn’t think of it before! 
    Keyzer Soze -

    A shoutout to my favourite film of all time The Usual Suspects. This GIF actually points to a player I’ll be using as part of the Triple Threat Assists in a stand-alone Assists Challenge,  “Kaizer” Kai Havertz as @BatiGoal named him last year, (instantly reminded me of the films anti-hero Keyzer Soze) completes the lineup for this career full of challenges. Five in fact. Let’s recap which ones I’ll be attempting
    Mbappé 1k Challenge Calendar Year Challenge Fernando Peyroteo Challenge Triple Threat Assists Challenge Assists Challenge Thanks for reading Vibe, Season One should be out in the very near future, until then tatty-bye!
  20. Sad
    Nucleus reacted to Ashez in Nucleus’s Super Intensive Training Guide   
    Don't poke the bear!
  21. Happy
    Nucleus reacted to samhardy in Nucleus’s Super Intensive Training Guide   
    What an outstanding point that is.
    Translation added.
  22. Shocked
    Nucleus got a reaction from Ashez in Nucleus’s Super Intensive Training Guide   
    This is an English speaking site, please refrain from using dominant languages like Welsh please. Thanks
  23. Favourite
    Nucleus reacted to Foxy in Foxy Presents: The Teutonic Treble - The Finale   
    It all comes down to this, one last season for Leon to get a goal in the 56th minute of a game and he will have completed the Goal a Minute challenge. He is 40 now and I won’t be asking him to reconsider his retirement whatever happens this year.
    Last season saw the retirement of Amiri as he finished 5 assists short of 600 on 595 which as it stands is the top score on the assists challenge leaderboard or at least until someone comes along and beats it.
    We will check in with Arp first before we get to the main event.
    Arp 1KC
    This season will be Arp’s last at the club as well. With his contract expiring, his attributes dropping fast and the fact he hardly plays any more I think it is time for him to call it a day at least at Atletico.
    Just the 5 goals this year from 18 appearances all from the bench and no fairy tail ending like Amiri last year who scored in the Champions League final in his last appearance. Unfortunately he got an injury that ended his season.
    So a bit of an anti-climax for Arp in this save but 1209 goals from 1050 appearances isn’t bad and I’m sure that without the emergence of Foxy Jr he would have just about got the 1.5k as well.
    Arp will go down as an all time legend for me as he is my first 1Ker and he did it with style as well. On top of that he also got my first ever 100 goal season and when you add in the 179 assists he got he was involved in 1388 goals for the team.

    Goretzka GaM
    This is it then.
    Last season Leon missed 5 months of the season with injuries but just managed to sneak in a time in the last game of the season. This year he was a little luckier with injuries but he still suffered as he missed about 3 and half months of the season.
    He played 9 more games than last year and the best thing about that final injury was that it made absolutely no difference because…
    Honestly I nearly fell of my chair when that goal went in and in the excitement I never took him off meaning that Foxy Jr missed the chance to score a penalty in the final minute as I never took Leon off.

    I honestly never thought I would complete this challenge and certainly not with a midfielder. I believe this might be the first GaM that has been completed by a midfielder in Vibe history but even if it isn’t I don’t care all that matters is I did it. Yes this has been a frustrating journey as he kept getting duplicate times and also a good number of injuries, he never manged to play 1000 games unlike Arp, but when that goal went in the sense of achievement made it all worth it. Thanks to @Ashez for recommending the challenge to me😀
    In terms of shear numbers Arp and Amiri outshone Leon but he has been the heartbeat of this team for 17 of the 19 seasons this career has lasted with only the last 2 years seeing him take a back seat role more. The numbers look pretty good to me as well with 332 goals and 258 assists and a whole host of wards and trophies.
    Like Amiri, Leon went out with a bang with a goal in the Champions League final with his final touch of a football in anger as well. I brought him on in extra-time because my AP was knackered and I had no one else to use for that role off the bench
    In the final minute from a corner….
    The perfect way to end his career.
    Time has taken its toll on him though and I think it is time he put his feet up on a beach somewhere and enjoyed his retirement.
    Any Other Business
    I went a bit mad this year with signings into the club and then found it hard to move players on so I was left with too big a squad and my goal this summer will be to sell more than buy.
    Another clean sweep was completed this season mostly thanks to Leon’s goal in the final seconds of the

    That brings the curtain down on this save and I have to admit it has gone so much better than I imagined at the start. I want to thank everyone who has read any part of this career the views have been great with an average of 300 views per update which is pretty crazy. Most of all I want to thank everyone who has commented and given me the motivation to keep plugging away at this career as it would have been so easy for me to have sacked it off when Arp got the 1k or Amiri the top assists total but you guys really kept me going and pushing for those final times.
     I know I go on a bit with these updates as proven by a career total word count of 19,323  but to know there are people taking an interest enough to comment is a huge boost and keeps those of us that post careers motivated to continue.
    This career will continue as I try to emulate Arp and Gortetzka’s achievements with my son regen. You can find that career here.
    Cheers lads
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    Nucleus got a reaction from Titjes in The Power of Five - A Multi-Challenge   
    Close! But no cigar! 
    All the gifs above have some relation  of sorts to the challenge I’m about to undertake
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    Nucleus got a reaction from Titjes in The Power of Five - A Multi-Challenge   
    But...but...what does it mean?!