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  1. It’s a decent score dude I’m just starting a save now so will see how well I can perform
  2. I’m trying one now but not getting the results I was expecting
  3. So unlucky dude but I’m sure you’ magic your way through this soon
  4. Good work dude, huge score there I think you’ll be sitting pretty on that leaderboard for a while
  5. He’s developing nicely and the team is looking very impressive. kiu dude and you’ll smash this in no time
  6. Good looking guide there dude, very impressive and insightful there are things I follow although I must admit I usually wait a season or two before asking about improving the stadium/facilities as I’ve not found many boards willing to do it early on in the game
  7. Guides/Tips Transfer Tips for FMM18

    I always try and check for players who’s contracts are expiring come Jan 1st as there can be some great players to find there. good guide dude
  8. Not to bad could have gone better but if I conceded I changed tactics to get the win to at least salvage a point, but I’ve come up against @Real_Random before and I normally come out on the losing side in our matches. This coming from the master of the psych out “I’ve been sacked” means I destroyed this challenge
  9. Results in just a waiting game now
  10. Just have 2 games left them the results will be in its gone ok not loads of clean sheets but enough I think along with plenty of wins
  11. Help FMM 18 How to delete saves

    I think @NucleusNT way should work theres a file management type thing if you select the app then delete the numbered save you want to get rid of or you could just save over the file with a new save
  12. Oh good that’s one for the season then 😫
  13. If a Cup game ends 0-0 then goes to pens does that count as a clean sheet
  14. Cheers dude let’s just hope they can keep it up just another few seasons
  15. Cheers cockers very happy with the numbers this year and hopefully they can keep it up for another3/4 seasons Bloody lazy ass. No worries I’ll add it in when you can do it cheers