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  1. Fantastic start there dude, and I love that he's doing the GaM as well, as the mighty and wise @Ashez said it will be a nice redemption story for Goretzka, plus 29 out of 33 unique times is huge in the first season
  2. Unlucky dude, but to be fair only 4 times remaining with a midfielder is amazing, I did it with two strikers and that was hard enough, but you have killed this save, and I'm sure your son will do you proud
  3. Get In There @Nucleus the Dragons reign supreme, and you put in 3 amazing performances throughout the competition commiserations to @Rob2017 and @Woody, that injury was the nail in the coffin and it's just really unfortunate Great work as always from the main man @PriZe, just glad that the call I made to @Titjes work had him too busy for the last round otherwise this would be a very different final, but congrats gentleman bear on the Golden Mobile award, you still showing us why you're Vibe's #1 @Foxy thanks so much for hosting this amazing tournament it's been an honour and the challenges were amazing #CYMRUAMBYTH
  4. Can we please have an unbiased judge, this whole thing reeks of scandal, we'll be calling you Foxy Blatter by the end of the week
  5. What he really means is he lost every game 10-0 and no one scored all season
  6. Going amazingly well dude, I have no doubt you'll smash the 2K
  7. There’s no rush @Rob2017 & @Woody savour this time because the cup is already ours but you can pretend as long as you like that you still stand a chance
  8. Fantastic artical @PriZe, I’ve been feeling the burnout more than ever this year, to the point where I only have 1 career to my name along with a H2H (that’s still going) the rest has been participating with in Vibe events, normally when I struggle I like to find a nice challenge but just can’t find the motivation this year but the community here at Vibe is 110% the reason I keep going, just the support from the guys here is always enough to keep me going
  9. I don't think the W/C counts, but like I said I'm happy to give you the spot if that's ok with the others as then it's Vibe events only and the W/C will be represented I've had my fill and am waiting for the CC to be honest
  10. I don't mind giving up my spot to @Nucleus should we win the world cup, at least that way it's all winners of Vibe events
  11. I think I get it but I'm sure I'll fuck it up somehow Come on @Nucleus let's show these English dogs that they should never mess with a pair of Drag queens (oh sorry I meant Dragons)
  12. Fair point, the league cup is rather pointless, just scrap it, and have the FA cup spread over the year
  13. Yeah but at least only the semi's are over two legs if i remember not every leg
  14. another cracking season amigo, the issue with attacking formations is focusing those on the players you want, but I'm sure a genius like you can figure it out