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  1. Great scores there, unlucky for the O’Brazilians but they were huge scores to beat. looking forward to taking on my old Nemesis @Real_Random in the Semi’s in a nice Wales v Australia tie England v Beleneux should be a cracking match but the Gentleman Bear proving once again why he’s vibes #1 Great write up @Foxy looking forward to the next challenge
  2. I understand dude if someone new posted that I’d be sceptical as well but as @Foxy said I’ve never given anyone reason to doubt me but everyone is entitled to their opinion but just so you know there are maybe 10 people on this site who’s opinions mean something to me and you are no where near that list so say what you like I couldn’t give a crap That bottle job is long overdue so expect it soon 😂
  3. Great write up @Foxy and glad that the dragon fire laid waste in the first round but let’s hope we haven’t run out of steam too soon @Nucleus @Rob2017 and @Woody we’ll see you in the semi and let’s hope it’s not a repeat of the real England 😉
  4. Ok here’s my results mate I used the same format for every team Start save place tactic in place holiday until first league game let the AI pick the squad play until the team won only made subs for injuries changed teams and repeated Heres the fixture list of every team in Italian Seria B Then I went ahead and did the same with the big 5 Juventus, Bayern, PSG, Real Madrid and Chelsea Not sure if this helps but it shows it can work you just need to put the effort into finding the right players
  5. Looking forward to following this dude, with all your goal scoring challenges and that mental tactic set up this will be one wild ride
  6. No worries, there going to be quick tests with the tactic on the exact same set up as you have it with the game picking my team (I'll explain more later)
  7. It's weird and I LIKE IT!!!!! I'm in the middle of something and testing this will be useful, I'll let you know shortly how we get on
  8. Taff

    World Cup 2018

    I just think they have not done anything from open play, even the Panama game was 2 corners and 2 penalties with one world beating shot from Lingard and a fluke deflection from Kane. Most of their goals have come from dead ball situations with the odd exception and they never, to me looked that dangerous coming forward They haven't looked convincing going forward and after a while last night the were all over the shop at the back They did well getting to the Semi's but not enough and Croatia who were supposed to be tired after their last two games look (as @samhardy said) like they could have gone another 90 minutes
  9. Taff

    World Cup 2018 Prediction League

    Belgium v England 2-1 France v Croatia 3-1 (won't get them right as I have fallen right off the deep end) Total After Semi-Finals - 52 Final Round Total - 5 Total - 57
  10. congrats dude they are a great treble threat combo and that's a good score well done
  11. Yeah I'm still happy with the amount he scored just a shame about the decline from his early form. Another good season from Braco, shame about the injury and I think he'll be matching Lemar before long
  12. Rob and Taff present “The Strikerless 500” Taff Season 6 So by now you’ve seen how my opponent has done, so I’m here to share my results with you and I’m frankly very disappointed by this season and I’ll share why later First let’s look at our transfer dealings for the year Transfers So a huge influx in players this season but did they help the team achieve victory, let’s have a look Season 6 So back to winning ways this season completely wiping the floor with the competition. But now onto the main event, could Lemar crack the 61 goals that he has scored the previous 2 seasons? So there it is a slight improvement but would love to have seen what could have been had he kept up his early season form. @Rob2017 and I are both competing in the Vibe World Cup so there will be a delay in our next post but hopefully not too long cheers for joining us and we hope to see you all soon
  13. Taff

    World Cup 2018 Prediction League

    Before I miss out Semi Final Predictions France v Belgium 3-2 Croatia v England 1-4 diolch yn fawr Total After Quarter-Finals - 50 Semi-Finals Total - 2 Total - 52
  14. Taff

    World Cup 2018 Prediction League

    FFS I am useless at this, not as bad as @samhardy but still
  15. Fantastic going dude, you set yourself a seriously tough triple challenge but there is still hope my young padawan KIU