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  1. I'll visit the Zoo when I get there
  2. I honestly think the CC broke me, can't seem to get anything working at the moment
  3. One whole season left to net 363 goals, no worries He's a good player, just not a 1K player (or not for me anyway) I'm sure if you used him he would have banged 1000 by the time he turned 21, I apologise for letting the nation of Holland down, I'll apologise in person when I hit Amsterdam next March
  4. Loving the enthusiasm dude, but I'm not too worried, if it falls through, working on something else at the moment as well so not all doom and gloom, but this is what happens when you trust the Dutch @BatiGoal @PriZe
  5. I take it that's still not going too well?
  6. Thomas Buitink and the Road to 1K Season 13 So after another disappointing season, I've resigned myself to the fact that Buitink is not the striker I had hoped he'd be (considering his backup netted 12 in 5 games during an injury spell this year, so the tactic seems to work, not the striker) Transfers Competitions So as you've seen we both remained at PSV, with no options of moving, which means I have one more season to get Buitink and me a good move elsewhere Here's how he did this year (spoilers not great) Greens in most of the right areas, but his serious lack of Aerial and his pace being blue rather than green are the main reasons he's underperforming in my opinion, as I said earlier, while he had an injury my back up striker took over, his stats show green in only shooting, pace and stamina but they were enough for him to be netting 12 in 5, where as Buitink Netted just 57 all season He did miss about a month or so, but needs to have been doing much better at least for the last 3/4 seasons Thomas Buitink Games Played: 594 Goals Scored: 633 Goals Remaining: 367 Season Info So with one season to get the move, this next update could be the last, it would be a shame, but not every career can be a success until next (possibly the last) time, see you all soon
  7. To be fair that's from the AI and not me, I've just come against him a few times and he seems to develop nicely
  8. I think I'll jump ship to back to England and try my luck with QPR, my player isn't really impressive but maybe getting into a better team could help with the development
  9. Interesting to see what a Legend such as yourself looks for when playing Great season again, already over the 200 mark, now just 1800 left
  10. How about going Welsh He doesn't look like much now, but he turns into a beast in all my saves I'm sure the 1K king could work his magic on this young lad
  11. Nice list dude Used Muto a few times this year and he's a great little striker to have
  12. first of many I'm sure, great work so far dude
  13. Career The Reborn of Sir Alex

    Looking forward to seeing which 19th place team you end up with fair warning if it's Swansea you better do me proud
  14. I've just looked at mine and it's blanked out, can't apply the changes to reset the achievements
  15. Blow me down, this kid is super impressive well done mate KIU and you'll follow @setiawanjimmy and get 1000 goals no worries