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About Taff

  • Birthday 06/05/1983
  • Real Name
    Darren Chappell
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    Hereford, England
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    Swansea City
  • Managing:
    Paris Saint-Germain
  1. Taff

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    It was a great challenge idea, and I loved how you incorporated all our Animal personas into a challenge and as my last one of the tournament it was greatly enjoyable and I was happily surprised with my Scunthorpe and St Mirren's picks at how well they did in the Turkish Super League Good work boys
  2. Taff

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    Results are in and I'm pretty happy with how it went, and I think I might be closer result than I thought originally so look out@samhardy, you might actually have to work to make that final
  3. I'm with you dude, I think he's a class player and one I would happily sign over most strikers
  4. I love Werner yes £35M isn't cheap but the guy is one of the best young(er) strikers out there and he has always provided the goods when I've called on him
  5. Taff

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    Come on Foxy we need to have more faith Fox Vs Bunny in the final
  6. Taff

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    Only just started about 5 games in but I'll get through it ASAP
  7. Foxy is on a roll, but it’s not over yet
  8. Taff

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    Cracking challenge @Ashez and @NucleusNT I’ll see how poorly I lose here before I decide on a 3rd place game Bring it on Black Cat let’s see if I can’t at least make you sweat a bit
  9. G.O.A.T. Greatest Of All Time
  10. Taff

    2018 Vibe Premier League

    Good game @Mr.Manager down to the wire, but very pleased to have made the semi’s where I can hold on to my 4th place Vibe ranking congrats to @Foxy (you’ve come a hell of a long way in just 1 year 😭 I’m so proud of you) @samhardy and @PriZe was there really any doubt in anyone’s mind that these two would reach the playoffs good tournement and looking forward to seeing what @Ashez and @NucleusNT have in store for the semi’s (I’m easy with 40 games if we have a week) might as well go all out for my last round
  11. Antonio does bang them in I will admit, and I would love a good TM in the middle, )and for that I'd go Isak, Giroud or there's a solid Italian Stiker called Petagna I've used in the past who is a great option), but he does provide assists as well, and I've never regretted bringing him in. The other option is someone like Salah and change the position to an AP, that might give you the good mix of crosses and passes you need from a wide player After I posted I thought, why would I pick Nainggolan when KDB is the obvious choice, and I would take him over anyone else. The rest I'm happy with, but VVD is a solid shout at CD, but have never used him so might give it a go To be honest I'm bored at the moment and can't think of anything I want to do, so might use Sugar Daddy to get a combination of our choice of players and play a season and see how we do
  12. OH that's a tough one but I think something like this These are the players I would take with an unlimited budget, some youth, some experience and plenty of clout De Gea (IMO) is the best GK in the game Laporte and Marquinhos are two solid CD (Boateng and Pique also good options) Henrichs at RB is a young but solid FB who can help out up front when you need Alex Sandro at LWB as he's a solid defender but has great pace and crossing stats to get up top as well Goretzka is a WC CM and has a great eye for goal as well as great passing Nainggolan has played amazing for me whenever he is called upon and is a great creative CM Michail Antonio is one of the best out and out wingers in the game and has been a purchase for me in pretty much every save who else but Neymar would you want in that IF spot, technically gifted and pacy as hell Dybala doesn't have the stamina for the ADF role, but as a PCR, there aren't many more deadly in front of goal Now the ADF spot is up for debate, but I love Timo Werner and would have him but Mbappe is a very very close second How about you @Rob2017 who would you use?
  13. Squad one @Foxy Squad two @Ashez What a great idea, looking forward to this.
  14. So any starting XI to use that formation?