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  1. I've finally got it working (after uninstalling and reinstalling iTunes) I've sent the file to @Niall C (both the Dropbox one and the one direct from iTunes) so hopefully they work and I haven't screwed this up like I told @mcandrew003 I would I'll get the update up tomorrow or Wednesday But here's a preview of the striker I chose and his first 20 games I'll get the full one up soon and hope that NiallC has received the file OK
  2. Not sure what the issue is but my pc has been doing updates for the last 3 hours so I'm hoping when that's done it will be sorted added 0 minutes later Close to it
  3. Right guys the save is finished and I'll post an update soon Only problem my Phone will not connect to iTunes and I've got apple care looking into it, but I don't want to post an update until I've been able to send the file to @Niall C
  4. Well done dude, getting to the magic 1000
  5. Great season for Munir, shame the others were next to useless, now bring this one home
  6. Oh and by the way, I love the last challenge, you are the definition of that guy who sits in the corner strumming his fingers up and down over his lips, that special kind of crazy
  7. Nice to have you back mate, and thats a good start to what will be an epic career I'm sure
  8. I'm on it once my Atletico Career is done I'll have a bash and see what I can do
  9. Just so I'm clear, we've had Icardi, Firmino and Suarez so far, right just so I don't end up like Niall and have to start over
  10. I'm going radio silent for a while so I can get this done, I have 1 1/2 Thomas Buitink Updates and 2 for my International 1K, but they can wait Anyone who's threads and stuff i don't post on please excuse me and I'll have a look once this save is done
  11. OK I have the save now and will get cracking, I go away a week today, but If I put in a few decent hours I think I can have the save ready to send back to @Niall C by tonight, tomorrow the latest
  12. The rise of Manchester...F.C.

    Great job on the promotion dude and your looking really good in league 2 KIU
  13. Awesome once again mate a really interesting challenge played to perfection by the Master that you are really interested to what insane challenge you use to finish off this fantastic thread
  14. Cheers dude, If @Niall C gets the save to me I promise to have it done in two days and then get it straight to you
  15. Not to jump the que but if Niall can pass it to me before I'm away a week sunday then I'll get it done in two days and pass it on to @Piggers5 if everyone is cool with that