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  1. Another cracking idea, bringing the MLS to light great work @MasonT827
  2. Career This is our club.

    Very gripping, I've never been so nervous wanting to see a side gain promotion
  3. Glad to see this getting some love, I think Berge is the one I’m going to give a go as he seems to turn into a very decent CM along with Henrichs as a RB
  4. Career Benfica - The Journey

    Cracking season dude and nice to see you giving Willock a chance European glory next season
  5. Great working with you Foxy but now I’m off for a well deserved break. I’ll leave it to the rest of Vibe to tell us what they think
  6. Shit Billy 20 goals in 6 games, who were you playing? Munchen Shitsticks United
  7. Challenges The American Dream

    OK that should be OK then, but yeah clear it up a bit as it sounds as if you want them to bag 30 goals and 30 assits But it is a great challenge
  8. Chat FMM18 General Discussion

    Sam's aware and the guy has been issued a warning
  9. Challenges The American Dream

    It's a great looking challenge dude, but I might suggest having two business partners one to score one to assist as finding someone who can do 30 of each is damn near impossible in my opinion but apart from that its a well written and well thought out challenge and a great way to include the new league
  10. Fantastic start to the years first 1K, and 66 in his first season hopefully means he’ll be banging 100 a season by the time he hits his peak. KIU
  11. Fantastic first season there dude and 133 goals is incredible KIU, can't wait to see them conquer the next league
  12. Chat Is it getting easier?

    I must admit I'm finding way too many goals from 25/30 yards out, it's a bit annoying
  13. Help Player is mad at me

    What Sam said, but I do hate that when you chose the grounded option they always feel no support, I think it's a valid thing, yes he's been brilliant, but don't get too cocky
  14. I gave it a bash on the Beta while testing and the only thing I noticed is the board mention something about not expecting too much for someone of my stature, but apart from that nothing, even won the MOTM award a few times (although I was playing as Arsenal but I didn't notice anything major, but needs someone to give it a thorough going over
  15. Keep to the path dude, you've come way too far for this to end, your not missing much in the 18 side of things at the moment, I'm struggling to keep up with everything, but it's mostly people doing @danovic78 challenges or just chatting waiting to see if they can get the bugs sorted asap