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  1. Might join but wanna give the rest a chance If I can’t join, will watch with interest Get joining lads, this is a very fun thing!
  2. Pretty happy with how I’m movimg...
  3. Holy... 'All I can say is that it's amazing here at Barca, to play with the best. Monaco convinced me to go, and I obliged. This is the turning point of my career'
  4. Didn't even see South Korea... would've gone with them... regrets...
  5. Risheek Sharma lodges official statement on his status at the club: " I have no complaints with staying, like how the media has played on for so long. I've had a wonderful year in France, and as long as Monaco wants to keep me, I'll stay. Without regrets."
  6. U know I would feel happy about myself, but this media is making me seem like a braty little kid
  7. Bloody Hell! Unexpected, very unexpected! Very impressed by myself and my performances!
  8. Agent: Good morning all, please take a seat. Mr Sharma will take questions R: Good morning all, please ask away Media: Risheek, how do you feel about being Monaco's record signing? R: They're a great club, with fine history. It was an interesting offer, having played in England for my career so far, but I knew that this move could change my career Media: How are you hoping to develop here? R: Monaco are a wonderful side with some of the best coaches. We all have seen how Kylian has done there. Not saying I'll ever reach how good he is, but it's a great club for development. Media: From your response, it seems like your stay here will be short? R: Nothing is scripted in Football. I have no idea what'll happen tommorow or the day after. My aim here is to play good football and answer all your questions as good as I can(*chuckes*) Media: There have been many rumours on your wage and how that is there reason for the move, instead of actual good Football and development R: I'm getting a modest fee which is for my basic needs. I'm not a high fly spender Nor one to demand that much. That's all I think I need to be discussing about my personal needs. Media: How do you see your position here as? The right winger role is taken and clearly you have been a first team player for most of your career R: I have thought abt this, talked to both Kylian and the boss. Kylian's a nice guy all aimed towards Football, says that he'll respect the bosses decision and the boss says he'll always look for chances to play me. Thus, I'm pretty safe and happy. Media: You're now the first Singaporean to play in both the EPL and now the Ligue 1. Thoughts? R: The facilities at home have always been TOP class. I think for most players they just couldn't get the start they wanted. Most of the boys there are more talented than me, and they deserve to be here more than I do. But I think when the Vibe Academy picked me up back then, I was very lucky. Many other players also deserved the chance. If they did, and in the past as well, I would very well be known as an average Singaporean playing in England or France. Agent: That'll be all for today. We hope to have more successful conferences with the media and establish a fine understanding with all of you as well. Thank you.
  9. Ahahha, Press conference will come soon!
  10. I'm gonna get my scouting underway as well Alan Partidge( @Fish18ish) Offer 1: Leeds Transfer Fee:8.5M(from someone's sale ) Offer 2: Southampton FC Transfer Fee: 8.5M
  11. I'll go with @Kun Aguero and take a move to Monaco. Train with Mbappe and their amazing youth facilities. Develop as much as possible, and make a return to top-flight, with Man Utd perhaps "After intense media spectualtion, Leeds have admitted to Risheek Sharma moving. Say that there were up to 6 interested clubs, and his choice was an interesting, but right one. Leeds spokesman have chosen not to comment on the club in question. Say that Risheek Sharma will reveal when he feels the time is right"
  12. Yeah was considering them again... Hard options...
  13. Awww Well, if I move I wont be staying in England. I would go Atletico but their depth is admirable. Something like a Dortmund, Sevilla or a less depth bit squad is where I would love to go... I want play time but I also want good facilities.