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  1. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    SAF The Renaissance Season 8 Transfers Competitions Key Player Manager Aim Conclusion A great season! We hit the Domestic treble! A very respectable feat we have achieved! Not to mention, the emergence of an absolute star in Nuno Faria! Great work indeed! Thanks for Reading Risheek
  2. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Yeah mate! Thanks for the support On a separate note, working on an update as we speak lads!
  3. Chat Save Game Editor 17

    Are u looking to release it mate? @jaymarvels
  4. Help 1kc.....just cant do it!!!

    Yeah mate, try it out with rashford! I completed it with him earlier, and he's absolute class! A gem of a player!
  5. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    SAF The Renaissance Season 7 Transfers Compeitions Key Player Manager Aim Conclusion I would say that this has been a good season! We managed to reach all the aims that we had set. Will be hoping to achieve them all once again! Thanks for Reading Risheek
  6. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    *Yawn* I've seen dolls scarier than you, and even they make me want to sleep
  7. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    It's hard to get scared with 'squirrel' in your name...
  8. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    @samhardy is currently in pole position in that case...
  9. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Darn this game! Thanks for the support mate!
  10. Fun/Games Challenge Cup XI

    Yeah mate! I thought I was struggling but my oh my...
  11. Career The New Messi? 2.0

    I got Argentinian management with Spanish League and English league as far as I tried... On another note, this seems promising. Good luck!
  12. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Sure is true mate, the glitches of the game...
  13. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    Thanks for pointing that out mate, I didn't realise it myself... I think it might be a glitch which I'm surprised of at this stage of the game. A potential UCL was there...Dissapointing. Thanks for the support!
  14. Career SAF-The Renaissance

    SAF The Renaissance Season 6 Transfers Competitions Key Player Manager Aim Conclusion A very good season once again! A small transfer Budget didn't allow any hot shot transfers that I wldve liked to make, however we did good without the stars in the club and made it into the Top 3. The UCL is a bummer but not much we can do when paired with Barca… Good season and will hope to improve! Thanks for Reading Risheek