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  1. When a team is interested in a player and does an offer. You'll get a Transfer auction tab when muktiple teams are interested. How can you ask for a 'buy back fee' or 'sell on percentage'?
  2. Hey guys, I've been playing the game Since FMH15 and play FMM18 for about a month now. I'm someone who likes to play at smaller teams and give the youth a chance. So I was thinking, in real football you've got teams that work together and some who refuse to work together. Some teams even have the same owner and help each other out with players etc. For example we got Monaco (Ligue 1) and Cercle brugge (Jupiler Pro League). Monaco is the owner of Cercle and lends out a lot of their huge talents to Cercle so that they get playing time. So maybe it's an idea to have an option to be partnered to another team? It would certainly be more pleasant for people who like Youth in combination with Lower leveled teams. It also is easier for the bigger teams to get their younger talented players in another team (if they don't have a second team that plays games). I would like to know what you guys think?
  3. Doesn’t look like anybody is willing to help thank tho.
  4. Yo guys I've been playing the game since FMH15 and I really do struggle to find/make a tactic on FMM18 that works for me. I wanted to ask if anybody on her got anything I could start playing the game with again. I did really enjoy the previous versions but didn't buy FMM18 untill now. I would appreciate it if anybody could help me. Btw I tried some tactics on the index on the forum but they seem to be outdated and don't work for me. I use the EME version of the game.
  5. That is very true, but I will try and make the tactic more defensive. I will tell you guys how it worked out.
  6. I started my season with Hertha and it is not going that good but i have to mention that I didn't buy any players.
  7. I was thinking to start with hertha berlin, it seems to be a big challenge. Good luck with chievo
  8. Hi AndersJ I'm glad the tactic i posted is still working out for you. Sorry that i didn't respond for a very long time. I had a very busy life and quited playing the game. Now I am back and will try the tactic and see how it goes
  9. @GamingWithoutRules if u use the tips that are given above u get a very good tactic that works i tried it and 10 wins out of 11 games. I notice that u will concede too much goals so u have to change some stuff to make it work even better.
  10. I don't got them but i posted this to help im not taking any credits at all. If u want to see if it works u have to test it by yourself.
  11. Im happy it works for you. The games you lost or drew must be because of your lazy playing haha.
  12. Sometimes i change the DMC into a CD. I just do this when im playing against stronger teams.
  13. I tested it on Everton and it works perfectly. I posted my line up so u can see whats different. Hope it helps you
  14. My players always get it just tried it in the league of Belgium with STVV and it worked fantastic. I will have a look at everton and hope that i can help u out.
  15. Like i said i also used it on newcastle and borussia dortmund and it also worked for them but i dont have screens of that.