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  1. ZenithStriker

    Why I've Stepped Down - Ashez

    I've not been here that long and not very active but I see the amount of time and effort you have put to FMH/FMM and Vibe. Sad to see you step down but you know what's best for you. Good luck in the future Ashez.
  2. ZenithStriker

    FM 16/17

    Been playing a bit of FM 16 lately and it just occur to me that FMM is just way behind. SI really needs to put a little more focus on FMM 17. Offering contracts should be improved in my opinion. Example of this issue is when I was playing as Dortmund. Aubameyang's contract was about to expire, he was 31 years old and he wanted a pay rise?! He was consistent in scoring I'll give him that much but he doesn't score buttloads of goals though. Pretty unrealistic.
  3. ZenithStriker

    Youri Tielemans !!!

    I had this problem also in my Roma save, only thing I did was put him in a role which doesn't drain his stamina too much.
  4. Well I'm at a loss. Just have to wait and see I guess
  5. Bulgaria? very obscure indeed. The only bulgarian players I know are Berbatov, Ivaylo Chochev, and Todor Nedelev( if that's how you spell it?) Is Nedelev the next one?
  6. Good guess by me there . Chadli for me is like a downgraded version of Perisic. Who knows? He might perform better than I'd expect. Good luck danovic
  7. Douglas Costa is good at long shots, but that may prove to be a liability at times. It all depends though on the tactic. Best of luck to you Danovic
  8. ZenithStriker

    Transfer Thread 2016/17

    Even Sané moved to Man City. http://www.skysports.com/transfer/news/11679/10520019/leroy-sane-seals-16337m-move-to-manchester-city-from-schalke
  9. ZenithStriker

    Transfer Thread 2016/17

    All the wonderkids seem to be going. That's annoying ?
  10. ZenithStriker

    Gareth Bale -Upgrade or not?

    Maybe not a HUGE upgrade, but a small upgrade on CA and PA maybe. IMO, His PA should be 180 or 181 maybe more. Teamwork does need to go up
  11. ZenithStriker

    Icelandic Wales EME ( TEST )

    We had 79 goals for and 41 against in La Liga. Mattia Perin was in goal, he played all 62 games and conceded 57. Also got one assist. Had a decent squad. Yannick Gerhardt was my BBM and he played 52 games got 5 goals and 15 assists. Mamadou Kone got an 8.10 avg rating. This was in 20/21 season. Also forgot to mention that I won Copa del Rey and got to CL final, but lost to Bayern on penalties. Was gutted then I moved to Stoke. Problems seem to be the amount of Yellow Card my BBM gets. He had 14 yellows. But no red.
  12. ZenithStriker

    Transfer Thread 2016/17

    No way this will happen
  13. ZenithStriker

    Icelandic Wales EME ( TEST )

    I used this tactic with Real Oviedo. I just finished my 2nd season after promotion from the Adelante, finished 9th and 13th, so you can tell I have a pretty average squad. This tactic delivered with me ending up winning the league (very lucky) because Barcelona failed to win their last match. My Striker Mamadou Kone played 54 games and got 51 goals with 10 assists. P.S. I auto picked my squad before every game.
  14. ZenithStriker

    FMM2016 Funnies

    I've had this before as well, a beast inside forward but was only a 4 star CA player. Clearly had stats like a 5 star player for Man City.