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  1. I did the Google opinions rewards and only paid less than £4 for the game
  2. Gareth Higgs South African Lb/c
  3. I got dormund and gareth bale
  4. 2015 Josip Radosevic:

    What leagues do u need to have loaded?
  5. Nicolae Vasile

    Ok then soz will let u knw hw he turns out
  6. Nicolae Vasile

    Ive found this young Romanian defener playing for FC Rapid Bucharest has anyone heard of him His starting stats are crossing 12 dribbling 8 heading 10 passing 9 shooting 9 tackling 10 technique 10 aggression 12 creativity 8 decisions 10 leadership 10 movement 10 positioning 11 teamwork 14 pace 13 stamina 15 strength 12 If anyone has used this player please let me know how he turns out
  7. 2014 Mark Davies

    If you look at his history hes Ryan Giggs regan but he is a good player for the future
  8. 2014 A Young Monster

    If you try and get Nicusor Stanciu at the begining of the game you can get him as low as 4.2 mil, well i do when im playing as newcastle Untd and i concer with gustis 14 he is a beast
  9. 2014 Best tactics for newcastle united

    If your looking for a good tactics for Newcastle try looking at Tom's 4-3-2-1 i find it helps me out to no end
  10. 2014 Juan Iturbe

    How the hell do you sign him every time I try his work permit gets rejected straight away
  11. Newcastle Skin

    Cant you just copy and paste it in
  12. Diogo David

    what nations do u have to load up to find him as im unable to find him
  13. 2014 Andreas Cornelius

    I signed him in the second season and hes scored over 110 goals in only 70 games