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  1. A few bugs I 've found, I'm sorry if they have been already mentioned.. 1. I'm in 2024 and just resigned from club (Panathinaikos) after winning the Champions League and in 1st position of Managers Ranking. However I'm getting job offers from clubs in Vanarama League ๐Ÿ˜•. 2. When offering a new contract to a young player of mine while he is on loan to a small club they always ask for Key Player status. When they come back from loan they agree to sign with status youngster or hot prospect with no problem. 3. I have a first team player requesting for a better contract with bigger wage. However when going to offer him a new contract he is actually asking for lower wage than the one he currently gets...
  2. Hm...I get your point but how exciting a league is is subjective.. Welsh, Irish or Northern Irish leagues are among the worst leagues of European football but are in FMM for so many years...
  3. I'm sure we 'll enjoy it a lot Marc! Looking forward to the 19th of the month! But please please consider adding the option to load more than 4 nations on FMM21 ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. I don't wanna be the greedy one here but do we know if they're gonna be me more new features?? ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  5. Nice additions. The rivalries were on my list for few years now I just wonder if that is all though ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  6. 1 week left and still no new features have been revealed. Shall we assume there won't be any important additions to the game? I started to get worried that is gonna be an FMM19 facelift version.
  7. Great article @S4NCH0 Thanks for the mention regarding Panionios ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿค˜
  8. As far as I'm aware this is not possible in FMM, unfortunately.
  9. Regarding the Greek league, Panionios began this season with a points deduction (-6) and transfers restriction. They are only allowed to sign Greek U23 players and only 1 over 23, either Greek or foreigner. If this will also apply in the game (hopefully), is gonna be a very interesting save imo.
  10. Do you mean we should be grateful for having 4 now? Also if I'm not mistaken, back then you could have 1 active league but the leagues you could choose from where just 6. (Or was that on PSP?) Now it's 4 from 21..pretty much the same. Anyway, the thing is that they keep adding a couple of leagues every year, but we can't really enjoy them if we can't select them along with the top leagues in the same save.
  11. Disappointed that the playable leagues are only 4 again If I could only change one thing in FMM that would be it. A couple more would make the game much more enjoyable.
  12. 1. To be honest personally I don't see the point on adding new leagues to the game when there's still a limit of 4 nations to load. I like trying new leagues but I also want to have the top leagues loaded to my game. So if we had the option to load 6 or 7 nations at the beginning would be great! 2. Affiliated clubs 3. When receiving a job offer from a club, to have the option to delay my reply to them and to be able to agree to join them at the end of the season. 4. Full Competition history 5. More specific scouting (country, competition)
  13. 1. It seems that the board confidence is being kind of getting reset every season and this is not realistic at all. On my 1st season i won the 2nd division title with Lierse (Belgium) and got promoted. On the 2nd season won the double but on the beginning of the 3rd season the board believes i should be performing slightly better!! My finances btw are excellent so that's not the reason for this. 2. Something else I've noticed is that the players' wages in general are quite off. Please check the screenshots below, is anyone else experiencing the same? I have the wages display format on weekly btw, these are not monthly wages!
  14. But when is the Europa League playoffs being played then? I 've proceeded to the next season without playing any games after the league finished. And now on the next season (haven't played any match yet - I'm still in early July - ) I don't see any playoff games in my Fixtures.
  15. l 've found the below bugs in Belgian 2nd Division. First of all, I need to mention that the league is being played in 2 phases, all teams play each other twice, There's a separate table for each phase and there's a total league table for both phases. 1. After the end of the season, on the msg that I've won the league, it shows the league table of the 1st phase instead of the total. 2. After my last match of the season, I got a msg that I secured a play-off place but this is wrong since the champion is not playing in the playoffs but gets an automatic promotion instead. 3. Also, the rules written in the Rules section for both the phases are messed up and wrong! On first phase rules, it says that 'Top team qualifies for Champions Playoff' and on 2nd phase rules it says that 'Team in 2nd and 3rd position are qualified for European Playoffs' and of course this is not correct since we are talking about a 2nd Division. I assume these are the rules of the Belgian First division but mistakenly copied on 2nd Division as well.