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  1. auronjashanica

    Chat FMM19 Bug List

    Im managing Man Utd, Eriksen has a contract till 30th June but its 12th and Sevilla already made the offer
  2. auronjashanica

    Chat FMM19 Bug List

    I cant make bosman offer to Eriksen but other clubs can. Why is this so?
  3. auronjashanica

    Chat FMM19 Bug List

    I cant sell my Man United players, they keep rejection other clubs contracts
  4. How can i unlock National team management?
  5. Oh i just found out i have to click players position to bring the retain position window
  6. I think you could have sold these players for more money ( like double the price you sold them ) but that is not important.
  7. Still dont know how to retain position
  8. Hopefully there won't be as much bugs as in FMM18
  9. I'll start with Man United but don't think I'll be posting it.
  10. auronjashanica

    Career Another day, another 1K [COMPLETED]

    Why Mata for 14 milion hahahaha, you could have sold him for 50-60 milion but thats not important. Good luck with Kluivert and McTominay
  11. auronjashanica

    Chat My Rooney 36yrs Still So Good

    Can we see the stats at least?
  12. auronjashanica

    Chat Victor Wanyama

    Well you have to wait 1 year to get him for free, but 15mln is a bargain if you get him on the summer or winter
  13. auronjashanica

    Chat Victor Wanyama

    I got a better target for you who is also cheap, you can get him for 15-20 mln pounds. The name is Leon Goretzka
  14. Do i need to create a new one because there's no change.txt file on my iphone