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  1. Chat Victor Wanyama

    Well you have to wait 1 year to get him for free, but 15mln is a bargain if you get him on the summer or winter
  2. Chat Victor Wanyama

    I got a better target for you who is also cheap, you can get him for 15-20 mln pounds. The name is Leon Goretzka
  3. Do i need to create a new one because there's no change.txt file on my iphone
  4. iScout Arthur

    Signed him in my Everton career and he's doing very well till now.
  5. Help Lost my saved games

    There's no way you can get them back.
  6. Hello everyone, today I decided to make a FMM Experiment about Sanchez&Mkhitaryan Transfer. Standings at the end of the season: Now lets see players and teams results and stats: Sanchez & Man United: Man United lose their Euro Super Cup final with the exact same scores as they lost it in 2017. They get out of Carabao Cup after losing to Liverpool on penalty shootout. Then they're out of FA Cup as West Brom beat them. Now they get disqualified on the first knockout round by Real Madrid. Biggest Man United achievement: 2nd in PL. Alexis Sanchez: 20 goals + 7 assists in 30 appearances is pretty good right? ARSENAL: Beaten by Watford on Carabao Cup fourth round. Fails in Euro Cup as they cant even pass the group. Then they get beaten by Crystal Palace on the sixth round of FA Cup. They couldnt get the Community Shield either. Henrikh Mkhitaryan: Its a pretty good season for Mkhitaryan too as he scores 10 and assists 6 in 27 appearances. Should I make another season or this is enough? Write down your thoughts & critics about this very short experiment. Thank you
  7. Help How do I get the Hex Editor?

    Can i use Hex on iOS?
  8. I found Messi's regen. He won Best player in Europe when he was just 16 y old
  9. Shortlist the player you want to find regen after retirement. When he retires you get the notification on the news menu.
  10. Fun/Games FMM 18 Books of Records

    Biggest Half-time win Biggest Win Most assists in one game
  11. Chat FMM2018 9.1 Update Released

    No it doesn't happen regularly. But very often
  12. Maybe the team is full and cannot call up anymore? Try to remove someone from the national squad and call someone else up
  13. Chat FMM2018 9.1 Update Released

    Just won 17-0 mate dont think they reduced anything
  14. Fun/Games FMM 18 Books of Records

    Can i use suggar daddy?