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  1. Career Beating History - Arsenal Career

    Did you use Sugar Daddy?
  2. Chat Save Game Editor 17

    Lets hope we can use it on FMM18 too.
  3. Man United, i cant wait to be back on Champions League cuz its been really annoying to play on Europa League on all my new saves i started on FMM17. Plus we have a better team now and wont need to make big signings except one or two. Also AC Milan would be a very good choice to start the season.
  4. News FMM18 Release Date Information

    Its gonna be a good birthday gift.
  5. Yep, if the second season goes well, when i post it here i plan on putting some blur on transfer windows pics haha
  6. I dont know i will complete season 2 and if it goes well i will post it, but i made some expensive transfers so this is one of the reasons i might not be posting it
  7. I just started this challenge with Rashford and scored 51 in first season
  8. Chat Save Editor

    Any updates?
  9. Chat iOS Transfer Update

    I made the same topic as you, but i think we must wait for Save Game Editor or FMM18 because of apple restrictions
  10. Career Man utd Career

    No i meant Mata for 100 milion?
  11. Career Man utd Career

    How did you sell him for 100 Milion ?
  12. Chat Save Editor

    Best news i received this week, i hope it comes out at the end of the weekend.
  13. Fun/Games FC fmmvibe

    Too late mate
  14. Chat New update on iOS

    Still pre game editor doesnt work on iOS
  15. What tactics are you using man?