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Juan Millihand

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  1. Juan Millihand

    FMM18: All Playable National Teams

    Great list - thank you very much!!
  2. Hi guys, I've bought the new game and have enjoyed what I've managed to play on my ancient tablet, which sadly only lets me load about 10,000 players and doesn't work with any added badges or player faces. So I will be getting a new device soonish, but I was wondering if anyone has worked out all of the nations that are playable this year with the maximum player database? Sorry if I've missed a thread on this already!
  3. That's a good point - hadn't thought about it that way! It'd be nice though to get a news notification or something telling you that had happened; I was a bit surprised just to see that one of my players had randomly returned and assumed it must have been a glitch....
  4. In general the update is great: very much enjoying the big transfer fees Chinese clubs can now give you! But in addition to the inability to see loan offers people have already mentioned, I've been finding that certain loans are being randomly cut short without player action. Apart from that, keep up the good work!
  5. Juan Millihand

    2017 Standard Faces Megapack

    Have faces from the Turkish league been added to this since initial release? Many thanks for the great work
  6. Does anyone know the full list of manageable country sides this year?
  7. Juan Millihand

    [Release] FMH 2015 Save Editor 15.0.1 (ALPHA)

    Do you need to use a Winetrick or something to get it to work on Winebottler? I've managed to get it downloaded and installed (it shows the right icon) but when I try to load it nothing happens. I've also run this on a Windows computer with the new transfer update save file but every time I try to swap the manager with a club manager I get a message saying I can't swap an international manager, even though I'm not trying to swap one!