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  1. Off Topic Nintendo

    Hey. Being a father of a little Mipha (Zelda is a whinny brat) and having a Switch kept me from playing FMM, but I'll be back for FMM18, as always. Forgot about Shovel Knight. There are two games, right? Any version with both games? And will there be a physical release? As for BotW I play it in a way that makes sense in real life. From the start you can't be prepared to face Ganon. You need to remember who you are first and finding shrines and knowing the reward makes you stronger makes sense to me. Although I didn't wait to do the beasts, I did them while travelling, not going straight to them from the boot. I go everywhere, climb everything (stamina was my main focus), tried a lot of horses until I found the one I have now... The best thing about the dlc, for me, is hero's path. Knowing where I haven't been is great. Also, I am hoping for a Switch version of the Metroid Prime trilogy to play before 4 is out. And the virtual console as well so I can play some Wii games as well.
  2. Off Topic Nintendo

    I got a Switch a week after release with Breath of the Wild. I also own Kamiko (it was 5€ only on the e-shop), MK8D and Snipperclips. I will, most likely, buy Skyrim (already played it extensively on the PS3 but it's been years since that), Mario Odissey (day one). Other games that interest me: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (will have to watch more videos of this one but I will probably skip it unless I see a price cut) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (will have to watch more videos, but I do like long rpg games) Monster Hunter XX (same as above) Rime (looks interesting) Shantae Half Genie (will probably buy this one to get the old platform vibe) Binding of Isaac Rebirth+ (never played a rogue like and this one has good reviews) Regarding BotW, best game I've ever played. I'm taking my time. I have 100+ hours and I'm still missing one beast (the camel). I have the majority of clothes, three stamina wheels, full top row of hearts, master sword (and I got the DLC so I need to do the master trials as well). I've been exploring extensively everywhere I go and love every minute of it. Specially now that I got a 4/4/5 horse. Most of my time playing is Zelda. Buying a new game will depend on me finishing BotW. I will only face Ganon when I complete the Master Trial, get all the beasts, all memories (3 missing) and all the shrines. Only then I will venture into the castle. If, when I finish it, Mario Odissey isn't around the corner I'll have to check what's in store then (I also prefer physical copies).
  3. Article Euro U21 2015 TOTT - Where Are They Now?

    Wondering why I thought Dec was the OP...
  4. Article Euro U21 2015 TOTT - Where Are They Now?

    @Dec José Sá isn't in the B team. He's Casillas' backup.
  5. Help Basque Players

    @Marc Vaughan @Alari @Jack Joyce Is it possible to add, in a future update, the option to search Basque nationality, as we can do with others?
  6. Guides/Tips FC Porto Guide

    Please, lets keep football rivalries out of Vibe.
  7. Perhaps this means that next year we'll have the Chinese league available or at least their national team.
  8. Career BG's 1000 goals - Villalibre

    @BatiGoal and @Jens, it just shows that he's a strict professional!
  9. Career BG's 1000 goals - Villalibre

    There is only one Pedro Cunha! Right @Ashez?
  10. Chat FMM17 Bug List

    Do you want the file?
  11. Chat FMM17 Bug List

    So, Ricardo Carvalho, the portuguese international, former Porto/Chelsea/Real Madrid/Monaco player is my defensive coach. When I check him at the staff page I can see Rafa Soares currente CA and PA, according to Ricardo Carvalho. Everything is good here. But when I tap on his name in the news section I see his player profile...after he retired from playing because I only offered him a non playing role when he was a free transfer at the start of the game. As you can see he's not in my roster. But I could sign him if I wanted to
  12. Son In The Team

    Victor Garcia does the trick for me
  13. Son In The Team

    You need to play him for at least one official match per season until he retires, even if he plays for more than 10 seasons.
  14. Chat 1KC rules update - Opinions Wanted

    @Ashez, what I meant is that you could have a regular 1KC (only goals scored while under your management count) and a variation of that. Lets name it 1KC Variant (only players whose nation isn't available for management in game). Whoever wants to do a 1KC only has to state in the career if it's a 1KC or 1KC Variant. This way, for me, is the fairest because it allows you to pick, let's say, a chinese striker and do a 1KC with him and allowing the ITN goals to count. Anyway, my advice for anyone wanting to do a challenge, play it the way you want. In the end you'll either fit the rules and enter the leaderboard or you won't. But the most important thing is for you to have fun while playing it.
  15. Son In The Team

    Ruben Neves won't work because he was already at the club when you start the 16/17 season.