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  1. Does anyone here usually play with the "hidden attributes" option selected? Was thinking that it would be interesting to play this way as a Conference North/South team that usually doesn't have a vast knowledge about the player base and that would force the use of scouts. It would be a nice twist to the usual gameplay. But I'm wondering if, as the club gets better (and promoted) if we have more players available with less hidden attributes. Anyone with this experience?
  2. For me, the best new addition would be the opportunity to load all players in the database, regardless of the number of nations and divisions I pick. I understand the implications with the mobile phone/tablet hardware and memory issues but, to me, it seems the game engine hasn't evolved that much throughout the years so, with the advancements in technology in today's devices, maybe they can take it... But I'm no expert in the area. Sure, it wouldn't be an option available to everyone but at least some of us could have the access to the full database.
  3. Searched if anyone had a similar bug but haven't found any info here, which I find it odd. Started playing in the Portuguese third division were most players are valued 500€/1K€ and I manage to offer them to clubs for values between 600k€/800k€...and they offer that for my players. And the offers always come from third division clubs who haven't got that money available. Made 6M€ trying to see how much I could get but that defeats the whole purpose of LLM. Anyone else with this bug? At least I hope it's a bug and not working as intended.
  4. LOL Misread the topic. I thought you were asking if, when looking for a player, we look more into his attributes or his stats...and so I picked stats. To answer your question, I say "atributos" I'll let you figure out what that means because it's soooooooo hard to figure that one out As a side poll, would be interesting to see if people value more player's attributes or stats. It's very common to see average players with incredible stats (30+ goals per season) and top players with crappy stats (10- goals per season).
  5. How about the same board but with [REGEN] tags before or after the player name?
  6. Pellegri is more of a target man than anything else. He'd be great in a double trouble with a poacher next to him.
  7. Still no mark all as read on desktop
  8. Been playing LA Noire. Enjoying it so far. @Ashez, buy Skyrim. One of the best games I've ever played. So good that I had 150+ hours on PS3 and I'm still buying it for the Switch.
  9. Yeah, on mobile there's the option available. Full site there isn't.
  10. You need to click the little blue circle to go the first unread post. By the way, any way to mark all forums as read instead of having to get into every single one and marking them read?
  11. Hi everyone. With the bigger database size in FMM18 what can influence its size when selecting several countries/tiers? The question came to mind because I'm about to start a one club career starting in VNN like I do every single year but usually I only loaded ENG. But now, with the added incentive of a bigger database I thought about adding Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (all tiers available in each of them) so that would boost the database size (and more players available to me, specially for lower tiers and after Brexit kicks in). But the numbers don't add up. Don't remember the exact numbers so this is just an example for easy math: England - 6000 players England, Scotland - 8000 players Scotland - 5000 players So loading both leagues doesn't give you 11000 players and that makes sense. But I'm wondering if, no matter how many leagues I load, the first country I pick gets the same number of players, no matter what I choose, which means I will always get those 6000 players I get with england only loaded. Any SI guys can clear this up? @Alari, @Marc Vaughan?
  12. Already been sharing this with @Marc Vaughan, but has anyone else been having issues with reserve players being promoted to the main squad, even after you demote them several times? Making it impossible for me to play as FC Porto. Sometimes I get all the keepers in thain squad so the B team loses most games...
  13. The license fix in the downloads section, apart from changing club/competition names, has 2 transfer changes. Evra and some other player. It's nothing major but I've removed those two lines from my file. @Ashez, your thoughts?
  14. Would much prefer to see a summary of the stats of the game I'm currently playing like action zones, match stats, player ratings...
  15. I actually don't know the point of having the updated results on some games at half time. Does anyone?
  16. I might be wrong but I think the difference isn't just about pretty graphics
  17. If your focus is to score goals with your striker you need to shape your tactic in order to provide the most chances for your player while providing less chances for the remaining squad. I am being vague on purpose because of the 1KC rules. Check your tactic and see if the options you chose provide less or more goal scoring chances than the options you didn't pick. Same thing goes for the roles of your other players. Do those roles have a higher chance of scoring goals than other options at your disposal?
  18. I believe that depends on your mobile. I used to play with OME because I had an older phone but now I have a new one and the EME with commentary only and very fast speed is...well...very fast
  19. Good. So hopefully it will be solved soon. Getting tired of always demoting them. Sometimes I don't notice them right away and that keeps them from getting game time with the B team. Thanks for the quick reply!
  20. I'm not sure if this was mentioned before (sorry, 18 pages is a lot to read) but while managing FC Porto I keep demoting three players to the B team but after a short while they pop back into the main squad. I've started a career from scratch twice but it's always the same three players: Alan Bidi Oleg Rabsomething (romanian defender) Halsomething Chickasomething (moroccan AM) Has this happened for anyone else?
  21. Congratulations @BatiGoal, this small career was very inspiring. Do you honestly believe that the fact that he's originally a midfielder has had any influence on his slow physical deterioration? @Alari or @Marc Vaughan, any input you can share on this? Also, how did you get him to become a natural striker? If we keep them retraining long enough they can become natural in their new position? I've always stopped once they hit 'dark green'...
  22. Got a new Xiaomi Mi A1. I suppose this time around I'll be able to play with the EME!