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  1. nujawuja

    Manchester United - The Revival

    Hi Mate, Could you send me yr tactic + instructions ? Tks in advance ! Cheers
  2. Hi Mate, Could you post tactic's instructions ? Tks in advance ! Cheers
  3. nujawuja

    West Brom - Too Easy

    Pls show us yr instuctions. Tks & Ciao
  4. nujawuja

    SS Lazio Career

    Hi, Could you show us yr tactic + instructions !?!? Tks in advance Cheers
  5. Can i use another role for the attacker ?
  6. nujawuja


    Tks a lot !
  7. nujawuja

    Help HELP

    Hi All, can someone translate these roles from French to English? AeR AtA AtL AtL MjA MRé LOF DéR DC LOF GB Tks in advance Cheers
  8. Dlp = primary outlet added 0 minutes later ?
  9. Could you let me know the players used ? tks in advance cheers
  10. nujawuja

    500 International BatiGoals

    Could you send player roles + instructions about this ? Tks in advance Cheers
  11. nujawuja

    Help rescue my Awful tactic

    AF IF AP W BWM BBM WB CD BPD FB GK Balanced, Mixed, Mixed, short, committed - Pressing + OFFside Trap Correct ?
  12. Could you post also instructions ? Tks Cheers
  13. nujawuja


    could you post also yr instructions about ? Cheers
  14. nujawuja

    Tiki Takaaa

    Could You post Player Roles in English ? Tks Cheers