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  1. Can i use another role for the attacker ?
  2. Help HELP

    Tks a lot !
  3. Help HELP

    Hi All, can someone translate these roles from French to English? AeR AtA AtL AtL MjA MRé LOF DéR DC LOF GB Tks in advance Cheers
  4. Dlp = primary outlet added 0 minutes later ?
  5. Could you let me know the players used ? tks in advance cheers
  6. Career 500 International BatiGoals

    Could you send player roles + instructions about this ? Tks in advance Cheers
  7. Tactics Help rescue my Awful tactic

    AF IF AP W BWM BBM WB CD BPD FB GK Balanced, Mixed, Mixed, short, committed - Pressing + OFFside Trap Correct ?
  8. Could you post also instructions ? Tks Cheers
  9. Help Goalscoring

    could you post also yr instructions about ? Cheers
  10. Tiki Takaaa

    Could You post Player Roles in English ? Tks Cheers
  11. Could you please post yr 3-5-2 with Player Roles + instructions ? Tks in advance Cheers
  12. Hi, Do you fix always the primary attacker or only with TM ? Tks Cheers
  13. Could You post yr 4-4-2 with Player Roles And instructions ? Tks in advance Cheers
  14. Tactics Tafftastic 3-2-3-2; Plug-N-Play

    Could you post yr succesfull tactic ?