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  1. Thanks mate. Yeah, especially when you're actually having lots of shots but yet the score is still tight. Defo Will be following that career when you start it💪🏼
  2. Thanks. Yeah, and the flow of the game is drab with not much action at hand, unless i'm playing european giants
  3. Season 2 Update - Australia Formation Only got back from a long vacation in my wife's hometown, where the line was only barely there, and any updating would be in vain because of that. Figured I'd just update the whole season rather than mid seasons, looking at the response on this career so far. So season 2 requires us to use the formation used by Australia, which you can see in the original challenge post. But, first up: Manager Profile - Before Tactical Setup WIth the shape being so heavy at the back, I figured we could play a higher line, but maintain the mentality around counter to balanced. Occasionally, I'll switch to attacking for the winning goal. Transfers Results Won the league, losing only once and drawing 9 times in total. The defensive shape meant a low amount of goals scored but with minimal goals conceded as well. 93 points racked up and GD of 43. Crashed out in the Champs Cup playoff to PSV on away goals. Again, away goals being a nightmare as Besiktas managed to win over us over on aggregate Won the Betfred Cup beating Rangers 1-0 and won the Scottish Cup by beating Partick Thistle 2-0 Fixtures List Again, most wins are very narrow, and on another day could be the other way around. Team Stats Edouard proving to be a beast scoring 49 goals in all competitions with 24 coming in the league. He may be an option for those looking to do some challenges with him. He does have the quality to play at a higher level. Tally With the season achievements, the points are as follow: League Points = 93 Goals Average (GD) = 43 50 Points Bonus for Winning the League = 50 20 Points Bonus for any Cup's Won = Scottish Cup and Betfred Cup = 40 -10 for being Sacked = 0 Season 2 Total = 226 points Season Tally 1 - Ajax 212 2 - Australia 226 Total 438 Minor improvement on the score. Next up will be Barcelona, and this time, the idea would be Attack! Attack! Attack! That's all for now. I hope the content is enjoyable to whoever is browsing through this. Have a Happy New Year and see you all in the next update.
  4. Thanks mate. I don't think it was a bad choice ,It's just you took an effort at a more difficult challenge with that choice, and the result is a feat that people here will always find respectable.
  5. Season 1 Finale Fixtures We continue with the League, Scottish Cup and Euro Cup still up for grabs, and at the end, we accomplished: Winning 1st place in the league, racking up 89 points with GD of 53 Crashed out to Arsenal in the Quarters of EURO Cup, beating City and Midjtylland before that Won the Scottish Cup beating St. Mirren in the Final As mentioned in mid season update, lost the Betfred Cup to Dundee Fixtures List Transfers Team Stats Edouard leads the goalscoring chart with 32 goals, while brown lead the assist charts with 15. Manager Profile - Season 1 Finale Tactics The setup of my tactic is not really focused on attacking as the formation is rather heavy up front with 3 forwards and one attacking mid, which is why I chose to start with counter in most matches, as playing with attacking is rather risky and can lead to opposition getting early goals and shutting up shop. Here's the graphics: Tally With the season achievements, the points are as follow: League Points = 89 Goals Average (GD) = 53 50 Points Bonus for Winning the League = 50 20 Points Bonus for any Cup's Won = Scottish Cup = 20 -10 for being Sacked = 0 Total = 212 points So the challenge starts off quite well, with 212 points, which may be due to playing in an easier league compared to others. But we'll see if the other formations can be made to fit the team and rack as many points as possible. So next formation will be Australia, which is rather loaded at the back based on the shape. We'll see how we fare in that shape in the next one. As always thank you to those who read and reacted. Hope my career is enjoyable. Until next time then. Goodbye
  6. Great stuff mate. Tavernier with 20+ goals more than last season. KIU.
  7. yeah that early form may or may not be because of the CF role. Hope it works well for you as it did for me💪🏼 Great tally there, keep him fit and happy and he'll score loads more
  8. this is just from personal experience for me to share (it's not a guarantee), i had quite a run of goals from him with that winger early crosses setup with him as a CF.
  9. Starting to rev up his engines there..KIU..great results.
  10. Tough luck in that last league match, I'd rage for days myself in those cases. It's like the game has beef against you and just screws you over😖
  11. Season 1 - Ajax Formation Mid Season Update So our 7 seasons journey begins in Celtic where the manager is hellbent on trying out 7 crazy formations, turning back time to the start of 2018 for each of them. Why Celtics? Simply wanted to try out the league and wanted to try out wonderkid Odsonne Edouard - who was a constant thorn during my Pellegri 1.5KC career - for myself. Manager Profile - Starting Point Transfers Tactic This is the setup I've used over the 1st half of the season As you can see Edouard is not in the midst of the squad, whom I played as a TM in most games, due to: 3 months out in October. A bit of a letdown as he was scoring quite a number of goals before the injury. and to make matters worse, Tom Rogic, one of the more creative player, gets sidelined for 4 months as well But that's life. Doesn't make it a challenge if it's always roses and chocolates. So on we went even with these circumstances. Fixtures We had a decent start, getting through to the group stages of the champions cup beating malmo FF in the playoffs, and decent run in the league. We also went on to the finals of the Betfred Cup. But as you can see above, we had a bad run in the group stages, losing to Real Madrid and Roma. But we did pip CSKA Moscow twice, and after 5 games in the Champs Cup, we were 3 points behind Roma, and they were the team we were playing against in the last match. So no surprises there. We were doing quite well until Benkovic got red carded and the game went south rather quickly. Lucky not to lose by a large margin. So off to Euro Cup Knockout where we face: Man City. Of all the teams to be drawn against. The hated rivals from the last career. After some more games, we played in the Betfred Cup finals against Dundee and... Lost 2-0, missing out on our first silverware opportunity. Bummer. But all in all, we are still on track to winning the league, if we can maintain our form, and with our Target Man back, it's looking great going ahead. Lots of draws though, and I've set up the tactic to be more passive, where most games I play counter rather than attacking as it can easily break down if I go attacking in most games. Manager Profile - Mid Season Team Stats Edouard is quite a good player racking up 16 goals before getting injured for 3 months. So that's half a season over, not sure when I'll complete the whole season, but hopefully I can update the career soon. Thanks for reading through and hope you guys enjoyed it. Comments and advise are most welcome and appreciated.
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