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  1. Season 2 Update Back to back update while I still have the time, as today's a holiday where I came from, before going back to work tomorrow. The wife's also expecting and the baby will come out any time now, so expect slow updates on the next ones. anyways, season 2 is done, and now i'm at the start of season 3. Here's how it went: Transfers Not many coming in as there were not many better options available in the market for a good price. Coman finally comes in in a player exchange deal, with Lukaku offloaded the other way. Might be a tad pricey but wanted him nonetheless. Zivkovic went out to Werder in a 61m deal, so I did get some profit from the deal. Hateboer was sold as I wanted to buy better right back in Kimmich, but somehow the deal was set as accepted but the contract offer window never came up, after 3 times trying, and the same issue happened, I opted to trust Fosu Mensah and use him in the team. Havertz was bought as Luis alberto and kovalenko kept getting injuries in the seasons before, and as a longer term option as he is a guaranteed future star. And Donnarumma came in January as option to De Gea who's slowly rising in age and will need to be replaced in the future. Competitions: Lost the community shield to Liverpool (who's quite a thorn in my side in this career) on penalties after drawing 2-2 in normal time. Unfortunately lost to Bayern on away goals after drawing 4-4 on aggregate in the First Knockout round Won the Carabao cup by beating Chelsea 2-0 in the Finals Won the FA cup beating Middlesbrough 2-0 in the final And as for the league, here's the story: The Main Man: Quite a drama to end the season, but the main star was missing the whole time when it happened. As he went down on a month long injury during that time. Added with an injury at the start of the season, which also went on for a month, he managed to play 40 games in total, 14 lesser than the previous season. But the main man went guns ablazing when he did go on the pitch, scoring 50 goals in those matches, while notching 8 assists to his teammates. His form and performance won him the Player's player of the year award at the end of the season. Here are some of the high scoring games he had this season: and this is how he looked at the end of the second season, greens at the right places: I'm now trying to get his stamina and pace up, for him to play more, and not get tired too fast. With those goals, the challenge now stands at: 1KC tally - 96/1000 (904 to go) Team Performance: Pavon still topped the assist list this season with 21, which is 6 less than his tally last year. Abel Ruiz filled in well for Pellegri while he was injured, scoring 18 goals. That was the 2nd season. Positive that he'll do better as he plays more in the 3rd. Fingers crossed he stays fit the whole time. That's all for now. Adios Amigos~
  2. Reboot of Pellegri tries to raid the premier league - Second 1KC challenge. After trying out some other leagues (France, Germany, Holland, England) and testing some formations and tactics across all these leagues, I'm now rebooting this challenge as my 2nd 1KC challenge with the same player and the same club. No particular reason of not choosing other options other than feeling like having an unfinished business. So that's it for the re-introduction and sense of Deja-Vu, and let's get into the first season (just finished second season at the point of writing): Transfers: Drastic changes in the personnel, as I brought in personnel that I felt is better suited for this challenge, people with decent teamwork stats and served the formation I've decided on after multiple tests. I've wanted to try Milinkovic Savic for a while now, and this time I opted to sign him up trading Angel Gomes along with a large chunk of the budget for him. Our main star Pellegri came in for 40.5m and other players were best possible options for each position as most stars were too pricey or not interested to join the club (e.g. Paqueta, Bernardo Silva, Lemar) Pavon came in as my first choice to be the providers for Pellegri this time around while Coman didn't want to join in this season (I made a mistake in the initial post). So had to choose zivkovic instead. Sanchez, Rashford and Martial went out in order for us to get a bigger sum to play around with. Competitions: Finished 1st in the league, ahead of Liverpool and Man City with 88 points total and 105 goals scored. Won the Carabao Cup (the accursed cup in the initial career) by beating Tottenham 2-1. Won the FA cup, narrowly beating Middlesbrough 1-0. Unfortunately lost the Champions Cup in the Final, losing to the noisy neighbors 3-1. A decent start to the career nonetheless, but being here before, I know it's going to get more challenging in this league from here on out. But we'll be ready for it this time around. The Main Man: He's no stranger to everyone in this community, and loads of people have used him. Here's how he is at the start and at the end of the season for those few of you wondering: With that stats, he went on and played 54 games in total, including substitute appearances, and scored 46 goals in total. He bagged 13 assists as well throughout the season. He also won the Young Player of the Year award and Footballer of the Year award for his performance, bagging the top goalscorer award to boot with 35 goals in the league. So all in all, a decent start to the career and challenge. We are now at: 1KC tally - 46/1000 (954 to go) Team Performance: Pavon topped the assists list with 27 assists. Lukaku did well with the lesser games he played in as a sub, or when Pellegri was jaded with 30 goals in total. But as usual, he'll be off by next season to give him the playing time he deserves at another top club. That's it for the first season of the reboot. May this reboot be a better version of the original (which never is the case if movies were the subject). Now off to copy the screenshots of the second season from my phone. See you guys in the next update (soon)
  3. Amazing! Pretty sure he'll bang in more and more goals with that kind of support around him
  4. ashrafrazin

    Chat Tactics tweaking

    Hey guys, once you've decided on the shape of a tactics, do you guys normally change the whole formation around (e.g. 4-3-3 to 3-5-2) or just the in game instructions and mentality to counteract the opponent's AI changes?
  5. Thanks. I know I will.😁 Yes, was finally able to find a tactic that gets the guy to have more goals. Maybe I'll test it out for a bit before I go back to the drawing board of another challenge. Thanks for clarifying. Thanks for the encouragement Yeah. Now testing some formations that i've gotten some good results from. Thanks😆 Thanks! I might. I do feel he scores for fun when he's fit and in good spirits. Though in my save his morale drops quite easily. Must be the young age.
  6. Season 5: It's the end of a very short journey. 5 seasons in and I don't think he'll make it to 1000 because of the slow start. Maybe with the experience I can help him achieve it in a new career. Let's save that for later. Here's how it went: Competitions Not much to play for due to last season's failures. We accomplished these: Won the league with 4 games to go. This is the highest Goals scored in season so far for the team. Sadly, for the challenge, the form came too late Lost in the Carabao Cup in the 3rd round against Tottenham yet again. Lost in the FA cup finals against the noisy neighbors 4-0 Won in the Champions cup Finals against Juventus 3-2 Transfers: Courtesy of Rob, Fresh and Villen, I went and sold out all the IF's I had and bought natural wingers into the team. N dicka is bought as a utility player. 1KC Challenge: So with that change of team dynamics, how did it change the performance? Here's how it went: Was in red hot form by January (the screenshot was taken later than the injury date as I only remember to do it after the fact): 1 month injury held him back. and he came back after that a bit easily tired. But he still went on to score a few more: Scoring 44 goals in total for the season. Best season so far yet still not good enough. (Noob question but does the 4 INT goals count as his tally in this challenge? or only those that is scored while i'm INT manager?) Final tally: 164/1000 So the curtain draws to a close for this challenge as I go back to the drawing board. On the bright side, I may have a tactic i can try out before starting another challenge. May still be in the prem..may be out of england. Thank you for following and for giving help and suggestion. See you guys again soon.
  7. Season 4: So season 4 finished yesterday and it was a season to forget in both competitions and the 1KC challenge. Here's a short update on how it went. Competitions 2nd in the league behind Tottenham. The team were languishing in 5th place in January and luckily some bad results to the other teams allowed us to claw back up to 2nd place. But still a disappointing result Lost in the Carabao Cup again this in the Quarters to Tottenham on penalties after drawing 0-0 Lost in the FA cup sixth round against Arsenal 2-1 Lost in the Champions cup Finals against FCP 2-0 Consolation titles were only Community Shield, Super Cup and Club world championship Transfers: I was doing so badly even the transfer in and out screenshot escaped the top of my head again😴 IN: Rabiot (85m) Kessie (96m) Vagnoman (49m) Masiello (25m) and Achim Wickenhauser (regen-8m) OUT: Bellanova(56m) Lorenzo Pellegrini(62m) Joao Felix (51m) Nadiem Amiri (42m) and Antonio Marin (25.5m) Only Amiri went of during the starting window. Bellanova, Marin and Diego Llorente started requesting for transfer in November and even when I tried to give them game time, the morale of the team was already somehow affected coupled with poor performance in matches after that. They went off in the January window. Pellegrini had an offer from Barca I felt like not refusing and Felix went to Inter after they put up an offer for him as he begun complaining about game time. Bought Kessie and Vagnoman to replace Pellegrini and Bellanova. 1KC Challenge: Pellegri had 2 injuries, both 3 weeks long, and suffered some period of being jaded and tired after few matches. Nonetheless, he didn't score that much even during the time he was fit. The manager inexperience led his performance to go down worse than the year before: So with that underwhelming 4th season, his tally is now only: 1KC Challenge: 120/1000 (880 to go) Preview: Looking at the numbers, I'm aware that this challenge may already be a lost cause. But I want to go on for at least another season which will be the ultimatum season. The number 5 would be a good number to see at least if I fail. So on we go to the Ultimatum Season 5. Taken all your comments and inputs for the 5th season and already seeing huge improvements. Many thanks for your insights. Huge help.
  8. Yeah I figured the same thing, but not sure how to make them get the ball to him instead, maybe i need to change the midfield roles around. trying to see if I can get the tally up in the 4th season. if it doesn't..then guess i'm not ready for a prem league 1KC yet😂 will try in another league if that happens
  9. Great season mate. Pretty sure he'll smash those numbers soon. Still tinkering with formations to get my Pellegri to reach the 40s😂
  10. Season 3 Update Season 3 results are in. Let's just start with the transfers. Transfers Out: Some main players last year who now I've deemed doesn't fit the squad has now gone out, while some were just youngster I didn't offer contract extensions. In: Benkovic and Llorente are direct replacement for Lindelof and Tuanzebe, Tonali and Cardoso are buys that are more geared for the future if I can develop them properly. Competitions: League: Won the league with 6 games to go with final points tally of 91 but did not score as much as I wanted. Community Shield: Kept the tradition going by winning against Chelsea 2-0 European Super Cup: Retained the glory as the winners of Europe, beating SLB 2-0 Club World Championship: World champions again this season as we tbeat NYCFC 3-1 to take the title Carabao Cup: Lost this cup again this season, this time to Tottenham in the Final by the scoreline of 1-0 FA Cup: Won this cup after losing last season, beating Liverpool 3-0 at Wembley Champions Cup: We won the cup again, ,this time barely winning against Juventus 3-2 Almost a clean sweep in all competition, with the Carabao Cup eluding us. Is this the sign of a curse?🤯 1KC Challenge: So how did our superstar perform this season? Changing his training intensity seemed to help as he stayed fit throughout the season. Here's how his development went: A spike up in aerial thanks to the target man and aerial attribute training focus. Looking a better player overall. But his tally however, is another story: Only managed 35 goals, with an increase in assists this season. The slump after December hits him hard, after he hit the ground running early in the season. Here's some of the good games he had: Some awards he got over the season: So with that tally, which is a bummer considering the reduced total of goals, the challenge is now harder but even more fun to go on with: 1KC Challenge - 93/1000 (907 to go) He's now reaching 21, so I'll have to somehow push him to score over the 70 range assuming he stays playing until 35. Well, let's get to the drawing board and try our best again in the next season. Extra - Squad performance: That's all for now. Thank you guys for reading and following this career. Until next time folks. Adios~ Oops, literally forgot to touch on this and only remembered after the post has been saved. Earned this over the 3rd season.
  11. Are the attachments coming out alright now? Had to reattach the whole thing after something went wrong with the Screenshots
  12. Season 2 Update Finished season 2 few days back but haven't had the time to update the topic until today. Season 3 just finished and will be updated right after this is done. So without further Adu, let's get on with it: Transfers Out: Out goes Lukaku and Sanchez to give Pellegri and the other forwards the game time. Could've shipped them out for more cash but the deal was done pretty close to window end. Shaw was injury prone in my save while Bailly wanted out himself. Other than that are players I deemed as surplus and would get more playing time at other clubs. I am a fan of keeping the squad small. In: Bought Guedes and Pellegrini to shore up the wings and midfield, Joao Felix and Amiri as rotation for Paqueta and Arana to replace Shaw. Suero (whom i believe a regen) is a future world class player based on scouts analysis. Silva came in at the end to silence the players who were aggrieved with sanchez and lukaku going. Competitions: Community Shield: Our first silverware of the season, beating Milwall 2-1. European Super Cup: Another silverware went on the trophy cabinet as we beat Inter 3-1 with our main man scoring a hat-trick League: We went on to win the league by 5 points and goal tally of only 73. But we'll take it as it is and improve in future. Carabao Cup: Crashed out in the fourth round, losing to our most hated rivals Liverpool by the scoreline of 1-0 Club World Championship: World champions this season as we thrashed Independiente 6-0. Pellegri scored a brace in this match FA Cup: Went up against Chelsea in the Finals, after beating Liverpool and Man City in the Sixth Round and Semis. Failed to take home the cup as we were soundly beaten 3-0. Champions Cup: The team fought through the disappointment of the loss and went into the Champions Cup final against Bayer 04. We played a great match and won the cream of the crop title beating our opponents 5-0. Pellegri again rising to the occasion scoring a brace in the match So didn't manage to get a clean sweep in all competitions, but all in all a good season. 1KC Challenge: So how did our superstar perform this season? Had one injury not long after the season started: which made me change his training intensity to normal from intensive. Seemed to help him stay fit so far. I do have some problems with injuries in this squad, even for those with normal training. The worst is Itter being sidelined for nine months: Anyway moving on... Pellegri scored a total of 39 goals over the season, from playing in 56 games in total. He looks an improved player by the end of the season: Here's some of his best games: So with that tally, which is somewhat decent and could've been better, his total is now: 1KC Challenge - 58/1000 (942 to go) Still keeping positive that I can make him score more consistently especially as he's only 19 (20 by the time this is posted, cos I just finished the 3rd season) Extra - Squad performance: Goals Assists That's all for now. Hope I can update the 3rd season soon for you all. Time is not something I have atm unfortunately🤣 Until next time folks. Live long and prosper.
  13. Yeah, seems like TM is more consistent in bringing in goals. Half way through 3rd season now and he's banging in lots of goals until december. Though, I haven't been able to work around the post december barren run for 3rd season running now. May need to re-look at my tactic choice again. Swamped with work but will post the write up 2nd season result soon.
  14. My bad cos I had an actual lorenzo pellegrini in my save..and I thought he was asking about him😂 yeap he was recommended as a defensive forward..I mainly focused on his shooting and pace so far as adbanced forward. but looking at the success of target men..i'm tempted to change it up😉
  15. Well in my save, he's recommended as a central midfielder and that fits into my setup which i've maintained so far. currently training his passing. My guess would be you've somehow set to retrain him in a forward position or it's purely a bug.