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  1. Career Maximiliano Romero : A 1KC Journey

    Very nice start, good luck with the rest of it
  2. Chat Best results so far

    (FA cup, 3rd round in the first season)
  3. Tactics EME 4-3-3 Benfica

    None of the pictures work?
  4. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Not had one crash yet. anything specific that's doing it or just random?
  5. Career YNWA - A Liverpool Career

    Very good first season, good job
  6. Hello I'm Jake.

    Think I do remember you slightly. Nice to see you stepping up Honestly our team is full of good youth prospects and a very good side. You called us Forrest so all respect is lost
  7. Hello I'm Jake.

    It's been quite a while but I'm finally returning. (You can blame someone for that) Well, I'm Jake, I'm 19 and I live in Nottingham. I'm currently working full time in a bookies. As for football I (unfortunately) support Nottingham Forest, with our terrible past few years it kind of made me fall out of love with football, but with things looking up it's getting me much more into it. Although haven't been to a game since around April (lost at home to Blackburn so made it even worse). Kind of into some other sports but not really enthusiastically. Over the past year I've mostly been into esports, such as Rocket League (which is probably the only game I'm good at) and CSGO. In terms of FMM I've been playing since around FMH13, after playing the PC game for a couple of years previously, I mainly switched to FMH mostly because my laptop was so bad it could barely run FM. I've picked FM back up and have been playing that over the past few years. I joined vibe in 2012 after lurking for a while, then carried on lurking, got to know people then I think failed in a few challenge cups and H2H's before I went away. As far as what happened when I was here I really can't remember, but I'm coming back, most likely doing some bad careers/challenges and failing in H2H's, so nothings really changed. Just gonna tag some people I remember from when I used to be active on here. - @samhardy @Ashez @MerlionMaple96 @anfieldsquirrel(gone but not forgotten) @Jens @PriZe. They'll be quite a few others but I really can't remember. I think that's brief enough - Jake.
  8. You clearly did this on purpose to annoy me. I'm an MM fan now.
  9. Career Harvey Barnes goes for 1K

    12 month injury?
  10. Love the format, good stuff.
  11. Now that is something I wouldn’t be able to handle.
  12. Very rude but I'll be honest now. It's all but over, even though one of Giroud or Ozil will go either can be replaced, Lozano is still young but you should be good next season with him. I did a real reply, happy?