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  1. Season 11 Results Clean sweep!! Nice to win the shield at our newly named stadium too. The early cup rounds are always good to boost my tally. Really pleased that two of my star men won the Champions League for me. The Main Event I switched Chuba central and as a result he banged in a hatful, unfortunately he missed a few games with injury otherwise he would have got to 60 goals comfortably. It is a problem with my right hand striker as you can see i moved Chapman there and his tally was a lot less this season whereas Che on the left side striker position is pretty consistent. Still can't complain with the goals returned in total. Chuba - 53 (424 total) Che - 51 (493 total) Chapman - 29 (483 total) 133 goals to the total takes us to exactly 1400/1500. Only 100 goals to go so i should make it next season and i would really like to end on a high and beat my best season's tally of 141. With Chuba now nearly 33 it will be a case of keeping them all fit and on the pitch the maximum amount of time.
  2. Season 10 Results Near perfect league record and won the KNVB Cup again but lost in the Champions League Final despite being 2-0 up and the better team even when down to ten men. Gutted. The Main Event A much better season for Chuba which was out of the blue as no change in his role on the pitch. Poor season for Che by his standards but Chapman banging in another 50 goals. Chuba - 40 (371 total) Che - 42 (442 total) Chapman - 50 (454 total) 132 goals to the total takes us to 1267/1500. I don't think i'm ever going to hit the 150 goals in a season which is what i was hoping for but with any luck i should complete within two seasons.
  3. Season 9 Results Again a good domestic season but out of Champs League in quarters which again was disappointing. A lot more high scoring games as tweaked my tactic to 3 at the back to try and score more but ended up conceding a lot more. I don't mind conceding more but my main men weren't scoring the extra goals i was hoping for. The Main Event Same old story, Che and Chapman are my main source of goals whilst Chuba is as much a provider as he is a goalscorer. Chuba - 30 (331 total) Che - 54 (400 total) Chapman - 52 (404 total) Another 136 goals to the total takes us to 1135/1500. The guys are now 30, 29 and 28 years old so won't be long until they start to decline, but only 365 more goals to go.
  4. Thanks @Titjes Season 8 Results Not as successful this season, losing the KNVB Cup on penalties and going out in the Champions League Semis but scored plenty of goals. The Main Event First positive was i managed to get them all on pitch for 50+ games each for the first time. Had a bit more luck with fewer injuries. Again the guy i was hoping would contribute most to this challenge seems to be more of a provider the last few seasons with more assists than goals compared to the other two. Rather than trying to get him scoring more i think i will settle for the fact he lays on a lot of goals for the others as well as scoring a few. Still can't believe Chapman hasn't had an England call up nor Chuba for England or Nigeria. Chuba - 33 (301 total) Che - 54 (346 total) Chapman - 54 (352 total) Our best season yet and 141 goals to the total takes us to 999/1500. Hopefully 4 more seasons with a bit of luck!
  5. Season 7 Results So domestically nearly perfect, last game of the season i drew to spoil my 100% record! Disappointing to go out in CL quarters after a real battle with Juve but won the Super Cup and World Club Cup. Some notable high scoring games The Main Event You'll see from the games above Chuba is again struggling to score, Che and Chapman seem to hog the lions share of the goals. If i can get him firing as well then i may be able to push for 150. He seems to contributing in assists more than i like so i will try and tweak that. Chapman superb again, bizarrely no international call up for him yet, although Che is an England regular. Chuba - 27 Che - 47 Chapman - 54 Exactly the same as last season and a further 128 goals to the total takes us to 858/1500.
  6. Season 6 Results so....i lost the annual curtain raiser for the first time but finally i won the Champions League! Gives me two extra games in the Club World Championship to go at next season. The Main Event Slight improvement from Chuba but i'm still tweaking to try and get the best out of him again. Very good seasons from Che and Chapman. Chuba - 32 Che - 47 Chapman - 49 So a further 128 goals to the total takes us to 730/1500. Nearly half way but i can't seem to get towards 150 goals in a season which was my aim at this stage. See what i can do next season.
  7. Season 5 Results As usual great domestic season but disappointing to be knocked out of the Champions League Quarters, really hoping to win that next season. Offered this but obviously rejected. Notable Performances Just a couple to show, went 5-0 up in first 13 minutes of this one! This is the game that knocked us out of the Champions League, was in a great position but then got blitzed by Petagna. The Main Event Chuba - 28 Che - 36 Chapman - 56 Bizarrely a really poor season from Chuba even though he was playing in the same position as the previous season, but on the other hand Chapman had his best season yet! So a further 120 goals to the total takes us to 602/1500. If i can keep averaging 120 goals a season then i should hit 1200 goals by the time they hit their 30's and then its a case of how much i can sustain it.
  8. Thanks for the comments Season 4 Results So a perfect season domestically but unfortunately knocked out of the Champions League group stage, but then came through some tricky ties to win the Europa League so not all bad. Would love to nail that Champions League soon though. Notable Results Some real ding-dong battles in the Europa League and then almost lost my unbeaten league record to PSV at the end of the season but for a 93rd minute equaliser! The Main Event Chuba - 49 Che - 37 Chapman - 45 Broke the 130 barrier with a total of 131 goals! This takes us to 482/1500 and pretty much a third of the way there. However, Chuba is now 25 years old, Che 24 and Chapman 23 so time isn't on our side. Chapman doesn't seem to want to re-train as a striker even though he keeps banging in the goals! Think i best stop the re-training. He also has a problem with Che, but it doesn't seem to matter on the pitch just yet. Other squad stats for anyone who's interested....... Time to crack on with Season 5........
  9. Season 3 Results A storming start again and good season all round. Just fell short of a clean sweep. Notable Performances The Main Event Chuba - 44 Che - 46 Chapman - 32 So 122 goals in total taking us to 351/1500. Pretty consistent but need to try and up the numbers a bit in the coming seasons when they hit their prime.
  10. Season 2 Transfers in Transfers out Results Fantastic start to season but a bit inconsistent come the turn of the year. Came through a very difficult champions league group and nearly went all the way. Notable Performances Had to show the first one even if it was a friendly. The Main Event Finally got Chapman firing but Chuba suffered with injuries so couldn’t get him on the pitch enough. Still happy with overall return and could’ve been much better had Chuba been on the pitch more. Chuba - 35 Che - 43 Chapman - 46 124 goals for season 2 puts us on 229/1500
  11. Cheers guys 👍 second season nearly finished. Definitely going to be a long shot getting the England job @Titjes 😂
  12. Hi all, long time lurker very rare poster. Love the site and the game. I have wanted to attempt a challenge for a while and the TT is the one i have chosen. The club i have chosen is.... Now the important bit......I have chosen players that i have had a lot of success with in the past, and although not the youngest, they are a bit different to the norm. You will see from the screenshots that i have completed the first season, which you can see in more detail below (apologies no screenshots from the start, i got too carried away with the first season once i got into it). Season 1 Transfers In - apart from the obvious Chuba, Che and Chapman there maybe some odd names in here (Rodwell/Bostock etc) but as i say i am using players who have served me well in the past and i know will suit certain roles in my tactic. Barco and Pavon key creative players and Bruma as i was lacking in defence. Lo Celso came in January and was a bit-part player. Transfers Out - Ziyech i didn't want to lose but i needed the funds and he got the hump after i rejected initial bids for him. Others mainly strikers who won't get a look in. Results So a bit inconsistent and a disaster in Europe but its a start, and can only get better! Notable Performances The Main Event 105 goals in the first season. Chuba - 53 Che - 36 Chapman - 16 Great season from Chuba, reasonable from Che and pretty poor from Chapman. Obviously need a bit of work going into the second season, i tweaked tactics fairly regularly and that didn't help but i'm confident we can improve. Given their ages i need to be hitting 125 a season at least, or at some point get offered the England job!! Thanks for reading, please let me know if i have missed anything. Cracking on with the second season now.
  13. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    I had this and i worked it out to players that i sent on loan with a future fee agreed. Could that be the case with you?
  14. Really enjoying this tactic. Started slowly but working well now, some great results against the bigger teams too. Still concede a lot but I haven’t upgraded my defence since promotion. Akpom as my CF is quality.
  15. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Exactly the same happening to me......massive issue