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  1. So what started as a challenge to surpass his fathers records for Celtic has ended up trying to get that magical 1000 goals. Starting season 16 we needed 57 more and on 13th April this goal was enough to reach that total! less the 10 goals he scored for helsingborgs he has now scored 1000 goals exactly for Celtic! Injury then finished his season early Season 16 not quite perfect, lost CL final to benfica on pens Our young Larsson only added another 3 more goals before injury but still a very good total for the season End of season 16 = 1003 goals! he's still got two years on his contract so I’m going to see this through until the bitter end and see what total I get.
  2. Great read this is and what a player Grot has become. Keep it up!
  3. Another 3 seasons to update on trying to get Jordan Larsson to 1000 goals. Following on from last update he signed a newcontract to see him through to retirement. Season 13 A bit of a stop-start season due to niggling injuries so in the end was pleased to get 60 goals. End of season 13 - 827 goals Season 14 I swear if he could score a penalty we would be at 1000 goals by now! More injuries disrupted this season but still happy with goals per game ratio so as long as i can get him on the pitch enough i'm sure he will hit this 1k. End of season 14 - 877 goals Season 15 Bittersweet game - hat trick scored then injured for 2 months. Bounced back nicely after his lay off to smash 4 past Inter. and 2 more in the final. Stats are holding up really nicely at the end of season 15, still on par from when he was 20 years old. Retiring in 3 years. Despite that injury he had a fantastic season banging in 66 goals in just 49 games. End of season 15 - 943 goals So only 57 goals required for the 1k, can he manage it in season 16?
  4. That's so unlucky, keep going though he still has time on his side. Great strike rate.
  5. Such a big ask to get those 60 league goals. It’s a challenge I have looked at a few times as I’m getting high 50’s out of my striker but that’s in Scotland. Different story in England. Great effort tho and ticked most of the other requirements off. Never used brereton but his stats look very tidy 👍
  6. Another few seasons down in this challenge turned 1kc so just a few brief updates. Season 10 Clean sweep apart from Barca knocking me out early in CL. I've started to drop a CM back into defence and play two CB's against the top sides after this. Very similar to previous season so very happy with that. End of season 10 - 609 goals Season 11 Back to winning the CL, happy days. Seems pretty consistent now, few games extra played but still in the 80's. End of season 11 - 690 goals Season 12 Most league goals scored and probably as a team best season so far. Played plenty of games but a few less goals, probably because i have started to sub him off earlier to be able to play the next game. A very entertaining CL final for our man! Here's how he is looking coming up to his 32nd birthday. I need to tie him down to another 5 year contract and still enough there to work with i think, 50 goals a season will do it now but would like a few more in the 70's to make sure. End of season 12 - 767 goals
  7. Congratulations, amazing career!
  8. Great numbers mate and still plenty of time on your side!
  9. Thanks guys! Tactic still going well.....
  10. Kane might be 34 but he still looks great! Fantastic numbers again mate!
  11. Great start and love the idea of doing a 1kc with a son! Good luck!
  12. I have been pressing on with this save the last few weeks in an attempt to get Jordan Larsson to 1000 Celtic goals and i have 4 seasons to update. These will be fairly brief updates now. Season 6 Good season, just fell short in CL. Unfortunately a season of injuries and tactic tinkering saw him get his lowest tally so far. First time he got into the world best XI. Also this happened during the season. End of season 6 - 327 goals Season 7 Started the season at our new ground. Again lost out in semi's of CL. The tactic tinkering seemed to have paid off with a season best 67 goals! End of season 7 - 394 goals Season 8 Deja-vu as knocked out yet again in semi's of CL! The tactic tinkering obviously didn't work as another frustrating season saw a return of 53 goals. Special mention to two top notch free transfers..........although part of my problem is Lo Celso scoring too many along with a few others. End of season 8 - 447 goals Season 9 Hopefully a breakthrough season tactic-wise and not another false dawn. Finally got a CL win again, just. Taking inspiration from @Nucleusand his one-defender formation i decided to try the below tactic this season, various roles changed and were tweaked at times but this was how we ended the season. Hope this is ok using your idea and implementing it for my one striker tactic required for my 1kc. It will look a bit similar as there's only so many roles players can fill but if this is a problem please shout up. Massive thanks to Nucleus for the inspiration - if you haven't seen his Harry met Sane career you really need to! The result of this was a massive 80 goals!!! A huge increase and just what i needed at this point to make me believe this isn't a lost cause! As he is soon due to turn 29 it doesn't give me long to get the remaining 473 goals. I really need him to play for another 7-8 seasons to give me a realistic chance. Summary to date. I did end up spending a little bit more money on the guy below who i believe is Messi, couldn't resist and i am re-training him centrally to hopefully provide the ammo for Larsson. Anyone know how transfer acumen works as spending £5.86m and bringing in £388m seems a pretty good return to me!! One last one - a personal favourite 5 first half goals. I actually ended up disappointed that he didn't add to this in the second half. End of season 9 - 527 goals Few extra games next season with the World Club Cup and Super Cup, hopefully i can keep him fit and the tactic holds up and he can hit similar figures.
  13. No probs, love the updates and I've actually used your one defender idea towards a tactic to get more goals from my Jordan Larsson career and it seems to have worked well so far, will update that shortly.
  14. Awesome work, smashing it!