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  1. Fantastic few seasons mate, goals are flying in!
  2. One to note, great challenge and i'll have a crack at some point, perhaps after VPL.
  3. Great challenge to try mate and nice set of players. Kessie has always been awesome for me, brilliant midfielder.
  4. Great start mate, some good players to use for this challenge.
  5. Hope you nick promotion mate, fantastic few seasons to catch up on.
  6. Great start to this career mate, really interesting challenge to have a crack at.
  7. @samhardyare we allowed to recall players from loans and use them?
  8. This was my best player, and manager profile.
  9. Well played mate, and great write up Sam. Yeah it was all out attack mate, lost one game 10-7 I think and didn’t manage one clean sheet but it was fun!
  10. I've managed to get to injury time twice without conceding only to let a late goal in both times 😩
  11. I've just won 2 successive games 6-5, it's madness. Has anyone actually seen their makeshift keeper make any sort of save?!