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  1. Thanks mate, appreciate that 👍
  2. Keep it going mate, i know motivation sometimes goes when you get so deep into challenges but his stats look great and he's coming into his prime now.
  3. Yes mate, 2k what an achievement (nearly)! Congrats and look forward to seeing what your final total will be.
  4. Season 24 Completed season 24 of this career last night, and Ian mentioning me earlier prompted me to post it before the weekend. This is how we got on this season and my manager profile. This is how Foden and Smog Jr look and how they got on. Foden had various injuries that restricted him to just 21 games, that and the fact he is now 42! Still returned a respectable 10 assists. His stamina even increased one notch to 6! He is now entering the final year of his contract (again) and i can't imagine he will extend again so if i can get another 10-15 assists to sign off i will be happy. Another 100+ season for Smog Jr who actually seems more suited to this system than Rashford ever was. He is 32 now though so will start to decline soon, but with 181 goals required for the 1.5k i am confident he will get there. Just another note with Smog Jr, it was his highest season total for England, largely helped by these two very easy World Cup group games. Gave his totals a nice boost and got him over the 100 mark for the season as well with the couple he notched through the rest of the tournament. So carrying on, my aims are to get Smog Jr to his 1.5k and as many international goals as poss, whilst also seeing this last year of Foden's contract through to retirement. I'll then evaluate what is left to get me to the 30yr end. Thanks for reading.
  5. Good start mate, interesting leaving your training to assistant. Might try that myself as i find it a bit laborious at times!
  6. Yeah i actually finished another season of that save last night so hope to post it later if i get chance. Then Foden has one more season and i will submit my final total. I think he'll finish around the 1080 mark. It's certainly possible, and in hindsight i think it would be easier to do with a full back or winger as they get more assists from open play than my AP (in my formation anyway). Good luck @fRESH
  7. smoggy90

    The 1,000 Games/2,000 Goal Man

    Wow that’s awesome well done 👏
  8. Good luck mate! Can't recall seeing anything from the Polish league so will certainly be different. The players look decent for their ages too, especially the first guy.
  9. Thanks mate and yeah that will be the triple crown which I was aiming for. Probably my most enjoyable one this one too. Cheers mate, I’m using a setup like I used for my bad boys from Brazil challenge with a central striker and one just to his left. Few tweaks here and there but seems to be doing the business.
  10. I always say that to him aswell I can never get that balance right, i always concede plenty when trying a scoring challenge.
  11. Season 9 Our Argentinian duo are now in their mid 20's so the aim is to hit the same kind of figures as the previous season. Transfers Fixtures and Competitions Argentina Player Profiles and Performance A few goals short from last season but more than happy with the total. DT will be rattled off next season and then i may go for a double 1k. Almada is on 519 goals and is 26 years old while Bonfiglio is on 602 goals and a year younger. Bonfiglio just notched a 100-goal season and is perfect for the central striker role, whilst Almada plays just to his side and as you can see is the main creator. I may need to tweak to get more goals from Almada. Bit of time to mull that over yet. Thanks for reading.
  12. Well done mate, 1.5k is defo realistic.
  13. Good return mate, hope he keeps going like that for a few more seasons to make those later years a bit easier.
  14. 2k is defo on here, fantastic work Rob.