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  1. Reading this career reminded me of this article i read a few weeks back about the legend Claudio Pizarro. https://www.bundesliga.com/en/bundesliga/news/claudio-pizarro-bionic-man-werder-bremen-retirement-plans-bayern-munich-4285
  2. Tremendous return for a 44 year old, i see he still bags penalties but have you found @Ianthat as they age their penalty taking deteriorates? It seems to me that my players seem to miss a lot more later in their careers.
  3. smoggy90

    Career The Gambling Man

    Great start! £20 on red for me please Bati
  4. Great season again mate, love that you reunited with Fondop and Mullings as well.
  5. Looking good mate and Zaniolo looks superb! Plenty of time ahead of you too.
  6. Great season mate, ratio of goals is looking good so i can see some big numbers coming in the next few seasons if he stays injury free.
  7. Great career to read mate and congrats on the DT and for doing it in Poland.
  8. Sorry guys but I typed the above post up with spoilers etc and it has just posted all of my screenshots in one go and none of my text. Not sure why, Anyway briefly this is a two season update for season 17 and 18 and my aims from the last update were to get both guys in the 200 international goal club and also chase the 1.5k for Bonfiglio. They are on the verge of the international goals but as you can see they have rapidly started to drop off. Bonfiglio needs 95 goals from his remaining 3 seasons so that could be tight. Anyway apologies again for the messed up post but thanks for reading. I will post another two season update and then the final season with a career review. After that it will be nearly FMM20 time!
  9. Fantastic career mate, enjoyed following it. Congrats!
  10. Nice players @Roband as a few others have said i haven't come across Trincao but he looks pretty special! Look forward to seeing how he does for you.
  11. Great progress so far mate, and i was the same with Serie A thinking it would be difficult but the league is actually quite weak, especially the further you get into the career. The only downside is lack of cup games but when you start winning everything and have World Club Cup etc they soon mount up..
  12. Yeah i used him with Schalke in the new update with the January database. He was good but i wouldn't say he was 'wonderkid' class so maybe that will change for the new version.
  13. Good read, Dembele is the one i'm looking forward to seeing. Harvey Elliott could be interesting - moved to Liverpool from Fulham in the summer. Also interested to see Rabbi Matondo. He's in this years game but he could be boosted for FMM20.
  14. I think getting one player to play the whole 30 seasons is a monumental achievement in itself and something i have never seen before, it will be painful at times given his age but well worth doing as i don't think it will ever be matched. Great career mate!