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  1. Season 3 didn’t see a great deal of money spent on transfers, mainly bosmans which are so easy to pick up quality players a few seasons in. This season was particularly special as we notched a clean sweep of trophies. We rode our luck at times in the KO stages of the CL but come the final we were fantastic and it was great to see each of my trio score. This season was also notable for Berahino getting in the world team of the year and another fantastic comeback victory against a big opponent. Here’s how our guys attributes are looking and how their seasons went. Morrison’s attributes took an alarming dive for some reason, he’s actually been training well too so no idea on that one. Pretty consistent, slight decrease on last season but overall I’m fairly happy. I don’t think they’re going to hit the biggest heights due to their qualities but you never know, it would be nice to get 120+ from them. Thanks for reading.
  2. Rattling through these seasons mate and hopefully hit your target next season. Great career.
  3. What a fantastic career mate and really enjoyed following it. Kudos to you for using three defenders, it’s great to see how these things work out and you smashed it!
  4. Thanks all. Maddison is a struggle. I keep tweaking his role but it seems to affect the output from the other two. So at the minute although his personal contribution is low, his value to the tactic is fairly crucial.
  5. Excellent season mate, 184 goals in the league is a massive return and looks like you’ve nailed that tactic. Congrats and look forward to you bringing it home next season.
  6. Great challenge guys, solid starts and very close so far!
  7. Thanks @Scratch Season 2 was a lot smoother in terms of their discipline and warnings about training. Not quite sure why that is but I’m hoping it’s linked to their positive performances on the pitch. On the transfer front our main investment was £42m on Tonali, few squad players brought in and some unhappy ones left. On the pitch again we were too strong domestically, however Europe was a mixed bag. We could only finish 3rd in our CL group but it did include Real, Bayern and Porto and we put up a good fight and only missed out by a point. On the plus side we had a nice run to the EL final, before unfortunately losing out to Dortmund in extra time. Please make sure you check out the last screenshot for one of my favourite comebacks in this years game! Here’s how our trio look attributes wise and how they performed. Berahino is getting better and better, Morrison is still improving too but little change from Maddison. Can’t seem to get that pace increased! So Berahino is smashing them in with a fantastic 61 goals! Morrison scored the same but notched 8 more assists, however he did play 8 games more this season with the EL run. Maddison unfortunately is proving difficult to improve on, he scored 13 goals less this season when I was hoping for an increase. As I mentioned he’s not on any set pieces so his stats suffer for that but I was still hoping for more after the first season from him. Thanks for reading.
  8. Awesome season ten mate and you’re ever so close now. What an achievement it will be!
  9. Thanks all. They’re certainly interesting and challenging players to manage but they are performing well on the pitch so hopefully that continues.
  10. Interesting player and a new name to me which is good. Fantastic first season mate.
  11. Hi all, season 1 of our career with our troublesome trio and it didn’t take long to get some of these messages! I gave up screenshotting them after September as it was just getting ridiculous, sometimes their reaction was positive, but often it was negative. These are our transfers, a mixture of summer and winter. In summer besides our trio we brought in usual suspects like Otero, Quintero and Scarpa. Spurs new boy Reguilon and McCrorie came in January. We are using the November DB. On the pitch we bossed things domestically but in Europe, despite getting out of our CL group, we met Liverpool in the first KO round and that was that for us. 185 goals in 53 games across the season was a positive start. A funny thing to note in the CL, we had some big wins in the qualifiers and this resulted in Maddison winning the golden boot come the end of the season. He ended up with 11 goals, the same as Salah and Lewandowski, but he got the award. Not bad for a player plucked from league 1! So, here’s how are guys look at the end of S1 and how they performed. The lack of discipline didn’t seem to affect performances too much and they also had quite a few positive attribute increases, so this all bears well for the following seasons. A fantastic total of 110 goals and 67 assists across our three guys for season 1 is a great start! Berahino smashed in 42 goals but Morrison wasn’t far behind with 38 which is great coming from a treq role. Maddison contributed less but that is expected as he isn’t on any set pieces like the other two, he still notched a very decent 30 goals and 19 assists. Plenty to work with moving into season 2 and hopefully we will be able to progress further in Europe. Thanks for reading.
  12. Sorry I missed this one, what a fantastic career and congratulations!
  13. Rattling through this career mate and smashing it, great work!