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  1. Hi all, apologies for the slow updates in this career I have been incredibly busy at work. I have still been playing when I can so I have a 2 season update here. Season 5 We chucked big money for TAA and brought Theo Hernandez on a bosman to strengthen both flanks. Won the lot this season and banged in 134 league goals in the process. 24 minute 4 goal haul for our main man. Some managerial recognition too. Our second best return from Weston this season with 76 goals, Reyna scored less and assisted more whereas Musah was fairly consistent. Season 6 Spent big again on one player, this time Camavinga. Also Hakimi on a bosman and some departures of unhappy squad players. Unfortunately lost in the CL final to Real Madrid but aside from that another good season all round. A decrease for Weston but a record return for the TT thanks to a fantastic 40 goals from Musah. I have no explanation for this he just had an awesome season, it will be interesting to see if it’s just a one off or not. This leaves us just short of the half way point for both the 1k and TT, however some very welcome news at the end of season 6. Hopefully this will really help boost our tallies going forward, and for the record at the point of getting the USA job the international goal tallies for our trio are as follows; Weston: 11 Reyna: 30 Musah: 8 Thanks for reading.
  2. Awesome work mate and a great career to read, some big numbers hit and looks good to continue especially with that Brazil job.
  3. Cracking few seasons so far mate, Dimata looks very tidy and a bargain as well. Good luck!
  4. Late to the party here mate as been so busy with work, but this is awesome work so far and i have every faith in you that you will get there. Those numbers you are getting are brilliant!
  5. Sorry not been around much lately but best of luck for the final Rich and Broodje
  6. My thoughts for what it’s worth. When you’ve got experienced and quality FMM players like Ian, Woody and Rich registering minus points and getting sacked and others are going 55 games unbeaten, or winning leagues, or conceding less than a goal a game with defenders who physically are shot then you’ve got to be called out, i back up everyone else’s thoughts and comments. JamesVilla again a very good, honest score. In hindsight with my own approach I thought I may be able to sneak mid table at the start of the challenge. A few games in it became apparent it was a waiting game to be sacked. My mistake then was to not change my strategy to try and concede less, as I still continued to go out trying to win and my gd took a hammering. A lesson learned for me. Broodje and George, I think it’s worth bearing in mind people's efforts to create these events and the other players contributions to participate honestly and fairly.
  7. Big thank you to @samhardy and @FuddledFox for running a fantastic competition. Disappointed to be bowing out but I’ve not been up to scratch this time around. Few very interesting results in that last round. I couldn’t win a game yet alone string any kind of unbeaten run together.
  8. Well played @Woody and great write up again @samhardy My form has fallen off a cliff 😂 Impressive again @George Traistă
  9. Great write up @samhardy @George Traistă congrats, unbelievable not losing a single game 👏
  10. Well played mate. Think I needed more thought going into my transfers for a stronger squad. Great challenge tho and write up.
  11. So unlucky mate, great write up and best of luck with your next attempt!
  12. I’ve used Delap a few times when testing various tactics and always been impressed. Stewart is a complete unknown to me so looking forward to seeing his progress. Good luck mate!
  13. That’s where I went wrong mate, although I was only 6 points off the play offs when I got sacked which I thought was pretty harsh.