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  1. Shame about that injury mate, lets hope that's your bad luck out the way and its all positive from now. Scoring ratio is great!
  2. smoggy90

    The 1,000 Goal Challenge - FMM18

    Hi @danovic78 Here is the link to my Jordan Larsson 1k if you can add the link to the leader board? Many thanks.
  3. Great reading mate, Mbappe is one hell of a player! Wonder what he'll look in look in 19, bound to have a boost. Great career.
  4. Just caught up on this, what a player Pinamonti is! Great read and congrats so far mate, sure the 1.5k will come in comfortably if you can get another couple of big seasons from him.
  5. smoggy90

    A good win

    Great tactic mate, just used it for a few months and these are two of my best results. helped getting this guy on a free. Thanks for sharing.
  6. smoggy90

    A good win

    Great results @DutchTony What are your defence and attack instructions?
  7. smoggy90

    The Rondo [EME]

    I’m trying different tactics before fmm19 and this is a lot of fun! concedes quite a few but my defence isn’t the best, however it’s scores tons!! great work @Titjes
  8. smoggy90

    Most amazing match i ever had!

    Great results @SSolas Do you mind sharing your tactic? I'm playing around with tactics until FMM19 and would love to try it.
  9. smoggy90

    Possession based tactic

    Great write up. I'm playing around with tactics at the minute so will try and give this a go.
  10. Thnaks @scratch99and @Nucleusmuch appreciated! Last two seasons below...... Season 17 A drop in overall team goals, not sure if its because Larsson is on the decline. Anyway a clean sweep of trophies and another 46 goals to his total. End of season 17: 1049 goals Season 18 Jordan Larsson's final season of an illustrious career, unfortunately due to his contract ending on 30/05 and the CL final being on the 02/06 he didn't get the final send off he deserved. Clean sweep of trophies again but massive drop in team goals, and much better defensive record. No idea why as only minor tweaks to the tactic. His last game was the Scottish Cup Final win. Here's how he finished a day before retirement. Another 37 goals to his total, an understandable decline. Plenty of awards. Although this says 17 seasons he's actually completed 18. Overall record. Transfer acumen pees me off as I've brought in ten times as much money as I've spent on transfers. So Jordan Larsson finishes his Celtic career having scored a grand total of 1086 goals and providing 288 assists whilst winning 18 consecutive league titles and 50 other cups. What a career! Wasn't expecting to hit this figure when i started but pleased i got there with him, really enjoyable save. @danovic78can you please add to leaderboard? Thanks. On a side note i have never completed the full 30 seasons but i bought this guy in January of the final season and i 'think' he is the second evogen of Ronaldo. I am taking a break from this save but may come back to complete the 30 seasons and see if i can get this guy to 1000. If it is who i think it is i would hope he would need a lot less time than Larsson. For now though its over and out, thanks for reading!
  11. So what started as a challenge to surpass his fathers records for Celtic has ended up trying to get that magical 1000 goals. Starting season 16 we needed 57 more and on 13th April this goal was enough to reach that total! less the 10 goals he scored for helsingborgs he has now scored 1000 goals exactly for Celtic! Injury then finished his season early Season 16 not quite perfect, lost CL final to benfica on pens Our young Larsson only added another 3 more goals before injury but still a very good total for the season End of season 16 = 1003 goals! he's still got two years on his contract so I’m going to see this through until the bitter end and see what total I get.
  12. Great read this is and what a player Grot has become. Keep it up!
  13. Another 3 seasons to update on trying to get Jordan Larsson to 1000 goals. Following on from last update he signed a newcontract to see him through to retirement. Season 13 A bit of a stop-start season due to niggling injuries so in the end was pleased to get 60 goals. End of season 13 - 827 goals Season 14 I swear if he could score a penalty we would be at 1000 goals by now! More injuries disrupted this season but still happy with goals per game ratio so as long as i can get him on the pitch enough i'm sure he will hit this 1k. End of season 14 - 877 goals Season 15 Bittersweet game - hat trick scored then injured for 2 months. Bounced back nicely after his lay off to smash 4 past Inter. and 2 more in the final. Stats are holding up really nicely at the end of season 15, still on par from when he was 20 years old. Retiring in 3 years. Despite that injury he had a fantastic season banging in 66 goals in just 49 games. End of season 15 - 943 goals So only 57 goals required for the 1k, can he manage it in season 16?