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  1. Great start mate. I bet you’re glad to get that first season done given all the changes you made! Well set now to press on, good luck!
  2. Good luck! Need to hit the ground running given his age but a quality player. Look forward to seeing how he does.
  3. Season 5 Our first season combining domestic and European football, but crucially some additional games to try and ramp up our goal returns. Finally now getting to spend some decent money due to a better starting budget and some good player sales. A new record sale of £17m for Arreaga who i had bought for just £450k two seasons previous. Rob Holding on a free looks to be good business. The season started with the Super Cup which we were in due to the cup win in season 4. Not a bad performance against a good team but we lost out in the end. We got through the group stage of the Europa League and to the second KO round where we came up against Arsenal. A 2-2 draw at home left us facing an uphill task in the second leg, however we took the lead 3 times before eventually being overpowered. A creditable first season in Europe. Another PT Cup win with a great result over Porto despite a missed pen from Pearman. We lost out in the League Cup semi final. They did well to sign Pogba, he is ripping it up in this league. One league match to stand out was this one, using my 2-4-1-3 formation. Fun and frustrating both at the same time. We did manage to concede less goals overall this season and this helped us to a 4th place finish, a good improvement on last season and CL football has to be the next target. Pearman won the golden boot and all of our guys featured in the top 6. Manager profile and season summary below; Very little change in attributes now they are approaching their mid 20's. Strangely no international recognition for our main man Pearman, but for U21's. On the goal front we managed 92 for the season, our best season yet thanks to some extra games but still leaves us needing some big seasons to wrap this up. This puts us on 415 goals now after 5 seasons. Again i hope to get over that 100 mark very soon and desperately hoping for the Bermuda national team job becomes available. Thanks for reading.
  4. Bit late to the party @Titjesbut great to see you back and great challenge. Going nicely so far.
  5. Great effort mate well done, so many good challenges knocking around at the minute and this is one of them.
  6. Thanks guys, next season is done just need to find time to post. Both setups i use are posted above. I generally use the first one unless i go a few games without a goal or i feel the need to change in-game. If you want some fun (and frustration) try the second tactic, settings i use for this are below. Overload, narrow, normal, balanced. Balanced, all over, normal, no, no. Work into box, through balls, mixed, mixed, long.
  7. Icardi going along fantastically mate, keep the faith for that 8-0 and 9-0.
  8. Double update here. Season 3 The 3rd season started with us in the Second League and a few concerns over our star man Pearman. Thankfully a new contract seemed to do the trick and improve his morale. Transfer-wise i was starting to get more of a budget together and took advantage of not requiring a work permit in Portugal to sign some decent looking youngsters from South America, Africa and Eastern Europe for peanuts. On the pitch we started quite well but then had a wretched run over Christmas including a 7-1 hammering by Sporting. However we turned it round and on the last day of the season sneaked 4th place. Our goal difference was worse but it goes on head to head which saw us through and got us promoted at the first attempt! I must admit i was quite happy to have another season at a lower level but we've got to mix it with the big boys sooner or later and even the top division isn't too strong. As you can see by my goals for and against and the fixtures posted we went for a very attacking line up. On occasion we took a beating like this game where we got KO'd out of the cup, but i needed to go attacking to get as many goal opportunities for my Bermudan strike force as possible. I also went out of the League Cup at the group stage. Little change on our attributes. On the goal front we scored 79 in the season which was disappointing and at the rate we're going i will need about 20 seasons for this career. Still hopeful of pulling off some 100+ seasons and keeping an eye on international job. Season summary and manager profile below; Season 4 Back in the big league for Leiria, first time in a while. Seeing as though the board only expected me top survive relegation i decided to go for it and i adopted the tactic a few posts up 2-4-1-3. It meant we conceded a ridiculous amount of goals but also scored plenty which was the main aim and finished a very respectable 7th. We also got to two cup finals, getting soundly beaten in the League Cup but actually winning the PT Cup in extra time! This also meant European football next season which is crucial for more goal scoring opportunities and to attract some better players. On the transfer front again the purse strings were loosening and i took advantage of the South American market. We're pretty much maxed out i think attribute-wise now and they have turned into fairly decent players considering what they looked like at the start! On the goals front we managed 83 which is ok for our first season in the top division. I am hoping with more games due to European football and some better players we can get to within that 100 goal target. Season summary and manager profile below; So after 4 seasons we are a touch over 20% to our target. I am hoping now with regular European football and the chance to sign some better players we can get these numbers higher and also hope to nab the Bermuda national job. Thanks for reading.
  9. Very little to separate you both, great reading so far and well played.
  10. Good luck for that 1k mate, will be a great effort if you do it.