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  1. This! Had 2 assists on 3 occasions but painfully can't get a 3rd. I am waiting until i save a penalty before i attempt to score one (you may have already saved one), i think that is the hardest one as you have very little or no control over it.
  2. Some lovely 4/5/6 goal hauls there mate and another great season! Those big games make it a little less frustrating when you have to rest them or they get injured.
  3. Solid start mate, all about development and squad building the first few seasons. They'll soon be banging the goals in.
  4. Regen territory takes this challenge to a new level BG! Good luck.
  5. Wow this is going to take some thinking! Cheers lads 😂
  6. No probs mate and thanks for revising it. Apologies BG for being a bit pedantic.
  7. Although is using a Swedish player allowed? I thought the defender had to be danish? @samhardy @Foxy
  8. Ah man can’t believe my luck this year, just not happening for me. This was my tactic which probably explains why I conceded the most this week! Well played @BatiGoal
  9. Seasons 12 and 13 Double update on this career and we head into the final (hopefully) few seasons. There's no point showing transfers as we are well into regen territory now. Club Results Clean sweeps both seasons with the CL finals being particular highlights. Bermuda Bermuda is a real challenge but also quite fun. We finished season 12 during the Gold Cup which we did really well to get out of the group but lost in the quarters to the USA. Season 13 started with a friendly against Nicaragua which produced my best single performance from one of my Bermudans with a 5 goal haul from Pearman including a 7 minute hat trick. We also qualified for the North American Nations league which we managed to finish a creditable 3rd. All in a very successful time with the national team and we are currently sat 115th in the world rankings. It would be nice to break that top 100 but time may be against us. In total my trio scored 46 international goals over these two seasons. Manager Profile at the end of season 13; Players This is how our guys are looking at the end of season 13. They are now hitting their 30's but have new contracts for another 5 years so plenty of time. No real regression apart from after bad injuries. Like i have mentioned before they have always been poor players so maybe their attributes won't decrease too much too quickly but we will see. Another bad injury for Talbot this time, although it was before the start of the season so didn't miss too many games. This is how they got on goals-wise for the previous two seasons. In summary, 224 goals over the last two season leaves us 197 short of our target. Can we finish in two more seasons? A bit of luck with injuries then it could be possible. If we do make it then it the international goals will have been crucial, i don't think i could do this just based on club goals. Thanks for reading.
  10. I admit i was surprised how easy the Danish league was with a 1-defender formation, i had a great start but did drop some points when fixtures piled up and fatigue set in and i was playing strikers in midfield etc! Ajax knocked me out of the CL qualifiers and Europa League was a struggle. Personally i think i have conceded too many goals to challenge you on this one.
  11. He'll fall out with all your players and ultimately BG will fall out with you. Cause terrible disharmony within your group, shatter morale and the chairman will take his side leading to your sacking. Sorry mate
  12. I have just thought that too mate. I think no as they are green (or blue in my case) in the FB position they must be sold or demoted so you have to play a player out of position probably if you play WB's
  13. Great season mate, especially from fati. Hopefully he signs a new deal but like you say you should get it wrapped up by then.