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  1. Thanks @Foxy another fantastic Vibe community event and chuffed to bits to win with @samhardy , well played to you and @BatiGoal Apologies to my teammate for the Rodwell and Ben Arfa signings 🤦‍♂️😂
  2. Great start Ian, both look very promising players.
  3. Great write up, tense! Congrats @Woody and @Rob and unlucky @broodje kip and @Kanegan
  4. Great effort mate. I went strikerless for my attempt too and it works great, just a shame as Rob says you miss those headers. Look forward to the next attempt.
  5. Great career Mr Tree and a great idea to test out some tactics, it’ll be interesting to see your results from them.
  6. Keep up the good work, he’s about to hit his peak years so hopefully your totals will shoot up.
  7. Progressing nicely mate, feel these three could set a massive total.
  8. Look forward to the final but big thanks again to Sam. Some cracking scores this week with those players!
  9. Submitted my results last night. Cup performance was terrible but league was ok (just about). A few bad cup results killed my GD though. Found it a tough challenge and in hindsight wished I had gone for less Danes/Greeks and a few more existing squad players.
  10. Very hit and miss. I tend to stick with my original substitution strategy rather than go with the temptation of leaving my key players on. In my experience I have left them on the field too many times for little or no returns, and then they have to miss the next game to regain match fitness.
  11. Great start mate. Another factor for playing time which is an occasional spanner in the works is an opposition red card. For eg your players have performed well and you want to sub them in preparation for the next game but the opposition are down to ten men. Most of the time this causes me to change tack and leave them on, perhaps freshen legs up in other areas. The frustration is when it doesn’t get you any further goals.
  12. Good luck rob, 3 very promising players to attempt this with. Look forward to following.
  13. No I don’t think we have, look forward to it. Rangers have got great potential with Morelos, Kent etc so should be good.