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  1. I’d say the balkans, should be some interesting players there! Fantastic mate.
  2. Great stuff mate, I’m with the others two seasons and done I think.
  3. Excellent Foxy! No chance of one more obscure African stop? A Libyan or Tunisian perhaps?
  4. Season 5 Transfers Team Performance Player Profiles and International Season 5 Summary So despite the change in tactic and new gung-ho approach there was only a slight increase with a total of 306 goals and assists between them this season and to be honest now they are peaking i would expect an increase anyway. Still good numbers from them and finally getting more out of Foden. Current Standings TT should be fine, Rashford needs a bit more work, but the 5K is looking a bit too ambitious at the minute. A lot will depend how long i can keep the England job and how the next few seasons go. Thanks for reading.
  5. Cheers fellas, World Cup couldn’t have gone any better, was so lucky.
  6. Going great mate and what a write up!
  7. Season 5 saw me try something differently tactically and i went for a gung-ho 2-4-1-3 formation. I am behind schedule for the 5K and as these boys hit their peak i want to try and maximise what i can over the next few seasons. Club summary will come later, or maybe tomorrow, but i also adopted this tactic with England and this is how the World Cup 2022 went for us. One word to describe it - lucky. As you will see all the big teams were knocked out early and i had an extremely straightforward run on paper. The obvious problem with going so gung-ho is the defensive side of things and i had some crazy games. My group games pitted me against Burkina Faso, Chile and Portugal. No problems and 19 goals in 3 games isn't bad. Next up is the best comeback i think i have ever had on this game. 4-0 down at half time became a 5-4 win! At half time i pushed my two wingers up to the AM line in a 2-2-3-3 and set them as IF's and look at this. Incredible! You think lightning can't strike twice then you play the Quarter final against the Swiss and another incredible game. After the turnaround in the previous game i started with the setup that played the second half against Croatia. It backfired and we were 5-1 and 6-2 down, however this time i had no choice but to stick with the formation as i needed goals and it pulled through with two goals in injury time to win it! Now this is where i got lucky with the draw. Argentina and Brazil both knocked out by Egypt and Tunisia! I drew Egypt in the semi and this was relatively stress free compared to the previous two games. The other semi saw Tunisia knock out Germany on penalties! So a World Cup Final against Tunisia, obviously i really fancied my chances here. Smashed them and also kept a clean sheet for the first time all tournament. Cleaned up with the awards. And dominated the stats. I'll be the first to admit i got so lucky with the draw and also those two comeback games but what a tournament! This is my full international fixture list for 2022 so the next update will just be a club one.
  8. Thanks mate, you're right once the development phase is over its just about ploughing through the seasons.
  9. Looking good mate, few more seasons like that and you're pretty much home.
  10. smoggy90

    2019 Vibe Premier League

    Congrats @samhardy! Thanks to everyone who helped put this together for your hard work, really enjoyed taking part.
  11. Season 4 Transfers Team Performance Player Profiles and International Season 4 Summary Current Standings Apologies there's no write up behind all this but as i said i typed it all up but it didn't post and i haven't got time to do it all over again so these two seasons are mainly screenshots and figures, next update will be a World Cup special then Season 5 with a bit more detail. As it stands well on cource for TT and Rashford 1K but 5K will take some doing. Thanks for reading.
  12. Last post messed up and only posted my images with no headings, sub-headings etc, and no text. So here it goes again but it will be as brief as poss. After a disastrous EURO2020 Southgate got sacked and this happened. A lot earlier than expected but i'll take it. Season 3 Transfers Team Performance Player Profiles and International Season 3 Summary Season 4 to follow in a few mins with current figures.
  13. Update messed up, will post shortly
  14. Great few seasons Rob, enjoying watching these guys develop and rack up the goals and assists!