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  1. Tactics 433 unbeaten tactic

    That's a different tactic to the OP??
  2. Fun/Games FMM 18 Books of Records

    Youngest player.
  3. Chat West Brom - Too Easy

    Great work! What are your defensive instructions? My tactics don't seem to bring any consistent results and i'm always conceding.
  4. Chat Weird player match ratings

    Yeah very strange. I also hate how when you bring a sub on they always get a 6, unless they score. It annoys me as i also have a bad habit of selling anyone who averages under 7 over a season!
  5. Tactics THE ALL OFFENSIVE 3-4-3

    Really enjoyed using this tactic on my first season back in prem. Scored a lot but also conceded plenty! @mareno I’ll be interested to see your version of this to improve my defence. Great season and seemed to do better against the top teams.
  6. Chat Funny FMM 2018 Moments

    Just been on the receiving end of this! 90min 4-4 91min 5-4 94min 5-5 97min 6-5 I’m guessing it’s a bug that Matt Phillips and Britt Assombalonga are named twice
  7. Fun/Games FMM 18 Books of Records

    Most assists in a game for George Puscas, sure it won’t last long though. Also honourable mention to Patrick bamford for equalling the 5 goals in one game record
  8. Excellent post, enjoyed reading. Will give it a go in my middlesbrough save.
  9. Cant wait, really impressed with the new features so far. Great work!
  10. Chat Regen Thread

  11. Any further news on the save editor?
  12. Chat FMM2017 Funnies

    Game of two halves. Ten goals in the first, zero in the second!
  13. Appears to work well in lower leagues. Striker had a great season!
  14. Is anyone still noticing their players tactical roles changing since the update? Usually after a few seasons it starts and it happens between games and during games, and probably to 5-6 players. I can't pin down an actual event that triggers it during a game, it just seems random. Really starting to ruin career games as I'm constantly reverting my players roles back to what I want them as.
  15. Chat FMM17 Bug List

    really annoying bug, bought a load of youngsters to loan out and develop but can't do anything with them now apart from try and give them a few sub appearances. Also same problem @Remedialpuppy mentions about player roles a few seasons in, happens between games but even worse during games!