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  1. Tremendous career mate and to end it in Turkey caps it off, great stuff!
  2. What a season mate! That Lazio game in the CL, I've seen games like that a few times and can be so frustrating! Devine is going along superbly though even if you are frustrated by his attributes not increasing too much yet.
  3. Great player mate and a good start, look forward to seeing how he gets on in the Danish league.
  4. Great choices mate, Gomez has always been a top signing when i've used him before. Haven't used Schick so will following his progress closely.
  5. Enjoyed reading this mate, your careers are always entertaining and full of goals! Look forward to seeing what you do next.
  6. Great choice of player and a fantastic start to this career mate. Like the look of your strikerless setup.
  7. Looking forward to seeing the players you are using mate, and best of luck.
  8. His attributes remind me of @Ianand his Moise Kean career last year when he got him through 30 seasons!
  9. Cheers guys, and Scratch this should be his last season mate….unless I can persuade his to carry on again 😂
  10. Love Hagi in some of the test saves I’ve played with rangers and great to see this career. Great numbers as always mate and interesting to see you moving clubs and how Hagi adapts etc.
  11. Like this Foxy, may have a bash with Boro if I can get my other career finished.
  12. Best of luck and a good start, always nice to see a different name as well in a 1k attempt.
  13. Sorry to hear about your first attempt mate as you were flying! I’m sure you’ll do a great job second time around and fantastic start!
  14. Hi all, sorry for my absence around here recently, work and family life took over. I will catch up with some of the latest forum careers over the next few days, and I have still been playing my own Weston McKennie career when I can and have another 3 seasons to update. Season 7 The main thing to report this season was our new stadium, we also had the start of international games to boost the tallies, see the 9-0 win over Haiti where he bagged a double hat trick. Not much to report on the transfer front. Season 8 Started the season in our new home and strengthened the midfield with the signings of Bellingham and Gravenberch. Injury hampered this season for Weston and he also had the dreaded ‘may take some time to be the same player’ message. Still 55 goals in 47 games so a decent ratio. Season 9 Two 5 goal hauls in Serie A were the highlights this season, you may also notice a certain CR7 scoring a late winner in the WCC quarter final. I keep persuading him to not retire and use him for mentoring and the odd sub appearance! In summary, he’s just about to turn 31 and we’re still 336 goals short so still a challenge to get to 1000. Reyna and Musah are now in their prime and seem to take some goals away, few tweaks haven’t changed anything so I need to keep an eye on that. We’re 334 goals off the TT which is less of a concern, I need to try and keep funnelling as many goals through Weston as possible. Thanks for reading guys and I’m hoping to be more active around here again.