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  1. Thanks for your comments guys, and @Rob I would love a 100 club entry with Mariano but I’m afraid it’s not going to happen in this career. Possible in China where I have tested Mariano out but don’t think in Italy. Our 5th and final season for these two challenges and as you can see they both started fantastically. They did plateau understandably but still posted solid scores. Transfers were limited, Reece James came in as competition for Dest and a few left. On the pitch we again cleaned up, and I need to check the record store for least amount of goals conceded in a league season as I might have an entry there. This game I had to mention, perfect for assists and goals from our guys. Here’s how they looked at the end of the challenge, still plenty in the tank. And here are the final scores on the doors, just fell short of Scratch’s Chuba effort but still scored solidly and I had great fun over these 5 seasons with these guys. @Scratch can you please add these to your 5 season hero challenge mate, thank you. @Foxy can you please add these guys to the peak years challenge mate (392 and 232), also Lazzari to the non striker board (232) and their combined score of 624 to the two player combined board. Thank you. Thanks all for reading and your comments. I have a late bloomer career in the making which I will try and post the intro on tomorrow. Thoroughly recommend these two challenges, great fun to be had.
  2. Look forward to this mate, I think you’ll enjoy Italy.
  3. That’s a fantastic season mate! Wrap it up in no time in the next season.
  4. Good first season mate, shame about that Mane injury impacting your front 3 score but fantastic from Salah.
  5. Fair play mate, like Rob said hats off for posting and I’m sure you’ll bounce back with another great career.
  6. Same here mate. Europa league was a disaster but league campaign started ok so far.
  7. A league I’ve never tried before so this will be interesting! Cheers lads 😬 I presume you can keep any players already in the squad over 31? Not every single player has to be bought in?
  8. Cracking start mate and I’m glad I chose Christie for goals now!
  9. Great pick of players mate and a very nice league to play. Everyone is going for Armstrong understandably so I’m going to mix it up a bit; 1. Christie 77 2. Armstrong 64
  10. Great season mate, especially considering his age and ability now. You’re getting very close to target now and another solid season should see you within touching distance.
  11. Thanks mate, Mariano has only had the odd lay off and nothing long term, Lazzari has been the one who picked up more injuries. Thanks mate, love the challenge, and the one by Foxy too, and they’re perfect to combine. They have both started season 5 on fire, and I know this is a goal scoring challenge but my defence is rock solid too. Thanks mate, and yeah I’m the same it always creeps up on me too.