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  1. Fantastic! I'm confident you'll get him to sign a new deal.
  2. Season 8 Team Performance Really playing well now and challenging for all competitions. Transfers As usual just the academy recruits. Challenges Fantastic season from Wood with 24 assists! Also Wing had a great season, 29 assists from him. Poor again from Chapman unfortunately. Feel like we're carrying him a bit. Solid from Walker. Tav was superb, over a goal a game and he's really holding this challenge together for me. So similar story to last season, tactic working very well and getting me challenging at the top end for honours and it produces an average return for my challenge, which i hope over the course of time will be enough. TT Goal Challenge: 63+27+13 = 103 855/1500 Assists Challenge: 183 from Lewis Wing TT Assist Challenge: 98/51 for Nathan Wood, 183/162 for Lewis Wing and 136/102 for Tavernier. (COMPLETE) Academy Challenge Again every single player is an academy graduate. No signings. Premier League - 3 FA Cup - 1 League Cup - 1 Champions League - 0 Thanks for reading.
  3. Wow that season 14 is insane! Congrats and keep it up!
  4. Season 7 Team Performance Really happy with this season. Still conceding too many but scoring a reasonable amount and challenging at the business end of all competitions which is what i wanted from my side. Transfers As usual just the academy recruits. Challenges I have included their stats page this time so you can see how they're looking as they come into their prime. Not working with diamonds here so just trying to squeeze what i can out of them. Nathan Wood - Should be a CB but i play him WB for the assist challenge. Capped by England and is a solid prem player without been spectacular. Another 13 assists in the bank this season. Lewis Wing - the oldest of the contingent, has enjoyed one of his best seasons now i have tweaked my tactic. Should pass the assists target next season. No England cap unfortunately. Harry Chapman - really not progressed how i would like. some of his stats i just can't seem to improve. Only 15 goals this season. Stephen Walker - for some reason scores plenty more than Chapman despite been similar ability-wise. Think i have mentioned before i have earmarked him for a future 1K. Marcus Tavernier - the star of the show. Best return yet as a CF and England regular. Now I've settled on a tactic which seems to get me results but it is largely built around Tav as a CF with Chapman and Walker chipping in as IF's either side. He therefore scores the bulk of my goals. Just hit the half way mark so i am going to need these guys to play until their mid 30's to have a chance with the TT goal challenge. The good thing is they seem to play most games, i have been lucky with injuries and towards the end of the season i tend to sub them off at half time if they have scored to keep them fresh for the next game. TT Goal Challenge: 57+39+15 = 111 752/1500 Assists Challenge: 154 from Lewis Wing TT Assist Challenge: 74/51 for Nathan Wood, 154/162 for Lewis Wing and 124/102 for Tavernier. Academy Challenge Again every single player is an academy graduate. No signings. Premier League - 2 FA Cup - 1 League Cup - 0 Champions League - 0 Also a nice new stadium to play in. Also a personal best of 4 assists in one game from Lewis Wing, i thought worth showing. Thanks for reading.
  5. Thanks BG. Yeah steady progress. Won’t break any records with this but hope to complete the challenges and am trying to see how many of my academy players I can get in the England squad. International recognition is nice to see. So far only 6.
  6. Season 6 Team Performance Finally some serious success this season, however it came at a cost. In changing my tactics to a more stable, efficient setup i have been able to win the league and get to the later rounds of all other competitions. However i had a really poor season scoring wise for the challenge. I need to do a lot of thinking before deciding how i approach season 7. Fixtures and manager profile etc in the spoiler. Transfers As usual just the academy recruits. Challenges Assists way down as he had to play at CB for 6 months as Dael Fry broke his leg. Frustrating season, i know i can get these guys scoring more but it seems to come at the cost of results. Yet to find a happy medium. Chapman particulary poor. TT Goal Challenge: 43+37+17 = 97 641/1500 Assists Challenge: 126 from Lewis Wing TT Assist Challenge: 61/51 for Nathan Wood, 126/162 for Lewis Wing and 110/102 for Tavernier. Academy Challenge Again every single player is an academy graduate. No signings. Also a bit of international recognition for a few more of my players. Thanks for reading.
  7. What a season! Well done mate.
  8. Good luck mate, great start!
  9. Fantastic start, you’ll smash this!
  10. Season 5 Team Performance So, i had a terrible start to the season and these two results prompted me to try and change and as few players were losing faith. Although great for my scoring challenge, no good in the long term when trying to win trophies etc. Tightened up a little bit and managed to just qualify for CL. Also got to two finals and a semi final. Stunning two legs in the Europa, just couldn't find that extra goal i needed. Chelsea did me in the League and FA Cups, thrashed in the FA Cup unfortunately. Awards again. Transfers Choules and Campbell look to be the pick of the bunch this year. Challenges Another 13 assists. Better return from Wing so will look to build on that. All 3 forwards very similar totals this season, down to a tactical shift mainly. Lucky to only suffer the odd injury here and there, nothing major. Season of progress i would say and still hitting my goals target. Be good to have a crack at the Champions League next season. TT Goal Challenge: 40+39+41 = 120 544/1500 Assists Challenge: 105 from Lewis Wing TT Assist Challenge: 54/51 for Nathan Wood, 105/162 for Lewis Wing and 93/102 for Tavernier. Academy Challenge Again every single player is an academy graduate. No signings. On a side note the England job became available, which i applied for but didn't get. Also Nathan Wood got his first caps to join Tavernier as a full international. Thanks for reading.
  11. Season 4 Team Performance Again plagued by inconsistency, but to be expected with a constant stream of young players filling the squad up and the senior pro's probably not at the elite level required. Conceding goals still a major problem. However at one point i was sitting pretty in second but end of Jan the wheels came off a bit. Cleaned up most awards. Both Chapman and Tav in World Best again. Closest i have come yet to winning a cup. I hate Origi, he was my nemesis last year and again this year. Transfers Four new recruits this season, of which i hope a couple will go on to be first teamers. Theo Thacker has good reports from the coaches. Challenges Equaled a season best of 13 assists for Nathan Wood and he will smash his target. Another 18 assists for Wing, not as many as i want but takes him pretty much half way to his target. Another great season. Consistent again. Again plenty of games and better goal return for Walker this season. So in summary my aim is to get 120ish goals a season and we are on track with that, but i'm not getting anywhere in the league (7th for last 3 seasons) and no major trophies yet. I need to find that balance between keeping my attack producing but tightening up at the back, and without being able to go and purchase better players it isn't easy. TT Goal Challenge: 44+33+47 = 124 424/1500 Assists Challenge: 84 from Lewis Wing TT Assist Challenge: 41/51 for Nathan Wood, 84/162 for Lewis Wing and 68/102 for Tavernier. Academy Challenge Following the sale of Marvin Johnson this is now an entirely academy based squad so that aim is complete, now to mould them into a trophy winning side. Thanks for reading.
  12. Thanks @EvzeyWales and good luck with villa. Season 4 up in few hours.
  13. Great write up and good luck! Some great youngsters there 👍
  14. Just caught up on this, fantastic so far. What a season the last one was!