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  1. kylieboi88

    H2H: BVB Edition

    Lol I feel massively pressured now πŸ˜‚ @Nucleus
  2. kylieboi88

    H2H: BVB Edition

    Season 2 Update - Kylieboi Transfers Ins & Outs I started Season 2 happy overall with my squad but after a strong start my arse was twitching with what @Aaron55 had up his sleeve! Heres season 2 transfer business. I brought in Bailey to add talent and depth to the squad he cost a packet but he is always worth having in your team. Belotti was transfer listed and I fancied a punt on him. He repaid my faith. Zabiolo is mustard when he matures as is Bellanova - who I sent out on loan for the season. Pulisic was a decent transfer as I used the money to fund Bailey. Passlack I sold in jan to try and sign a cb who ditched me for Liverpool 😒... Cups Review By no ways a good start to the season... losing on pens to my enemy! We won the Champions cup for second season running beating Chelsea easily 3-1. We won the Club World Championships beating Saitama Utd who failed to turn up on the night. Lazio were defeated easily losing 2-0 to us without any defence. We got some payback beating enemy number 1 easily! Look at them shots on target! 4/5 Cups won in Season 2. End Of Season We won the league even though we trailed throughout the season up until Jan. Disappointing that we failed to score more my aim was 80 goals for the season. I put this down to me being inconsistant with my main strikers. Bellotti and Philipp annoyed me at times as they didnt seem prolific as often as I wanted. This resulted in me chopping and changing throughout the season....although they did both score over 50 goals between them. Lesson learned. Top Goal Scorer Bellotti - 28 Goals Top Assist Maker Guerreiro - 27 Assists (2nd year running) Summary Just a couple of the awards I won. Season 3 brings new challenges, firstly lets see what the results are for Season 2.... Over to you @Aaron55 for the Maths πŸ‘Š
  3. Thanks! Season 6 uploading shortly
  4. Thanks. I need roughly 64 goals a season over 11 seasons to get his over the line.....
  5. This save is such an immense idea. Amazing how hooked you get on this. P.S I havent got one guess to your clues yet haha!
  6. Lol noooo. I meant I got his 48 goal figure wrong. After speaking with @Nucleus i wasnt aware INT goals dont show on the games vs goals screen lol. Im a newb! Thanks for your comments! πŸ™
  7. He got over 50+ i didnt count the International goals lol
  8. Epic! Finally caught up with every season! What a player - Great achievement. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Season 5 Greenwood 1k As I have posted previously December was hectic for me so I will post shorter updates in order to catch up. So here lies season 5.... Transfers In & Out After last years finish I decided to improve the squad further in order aid Greenwoods goals. Brandt come in to play anywhere across the attacking line. Arnold come in on a free to boost numbers and a few regens for comfort. The main outgoing was Jota who I was sad to see go but he didnt feature enough to worry. End of Season review We romped the league going unbeaten, if not for the draws we would of have a clean sweep. Big Wins Finally got offered the England job!!! Unsure what this means but an added bonus none the less! Mason Greenwood Slightly disappointing season as he only scored 48 goals which was well off the pace. However the england job opens up more goals. 265/1000 Onto Season 6
  10. Sorry was hectic over xmas due to my job. Retail manager. Will be picking up again shortly as took a break from the save.
  11. kylieboi88

    H2H: BVB Edition

    Wow all to play for mate thoroughly enjoying this. Thanks mate. Onto season 2!
  12. kylieboi88

    H2H: BVB Edition

    Season One - Kylieboi Transfers In and Outs (full season) I started out with the mind set of only a few deals as I was happy with the squad overall, but me being me I went against that and signed for the future. Gotze, kagawa and toprak wasnt part of my plans and I was happy to sell sell for tidy sums. Eder has been my favourite defender on this game, hes expensive but at 20 yrs old hes part of the future. Hysaj is a talent at rb and I retrained him to be a wingback for my formation. Sturaro is another favourite of mine and I have used him on previous games. Marin, Morilla, Ermacora are all wonderkids so they will feature sparingly while they develop. My only disappointment was my GK spot, after much searching I stuck with my current number 1 for this season. Top Goalscorer Reus - 41 Goals πŸ”₯ Top Assist Maker Guerreiro - 15 assists Surprising to see my left wingback being the one with the most assists lol. Cup Run We smashed the German Cup romping to a 4-0 Win. πŸ˜‹ Champions Cup Final resulted in another 4-1 romping! Overall Finish We won the league with a smaller amount of goals scored compared to @Aaron55 disappointingly no awards πŸ€” Won the league comfortably in the end only disappointment is we didnt score more goals. Over to you @Aaron55 for the first season tally πŸ‘
  13. kylieboi88

    FMM19 Bug List

    I find the game massively frustrating at times. Below Philipp is mentioned as scoring twice but with a slightly different surname. When you infact click ob the krengel name its Stuaruo (player from Juve) had this happen a number of times throughout the season. The other annoying but I have is agreeing a deal with a bosman in jan for end of the season....and it keeps saying confirm the deal. Click yes and it does it again on the next continue. When you click No....hes signed a new deal with his club 😑
  14. Amazing! Will you share your ins and outs? Magical stuff!
  15. Excellent start well done mate!