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  1. Wow going well so far! Im struggling to get a high return from Martinez atm...
  2. kylieboi88

    Rodrygo 1kc

    Wow what an excellent start. Great team to be too!
  3. kylieboi88

    Happy Fathers Day Vibe Dads!!

    Im just turned 30. Dad of 2 πŸ‘Š
  4. kylieboi88

    Hello, again.

    Welcome back. I look forward to getting to know you. I am also Kyle. We are Legends. 😎
  5. Best of luck mate. Keep it up. Im plodding along with Martinez atm lol. England and Italy are tough leagues
  6. kylieboi88

    The Vibe Olympics 2018

    Well done @Rob2017 well played!
  7. kylieboi88

    World Cup 2018 Fantasy Football

    Was tempted to go for Welbeck in my side and as capt. I reckon hes going to have a wicked worldcup. Unsure why but got this feeling....dont put money on it though πŸ˜‚
  8. kylieboi88

    World Cup 2018

    DDG didnt show himself in the best light for Real Madrid transfer did he. Hope that means he stays for us. Hope Fred is confirmed this week πŸ€”
  9. kylieboi88

    World Cup 2018

    Im interested to see Dolberg in action tomorrow for Denmark
  10. kylieboi88

    World Cup 2018 Fantasy Football

    No I missed the boat with that one lol I have Lewandowski as capt. Theres still hope πŸ˜‚
  11. kylieboi88

    The Vibe Olympics 2018

    This is a great read to follow. Thank you all for sharing πŸ‘Š
  12. kylieboi88

    MartΓ­nez Does The 1k Challenge

    Season 1 and 2 (Firstly massive apologies in moving screen shots to their own folder I clicked delete instead of move. What a noob.) Firstly here is a screen shot of how Martinez performed in his first season in the 1k challenge. Fairly decent return I blame my tactical tweeks in the first season as I struggled to get the balance right. Season 2 the tactic is fixed and I believe I now have the right tactic to get him over the line. Transfers In and Out I brought in Raphinha and Zaha to boost the wings with Boli and Mendes brought in cheap to give cover when Martinez was in need of a game out. Pretty minimal transfer fees recieved for season 2 as a number of deals were concluded first season. Results As you can see in Europe we were lethal in the group stages! Martinez current stats taken mid season. I noticed his goal scoring had dropped and lucky I looked as he was jaded and in need of a rest. Interestingly he was unhappy with Diwara who is actually a beast on the game and so young. We won the league!!! Martinez also won some awards 😎. We also managed to have 4 players in the team of the year. If you havent used Retsos from Leverkusen before have a look at him. Expensive but such a gem of a find! End of Season 2 Results I cant be disappointed with his returns so far hes just not long in his 20s and he can only get better! 86/1000 Still a long way to go but we are on the right route. Season 3 coming up.
  13. kylieboi88

    Kyle does the Double Trouble Challenge

    Are you not able to run more than more than one challenge at once? I must have a different FMM to you as mine has four save slots....
  14. kylieboi88

    Double trouble at Real Madrid(completed)

    Absolutely amazing going. Great read too. Interested to see how you managed to blend the 442 i find it can be tricky at times. Feel free to DM me if you wish to have a chat. Well done