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  1. kylieboi88

    The Neil Warnock Challenge!

    Ive found it is a massive challenge in testing. Two options you could do. - Take a job with a League 1 club and get double promotion or stay with current like he did with Sheff Utd and leave when rating is better. Hes been in the business 35yrs after all lol.
  2. The Neil Warnock Challenge Neil Warnock (born 1 December 1948) is an English football manager, currently managing Welsh side Cardiff City. His managerial career has been on going for 35 years. He is also an established television and radio pundit working for several media outlets and a retired professional footballer. He holds the record for the most promotions (8) in English football. The aim of this challenge is to win promotion to the Premier League. Then resign and take a job with another Championship side and do it all over again. My aim is to better Warnock throughout my career in the footballing world. (Unsure who posted this challenge. Picked it up on a tweet from Vibe. Apologies if so. Let me know and I will add you into the post). Season 1 Here we go first team up Aston Villa. Wish me luck! Story so far Own goal here woooopsie! Being out the cup could be an added bonus as I will concentrate fully on the league. Trying out formations to get the best out of the squad I have at my disposal. Injury shocker...unwanted player anyway another excuse not to play. Transfers In & Out Thanks for reading, I am to finish the first season tonight.
  3. Yeh but tbf I wanted to try out your find lol
  4. Ive just started my first polish save on #FMM18 Gone with Gornik. Dont know a thing about Poland lol
  5. Amazing read this. Massive well done! What tactic did you use to incorporate him? Ive found AMC a mix bag this years game
  6. kylieboi88

    Wolves. That's it really.

    Good luck. Interested to see how you set your side out. Any plans on how many youth players you intend to use and what ones? Great read mate
  7. kylieboi88

    Kaka Returns!

    Great to see you dabbling @Ashez and what a player Kaka was. Game misses his talents. I used to always sign the old boy Ronaldinho when i could lol. What a god! Great results mate. How long has he got left in the tank I wonder? Can u retrain to defence lol?
  8. Sivlar - GK - wonderboy after seasons - De ligt - CB - Ruben Dias (SLB)
  9. kylieboi88

    The Any Team 4-2-3-1

    Tempted to try this with my El Ejido save is lower league spain...
  10. kylieboi88

    Uruguay's Next Hope

    Quality idea, he was one of my fav players on previous fmms
  11. kylieboi88

    Terry's Trophy Hunt

    Mate quality idea - how many seasons do you think he has left in him? Will you make him a coach in the long run?
  12. kylieboi88

    The Talented Leverkusen!

    Yeah I thought that too. But he was transfer listed and they wanted £12.75m I bid £12.5m after starting at £8m and they agreed. Kept thinking madrid or someone was going to come in late tho! Ha I like to give credit where credit is due old boy!
  13. kylieboi88

    The Talented Leverkusen!

    Yeah they did. Here are the screen shots of my fav players so far..the greens are naughty!
  14. kylieboi88

    The Talented Leverkusen!

    The story so far.... I made one signing in preparation for the new season and was happy with this up until jan. I sold an 2 unused players for near on 20m and decided to reinvest in a couple of players I havent used on this years game so far. Here they are... Ins (Apologies the images shown are from season 2 as I forgot to screenshot them on arrival). I havent used Lima on this years game and I have never used Arao before. However they both performed well for me especially Lima. Arao was more of a backup player and for season 2 I decided to part ex him for a striker who arrives in Jan. Outs Glad to see the back of these two tbh, it helped that they brought in a decent return and also freed up wages. I brought in a few loan signings to also boost my squad to cover any injuries. Here is some screen shots of season 1 and what a season it turned out to be! Nothing beats beating the big dogs! How the league table looked in Jan, closer that I definately expected it to be! Even the media started to sing our praises! How the hell did I not win this game!!!! Frustrating to say the least. Screen shot of our fixtures and the results of them. Pretty chuffed to be fair. Volland turned out to be a beast. Brandt moaned his way through the season constantly wanting to leave and making sure I knew this every week. Biggest offer was £140m so far. Im pushing for more! Doucoure turned out to be an absolute beast! Thanks to @Ashez for the recommendation. What a gem! Stand up Karim Bellarabi - was tempted to sell at the start of the save...bloody glad I didnt. Aiming to use him even more when I finally sell Brandt - the Moaner! 3 players in the Team Of The Year squad....ooooooosh! Season 2 begins After coming 2nd in the league and winning a cup I was more than happy for season 2 to start. I managed to keep hold of the players I wanted - new deals or ignoring their moaning. We enter June ready for the challenge. I sold an Alario as he was rarely used and I wanted to free up some funds. I brought the following to the club; Nkoudou come in on loan for the season. I expected a big bid for Brandt but it never come and the window slammed shut. Strange one this. Signed as cover...turns out he is ex Peterborough and was signed for £4.8m!! Geeez looking forward to seeing how he pans out. My fav player Goretzka arrived on a freebee standard signing if you ever get the chance. Great return so far playing as a BBM. I have promoted this guy up to backup striker, my aim is for him to replace Volland who I may sell at the end of the season. Hoping the physicals improve. I signed this keeper again on a recommendation from @Ashez however I loaned him back for the season. He will join us in season 3. The striker I signed via part ex Im keeping close to my chest until a later date 😊 Here are some results so far.. Pushing for the league this season and as we enter the champs league Im hoping to do well there also! Wish me luck! Thanks for reading 👊