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  1. Following this save and thanks for posting. However may I ask a question please. When you do these saves which are the best countries to have loaded in order to better your pool of players?? Curious as I've done a few saves and am never sure which countries to load
  2. I've been off work on holiday this week but I also got pinged by that track and trace app so having to isolate aswell - no different really as we in lockdown anyway. Managed to get through the seasons whilst re watching Game Of Thrones lol
  3. I'm of the opinion that as long as he is not played as a striker and we take Manjus on his word I don't have an issue with it. Its great to see players trying out challenges and id hate for him to have to restart and potentially lose interest in the save. Its a great save idea and one I have enjoyed for at least the last 3 years on different releases. Keep us updated Manjus I will be updating mine soon as I have just finished season 3 and season 4. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Best of luck of luck with your save I will be following this. I am now in England on the second half of the challenge Keep well
  5. Yeh was aiming to have it done and dusted and into the Premier League within 2 years. 3 years seemed too long lol
  6. Thanks I was pretty upset leaving them tbf I reckon I could of won everything within a few seasons.
  7. Season 2 As we entered Season 2 my main objectives were to finish off the Holland part of the career and also continue to develop Hwan (my Park Ji Sung) I was pretty happy entering season 2 with the squad I had, although I had it in my head that the centre of midfield needed a additional signings and that's where I aimed to focus my transfer business. Transfers In/Out I have posted the full season transfers so everyone has clarity of the signings made in the summer and also in January. I rebuilt the midfield in order to allow me to play one holding midfielder with two midfielders in front (either AP and CM or BBM/CM), my holding midfielder played as a DLP. With Stark and Carmo also able to support the DLP position I focused mainly on the two midfielder roles in front of them. Soumare and Gagliardini were both transfer listed and fitted the mould of what I wanted, I had used them on previous years games. Hagi I signed purely after watching some Scottish Football highlights and fancied testing him out. He proved a worthy gamble and slotted into the AP role in my tactical change in January. Diop was transfer listed and I signed him to provide backup to my main CBs after I allowed Geromel to leave for free. Wijndal was signed to be my starting left back as both left backs at the club (one being Max) I didn't rate. The others were signed to either allow me to sell them on for additional cash or to place in reserves as backup. Some youth players I signed with the aim of using throughout our cup run. Malen I sold to A Madrid for £33m as I was using Troy Parrot (Loan) as my main striker. Moting was signed for free but I moved him on pretty sharpish. All the other players had minimal to no input in the team for the coming season and spent most of the time in the reserves. Future youth talent was sent out on loan to gain experience. Season Results First game up was against Ajax in The Dutch Super Cup - if I won this I would therefore complete another part of the challenge. We won the game comfortably beating Ajax in the first half of the game. Below are some of my favourite results of the season - Absolutely love a Derby Win! Lost the above game but what an end to end tie! Powerful performance against Sparta resulting in us running riot with a 5-0 win. Results were pretty consistent throughout the whole season with minimal upsets. We romped to win the league meaning the league titles aspect of the Holland save was completed. Unfortunately we lost to Man Utd on away goals afters drawing 1-1 on the second leg. We romped to a 4-0 win in the Dutch Cup resulting in the final part of the Holland aspect completed. Recieved a few decent job offers throughout the season which I couldn't accept but worth sharing. Star Mans Performance Another solid season saw Kim Tae-Hwan develop into a decent player who looks a solid Park Ji Sung (Version 2). He played a few less games this season mostly due to International Duty and a couple of niggling injuries. He managed to win Asia Nations most valuable player award whilst away with his Country. A fair few greens developing and his value has pretty much trebled since I signed him in Season 1. I retrained him as a AMR and he had finally learnt the position so is no longer a red or orange indicator for that position. Six goals and five assists is not a bad performance considering. Manager Overview Career Objectives - Holland - Win Dutch League Title - 2/2 - Win DNVB Cup - 1/1 - Win Dutch Super Cup - 1/1 As you can see the Dutch part of the challenge is now complete and I now need to head to England take over a Premier League club and sign my Park Ji Sung. Sneak Peak at Season 3 Will I take the job? Thanks for reading
  8. Season 1 - Complete The season was pretty eventful with us going unbeaten for a fair amount of games however injuries caused us a few headaches entering January as the backup squad didn't have the quality to finish off games. Overall I was happy to win the Title but disappointed with Europe and our Cup run. I settled with a tactic that I have tried in previous saves and one that allowed me to play my Park Ji Sung in the correct positions. I thoroughly enjoyed this first season and saw some decent improves on Hwan. He managed to get one hatrick this season which I was buzzing about. Rating wise he was pretty consistent and hoping season 2 he improves even more. We won the league at the first time of asking but struggled in Europe and also in the Dutch Cup with a tough run getting to the Semi Finals. I used a fair amount of youth throughout the cup run so this may of played a part in my downfall. Star Players Kim Tae-Hwan improved throughout the season but found it tough going with me retraining him as AMR. Some good greens potentially coming within the next season hopefully. Pretty much doubled in value also which is a plus. The following players formed the base of my side for Season 1 and I enjoyed bringing through some of the youth talent such as Ihattaren and Madueke. Stark and Carmo formed a solid partnership in the defence and Geromel proved to be a solid backup throughout the season. His experience also helped with mentoring Carmo. I ended up struggling with a few injuries during the later part of the season so I signed Daniel Sturridge to add some experience and firepower to a strike force that was depleted to the point of Gotze leading the line! I also signed Antonio Valencia to support with Dumfries and Teze both out injured. Career Objectives - Holland - Dutch League Titles - 1/2 - KNVB Cup - 0/1 - Dutch Super Cup - 0/1 Thanks for reading, I will post more in detail game screenshots throughout the Season 2 update.
  9. Thanks he scored on his debut so I now have high hopes! Lol
  10. Typically my go to signing if possible as you can get him under £20m and his versatility works wonders. I normally retrain him as a rb and lb on longterm saves just so I can play him often lol. Thanks for commenting much appreciated added 0 minutes later Thanks for your comments mate Again thanks for sharing the save idea. Hoping to be posted on the leader board this time round!
  11. Park Ji Sung Reloaded I had a long think the last few days about restarting one of my favourite save ideas that @Kanegan posted a few games back. The Park Ji Sung challenge. I come closest to finishing the career idea in FMM19 when I took my Park Ji Sung to Watford. Last years attempt saw me take my Park Ji Sung to Everton where I won the champions league but come up by not finishing the save to the end. Career Rules Load up Holland and England database as a minimum You must sign a Korean midfielder who will be your 'Park Ji Sung' - x2 Dutch Titles - x1 KNVB Cup - x1 Dutch Super Cup Then move to England and take charge of any Premier League club and win the following - x4 League Titles - x3 Carabao Cups - x4 Community Shields - x1 Champions League - x1 World Club Championship The Chosen Park Ji Sung Step up........ Kim Tae-Hwan 20yrs old Winger Transfers In/Out Signed Carmo and Geromel to shore up the centre of defence. Geromels experience will be an advantage to mentoring Carmo who is a young cb from Braga. I signed Stark to support defence and midfield as the midfield seemed to lack depth after I sold Rosario (£20m was too good to turn down). I loaned x4 youngsters with big futures in Gilmour, Bellingham, Badiashile and Carnesecchi who I have used in previous years saves. I intend to use them all during the Cup runs. I allowed Rosario to go for £20m which allowed me to bring in some additional players. Thomas I sold as Wiltshire on a free was a worthwhile trade. I used Nyland as a make weight when I signed Carmo knocking £5m of their asking price. Season 1 begins! Thanks for reading
  12. Yes mate I will upload intro within days currently just deciding formation and areas to improve transfer wise. Player is chosen and brought 🤘
  13. PSV Loaded 3 Potential 'Park Ji Sung' players found Keep an eye out for updates Ooooooosh
  14. Time for me to attempt this one again this year I think! One of my fav save ideas Thanks for sharing again
  15. Excellent! Great to see you posting again mate!
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