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  1. Love this save idea. Shame im running out time with the Ji Sung Park save otherwise id give this a crack. Discussed with you previously my two players Id use. Keep it up mate πŸ‘Š
  2. kylieboi88

    Kyle attempts The Park Ji Sung Challenge

    Season 4 - Choi We enter season 4 with the need to win a league title, we can so close last season that this seasons has to be the breakthrough for us. Transfers Ins & Outs I decided to try and sign some English players in Aug to boost my domestic talent pool. Dowell I signed to play as a cm/ap. I also brought in Mason Mount who I have used every season previously on loan. I took the game and signed him for Β£15m. I aim to play both of them in a midfield three. I brought in the following to boost my squad. Brenet was previously used at PSV and he 'rates me as a manager' which always helps. Subotic is the Juve rightbacka regen (Swiss guy now at Arsenal). Im making no attempt at spelling his name πŸ™ˆ. Here is my outs. Most I moved on due to age or simply due to not using them. My youth quality should improve as training and youth facilities are now MAXED out. Sample of Results Flying high sitting pretty top of the group. Tough group with Bayern and Madrid, Madrid having a season similar to Man Utd this year!!! Nothing like seeing this beauty pop up on your screen! We won the league but it got a bit scary near the end as the form seemed to not existant. How the squad performed And finally how did our boy Choi do?? A few greens now popping up! He improved on his goals and average rating as well as his assists. England Targets - x4 Premier League Titles - 1/4 - x3 FA Cups - 2/3 - x1 Community Shield - 0/1 - x1 World Championship - 0/1 Season 5 begins. We need a league title, an fa cup minimal this season.....
  3. kylieboi88

    Kyle attempts The Park Ji Sung Challenge

    Choi enters the english game!! As you are all aware I made the leap to England and took the reins at Watford in the Championship. We got promoted via 2nd place and begun our first season in the Premier League. I agreed with the board of a mid table finish however I was always aiming for higher My tactic was effective winning 18/21 games with only 2 loses and 1 draw in my rein at Watford. (Doncaster was before I took the job). Some results of our route to the Prem! Won Manager of The Year! Trophy cabinet so far! BOOM! This is how Choi faired in his half season in the Championship. Choi makes it to the Prem! So we made it to the Premier League and now the challenge truly begins! Lets start with the juicy bits, transfers in and transfers out... Massively pleased with my window, only area I was disappointed with and failed to strengthen was rightback/wingback. The options available with the money I had just wasnt going to be worthwhile. Diogo Dalot and Pinto were Β£15m+....I had Β£4m left πŸ˜‚ The Season Begins! Two games in and we are definately winning the league!! πŸ€ͺ Beating these two Giants of the English game resulted in me winning Manager of the Month....ooooooosh! We went through to Jan flying high in first!! (I forgot to screenshot Jan but we was flying high til Feb....) We lost out way through Feb and March resulting in Chelsea flying into 2nd and then 1st 😑😑😑 We just conceded far too many times too often late in the game resulting in 1-1 draws! 9 draws in total for the season...should of been half that number!! We did however beat Arsenal in the Cup resulting in 1 cup win in England βœ” Our app, goals and assists for the season. How did our boy Choi perform? I won Manager of the Year with a tidy 2nd finish in our first season in the Prem! My players didnt do too bad either! The signing of the season has to be Marega! Signed on a free transfer...and he did this for the Season... Absolutely amazing! Hope your hooked on this save like I am. Cheers for popping by! England Targets x4 Premier League Titles - 0/4 x3 FA Cups - 1/3 x1 Community Shield - 0/1 x1 World Cup Championship - 0/1
  4. kylieboi88

    Kyle attempts The Park Ji Sung Challenge

    Massive thank you for your comments
  5. kylieboi88

    Kyle attempts The Park Ji Sung Challenge

    Sneak Peak Just a quick update regarding the Choi save. After waiting till Jan and still no luck with a Prem club management position, I decided to try a different path. I decided to look at Championship clubs with the money to sign Choi but also with the potential to get promoted that same season. I was having a discussion with @Ashez about potential clubs people might want to see when I did get to England and my choices was West Ham, Bournemouth and lastly Watford...I was unlikely to get Man Utd without staying at PSV for a couple more seasons... Who popped up in the middle of Jan with a vacancy?! None other than Watford; - 6th in the Championship - Transfer kitty of Β£8.5m A risky move but a worthwhile one if I could sign Choi!? I managed to get choi for Β£7m which Im impressed with as the panic set in and I was worried it would be closer to Β£15m! Ill update at the end of the season to show you the end of season review. I leave PSV with a heavy heart as I was forming a wicked side but now I have a longer time frame to form a bigger and better side around Choi. Thanks for reading.
  6. Thanks again for letting me try the tactic out. Thoroughly enjoyed watching the pitch view and seeing all the gameplay that the tactic gave. Absolutely dominated teams and it was great building the squad I built for the tactic! Thanks to you @Ashez and @Foxy once again 😎 The above shows it can work with any team - Burnley being a particular fav of mine when you shared the shots of the save.
  7. kylieboi88

    Serverdotmy on youtube

    Wow that aint right!
  8. kylieboi88

    Kyle attempts The Park Ji Sung Challenge

    So far Swansea - Bankrupt but they installed someone else day after I applied lol
  9. kylieboi88

    Kyle attempts The Park Ji Sung Challenge

    Season 2 of Park Ji Sung Challenge Im going to keep this update short and sweet to keep you all interested. Firstly apologies for the delay in posting real life has been mental of late! So here goes... Currently we have a league title to our name so we need another title and at least x1 Dutch cup and x1 Dutch Super Cup to enable us to move to England for our next stage of his Challenge. Exciting....!! Current tactic is the same for this year however later on I switched from BPD to CBs as I was conceding too many late goals and decided to try this and it seemed to close the leak! I deleted the screenshots of my ins and outs but tbf they were minimal as I started to sign youth players. However I brought these two in during Jan to add to the squad depth. I used Tammy more than Weston as he was mostly a sub. Results We had a decent run throught the season only losing a handful of games in the league. However Europe we struggled against the big teams. We Won the League completing the challenge of x2 League Titles, x1 Dutch Super Cup & x1 Dutch Cup. The Stats Choi Progress Injury during the campaign hindered his game time as he come in 10 games less than the previous season. However he scored 2 goals less than last season which was an excellent return! Time for the next chapter...Heading to England and taking Choi with me! Hope your enjoying the save! x2 Dutch Titles βœ” x1 Dutch Cup βœ” x1 Dutch Super Cup βœ”
  10. kylieboi88

    Kyle attempts The Park Ji Sung Challenge

    I didnt want to place him as a Aml or amr isf just incase it was then a void attempt?
  11. kylieboi88

    Kyle attempts The Park Ji Sung Challenge

    Thanks mate. If I play him as you ask the save would be void as he has to be a midfielder only - no inside forward allowed. Thanks. Exciting stuff as PSV have a relatively small budget even after winning the league. Wheeling and dealing it is. Hes looking good after season 1.
  12. Wow amazing result...how many with Harrys big head?? Well done
  13. The Park Ji Sung Challenge Its not often you stumble across a challenge that appeals to you from the offset. Ive struggled this year to get challenge over the line such as 1k striker challenge which I got 6 seasons into and my striker suffered a 9 month injury lay off and I struggled to hit the heights of previous seasons because of this. Anyway Im rambling on... The Park Ji Sung Challenge in full posted below is right up my street. Being both a Park and Utd fan I cannot wait to get started. Thank you @Kanegan for posting πŸ‘ The Chosen Player After much thinking I decided to sign Choi. I Will be playing him as a Winger throughout my tactic - a right winger making use of his left foot. A bargain at Β£1.6m and from previous seasons hes not played many games nor scored many goals... Season 1 First point is to make sure both Holland and England leagues are loaded as you need to complete the targets at PSV before moving to England ideally Man Utd to make the save realistic. Transfers You start of with a minimal budget but a squad I felt needed a few additions to make us challengers. We need to win the league from the off. Kalaica I have used previously at Benfica and I found him solid after a few seasons. Soares I used alot in FMM17 and decided to try him this year. His price fitted into my structure well. Caseras I stumbled across whilst stat searching for a central midfielder. Konsa is a quality centre back after a number of seasons and as a BPD he will be a worthwhile addition. I loaned Rossiter but ended the loan in Jan as he was disruptive and didnt play. Results through the Season I changed the tactic a number of times in season 1 as I was leaky at the back. Winning but conceding too many goals. I put it down to my defenders being so young and I also played around with the defensive line in order to stop the rot. Below is some shots of our results. I didnt want to post every result as I didnt want to fill the post up with pictures. We won the league with a game to go!! Thats 1 league title done. The making of Choi Choi - 49 Appearances 20 goals 12 assistsπŸ‘ Golden Boot winner for Season 1 πŸ‘Š Some tasty looking greens appearing after season 1. The goal return was excellent and unexpected. His value also shot up from the bargain fee of Β£1.6m The Tactic and Roles Depending on the opposition I flick between attacking to either control or balanced. PSV Titles Won - 1/4 Hope you enjoyed the opening post. Thanks for reading.
  14. kylieboi88

    Ashez & Foxy Present Tiki-Taka

    Absolutely loved this arcticle. Honoured to be asked to try this tactic out for you both and I hope the save proved useful. Well done