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  1. Career Kluivert Reborn

    Im using a tactic with three up top but spread out and kluivert is roled as IsF
  2. Ashez Is The Lower League Rogue!

    Hahaha quality that! You aint mansfield around are you ?
  3. Career Kluivert Reborn

    Season 4 Begins So we enter season 4 of the Kluivert challenge and the excitement is still there. We still have questions of Kluivert to be answered! Will this be his season? Lets get it going! And so it begins we won the dutch super cup and Im ready to enter the transfer market. Semendo is one of my go to players, he is great for long term challenges...young youthful and an absolute servant to the cause! As you can see from the screen shots we did some business this window in prep for the challenge. Justin Kluivert As you can see I feel he is developing well, I was so excited for this year, deep down I knew this could be the season! I hope I am right! Some annoying results but Wanyama is one of my all time FMM fav players, credit has to go to @Ashez for highlighting how decent he is and pointing me to him in FMM17 as always in the transfer market after a season or two. Apologies for this part, this is around the time the baby come and I failed to screen shot as often as I should of. We won the league around 14pts clear and also we named her Scarlett incase you was wondering. ? Thats my boy!!!! I performed well too ? Here is Justin at the end of the season, stats not green everywhere but he is at least consistant in form. Below is a preview of the new season pretty irrelevant as its a friendly but look at how much fun you would of had if you was a fan in the crowd here! I also won the dutch cup beating PSV 3-0. I really hope you are all enjoying the journey as much as I am. Apologies again for the delay!!! How my stats are looking As you can see I have three dutch titles and now I need the Barca job in order to transfer Kluivert for part 2 of the journey!
  4. Career Kluivert Reborn

    Who wants to see an update from this save?? Sorry its taken so long but my missus gave birth to our beautiful daughter 10wks ago and life has been pretty hectic at home and away (at work). @BatiGoal @Ashez
  5. Guides/Tips AS Monaco Team Guide

    This is a great read mate thank you. I did a Monaco save and sold Falcao for 31m and then instantly regretted it. I did sign Ninga who did an okay job tbh.
  6. Career Like father, like son?

    Same mate it sucks. Cant wait for the update when you get a chance.
  7. Ashez Is The Lower League Rogue!

    Wow what an idea mate! I think you may of become the quickest manager to leave Grimsby lol!
  8. Career Like father, like son?

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_association_football_families This is a really good link if anyone was interested. Hazard brothers? Benteke brother? Ferdinand brothers and cousins....and so many more...
  9. Career Like father, like son?

    Theres a fair few in the game but some are not worth having a dabble with. Im certain Mancini has a son in the game?
  10. Career Like father, like son?

    Excellent mate chuffed you decided to take up this challenge and thanks for name dropping me you are too kind ? Following the shiz out of this! Cannot wait to see how he turns out!
  11. Career Kluivert Reborn

    Im using the IT that I saw you comment with in IT post...any advice for Kluivert mate? This season I feel Im seeing some positive displays
  12. Career Kluivert Reborn

    Hey mate! The training tactic I placed him on is one @BatiGoal commented. It was on an Intensive Training post I found. I sold him hakim guy as he didnt play and I played geraldes over him everytime. I also have a few APs as backup
  13. Career Kluivert Reborn

    What role are you playing him? Im trying to mould a striker...but playing as left or right ISF mostly. Im enjoying developing him into something special. Thanks your your comments
  14. Career Kluivert Reborn

    Season 3 Update As we enter season 3 remember our aims - we must improve Kluivert and we must obtain the league to make it 2/3 leagues won. Lets get the show on the road! I enter season 3 excited, the passion for the save is back, the drive to succeed never truly left me! I posted a sneak preview of my transfers. Lets go! Decided to make a move for this guy in jan. Used majorly last year and took the plunge. Offered £2m plus my backup keeper Oanna or something. Offer accepted, he joins in Jan ?. Evidence of Results Neres is quickly becoming a fans favourite and many major clubs are circling! Geraldes one of my favs from Sporting and here he is showing what hes about! Did I even show up for this game!?? Another success to add to the CV!!! The league was won but what a great race!!! Kluivert End of Season I am happy with how he did this year. We wont get 30 goals out of him but he become one of my fav players this year! Thanks for reading! Now for Season 4!
  15. Career My Journey

    Yeh ignore him lol