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  1. Great start! That winger is drawing attention - release clause on that guy? Ive found the release clause a blessing and a curse in previous saves especially if the fee is too low. Cracking stuff!
  2. The Day Dream between friends Its very early doors to be laying down a long term save idea when the game is only x amount of days old. However I stumbled across a post on FB about a group of lads who formed a team purely to meet up on a Sunday for a few hours win or lose. That little adventure then turned into a Football Managers ideal dream - it formed Dorking Wanderers FC! The History "The club was formed in 1999 and initially played in the Crawley & District League.[3]After their first season in the Crawley League they switched to Division Four of the West Sussex League, winning the division at the first attempt.[4] In 2001–02 the club finished as Division Three runners-up, earning a third consecutive promotion. After winning Division Two in 2003–04 they were promoted to Division One, and a third-place finish in Division One in 2005–05 saw them promoted to the Premier Division.[4] In 2006–07 Dorking won the West Sussex League's Premier Division, winning the title with a win on the last day of the season.[4] As a result, the club were promoted to Division Three of the Sussex County League.[5] They went on to win Division Three in 2010–11, earning promotion to Division Two. A third-place finish in Division Two the following season was enough to see them promoted to Division One.[5] However, the league initially denied them entry to the division as their ground was not deemed to meet the necessary requirements.[6] However the club appealed against this decision to the Football Association, who over-ruled the decision after an independent ground grading visit confirmed that the ground reached the mandatory standards for Division One football.[7] Although the team initially struggled in Division One, finishing third-from-bottom in 2012–13, they finished second in 2014–15, earning promotion to Division One South of the Isthmian League.[5] In Dorking's first season in the Isthmian League they finished as runners-up in Division One South, qualifying for the promotion play-offs, going on to lose 2–1 to Faversham Townin the semi-finals.[5] The following season saw them finish second again; in the play-offs they beat Hastings United on penalties in the semi-final after a 1–1 draw, and then won again on penalties against Corinthian-Casuals in the final following a 0–0 draw, earning promotion to the Premier Division. In 2018–19 the club won the Premier Division title, earning promotion to the National League South." The Chairman is also the Manager and the club is run on the money it generates. Sponsors and fans alike have a common goal to achieve as much as possible with their beloved club and there have been plenty opportunities to make a quick profit and run! The friends are still around the club, their kids are now apart of the youth teams ans that is why I have chosen this club as my first save. Now join me on what will be a journey to remember 😜 "The Road To Glory" I have decided to attempt to take Dorking Wanderers FC from the bottom league all the way to the big time - but I intend to get their without spending any money! I will only be able to sign players who are free contracts or loanees. I am setting no time frame on this but my aim is to make it their and dominate until the save runs its end. Season 1 Dorking are your typical up and coming team striving to improve in the lower leagues. The stadium only has 2000 capacity and the facilities are Poor. Things can only get better 😁 Transfers In and Out I brought in one freebee in Bossin who my scout recommended to me at the start of the save. Erratic Goalkeeper was his decription and erratic he was on a number of occassions. However he did the job and improved with game time. Mengi and Devine come in purely from me being a Man Utd fan and trying my luck! Mengi was only for a 3 month loan deal, I tried to go back in Jan but had my fingers burned. Solid and more than capable CB for the lower league. Bakare and Mnoga were two more defenders who boosted what was a threadbare backline. I made £11k from player sales at the start of the season which went straight into wages as we started from the off in the red! Season Summary Some of my best wins throughout the season. Dengler and Gokdemir were brought in during the Jan window. Dengler my new centre back, Gokdemir come in to boost our winger options. Jack Barham started the game on loan from Barnet. Rarely used at the start of the save but he showed some promise when called upon from october. Jason Prior continued to be deadly and the reason he was the first player Dorking paid money for - £16k in total for the goal scorer. I tried to keep the team relatively the same throughout the season due to lack of numbers/injuries. Barham scored 31 goals with Prior getting 23. The season ended with us finishing 10th which I was happy with. The team was favourite for the drop from the start and we conceded far too many goals but luckily managed to score more. £40k profit made at the end of season 1, no money spent but fairly decent start to life at Dorking. Hope you enjoyed the first post of my FMM20 story Follow me for Season 2 coming soon!
  3. Following this!!! Great choice of team and decent going getting Mengi in in loan 😉
  4. I will buy on release day as I have done previously. Then I will moan rotten to @Ashez and @Aaron55 about x y and z and then get frustrated but continue to play none the less. I really hope that this year they have covered the bases and not bodged it like they have previously. Cant work out what extras will be added this year - leagues etc. Some wanted youth teams added (and playable) but the game surely cant have the depth nor need for that?
  5. Guess before but am about to start a test save 👌
  6. Ill give it a go with Frankfurt and let you know 👍
  7. Anyone else used this tactic since updates??
  8. Should work fine on there mate as most people use kindle fire or samsung tabs ive seen
  9. Ive done it But how do you type? Lol
  10. Search on mobile?
  11. Hey all thanks for the tag. The issue I had was exagearstrat is not in google play store anymore. Im gonna see if I can use my dads laptop to convert it to my phone but I need a different app instead of exagear....?
  12. Can anyone give me advice how to use this on my android phone but without using a pc??
  13. Season 4 Tae-Jun Season 4 arrived and I was still at PSV and was beginning to despair! However the show must go on.. I refused to sign anyone and allowed some to leave. I just wanted to get to England. We won the Super Cup beating Ajax on penalties. I rejected West Ham as there is another guy using them currently, and wanted to make this different from his. And then this beauty arrived in my mail box! Oh go on then.....goodbye PSV - Tae-Jun see you shortly sunshiiiiiine! First game and hes only gone and done 'Mastermind A Giant Killing' beating Liverpool 2-1! Get in! Transfers In I arrived at Everton a short time before Jan and could see from the off the squad needed a major revamp. I went big in jan as the squad I had was poor. The likes of Coleman (33), Keane, Holgate, Zoet etc had to go. Everton had had a massive clear out at the start of the season selling the likes of Pickford and co for massive money but not reinvesting it into the squad. Tae-Jun cost me £3.5m I arrived at PSV waited till Jan and he was transfer listed and unhappy! PSV tut tut.. We now are both in England, finally stage to can begin. I signed Wanyama for £2.4m as he was transfer listed. Even if he played till the end of the season I was happy to sign him. McTominay was transfer listed and was a decent price at £9.5m. I loaned Pellegrini in to play opposite side go Lookman and decided to sign him for season 5 as he was decent. I managed to sign Jansen for £275k he was listed by my old club PSV and was a find for me when I was there. Backup keeper to Padrag. Padrag arrived for £21.5m and I had to beat Real Madrid to sign him!!! Stark was listed and cost me £3m with a £21m rated defender going to Hertha within the part exchange. Fosu-Mensah!!!!! Cost me £16m but what a signing....the options he gives me makes him very beneficial. With Digne suffering a 2month injury when I arrived and a young guy as backup I signed this fella for £2.6m - again he was transfer listed but come with hefty wages. This guy was a backup signed for Coleman who I then decided to sell. Transfer listed and signed for £725k. Moses was the best option to replace Coleman whos stats seemed to drop by the hour. Cost me £1.2m - Bargain? But then I signed another wing back... Malen who I rarely played at PSV cost me £16m and a youngster called Anthony Evans. Vagnoman I managed to bring to the club for £16m and part ex with a youngster called Gordon. Pretty much wheeled and dealed my way through January in order to get a squad I wanted for the second half of the season. Season Review Managed to steamroll Tottenham in the semi finals of Euro Cup... Lost to Man City in the FA Cup Final! You reading this....we made it to the Final and beat Sevilla! Healthy looking trophy Cabinet and one of the hardest part of the challenge completed 😉 I didnt win the league but arriving at the club at 13th and finishing 7th was decent and managed to turn the goals from negative to positive albiet it by 3... This is how Tae-Jun finished the season. Hardly any greens but going strong with the Stamina Challenge Conclusion - Dutch Stage - All Complete ✔ ---------------------------------------------- - English Premiership - 0 of 4 ✖ - Carabao Cup - 0 of 3 ✖ - Community Shield - 0 of 4 ✖ - Champions League - 1 of 1 ✔ - World Club Championships - 0 of 1 ✖ Thanks for reading....onto season 5!