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  1. aditaja

    changes.txt in FMM 2018?

    is there any more folder that i need to created ? already try as you mentioned, but still not worked for me
  2. success with this tactics only for 1 season .. next season not good enough ...
  3. are u using EME or OME .. still cant find tactics that good for my albion career ..
  4. aditaja

    Need Help for PGE

    thx for the answer .. gonna try to create it for now ..
  5. How to combine 2 database into 1 database with PGE ? or how to make player that only avaible in brazil database to be able in england database ? thx in advance .. hope someone can answer my question .. ^^
  6. aditaja

    In game editor query

    is FMM Scout App can also edit stat or etc ?
  7. aditaja

    In game editor query

    i want to buy fmm 2016, how must it cost for in game editor ?