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  1. That was pretty impressive. Could you show us some screenshots of your best players throughout the save and particularly ones that came through your youth academy. I'm intrigued!
  2. Fish18ish

    Funny FMM 2018 Moments

    How the actual duck?! The game is broken if that can happen. What was his average rating?
  3. Fish18ish

    Funny FMM 2018 Moments

    Mate I lost my unbeaten season in the 88th minute on the final day once
  4. Well that was odd! Very insightful, just a shame the game didn't want to cooperate. Not sure about Zidane signing all those wingers though, I thought he'd been keen on narrower formations since becoming Real Madrid manager? On a side note there's no way Guardiola's preferred formation should be 4-2-3-1, he's probably the most avid fan of 4-3-3 in the world.
  5. Fish18ish

    Brexit In FMM18

    Brexit will be the best thing to happen to the English national team in a long time.
  6. Fish18ish

    Injuries problems

    Old Italian players are always injury prone
  7. I'm playing as Crewe and despite only having average youth facilities I'm consistently having very good intakes with players who can go on to play at a much higher level. Crewe have a long running history of producing young talent (and populating much of the football league!), which supports the concept you suggested.
  8. Fish18ish

    A son is born!

    Should be fascinating although it may take you a while to get the reputation for a switch to Barca. Good luck!
  9. Fish18ish

    Reputation problem

    English manager in England is probably the important bit based on what Alari said.
  10. Fish18ish

    Reputation problem

    Lots of people here saying they are not getting interest from other clubs. Complete opposite with me. Was at Boston United for just under 2 seasons (promoted from Vanarama North in playoffs first season, was on course for another playoff place second season) and in the second season I got lots of offers from other National league and eventually league 2 clubs. I was offered the Crewe job who were in the L2 playoff places. Lost in the playoff final in the end but I'm on course for promotion halfway through this season. So for me there hasn't been a problem, and thankfully reputation seems less reliant on trophies now.
  11. Fish18ish

    The game has been ruined

    I haven't personally had a very bug riddled time this year and since the update a while back that seemed to reduce the number of goals I have really enjoyed the game, and found it more realistically difficult.
  12. Fish18ish

    I dont get this

    And having a poor run of form will contribute too.
  13. Fish18ish

    Reserve Teams

    For players in your reserve team, player growth is simulated as if the players get regular reserve football, but no history is recorded (presumably for performance reasons). I think loans are preferable but some very young players might not be able to cope with regular first team football, so I tend to avoid loaning players out until the age of 18/19. However, I do make exceptions for exceptional players whose mental stats and personalities suggest they are up to the task.
  14. Fish18ish

    How can ı beat 4-2-3-1?

    As a general rule for beating different formations, you should put players where the opposition leaves space on the pitch. The standard 4-2-3-1 leaves the space between the defence and midfield very open with no defensive midfielder. To take advantage of this, use a centre attacking midfielder to exploit the open space. The formation also features a lot of attacking players and can be exposed on the counter attack, so try sitting deep and counter attacking with direct passing. Hope that helps.
  15. Fish18ish

    FMM2018 9.1 Update Released

    Do you have to start a new save to get any of the adjustments?