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  1. Help New Stadiums

    FMM being ultra realistic as always.
  2. Help Reputation problem

    Reputation is too reliant on trophies imo. If you don't win stuff you can't get better jobs. Not particularly realistic.
  3. Chat FMM18 Bug List

    Sometimes when I give a player a new contract it says they are settling into the team in their personal section.
  4. Chat 9.0.4 on Android

    Are there still too many goals or has this been fixed? If so do I need to start a new save to experience the change (or any of the others for that matter)?
  5. Chat Funny FMM 2018 Moments

    Defending? What's that?!
  6. Chat 2032 - My Game so far

    Farage was beaming with delight in his old people's home. Is Jacob Rees Mogg PM yet in 2035?
  7. You could be Southampton, Liverpool's feeder club.
  8. Chat Help in Career

    Depends if you can see yourself having the motivation to do a long save or not. Personally an unemployed save is more interesting to follow because saves with big teams tend to be a bit repetitive. It's up to you though, whatever you see yourself enjoying posting about.
  9. Chat 2032 - My Game so far

    Kemar Roofe has gone up in the world 😮
  10. Chat 2032 - My Game so far

    How long did it take you to get that far? I've never got further than 2026 on any FMM/H and that took me months!!
  11. Help Need help for conceding fewer goals

    You seem to have a lot of different complex instructions and it looks as if you want to play the game a a lightning pace. As a general rule lower league players can't deal with an overly complicated approach so losing some of those instructions might help. Also they likely don't have the stamina to cope with constant pressing and a high tempo. Also bear in mind that if players are more expressive they are more likely to give the ball away. You're essentially playing 4 fullbacks. This could actually be counter intuitive because they may just get in each others way or give the opposition to much space in other areas of the pitch. Lower league teams tend to play quite direct and play the ball into the air, having traditional centre backs who can head the ball is the best way to deal with this. Don't worry too much though, defenders in lower leagues tend to be clumsy and error prone. Unless you come over all Tony Pulis, it's inevitable that you'll concede. I'm a bit of a student of Paul Lambert, so for me, it doesn't matter how many the opposition score, as long as you score more!
  12. I've been using more or less the default training presets for a while now and I have to say it does make a difference. With IT players can make several years' growth in a matter of months, which is totally unrealistic and ruins the long term challenge of improving young players. We shouldn't have to handicap ourselves to make the game realistic though, the difficulty issue is something SI need to address.
  13. Chat Is it getting easier?

    You could drop the CAM in favour of a CDM, should make you a bit harder to break down. Also a counter attacking 4-4-2 is quite good away from home in my experience.
  14. Chat Is it getting easier?

    Why??!! The AI are already unrealistically stupid, playing players out of position with no fitness. It's supposed to be realistic, and the fact that so many of us can win leagues with newly promoted sides suggests that the game is not doing justice to actual real life football. Winning things with underdogs is like a formality for me, it should be a rare and exciting occurrence.