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  1. That's intriguing. I often see after a few seasons clubs have one or occasionally even no keepers. Arsenal went 2 or 3 seasons with a greyed out lad between the sticks on my current save.
  2. What happened to Dortmund? Couple of seasons there where they were nowhere to be seen.
  3. I'm going to the dark side this year (PC) so I'll have to wait and see whether I get it on mobile too.
  4. There are squad numbers over 20 in the match engine screenshot which means they've finally added customisable squad numbers!
  5. Fish18ish

    Ashez & Foxy Present Tiki-Taka

    The detail and work put into this is incredible. Top job lads! Just a note on the roles, I'm intrigued that you went with BPDs, because they tend to look to play longer defense splitting passes. Did they do that or were they playing out more cautiously?
  6. Fish18ish

    FMM18 Unlockables.

    Just looking at that trophy cabinet is proof that the game is too easy.
  7. Fish18ish

    English football

    When you say outlet I think of Jacob Murphy, how is he getting on? Have you guys discovered that he's nothing special yet?
  8. Fish18ish

    Mauro Icardi?

    I believe that depending on the start date of your game, some international fixtures may have been simmed. The history for these matches does show on player history, but is not added to their cap tally.
  9. Fish18ish

    Question about save scumming

    The game is much more rewarding long term if you accept that the are highs AND lows, even if it is "just a side save".
  10. Fish18ish

    Funny FMM 2018 Moments

    I once got a scout report on Coman saying he was gonna gonna cost 1.5billion. He too was transfer listed. Its just a bug.
  11. As far as I'm aware stretched mode is the only fix. It can't look that bad?
  12. Sell him. The team might get angry for a few weeks but it always goes after a month or two. Goes even quicker if you give them all new contracts 😁 Players can never become un-outcast though, so it's a no brainer. You could even dump the lad in the reserves (until he's sold) if the disharmony bothers u that much.
  13. Would love the likes of Denmark, Sweden and Norway to be added, these make for great long term saves from what I have seen. But unfortunately that's not really a financial incentive for SI there.
  14. Fish18ish

    The Price Debate

    As I see it, FMM is more immersive than Fifa career mode. Fifa will set you back 6 times more than FMM, so it's a no brainer. People only get annoyed at the price because its a mobile app.
  15. Fish18ish

    BWM worth using?

    BWMs are guaranteed poor ratings but should sure up your midfield, particularly in away games when you're up against it, or also if you want to have large amounts of possession. If you don't fancy BWMs but need to give the defense more protection, you could try a DM, or even two in front of your back four, as these will offer protection but without the wild ball chasing.