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  1. In my experience this is the best tactic:
  2. Chat Generous board

    Time to switch club!
  3. I'm still following but been finding some of the recent posts a little lengthy, and since there have been several very similar seasons, with little improvement, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't losing interest. Perhaps a lack of replies is to be expected at this time in the game's life cycle though, I think most people are just ready for FMM18 now.
  4. Off Topic Let's talk

    Hi! It's important to remember that even if you don't need to talk about the game, there are plenty of off topic threads and topics regarding real life football, where you can discuss with like minded people. Needless to say the site isn't incredibly active at the moment but hopefully the hype for FMM18 will ramp up soon, especially when we start getting mentions of new features coming through! I look forward to any conversations we may have in the future
  5. Chat Who Are Ya?

    Interestingly the manager name in screenshots of FM18 is called Don Biggins. I'm guessing it's someone who works at SI.
  6. Chat FMM 18 - Wish List

    This would be great if managers became renowned for certain things (managerial archetypes if you like) such as Jose Mourinho reviving big clubs for 3 years, or Sam Allerdyce taking over struggling teams and inspiring below average players to safety. The game definitely needs more story to it which such a feature would add.
  7. Fun/Games FMM Be A Pro : Interactive Game

    Bit late my friend.
  8. The game can become irritatingly easy. In real life most managers find their level, but in FMM it's seemingly impossible to do anything other than go all the way. When I watch FM PC youtubers results seem realistic and improvement is gradual and in some cases doesn't occur, in my case on FMM though it never goes tits up, which doesn't represent real life. There should be more instances of things just not working out in game.
  9. Fun/Games FMM Be A Pro : Interactive Game

    Where did Oxford get £6million from???! Dubious. Anyway can't complain about joining the title holders, surprising given I was only a rotation player for Spurs though.
  10. I find these sorts of games to be quite rare on the eme. I'd put this down to poor finishers lacking in composure, whereas the ome actually felt like it made predetermined decisions about the result.
  11. Career The Reborn of Sir Alex

    May as well let us know what happens. Shame about the save. I swear the best saves always get corrupted or overwrote.
  12. Off Topic Non-FMM Football Games

  13. Chat Gareth Southgate

    I've seen him sacked once, and I believe that was with England not qualifying for a tournament. But other than that, no matter how hard he tries to lose his job the FA just won't have it. We even lost to Iceland in the Quarters on one of my saves and they wouldn't put him out of his misery.
  14. Fun/Games FMM Be A Pro : Interactive Game

    Well the main thing for me is playing with top class players. My time with Watford was great and i really enjoyed my time with the... *Coughs* Watford gave me a great platform to showcase my abilities but I'm at the stage now where i need to be competing with the best of the best. There are so many brilliant experienced footballing people here at Spurs, and given their track record with young English players I'm very optimistic about the years to come. I'm fully committed to the Spurs philosophy and I feel I'm at the best place possible to improve myself as a player. I have no further comment on the matter. F*ck off. *Phone rings* Sorry I've got a call to take...
  15. Fun/Games FMM Be A Pro : Interactive Game

    Watford starlet Alan Partridge is reported to have ended his relationship with Watford's female physio to force through a deal to Spurs, one of many admirers of the young English centre back. In an interview he said the chance to earn, and I quote "A sh*t tonne of money" was too good to turn down. Alan has reportedly been fined £50,000 as punishment for his improper use of language, on live television, by the FA. His representative today issued a statement, saying that "Alan couldn't care less about the fine, he's just bought a castle in France". So yea I'm off to Spurs