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  1. Summer update transfer 2017/2018

    Why have the updates ceased?
  2. No comments No careers

    Agreed. Careers boom for a little while but a week later there's only one or two regular commentors (and by that point they're running out of compliments). There's several careers I was really enjoying that ended due to lack of interaction. Come on guys!
  3. FMM2017 Funnies

    Nice name, for an Italian
  4. Building up Köln

    I have managed them this year and they are a very capable team. Some good Signings and you can be a regular champions league team within a few seasons.
  5. I believe there are other outcomes, just that one has a much higher chance of occurring.
  6. FMM17 Bug List

    What has happened to my left menu bar thingy?? I haven't deleted anything but for some reason some of the buttons have lost their backgrounds. Wasn't like this before the recent update.
  7. You have Ejaria down as a 28 year old but other than that great work.
  8. tikka taka possession attacking football

    Seems very hard to keep possession whilst still having a functional team on this game.
  9. Yes, he's had a very good breakthrough season in a pretty poor team.
  10. Everton in terms of a formation and Ireland in terms of roles (two BWMs?!)
  11. Good guide, covers all the main points really. I'm just a little confused by the tactics you posted, rather unorthodox Unfortunately international management is neglected in FMM, we need features like training and staff to be added.
  12. Favorite things in 2016-2017

    Confused. Title suggests you are asking about the game but the actual post suggests you are trying to start discussion on the 2016-17 football season. Either way, West Brom's set peice orientated assualt on the top half has been a blast from the past, Gareth McAuley has 7 goals! Love a goalscoring centre back. Burton surviving in the Championship is a pretty commendable achievement, and an unusual one given their reliance on loan players. Ordinarily loaning in half of your squad is a recipe for disaster.
  13. Goalscoring

    Pretty sure it's harder to get lots of goals with one player on the enhanced engine. 50 is very good anyway, too much more is just unrealistic.
  14. I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    Well this was unexpected. Must take a tremendous amount of effort and dedication to create and run a site for such a long time. We all come on here for a bit of light hearted, FMM based chat, meanwhile Dec slogs constantly to keep everything up and running for us to enjoy. Hopefully your next chapter is a good one, and so is Vibe's ?